Ancient Mysteries Described: Especially the English Miracle Plays, Founded on Apocryphal New Testament Story, Extant Among the Unpublished Manuscripts in the British Museum : Including Notices of Ecclesiastical Shows ...

William Hone, 1823 - 300 páginas

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Página 94 - As Joseph was a-walking He heard an angel sing : — " This night shall be born Our Heavenly King ; " He neither shall be born In housen nor in hall, Nor in the place of Paradise, But in an ox's stall ; " He neither shall be clothed In purple nor in pall, But all in fair linen As were babies all. " He neither shall be rocked In silver nor in gold, But in a wooden cradle That rocks on the mould. " He neither shall be christened In white wine nor red, But with fair spring water With which we were christened.
Página 286 - But far be it from me to glory except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world.
Página 110 - And when nine months were fulfilled to Anna, she brought forth, and said to the midwife, What have I brought forth? 7 And she told her, A girl. 8 Then Anna said, The Lord hath this day magnified my soul; and she laid her in bed.
Página 160 - Theophylact introduced the practice, which prevails even to this day, of scandalizing God, and the memory of his saints, on the most splendid and popular festivals, by indecent and ridiculous songs, and enormous shoutings, even in the midst of those sacred hymns which we ought to offer to the divine grace with compunction of heart, for the salvation of our souls.
Página 18 - Why he, who had no children, would presume to appear among those who had ? Adding, that his offerings could never be acceptable to God, who was judged by him unworthy to have children; the Scripture having said, Cursed is every one who shall not beget a male in Israel.
Página 217 - Christ was performed at the Grey Friars before the Lord Mayor, the privycouncil, and many great estates of the realm. In 1577, the same play was...
Página 251 - This feast .costeth 4001., whereof the mayor payeth 2007. and each of the sheriffs, 100/. Immediately after dinner, they go to St. Paul's church, every one of the aforesaid poor men bearing staff, torches, and targets, which torches are lighted when it is late, before they come from evening prayer.
Página 242 - Arragon, lying on the rope, his head forward, casting his arms and legs abroad, running on his breast on the rope from the battlements to the ground, as if it had been an arrow out of a bow, and stayed on the ground ; then he came to the King's Majesty and kissed his foot...
Página vii - ... heare and see them. The places where they played them was in every streete. They begane first at the Abay gates, and when the first...
Página 161 - ... ran leaping all over the church. The Bishop or Pope of Fools performed the service habited in pontifical garments, and gave his benediction; when it was concluded, he was seated in an open carriage; and drawn about to different parts of the town followed by a large train of clergy and laymen, and a cart filled with filth, which they threw upon the populace assembled to see the procession. These licentious festivities were called the December Liberties.

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