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$2 Yet thou shalt see the Land before thee, but thou Ihalt not go thither unto the Land which I give the Children of Israel.

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CH A P. XXXIII. The Majesty of God. 6 The Blesings of the twelve Tribes.

26 The Excellency of Israel. Ver.1 AND this is the Blesling wherewith Moses the Man

n of God blessed the Children of Israel before hts Death. 2 And he said, The LORD "Habak. iii. 2 O Lord, I have

heard thy Speech, and was afraid : came from SINAI, and rose

O LORD, revive thy Work in the

* up from Seir unto them; he midst of the Years, in the midst of SHINÈD forth from Mount the Years make known ; in WRATH

remember MERCY. Paran, and he came with Ten

j Gop came from Témian, and the thousands of Saints: from his Holy One from Mount Paran. His Right Hand went a FIERY


EARTH was Full of his PRAISE. Law for them.

4. And his BRIGHTNESS was as the 3 Yea, he loved the Peo LIGHT, he had Horns coming out of ple; all his Saints are in thy

his Hand, and there was the hiding

my of his Power. Hand : and they sat down at s Before him went the Pestilence, thy Feet; every one shall re- and burning Coals went forth at his

Feet. ceive of thy Words.

6 He stood and measured the 4 Mofes commanded us a Earth : he beheld, and drove asunLaw : even the Inheritance der the Nations, and the EVERLAST

ING MOUNTAINS were SCATTERED, the of the Congregation of Ja- PERP

Longigation 01 Jan PERPETUAL Hills did Bow: his Ways cob. .

are EVERLASTING. 5 And he was King in Je

Psal. I. 1 The MIGHTY GOD, even

the Lord hath spoken, and called shurun, when the Heads of

the Earth from the rising of the Sun, the People, and the Tribes unto the going down thereof. of Israel were gathered toge- 2 Out of Zion the PERFECTION of

Beauty, God hath SHINED. ther.

3 Our God shall come, and shall 6 Let Reuben live, and not keep Silence : a Fire shall Denot die; and let not his Men Vour before him, and it shall be ve

ry TEMPESTUOUS round about him. be few.

4. He shall call to the Heavens from 26 There is none like un- Above, and to the Earth, that he to the GOD of Jeshurun,"

may Judge his people.

urull, Ś Gather my Saints togecher un. who rideth upon the Heaven to me : those ihat have made a coin thy Helo. and in his Ex- venant with me by Sacrifice. cellency on the Sky.

6 And the HEAVENS Thall D'ECLAŘT.



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thy REFUGE, and underneath P/al. Ixviii. 4 SING unto GOD, SINS are the everlastina Armecond PRAISES to his Name : EXTOL him are the everlasting Arms: and

that rideth upon the Heavens by his he shall thrust out the Enemy Name JAH, and REJOYCE before from before thee, and shall him.

S A FATHER of the Fatherless, and say, Destroy them.

a JUDGE of the Widows, is God in 28 Israel then shall dwell his HOLY HABITATION. in Safety alone : the Foun. 17 The CHARIOTS of God are

TWENTY THOUSAND, even THOUSANDS tain of Jacob ihall be upon OF ANGELS: the LORD is among them a Land of Corn and Wine, as in Sinai, in the HOLY PLACE. also his Heavens shall drop

18 Thou haft ASCENDED on HIGH,

P thou hast leD CAPTIVITY CAPTIVE: down Dew.

thou hast received Gifts for MEN; 29 Happy art thou, O Il- yea, for the REBELLIOUS also, that rael : who is like unto thee,

the LORD God might DWELL among

vel, them. O People saved by the LORD, 19 BLESSED be the LORD, who daithe Shield of thy Help, and ly loadeth us with BENEFITS, creo

ufthú fy the God of OUR SALVATION. who is the Sword of thy Ex

20 He that is OUR GOD, is the cellency ! and thine Enemies God of SalvaTION ; and unto GOD shall be found Liars unto thee, the LORD belong the Issues FROM and thou shalt tread upon


32 Sing unto God, ye KINGDOMS their high Places.

of the Earth : O SING Praises unto

the LORD. 33 To him that RIDETH upon the HEAVEN of HEAVENS, which were of old; lo, he doth send out his voice, and tha: a MiGHLY VOICE.

34. ASCRIBE ye STRENGTH UDto God: his EXCELLENCY is over ISRAEL, and his STRENGTH is in the CLOUDS.

Dan, vii. 9 I beheld, till the THRONES were caft down, and the ANCIENI of Days did fit, whose Garment was white as Snow, and the Hair of his Head like the pure Wool : his THRONE was like the FIERY FLAME, and his Wheels as burning Fire,

TO A FIERY STREAM issued, and came forth from before him : THOUSAND THOUSANDS MINISTRED unto him, and Ten thousand times Ten thousand stood before him : the JUDGMENT WAS SET, and the Books were OPENED.

CHA P. XXXIV. 1 Mofes from Mount Nebo vieweth the Land : 5 He dieth

there : 6 His Purial : 7 His Age : 8 Thirty Days Mourning for him : 9 Joshua fucceedeth him : 10 The

Praise of Mofes. Ver. 1 AND Moses went up from the Plains of Moab,

A unto the Mountain of Nebo, to the top of Pifgah, that is over against Jericho : and the LORD shewed him all the Land.

4. And the LORD said unto him, This is the Land which I sware unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob, saying,

Í will

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I will give it unto thy Seed : I have caused thee to see it with thine Eyes, but thou shalt not go over thither.

5 So Moses the Servant of the LORD died there in the Land of Moab, according to the Word of the LORD.

6 o And he buried him in • Jude 9 Michael the Archangel a Valley in the Land of Mo- when contending with the Devil, he ab, over against Beth-peor : Quipur

eor. disputed about the Body of Moses. but no Man knoweth of his Sepulchre unto this Day.

7 And Moses was an hundred and twenty Years old when he died : his Eye was not dim, nor his natural Force abated.

8 And the Children of Israel wept for Moses in the Plains of Moab thirty Days : so the Days of weeping, and mourning for Moses were ended.

9 And Joshua the Son of Nun was full of the Spirit of Wisdom; for Moses had laid his Hands upon him: and the Children of Israel hearkned unto him, and did as the LORD commanded Moses.

10 And there arose not a Prophet since in Ifrael like unto Moses, whom the LORD knew Face to Face :

u In all the Signs and the Wonders which the LORD sent him to do in the Land of Egypt, to Pharaoh, and to all his Servants, and to all his Land.

12 And in all that mighty Hand, and in all the great Terror which Moses shewed in the Sight of all Israel.

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tettetetett cituste tettetettete TN this Book is contained a Repetition of the Law I that was delivered to Moses upon Mount SINAI, who with great ELOQuence represents the many BLESSINGS and Felicities that the Hebrews should enjoy while they continued in their Obedience; and the TERRIBLE VENGEAnce that should come upon the whole Nation upon their TRANSGRESSIons and Disobedience.

It ought to be considered, that these PROMISES and THREATNINGS were not RECORDED for the Instruction of the Ifraelites only, but for those also to whom the last DISPENSATION that God has given to Mankind is REVEALED.

Rom. XV. Ver. 4 LOR whatsoever Things were written afore

T time were WRITTEN fot our LEARNING, that we 1 - through PATIENCE and COMFORT of the Scriptures might have Hope.

As our Saviour came not to destroy, but to fulfil the Law; and as his PRECEPTS contain the Perfection of it: So the REWARDS promised, and the THREATNINGS denounced in the Gospel, far exceed thofe of the Law.

Most of the Promises delivered by Moses, were the Af . surances of a TEMPORAL FELICity to be enjoyed in the Land of Canaan.

The PROMISES made to those that BELIEVE and OBEY the Gospel are of a much SUBLIMER Nature, not confined to a short and very uncertain Life, but extending to that which is UNALTERABLE and ETERNAL; where is prepared for those that LOVE and SERVE the ALMIGHTY, such REWARDS which Eye hath not SEEN, nor EAR HEARD, nor hath it Entred into the HEART of Man to CONCEIVE.

The THREATNINGS also of the Gospel, so far exceed those of the Law, as the Vengeance denounced by the one is TEMPORAL, and that by the other ETERNAL; Moses to en- ! force his PERSWASIONS, reminds the Israelites of the TREMENDOUS Appearance of the DIVINE MAJESTY upon Mount Sinai, from whence the Law was given ; which by the Apostle to the Hebrews is most elegantly expreffed in we following Words : ...


20 (For And if so muunt through with

He B. XII. Ver. 18 VE are not come unto the Mount that might

I be touched, and that BURNED with Fire, nor unto BLACKNESS, and DARKNESS, and TEMPEST.

19 And the Sound of a TRUMPET, and the Voice of Words, which Voice they that heard, intreated that the Word should not be spoken to them any more :

20 (For they could not ENDURE that which was comMANDED. And if so much as a Beast touch the Mountain, it shall he stoned, or thrust through with a Dart.

21 And so TERRIBLE was the SIGHT, that Moses said, I exceedingly FEAR and QUAKE.)

22 But ye are come unto Mount Sion, and unto the City of the LIVING God, the HEAVENLY JERUSALEM, and to an innumerable Company of ANGELS,

23 To the General Assembly and Church of the FIRSTBORN, which are written in HEAVEN, and to God the JUDGE of all, and to the SPIRITS of just Men made PerFECT.

24 And to Jesus the MEDIATOR of the New CoveNANT, and to the Blood of Sprinkling, that speaketh BetTER THINGS than that of Abel.

From which Representation the Apostle draws the following Conclusion :

25 See that ye REFUSE not him that SPEAKETH: for if they ESCAPED not who REFUSED him that SPAKE on EARTH, much more shall not we ESCAPE if we TURN away from him that SPEAKETH from HEAVEN.

26 Whole Voice then SHOOK the EARTH : but now, he hath promised, saying, Yet once more I SHAKE not the Earth only, but also Heaven.

27 And this Word, Yet once more signifieth the REMOVING of those Things that are SHAKEN, as of Things that aré MADE, that those Things which cannot be SHAKEN, may REMAIN.

28 Wherefore we RECEIVING a KINGDOM which cannot be MOVED, let us have Grace, whereby we may SERVI GOD ACCEPTABLY, with REVERENCE and GODLY FEAR.

29 For our God is a CONSUMING FIRE,

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