Domestic Medicine: Or, a Treatise on the Prevention and Cure of Diseases, by Regimen and Simple Medicines: with Observations Concerning Sea-bathing, and the Use of the Mineral Waters. To which is Annexed, a Dispensatory for the Use of Private Practitioners, Volumen 2

T. Cadell and W. Davies, 1813 - 762 páginas

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Página 486 - ... finds no relief in an hour after, you may give another spoonful, which never fails. If the roots are dried, they must be moistened with a little water. To the wound may be applied a leaf of good tobacco moistened with rum.
Página 479 - ... dipt all over, but not ftay in (with his head above " water) longer than half a minute, if the water be " very cold. After this he muft go in three times *' a-week for a formight longer.
Página 462 - If there is an ulcer in the nofe, it ought to be dreflcd with fome emollient ointment, to which, if the pain be very great, a little laudanum may be added. If it be a venereal ulcer, it is not to be cured without mercury. In that cafe, the folution of the corrofive fublimate in brandy may be taken, as diredlcd in the gutta ferena.
Página 546 - ... endeavour to point out the method of reducing the moft common luxations, and thofe which require immediate afliftance. Any perfon of common fenfe and refolution, who is prefent when a diflocation happens, may often be of more fervice to the patient than the moft expert furgeon can after the fwelling and inflammation have come on. When thefe are prefent, it is difficult to know the ftate of the joint, and dangerous to attempt a reduction; and, by waiting till they are gone off, the mufcles become...
Página 516 - ... and other internal disorders. Eruptions are the effect of improper food, or want of cleanliness : a proper attention to these alone will generally be sufficient to remove them. If this should not be the case, some drying medicines will be necessary. When they are applied, the body ought at the same time to be kept open, and cold is carefully to be avoided. We know no medicine that is more safe for drying up cutaneous eruptions than sulphur, provided it be prudently used.
Página 579 - If the perfon wants to vomit, he may drink a weak infufion of camomile flowers, or lukewarm water and oil; but in this condition vomiting may generally be excited by only tickling the throat With the finger or a feather.
Página 665 - Emollient Gargle. Take an ounce of marshmallow roots, and two or three figs ; boil them in a quart of water till near one half of 'it be consumed : then strain out the liquor. If an ounce of honey, and half an ounce of water of ammania, be added to the above, it will then be an exceedingly good attenuating gargle.
Página 679 - Take of gum plaftcr, half a pound; camphorated oil, an ounce and a half; black pepper, or capficum, where it can be had, one ounce. Melt the plafter, and mix with it the oil; then fprinkle in the pepper, previoufly reduced to a fine powder. An ounce or two of this plafter, fpread upon foft leather, and applied to the region of the ftomach, will be of fcrrvice in flatulencies arifing from hyfteric and hypochondriac affections.
Página 466 - J feated in fome of the glands; as the breafts, th« arm-jphs, &c. If the tumour becomes large, unequal of a livid, blackifh, or leaden colour, and is attended with violent pain, it gets the name of an occult cancer. ' When the fkin is broken, and zfanies or ichorous matter of an abominably foetid fmell is difcharged from the fore, it is called an open or ulcerated cancer. Perfons after the age of forty-five, particularly women, and .t . thofe who lead an indolent fedentary life, are moft fubject...
Página 548 - A complete diflocation of the neck is inftantaneous death. When the neck is diflocated, the patient is immediately deprived of all fenfe and motion ; his neck fwells, his countenance appears bloated, his chin lies upon his breaft, and his face is generally turned towards one fide. To reduce this diflocation, the unhappy perfon fhould immediately be laid upon his back on the ground, and the operator muft place himfelf behind him fo as to be able to lay hold of his head with both hands, while he makes...

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