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STRONG Christian manhood is much needA

ed in this country at the present time. We need men and z'omen who believe in God, trust in Jesus Christ, who accept the Bible as inspired of the Father and written by His direction, who are daily readers as well as doers of that Word, and acko do not hesitate inder all circumstances to exemplify the principles which they profess to believe. Comment is made by those outside the Church that its members are not consistent -that in their daily arocations they pursue methods which belong to the world, and engage in those things which reflect upon Christianity. We

have been taught as Lutherans that God gave His word directly through His servants for the instruction and comfort of His people, and having accepted that as our Creed, we should practise its truths in our daily walk and conversation. We should not be ashamed to carry the banner of Jesus Christ in our hearts and in our lives.

Ile are nearing the time of our National Contention, which is to be educational, and we can only approach it by a preparation founded upon God's Word and upon prayer. As a Curch wc necd an awakening, so that we caill receit'e and fully under stand the triath, and do the work required of us as followers of our leader and guide, Jesus Christ. May we all think of this seriously and prayerfu!!y, and come to the Convention in Albany on November 12th, 13th and ith, to receive an inspiration, which shall produce fruit, not only in our serves, but in the congregations with which we are connected.

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Of the Church - By the Church - For the Church


The Tenth Biennial Convention of the

Luther League of America

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phosis is startling to one who knew the city years ago. The business portion of the city is composed of handsome and substantial buildings, while the State buildings are of attractive design. Albany is a city worth a visit by any one.

Albany is justly proud of her standing as an educational, civic and religious center. Here are the Albany Law School, the alma mater of President McKinley; the Albany Boys' Academy, where Joseph Henry first demonstrated the practical use of the magnetic tele

handsome windows and beautiful memorials, all worthy of a visit.

It is in this city the Luther League of America will hold its tenth biennial convention, now of international proportions, on November 12, 13, 14. The local committee is working hard to realize the expectations of the delegates and visitors, and to make this convention worthy in every respect of the great Lutheran Church. The State convention of the New York State Luther League will also be held in Albany, November 12, at the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, on

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