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THE design of this Address is not to explain the reason of

new alterations, or to apologise for additional attempts :
our plan admits at present of no other change. We mean not,
indeed, to affert that it is perfect ; but, having for many years
anxiously examined the improvements of our neighbours, as
well as our own, we have, at least, learnt to distinguish the
plans which are practicable and expedient, from those which
are fpecious, splendid, or enormously extensive. In a Journal
like ouřs, necessarily limited, and professedly uniting the gra-
tification of curiosity, entertainment, and instruction, it is dif-
ficult to unite more advantages, with a greater share of amuse-
ment, than we offer. We add, with pleasure, that our
additional endeavours are not disregarded ; that they have
received their due measure of applause and encouragem

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One part of our Journal we may appear to have neglected
- the Foreign Literary Intelligence.' It was received, at
first, with respect, and the reason of its being discontinued
has been the object of enquiry. We hinted, in our last Ap-
pendix, that it was owing to the intelligence from the Conti-
nent having been, of late, less interesting, while the attention
has been so deeply engaged on political subjects, and what
has been for a time neglectead, is, generally, with difficulty re-
newed. In this interval; a similar attempt has been made to
notice works of more general entertaininent; but, as it was
never designed to preclude the scientific communications, we
Ihall resume them in the Critical Review for January 1792 ;
and they will be occasionally continued, when objects of fut-
ficient importance occur. In short, with opportunities which
few poffefs, and with aflistance that scarcely any Journal can
boast, it shall be our endeavour to be unequalled also in atten-
tion, affiduity, and impartiality.

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BERDOUR's Observations on to him on the Infallibility of the

the Small Pox,

P. 352 Apostolic Testimony concerning the

Account of the Conduct of the Excise Person of Chrift,

towards the Breweries in Scotland, CLARENDON'S Sketch of the Revenues

and Finances of Ireland, &c.


Adams's Geometrical and Graphical Clarkson's Letters on the Slave Trade,





Address to every Briton, on the Slave Clayton's Charge at the public Separa-



tion of the rev. J. Knight to the

- to the Manufacturers, &c. of pastoral Office, &c.


Great Britain and Ireland. 480

Sermon on the Duty of

Administration of Mr. Necker, hifto Christians to Magiftrates,


rical Review of the,

Clerk's Essay on Naval Tactics, 276

Adolphus, or unnatural Brother, 114 Collection (a new) of Enigmas, Cha.

Alciphron's Epiftles,

337 rades, &c.

Alvarez, or Irresistible Seduction, 118

of interesting Biography,

Anfwer to Dr. Priestley's Letter to Mr.



Collis's Dissertation on Gonorrhea,

Annual Register, the New, for 1790,




Continuation of An Abridgment of

Apothecary's Mirror, the, 253

the State of Politics for the Week,

Ashdowne's Attempt to Thew that the


Opinion concerning the Devil as a Cooksey's Essay on the Life and Cha-

fallen Angel, &c. hath no real Foun racter of John, Lord Somers, &c. 198

dation in Scripture,

469 Correspondence,

240, 360

Atwood's History of the Illand of. Correspondence between the rev.



Robert Wells and Publicola, 352

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Stone in the urinary Bladder, 396 the Blood,


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Life of,


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Younger, in Greece,

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on vol. I. tome I. of his Translation trach's View of Human Life, 494

of the Bible,

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Bentley's Genuine poetical Composia of short Remarks up a new Tranila-

tions on various Subjects,

ion of Ifaiah,


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Books (a List of) intended for the use Johu Flight,


of the younger Clergy, &c. 477 Draper's Probationary Sermon, 226

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Tuscan Master,

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dication of thofe aliçady addressed EARLE's Treatise on the Hydrocele, 353



37, 288



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