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NEW YORK -The next convention of the Luther League of New York State will be held at Albany on November 12, holding morning and afternoon sessions only, which will be largely devoted to business. The short session is to give delegates the opportunity to attend both the State and National conventions. Brooklyn District.

-The Luther League of the young mission at Floral Park, Christ Church, which was organized March 21 with 12 members, has increased its enrollment to 18 members.

PENNSYLVANIA --The Pennsylvania State Luther League wili meet in old Zion Church, Harrisburg, September 10-12. The organizations of churches will be the hosts, the convention will be selfentertaining. Harrisburg is an ideal convention city, and it is expected that this will be one of the largest and best attended meetings of the young people ever held. A social is being planned for the evening of the 10th, at which time our visiting friends may become acquainted with Harrisburgers and their way of doing things for their guests. The program, which is to appear shortly, is said to be an exceptionally strong one. Reserve the dates for that long anticipated visit to the capital city. Delegates from all young people's societies in the State, Luther Leagues, Christian Endeavor and missionary societies, are invited. Philadelphia District.

-The Luther League of the Church of the Holy Communion is continuing its devotional meetings all summer. The meetings are held in the parish house and the Luther League Topics are studied. District Luther League of Berks County,

- Thursday, July 11, a very interesting convention was held in Grace Church, Shillington, Pa., Rev. J. H. Neiman, pastor. Rev. C. E. Kistler conducted the opening services at 10 a. m. Rev. Harry W. Fitting, Oley, Pa., presented the subject, "Celebration of the Anniversaries of Events in Church History." This was followed by a discussion, at the close of which adjournment was made to the Shillington Hotel, where dinner was served, At the afternoon session Rev. G. D. Druckenmiller conducted the opening services, after which Rev. W. L. Hunton, Ph. D., associate editor of The Lutheran, delivered an address on "The Church Paper-the Information which It Bears." This was followed by a discussion of "The League Topics," by Rev. A. M. Weber. Mr. and Mrs. H. Y. Yocom were appointed delegates to the national convention, and the executive committee was authorized to elect additional delegates.

In the evening, at 7.30, the third session was held. Pev. C. P. Harry delivered an address on “Luther League Conventions,” presenting their advantages and benefits.

The next convention of the District will be held at Topton, at the Orphans' Home, Thurs

day, October 10, with two sessions-morning at 10 a. m., afternoon at 1.30 p. m.

A full set of officers will be elected at this convention for the District, to serve during the coming year. Pittsburgh District.

-Two very profitable "Junior institutes'' were recently held under the auspices of the committee on junior work of the Pittsburgh District Luther League, one in Pittsburgh and the otner in Rochester. The following themes were discussed:

1. How to make a successful beginning in the fall.

2. How to make the ensuing year one of profit and interest to the Juniors.

3. How the District League may extend and increase the efficiency of the local Junior organization.

So interesting and profitable were these institutes that it was decided that others should be held during the year. It was also decided that Junior rallies should be held in different places in the District where the various Junior organizations could attend in a body. Two publications were also authorized, an attendance card for the use of Junior Leagues and societies, and a booklet giving a series of daily Bible readings especiaily adapted for the use of the Juniors. The selections to be simply indicated, with the idea that the Juniors should take them to their homes and read them from their own Bibles, thereby encouraging them to know and use their Bibles regularly. They are not intended for use at the Junior meetings nor to take the place of the regular Junior Luther League Topics.

OHIO Cleveland District.

-The Luther League of Bethany entertained a rally of the Lutheran young people a short time ago and steps were taken to form a city League for the mutual good of Lutheranism in the city. Following this action, the Bethany Leaguers entertained the visitors with the Game of Colleges, published in Lutheran Church Work, which proved most enjoyable and profitable in keeping young Lutherans in touch with the colleges, as well as being a fine plan for getting societies of the various churches acquainted with one another. The meeting was la rgely attended and speaks well for the future work of the Lutheran young people in the Sixth City. Another rally and picnic was held on July 20 at Garfield Park, when several addresses were made by the Leaguers. Several delegates from the Cleveland Lutheran churches attended the Ohio State Convention at Findlay.

INDIANA -I'nder the auspices of the Luther League of the First Church, Indianapolis, Rev. A. E. Renn, pastor, Rev. L. S. Keyser, D. D., recently delivered before a large audience his lecture, "Two Are Better Than One."

---The young people of the Lutheran Church at Millersburg have organized a Luther League of forty-five members. Raymond A. Honk, a Wittenberg Seminary student, is supplying this pulpit during the summer.



-The Luther League of St. Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Camden, Ind., has continued its devotional services during the summer months and the meetings have been exceptionally interesting.

The Luther League recently shipped its second car of newspapers and magazines, realizing a good sum of money therefrom.

WISCONSIN St. Peter's Church, Fennimore, an old congregation, has its first young people's society. On July 11, twenty of the young people organized the Luther League of St. Peter's Church, of Fennimore. Election of officers showed the following result: President, Mr. Louis Brechler; secretary, Miss Anna Hinn;. vice-president, Miss Emma Kraemer; treasurer, Arthur Kreul. The Luther League Topics were adopted as the course of study. The new League's first meeting occurred on August

KANSAS -The Luther League of St. Mark's Church, of Emporia, has maintained a rest tent every year at the Chautauqua grounds. Here Lutherans leave their packages, meet their friends and are at home before and after entertainments.

Mr. L. T. Bang, the manager of this, the largest Chautauqua in Kansas, is a staunch Lutheran, an active member of St. Mark's, always seeking to advance the interests of the Lutheran Church at home and abroad.

The two or three thousand people who attended the Chautauqua daily for ten days know that there is a Luther League and a Lutheran church in Emporia, for the Leaguers never fail to take advantage of every opportunity to popularize their own church.

Luther's coat of arms occupied the center of the large electric sign on the tent, and could easily be seen from any part of the Chautauqua grounds.

The Emporia League derives great benefit from having a rest tent during Chautauquas, and suggests that other Leagues might take advantage of this novel method of making the Luther League a bigger and more active organization in the world.

OREGON, WASHINGTON - The convention of the Bi-State Luther League will be held in Emmanuel's Church, Centralia, Wash., Rev. W. H. Zuber, pastor, this month.

The present officers of the Bi-State League are: Acting president. C. F. Koch, 779 Kearney street, Portland, Ore.; recording and corresponding secretary, Miss Clara Goke, 2308 First avenue, Seattle, Wash.; and treasurer,

Miss Louise Cramer, The Dalles, Ore.

--H. A. Hazelgreen, ex-president of the BiState League, was elected a member of the Home Mission Board of the Pacific Synod at its recent convention at Chehalis, Wash., June 12-15

-Prof. II. F. Miller, who removed to Milwaukee, Wis., in the winter, where he has been actively engaged in educational work, was married in June to Miss Marshall, of Chehalis, Wash. Columbia District.

-The convention of the Columbia District Luther League will be held in August, at Chehalis, Wash., St. John's Church, Rev. William F. Holl, pastor. President C. Franklin Koch is busy preparing an excellent program

and a profitable session is assured. Puget Sound District.

--Puget Sound District League will hold convention some time during the fall of 1912.

CANADA -On June 26, Mr. F. C. Hesler, of Humberstone, Ont., was united in marriage to Miss Katherine Ruch, of Bridgeburg, Ont., by Rev. W. H. Knauft, pastor of Holy Trinity Church, at Humberstone, Ont. Mr. Hesler is president of the Canada League, and is taking a very active part in all branches of church work, as well as in municipal affairs. Mr. Hesler shows ability, tact and impartial judgment in the affairs of his offices. At its last annual convention in Williamsburg, Ont., May 24, the Canada Luther League elected him the second time president of this young organization.

Mr. and Mrs. Hesler were later visited in their new home by members of the

local League, of which Mr. Hesler is also president, and presented with a very fine mantel clock as a token of love and esteem.

-At the regular monthly meeting of the Trinity League, of Hamilton, Ont., fourteen members were present. The members decided to pay the per capita apportionment before the Albany convention. This League is making a special effort to pay for a piano. The secretary was instructed to write to those who were delinquent in attendance and dues. Two new members were received.

-The Toronto League has suspended meetings until September because many of the members go out of the city during the summer.

-The president of the Canada Luther League, Mr. Fred Hesler, of Humberstone, recently paid calls to some of the active Leaguers in Toronto, who were glad of the opportunity personally to congratulate Mr. Hesler upon his recent marriage.

-An active Luther League has been organized by the young people of Grace Church, Victoria, B. C., Rev. W. C. Drahn, pastor.



Our is at your service.

State whether

Electric. Ges. Welebech, netylene. Combination I. P. FRINK,




239-241 TENTH AVE.



DEPARTMENT IN CARE OF REV. C. ELVIN HAUPT, D.D., LANCASTER. Motto, St. John 9:4. "I must work the The falcon Truth hangs poised forever, works of Him that sent Me, while it is day; And marks them with his vengeful eye.” the night cometh, when no man can work.” CALENDAR FOR AUGI'ST.

Keys to open a Bible verse. Heb. 4:16. Let 4—The ninth Sunday after Trinity. Gospel us come boldly unto the Throne of Grace, that story, the unjust steward, St. Luke 16:1-9. we may find mercy. Do you know what the First cabled message

the Atlantic official chair of state for a king is called ? Ocean, 1857

Who occupies the one of our verse? What is 5–Birthday of Alfred Tennyson, 1809. Grace? Why is a throne associated with 6—Festival of the Transfiguration of Jesus. Grace? Whose Grace? What invitation is

8—The defeat of the Spanish Armada in given? To whom? Need we fear to come? 1588.

Why not? Why do persons venture to the 11-Tenth Sunday after Trinity. Gospel throne of a king? Why should we come? story, Jesus weeping over Jerusalem and What is mercy? By what one word can we cleansing the Temple (St. Luke, 19:41-48). name our coming boldly unto God? In whose 13—The surrender of Manila, 1898.

name may we come boldly? Have you ac15—The first Lutheran synod in America cepted this invitation ? (1748), organized in Philadelphia. Birthdays A Wordless Book and How to Make It.of Napoleon, 1769, and Sir Walter Scott, 1771. Some one may say, What is a book without

18-Eleventh Sunday after Trinity. Gospel words? So it would seem, but remember that story, the Pharisee and the publican (St.

there are ideas conveyed in other ways than Luke 18:9-14).

words. I want to tell you of a little book of 23—Birthday of Cuvier, the lover of Nature,

five pages, which I think any Junior can make 1769.

quite easily. Take five sheets of paper, say 24-St. Bartholomew the Apostle's Day.

6 inches square. Fold them in half, so as to Great massacre in Paris in 1574.

make pages 6 by 3 inches. Let the first pages 25—Twelfth Sunday after Trinity. Gospel

be of black paper, the next of a fine red, the story, The man, deaf and dumb, healed (St.

third of purest white, the fourth of solid blue, Mark 7:31-37).

and the fifth, or final ones, of gold or gilt 28—Birthday of Goethe, the German poet

paper. Now, if you will paste the backs of and author.

these sheets together, a leaf of the red to a 29—Birthday of Oliver Wendell Holmes, the black leaf, and the other leaf of the red to the American writer.

white, the second white leaf to the blue, the 30—Peace conference between Japan and

second blue leaf to the gilt, you will have a Russia, at Portsmouth, N. H., 1905.

dainty little book of the five League colors NOTE.-So many of our bright boys and girls just in their proper order. If desired, a cover are fond of finding historic facts that the data

of heavy paper or of pasteboard may be put of a few of them for August are given above.

upon it, and, with a cross, or a Luther League Such points set us thinking and comparing

rose upon the iront, your book will be ready. notes.

Now as to the meaning. First, the black Just think! It will soon be four hundred

will suggest the darkness of sin and of a soul years since Luther set in motion with pen and

in captivity to Satan and death. Next the red hammer the great Reformation movement, will stand to be the token of the love and that has changed the entire history of the

devotion of Jesus, and the precious blood He Church and the world. We will be wise in

shed to cleanse us from sin and death. The celebrating it as grandly and gratefully as we white, following in order, will show the for

giveness of the soul, made white in the blood "I know a falcon swift and peerless

of the Lamb of God. The blue will then exAs e'er was cradled in the pine ;

press the depths of our hope; and finally the No bird had ever eye so fearless,

gold, the glory of the life to come for those Or wing so strong as this of mine.

saved in Christ and His cross. Thus, without

a single letter, the little wordless book of our Let fraud and wrong and baseness shiver, colors will tell the whole story of Nature, For still between them and the sky

Grace and Glory.


Luther League Supplies



227-229 W. 29th St.

New York

Art Church

Worker Metal, Wood, Marble

Etc. Memorials of Highest Grade of


..., 5.00




Special Prices to Ministers

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Luther League Topics "These are the best topico evor issued for ose at young people's devotional meetings. The Lemons en Innged in accordance with the general plan of the Churcb Year. Thay in Biblical and Doctrnal, El torical and Missionary and contain appropriate Dall, Bible Readings, Scriptare references and illustrativ suggestions. They uro largely used and deserve to be adopted by every Lathornd Young People', Society.'

Issued Quarterly as a 32-page Pamphler

in Dec., March, June and Sept. Each quarterly number ready on the 15th of the month

preceding. 100 coples 1 year.


100 coples 1 quart.. .$2.00 75 coples 1 year...

75 copies 1 quart.

1.50 50 coples 1 year.

50 copies 1 quart ... 25 coples 1 year

1.75 25 coples 1 quart... One copy 1 year .......10 cents Luther League Reading Courses

Adopted by the Luther League of America These books ought to be in the library of every Lutherai Sunday School and Young People's Society. They can easily be secured, as will be noted below.

First Course 1. Lutheran Manual, Remensnyder. 2. Schoenberg Cotta Family, Mrs. Rundel Charles. 3. Way of Salvation, Gerberd ing. 4. Praying and Working, Stevenson. 5. Lutheran Foreign Missions. Lauray.

Price $3.50, expressage prepaid, or sent free for 15 new sub. scribers to the Review at 50 cents each.

Second Course 1. Life of Luther, Wackernagel 2. Spener and Francke Mrs. Marle Richard. 3. Life of Melanchthon, Stump. Ecclesia Lutherana, Selas. 5. Lutherans in America, Wolf.

Price $5.00, expressage prepald, or sent free for 20 new sub. scribers to the REVIEW at 50 cents each

Third Course 1. Conversion of India, George Smith 2. Sacred Medi. tations, Gerhard. 3. The Common Service, Scheele 4. Mer tin Luther, Jacobs. 5. The Deaconens Calling, Wacker.

Price $5.00, expressage prepaid, or sent free for 20 new sub scribers to the REVIEW ai 50 cents each.

Fourth Course 1. Elements of Religion, Jacobs. 2. The Golden Altar Seles. 3. Gustavus Adolphus, Fletcher. 4 Luther on Edu cation, Painter. 5. The Life of Christ, Stalker.

Price $5.00, expressage prepald, or sent free for 20 new sub scribers to the REVIEW at 50 cents each.

The books of the four Reading Courses are furnished on tho Installment plan, $2.00 with order, accompanied by good reference, and on payment of $1.50 per month for 11 months.

Luther League Hymnal A Book with Lutheran Music. for Lutheran Youny

People's Societies Contains 250 well selected hymng set to bright, singable music, and the Opening and Closing Services for League mer ings. The Hymnal has been adopted by State, Local and Individual Leagues and Societles in every part of our country The hymns and tuncs are among the best to be had. Bound in Cloth, with music, (postpaid,) - 60 cents words only,

- 20 cents Luther League Badge Every Lutheran and Luiber Leaguer should wear this badge. It is the official badge adopted by the Luther League of America Designed from Luther's Coat of Arms, and 1. full of meaning.

PRICES. Clas), Pin, Stick Pla or Button, Solid Gold.. $1.or

Rolled Plato


Gilt Witb Hanger, 50 cents extra. Wateb Charme, with Emblem both sides, Solid Gold 6.00

Rolled Gold 2.08 Maltese Croes or Star Shape. Cash must invariably accompany all orders and should be addressed to the LUTHER LEAGUE REVIEW,

P. O. Box 876,

New York, N. Y

Remingtons, Jewetts, Manhattans, Densmores, $11.50 each; Postals, Chicagos, Hammonds, Franklins, $9.00 each. Big bargains in Underwoods, L. C. Smiths and others. Easy

rental proposition on No. 6 Remington. Every machine guaranteed. Try us.



of form Letters, Price Lists, Dwip

Bills, Invoices, Drawings,
Menus, Reports, anything 1

Then take advantage of our

offer of ten days' trial, withmi

out deposit, and become one of thousands of satisfied cus tomers. Daus' Improved Tip

Top Duplicator, with "DaugCO" Olled Linen Back, negative roll, is the simplest, easiest and quickest method of duplicating on the market. 100 coples from Pen-written and 50 copies from Type-written "Original. If you have tried other dupl1

$5.00 pleased with ours. Complete duplicator, cap size, FFLIX K. DAUS DUPLICATOR CO. Daus Bldg., 111 John St., New York




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YOUNG PERSON AFFLICTED WITH SPEECH TROUBLE of any sort should command the serious attention of parents, teachers, physicians and individuals for its removal. My system of natural rules and exercises based on the principles of normal speech, together with remedies for nervous conditions, THE RESULT OF OVER THIRTY YEARS' CLOSE STUDY AND TEACHING will correct these affections speedlly and permanently. I stammered once myself, and understand its correction thoroughly. Call or write for booklet of information. Frank A. Bryant, M.D., 62L, West 40th St. New York

Hudson River Day Line

The Most Charming Inland Water Trip on the American Continent

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Leave New York, Desbrosses Street........8.40 A. M. Leave W. 129th Street.

.9.20 A. M. Leave New York, W. 42d Street, .9.00 A. M. South Bound, leave Albany.

.8.30 A. M. Service closes from New York, Oct. 19th; from Albany, Oct. 21st.

Landings-Yonkers, West Point, Newburgh, Poughkeepsie, Kingston Point, Catskill and Hudson.
Direct Connecting Trains on Wharves for all Points in Catskills,
Saratoga, and Lake George, With Easy Connections, Tickets Sold and

Baggage Checked to all principal Points, East, North and West

TICKETS VIA “DAY LINE" ON SALE AT ALL OFFICES. Through tickets reading via the New York Central & Hudson River R. R. and West ShoreR. R. between Albany and New York, in either direction are also available by this line, thus affording tourists an unequalled opportunity of viewing the magnificent scenery of the Hudson by daylight.

See Time Tables for Ideal One Day and One-Half Day Outings from New York.

Send 5 cents for a copy of Summer Excursion Book. F. B. HIBBARD, Gen. Pass. Agent

Desbrosses Street Pler, New York City ANNOUNCEMENT—"Mary Powell" (Kingston boat) service. Leaves Desbrosses Street 1.45 P. M.; W. 420 Street, 2.00 P. M.; W. 129th Street, 2.20 P. M. On July 1st the Day Line Steamer “Albany" will resume the Special Service to Poughkeepsle and return, leaving New York landings one hour later than the regular mording boat; making a triple service to Poughkeepsie and intermediate landings. See Time Tables.

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HARRY P. STIMSON, Formerly with Hotel Imperial

Only New York Hotel window-screened throughout

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