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4. The Grounds of Probability are two; Conformity with

our own Experience, or the Testimony of others

Experience. 5. In this all the Agreements, pro and con, ought to be

examined, before we come to a Judgment. 6. They being capable of great Variety.


Of the Degrees of Allent. . SECT. J. Our Aslent ought to be regulated by the Grounds of

Probability. 2. These cannot always be all actually in view, and then

we must content ourselves with the remembrance that

we once saw ground for such a Degree of Assent. 3. The ill Consequence of this, if our former Judgment

were not rightly made. 4. The right use of it is mutual Charity and Forbear


5. Probability is either of Matter of Fact or Speculation. 6. The concurrent Experience of all other Men with

ours, produces Assurance approaching to Knowledge.

I 7. Unquestionable Testimony and Experience for the most

part produce Confidence. 8. Fair Testimony, and the Nature of the thing indiffer.

ent, produces also confident Belief. - 9. Experience and Testimonies clashing, infinitely vary

the Degrees of Probability. 10. Traditional Testimonies, the farther removed, the less

their Proof. 11. Yet History is of great use. 12. In things which Sense cannot discover, Analogy is the

great Rule of Probability: 13. One Case where contrary Experience lessens not the

Testimony. 14. The bare Testimony of Revelation is the highest Cer


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