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Engraved for the Cathodox Churchmans Hogarine, Id 11.


Mllian Marklen. DD

ford Archbishop of York.


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One LORD, one Faith, one BAPTISM.

EPHES, iv. 5.
For preservation of CHRISTIANITY there is not any thing more needful,
than that such as are of the visible CHURCH have mutual FELLOWSHIP
and Society with one another.

Hooker, E. P. C.3. $1.

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By C. Roworth, Bell Yard, Fleet Street.


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P R E F A C E.

On the completion of another Volume of this Miscellany, the Editors feel themselves impelled to express their grateful Satisfaction for the very liberal Patronage which it has received, from the Friends of pure Religion.

To the generous contributions of their numerous Correspondents, must be attributed principally the Success which has crowned the ORTHODOX CHURCHMAN'S MAGAZINE; and among these the Editors may be permitted to name, without offending others, the Indefatigable INSPECTOR, the London CURATE, and the Reverend Mr. Comber, whose valuable communications have certainly given a degree of consequence to this Work, which at an early period of its publication could not have been expected.

To those worthy coadjutors, as well as to their other kind Correspondents and well-wishers, the Editors beg leave to return their grateful Acknowledgements, and to solicit a continuance of their Support. Much depends upon the united efforts of the zealous Members of the Established Church, especially of such as serve at her Altar, to preserve her interests secure against the conflicting elements of schism, infidelity, errour, and enthusiasm.

By a timely exposure oi the artifices of the enemy, and by a clear exhibition of the pare principles of catholick doctrine, and church order, it is to be hoped, that considerable good may be done in opening the eyes of those who have been deceived by the snares of the crafty, and in guarding others from being entangled in the same devices.

This Work was instituted for no other object, and, therefore, the Proprietors and Editors cannot be considered as presumptuous, in calling upon every friend of our Ecclesiastical Establishment, to aid their labours in the Common Cause of LOYALTY and ORTHODOXY.

July 15, 1802.

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