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ut the Heart

6 And God said, Let there be a Firmament in the midit of the Waters, and let it divide the Waters from the Waters.

ad And God made the d Pfal. cxlviii. 4 Praise him, ye Firmament, and divided the

that be above the Heavens. Waters which were under the s Let them praise the Name of Firmament, from the Wa- the Lord ; for he commanded and ters which were above the ****

they were created.

ove me 6 He hath also ftablished them for Firmament: and it was so ever and ever : he hath made a De

8 And GOD called the Fir- cree which shall not pass. mament Heaven: and the Evening and the Morning were the second Day.

9 - And God said, Let the Job xxvi. 10 He hath compassed Waters under the Heaven be Day and Night come to an End.

the Waters with Bounds, until the gathered together unto one Pial, civ. 1 O LORD my God, thou Place, and let the dry Land art very great, thou ait clothed with

Honour and Majesty. appear : and it was so.

2 Who coverett any self with Light, 10 And God called the dry as with a Garment : who ítretcheft Land Earth, and the gather- out

is like a Curtaun. ing together of the Waters Chambers in the Waters, who ma

3. Who layeth the Beams of his called he Seas : and God saw keth the Clouds his Charior, who that it was good.

walketh upon the Wings of the Wind,

s Who laid the Foundations of the 11 And God said, Let the Earth, that it should not be removed Earth bring forth Grass, the for ever. Herb vielding Seed and the. Herb yielding Seed, and the as with a Garment: the Waters food

6 Thou covereft it with the Deep, Fruit-tree yielding Fruit after above the Mountains. his kind, whose Seed is in it- 7 At thy Rebuke they Aed: at thy felf, upon the Earth : and it

in Thunder they hafted away.

8. They go up by the Mountains : was so.

they go down by the Valleys unto 12 And the Earth brought the Place which thuu haft founded forth Grass, and Herb yield

for them.

9 Thou haft set a Bound that they ing Seed after his kind, and may not pass over : that they turn the Tree yielding Fruit, whose not again to cover the Earth. Seed was in itself after his , fer. v. 22 Fear ye not me, faith

Dis the LORD: will ye not TREMBLE at my kind : and God saw that it Presence, who have placed the sand was good.

for the Bound of the Sea, by a per

petual Decree that it cannot pars it; 13 And the Evening and and though the Waves thereof rols the Morning were the third themselves, yet can they not prevail;

though they roar, yet can they not pals over it.

* Psal. xix. 1. The Heavens declare 14 ? And GOD iaid, Let the Glory of God: and the Fuima

14 ? And God said, Let the G there be Lights in the Firma- ment shewcth his handy Work. ment of the Heaven, to di- ,2 Day unto Day uttereth Speech,

B 2



vide the Day from the Night: and Night unto Night (beweth Knowand let them be for Signs and ledge,

3 There is no Speech nor Lanfor Seasons, and for Days and guage, where their Voice is not heard. Years.

4 Their Line is gone out through : 15 And let them be for all the Earth, and their Words to

for the End of the World: In them hath Lights in the Firmament of he set a Tabernacle for the Sun, the Heaven, to give Lights Which is as a Bridegroom comupon the Earth :. and it was ceth as a trong Man to run a Race.

ing out of his Chamber, and rejoyso.

6 His going forth is from the End 16 And God made two of the Heaven, and his Circuit unto

the Ends of it: and there is nothing great Lights ; the greater hid from the Heat thereof. Light to rule the Day, and Job xxxviii. 4 Where wast thou the lefler Light to rule the when I laid the Foundation of the

Earth : declare if thou hast UnderNight : he made the Stars standing. also.

s who hath laid the Measures 17 And God let them in thereof, if thou knowest ? or who

harh stretched the Line upon it? the Firinament of the Hea

6 Whereupon are the foundations ven, to give Light upon the thereof faftned ? or who hath laid Earth,

the corner Stone thereut?

7 When the Morning stars rang 18 And to rule over the together, and all the Sons of God Day and over the Night, and shouted for Joy. tu divide the Light from the doors.

in 8 Or who shut up the Sea with

ght from the Doors, when it brake forth as if it Darkness: and God saw that had issued out of the womb.. it was good.

9 When I made the Cloud the 19 And the Evening and ness a Swadling band for it,

Garment thereof, and thick Darko the Morning were the fourth 10 And brake up for it my decreed Day.

Place, and set Bars and Doors,

"I And said, Hitherto fhalt thou come but no further : and here shall thy proud Waves be Aayed.

12 Haft thou commanded the Morning lince thy Days and caused the Day-spring to know his Place:

is that it might take hold of the Ends of the Earth, that the Wicked might be shaken out of it. .

Jer. *8*1. 35 Thus faith the LORD, which giveth the Sun for a Light by Day, and the Ordinance of the Moon and of the Stars for a Light by Night, which divideth the Sea when the Waters thereof roar, The LORD

STS IS HIS NAME. Psal. civ. 19 He appointeth the Moon for Seasons ; the Sun knoweth his going down.

20 Thou makest Darkness, and it is Night : wherein all the Beasts of the Forest do cicep forth.

20 g And God said, Let S Pfal.civ. 25 So is this great and the Waters bring forth abun- wide ea, wherein are Things creep

" ing innumerable, both small and great bundantly the moving Crea- Beasts. ture that hath Life, and Fowl 26 There go the ships; there is that may Ay above the Earth

that Leviathan whom thou hast made to play therein.

in the open Firmament of 27 These wait all upon thee: that

thou mayit give them their Meat in Heaven.

due Season 21 And God created great 28 That thou giveft them, they Whales, and every living gaiher : thou openeft thine Hand,

they are filled with Good. Creature that moveth, which

29 Thou hidest thy Face, they are the Waters brought forth a- troubled : thou takeft away their bundantly after their kind, Breath, they die, and return to their

Duft. and every winged Fowl after

30 Thou sendest forth thy SPIRIT, his kind : and God saw that they are created : and thou renewest it was good.

the Face of the Earth.

Luke xii. 24 Consider the Ravens, 22 And God blelica them, for they neither sow nor reap, which faving. Be fruitful and mul- neither have Store-house nor Barn, tiply, and fill the Waters in yet God feedeh them: How much

more are ye better than the Fowls? the Seas, and let Fowl mul- Pfal. 1. 1o For every Beast of the tiply in the Earth.

Forest is mine, and the Cattle upon 23 And the Evening and a thousand Hills.

11 I know all the Fowls of the the Morning were the fifth Mountains : and the wild Beasts of Day.

the Field are mine. 24 And God said, Let the Earth bring forth the living Creature after his kind, Cattle and creeping Things, and Beast of the Earth after his kind : and it was so.

25 And God made the Beast of the Earth after his kind, and Cattle after their kind, and every Thing that creepeth upon the Earth after his kind : And God saw that it was



26 h And God said, Let us Psal. viii. 4. What is Man thae make Man in our own Image,

Imore thou art mindful of him? and the

& Son of Man that thou vifteft him, after our Likeness ; and lets For thou haft made him a little them have Dominion over the lower than the Angels, and had Fith of the Sea, and over the

crowned him with Glory and HoFowl of the Air, and over

6 Thou madeft him to have Dothe Cattle, and over all the minion over the works of thy Hands : Earth, and over every creep- thou hast put all things under his ing Thing that creepeth upon 7 All Sheep and Oxen, yea, and the Earth.

the Beasts of the Field.

8 The Fowl of the Air, and the 27 So God created Man in

Filh of the Sea, and whatsoever par. his own Image, in the Image feth through the paths of the Seas. of God created he him; Male : 90 LORD OUR LORD, how excel.

lent is thy Name in all the Earth? and female created ne them. Pfal. civ. io He sendech the Springs

28 And God blessed them, into the Valleys, which run among and God said unto them, Be the Hills.

11 They give Drink to every Beast fruitful and multiply, and of the Field : the wild Aftes quench replenith the Earth, and sub- chcis Thir.

due due it; and have Dominion 12 By them shall the Fowls of the over the Fish of the Sea, and Heaven over the fish of the Sen and Heaven have their Habitation, which

sing among the Branches. over the Fowl of the Air, iz He watereth the Hills from his and over every living Thing Chambers : the Earth is satisfied that moveth upon the Earth.

& Carth with the Fruit of thy Works.

: 14 He caureth the Grals to grow 29 And God said, Behold, for the Caitle, and Herb for the I have given you every Herb Service of Man: that he may bring bearing Seed, which is upon

no forth Food out of the Earth :

" Is And Wine that maketh glad the Face of all the Earth, the Heart of Man, and Oyl to make and every Tree, in the which his Face to shine, and Bread which is the Fruit of a Tree, vield- Itrengtheneth Man's Heart.

21 The young Lions roar after ing Seed ; to you it Thall be their Prey, and seek their Meat from for Meat.


22 The Sun ariseih, they gather 30 And to every Bealt of themselves together, and lay them the Earth, and to every Fowl down in their Dens. of the Air, and to every 23 Man goeth forth to his work,

and to his Labour until the Evening. thing that creepeth upon the 24 O Lord, how manifold are thy Earth, wherein there is Life, Works! in Wisdom haft thou made I have given every green

them all : the Earth is full of thy

" Riches. Herb for Meat : and it was 31 The Glory of the LORD shall so. .

endure for ever : the Lord shall re31 And God saw every joyce in his Works.

Aits svii. 24 God that made the thing that he had made, and World, and all things thererein, seebehold, it was very good : ing that he is LORD OF HEAVEN AND

EARTH, dwelleih not in Temples and the Evening and the

made with Hands : Morning were the sixth Day. 25 Neither is worshipped with Mens

Hands, as though he needed any thing, seeing he giveth to all Life, and Breath, and all Things.

26 And hath made of one Blood, all Nations of Men, for to dwell on oll the Face of the Earth, and hath determined the Times before appointed, and the Bounds of their Habitation :

27 That they should seek the Lord, if haply they might feel after him, and find him, though he be not far from every one of us :

28 For in HIM We Liye, and Move, and have our BRING; as certain also of the Poets have said, For we are also his Offspring.

lai. xl. 21 Have ye not known ! have ye nor heard ? hath it not been told you from the Beginning? have ye not underfood from the Fouudarions of the Earth:

22 It is he that Gotech upon the Circle of the Earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as Grashoppers ; that stretcheth out the Heavens as a Curtain, and spreadech them out as a Tent to dwell in.

26 Lift up your Eyes on high, and behold who hath creared these things, that bringeth our their Hoft by Number: he calleth them all by Names, by The Greaturels of his Might, for that he is strong in Power, not one failech.'

C H A P.

CHA P. II. I The first Sabbath. 4 The Manner of the Creation. 8 The

Planting of the Garden of Eden, 1o and the River thereof. 17 The Tree of Knowledge only forbidden. 19 The naming of the Creatures. 21 The making of Woman, and Infitu

tion of Marriage Per.. THUS the Heavens and the Earth were finished,

1 and all the Host of them. 2 And on the seventh Day God ended his Work which he had made : and he rested on the seventh Day from all his Work which he had made.

3 And God blessed the seventh Day, and SANCTIFIED it : because that in it he had RESTED from all his Work, which God created and made.

4 These are the Generations of the HeAVENS, and of the EARTH, when they were created ; in the Day that the LORD God made the Earth and the Heavens.

5 And every Plant of the Field, before it was in the Earth, and every Herb of the Field, before it grew : for the LORD God had not caused it to rain upon the Earth, and there was not a Man to till the Ground. · 6 But there went up a Mist from the Earth, and watered the whole Face of the Ground.

şi And the LORD God 'Job xxxiii. 4 The Spirit of God formed Man of the Dust of "

Te hath made me, and the Breath of the

Almighty harb given me Life. the Ground, and breathed in- pral. cxxxix 13 For thou jaft to his Nostrils the Breath of poffered my Reins: thou hast co

vered me in my Mother's womb. Life ; and Man became a Li

14 I will praise thee, for 1 an VING SOUL.

fearfully and wonderfully made ; 8 And the LORD God marvellous are thy Works, and that

my Soul knoweth right well. planted a Garden East-ward

Is My Substance was not hid from in Eden ; and there he put thee, when I was made in secret ; the Man whom he had form

and curiously wrought in the lowest

parts of the Earth. ed.

16 Thine Eyes did see my Sub9 And out of the Ground ftance yet being unperfect, and in

thy Book all my Members were writmade the LORD VOD 10 grow ten, which in Continuance were faevery Tree that is pleasant to fhioned, when as yet there was none the Sight, and good for Food: of them. the Tree of Life also in the midst of the Garden, and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

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