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he discovered when going to commit the action, which feems to have originated from the feelings of mere human nature; and that Moses was not at that time properly qualified for the great business he was designed to tranfact. Nay, until God made himself known to him at Horeb, perhaps he had not much better ideas of religion than the Egyptians themselves; yet he certainly fhewed a noble and generous difpofition, which indeed rendered him the object of a fierce resentment. Nor is it once mentioned that Pharaoh's daughter interpofed, or mediated in his favour. Perhaps on the contrary, in the heat of her refentment, the joined with her implacable father in the bitterest invectives, in upbraiding him with the most severe of all accufations, with bafe ingratitude; a crime with which his noble mind was never tainted. It is true, that he owed the highest acknowledgments to one who had faved his life, given him the education of a prince, and nurtured him with all the affection and tenderness of a mother. Yet his affection for ber, which was, no doubt, very great, his attachment, however binding, could never counterbalance the more powerful ties of nature-of confanguinity, the feelings of an



heart that would bleed, as it felt, for his diftreft kindred; who had no other mode of expreffing their miferies to him, but the wretchednefs of their appearance, emaciated with labour and penury; penury; or perhaps with eyes Streaming with tears of anguish, with which they timidly followed him, whilft he was conveyed thro' the streets in Pharaoh's royal chariot.

But Mofes was not limited in his benevolence and principle of justice to his relations, for he was equally difpofed to fuccour every injured perfon; and this fpirited difpofition, which brought on him the refentment of the king, and caufed him precipitately to flee to the land of Midian, without a single friend to comfort him, or to yield him any affiftance, was the means, under Providence, of procuring him a fafe afylum there; for, as he fat in penfive, tho' manly fortitude, at the fide of a fountain, he beheld with indignation, fome ruffian thepherds infult the daughters of the priest of Midian, by rudely preventing them from drawing water for their flocks; and haftening to their affiftance, he repulfed the affailants, and tendered his courteous fervices. So amiable was his difpofition, fo accomplished his manners, and above all, his learning

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learning and understanding were fo pleafing to the priest of On, that he made him his fon-inlaw. A priest of On was held in the highest eftimation, called 2, Cohen which fignifies a kind of prince. Cyril fays,* da esin & mavos, On is the Sun. The city of Heliopolis is called On. Pharaoh thought he conferred a great honour on Jofeph, when he gave him to wife Ascenath, the daughter of Potiphera, priest of On.

Mofes lived with his father-in-law, leading a retired life, the life of a simple shepherd, tending the flock, until God was pleased to manifeft himself on mount Horeb, by his effential name, Jehovah. Mofes, at firft, fenfible of his own inability, and human weakness, began to fhrink from his miffion, pleaded his infirmities, and the probability that the Ifraelites would not acknowledge his authority. Perhaps it might have occurred to his mind, that his brethren, however they might, and indeed must, have been convinced of his affection for

them, would hardly look upon themselves as

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*The Septuagint interprets the word in the fame manner, and calls the city of On, Heliopolis. Gen. 41, 45.--and he gave him to wife Ascenath, the daughter of Potiphera, Priest of On. Theophilus from Manetho, fays, Ων ητίς ἐςιν Ηλιοπολις.

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fafe under the conduct of a man, whofe apparent rashness in killing the Egyptian, had redoubled their fufferings, as might be fupposed to be the case. *He wished therefore to decline the undertaking: but God having condefcended to answer all his objections, by convincing him that a miraculous and invincible Power fhould accompany him in all his undertakings; infpired by divine courage, he undertook the facred embaffy; and was, contrary to his first expectations,


Mofes, at the time of his miffion, was arrived at that period of life, which must have totally excluded every idea of ridiculous enterprize; he was fenfible of his own inability for fuch an undertaking, and had otherwife weighty reafons to diffuade him from it. He was married to a woman whofe father had no fmall poffeffions, and had a family already ap proximating to, or arrived at maturity. To abandon them, and bring on them perhaps a train of misfortunes, by rifquing an adventure, which had every natural appearance of proving unfuccessful and deftructive, would have been the greatest madness, without an extraordinary divine commiffion and on recollection, it is not improbable, that his father-in-law might have thus thought of it, for it was not, until Mofes had been fuccefsful, and had fhewn himfelf in perfon to his enemies, that he brought his daughter and her children to him. "When Jethro, the priest of Midian, Mofes' father-in-law, heard of all that God had done, &c." It is true, that at firft Jethro permitted: Zipporah and the children to accompany Mofes to Egypt, but it appears also that she had fome difference or difpute with Mofes, which occafioned her to return: it could not have ́ been merely the ceremony of circumcifion, but probably a total diffidence and want of faith, of which we are only left to conjectures.

pectations, received with every mark of grateful acclamation, by an almost desponding people. Being then acknowledged as their leader, the Almighty Power having been displayed, by the most astonishing miracles, with an high hand and an out-stretched arm their enemies were deftroyed, and their deliverance accomplished. Soon after, the illuftrious prophet, on MOUNT SINAI, received immediately from God, the * Written


Between the first lawgiver and Chrift there is fome fimilitude.

Mofes was born at the very time Pharaoh had given order for the deftruction of the male children of the Hebrews.

Christ was born at the time when Herod had ordered the first born of the Jews to be killed, according to the prophecy "there was weeping in Rehma: Rachel weeping for her children ?"


Mofes was for a time concealed by his mother? This alfo is true of Chrift. Mofes fed the Ifraelites with manna Chrift fed the multitude by the miracle of the loaves and fishes, and was the bread that cometh down from Heaven, the bread of life.

Mofes brought his family down to Egypt, fitting on an ass; Chrift came into Jerufalem in the fame manner. Mofes caused water to fpring from a rock; Chrift was fpiritually that rock, he gives the water of eternal life.

Mofes was the perfon by whom the law was revealed. Grace and truth, which is the fpirit of the law, came by Christ.

Mofes led the Ifraelites from the bondage of Egypt to the land of Promife. By Chrift men are delivered from the bondage of fin and fatan, and restored to happiness and heaven.

Mofes fafted forty days in the mount.

Chrift fafted forty days in the wilderness.


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