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ILLINOIS -The annual convention of the Luther League of Illinois will be held at Worris, July 17 to 19.

-The Luther League of the Church of the Redeemer, Aurora, Prev. G. Cowles Smith, pastor, has recently been reorganized and is now engaged in raising a fund to apply upon the debt of the congregation. Chicago District.

-The Luther League of the Moreland Church, Rev. T. C. Thompson, pastor, celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Luther League with a special service April 24, at which Mr. C. T. A. Anderson was the principal speaker. This League has about ninety members and is very active in the work of the Church.

-A Luther League was organized in the Eng. lish Lutheran Church at Woodstock on Sunday evening, April 6. A large attendance was present and a splendid program was given under the direction of Rev. Roger C. Kaufman, pastor of the church. Mr. C. T. A. Anderson, treasurer of the Luther League of America, being the principal speaker.

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are seventy-five members and the League has assumed the support of a native worker in India.

The Luther League of Harmony Church, Hartford, is also a reorganization of a Christian Endeavor Society. It consists of about hty members, eighteen of whom read The Re. view. Rev. J. Walter Bressler is the faithful pastor of the parish consisting of both the above mentioned congregations.

--Both the Luther League and the Junior League of St. John's Church, Sulphur Springs, are prospering. On April 20 the hour for the evening church service was given over to a celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Luther League. The pastor, Rev. C. G. Stacy, spoke of the benefits to our Church of the Luther League and literature and educational system, "The Opportunity of the Leaguer" was the subject of a paper by Mildred Snyder. A chorus was sung by the Junjors. The officers of the Junior Luther League recently elected are: Arthur Clmer, president, Willard Shuck, vice-president; Mary Scott, recording secretary; Bartlett Stacy, corresponding secretary; Zelno Butturff, treasurer, Mable Fralick, historian. Cleveland District.

-Bethany Luther League entertained the City League of Cleveland on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of the Luther League. Large delegations attended from the . other churches. Plans for intervisitation and a union picnic were adopted. The address of the evening was given by Rev. M. C. Havice, pastor of Lakewood Lutheran Church. A pleasant social hour followed under the direction of the Bethany League. The Lutheran young people of the city are learning to know one another and to co-operate for the welfare of their beloved Church.

-The young people of First English Lutheran Church, Tiffin, Rev. Chalmers E. Frontz, pastor, have reorganized the Christian Endeavor Society as Luther League, adopting the League model constitution and literature.

INDIANA Northern District.

-The spring convention of the District Luther League of Northern Indiana will be held in Mt. Zion's Lutheran Church at Lagrange, Ind., Rev. J. M, Weber, pastor, on Tuesday, May 6.

-A Luther League has recently been organized in St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Millersburg, Ind., Rev. H. C. Summers, pastor. Much interest has been manifested in the work of the League and a bright and prosperous future is looked forward to. New members are being added at each meeting. The League was represented at the late convention at South Bend and admitted to membership.

-On Friday evening, December 13, the Luther League of the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church of South Bend held a mock trial in the Colfax school building on "The Case of Jennie Brice," as published in Everybody's Magazine. The League won the third State prize, the sum of $25.

The Stranger on tho Sill Between broad fields of wheat and corn Is the lowly home where I was born; The peach tree leans against the wall, Ind the woodbine wanders over all; There is the shaded doorway still, But a stranger's foot has crossed the sill. There is the barn—and, as of yore, I can smell the hay from the open door, And I see the busy swallows throng, And hear the pewee's mournful song; But the stranger comes-oh! painful proofHis sheaves are piled to the heated roof. There is the orchard—the very trees Where my childhood knew long hours of ease, And watched the shadowy moments run Till my life imbibed more shade than sun; The swing from the bough still sweeps the air, But the stranger's children are swinging there. Oh, ye who daily cross the sill, Step lightly, for I love it still; And when you crowd the old barn eaves Then think what countless harvest sheaves Have passed within that scented door To gladden eyes that are no more. Deal kindly with these orchard trees; And when your children crowd their knees Their sweetest fruit they shall impart, As if old memories stirred their heart; To youthful sport still leave the swing, And in sweet reverence hold the spring. The barn, the trees, the brook, the birds, The meadows with their lowing herds, The woodbine on the cottage wallMy heart still lingers with them all. Ye strangers on my native sill, Step lightly, for I love it still.

- Thomas Buchanan Read.


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Luther League Topics

ALTERATIONS to be made this
coming SUMMER should be prompt-
ly considered. Our special work

Church Windows
Interior Decorations
Memorial Gifts

Correspondence invited.
Designs and Estimates submitted.
Our Catalogue and Reference

Circular sent upon request. Studios and Work Rooms : 79-84 BIBLE HOUSE

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"These are the best topics ever issued for use at young people's devotional meetings. The Lessons are arranged in accordance with the general plan of the Church Year. They are Biblical and Doctrinal, Historical and Missionary, and contain appropriate Daily Bible Readings, Scripture references and illustrative suggestions. They are largely used and deserve to be adopted by every Lutheran Young People's Society."

Issued Quarterly as a 32-page Pamphlet

In Dec., March, June and Sept. Each quarterly number ready on the 15th of the month

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Luther League Reading Courses

Adopted by the Luther League of America
These books ought to be in the library of every Lutheran
Sunday School and Young

People's Society. They can easily be secured, as will be noted below.

First Course 1. Lutheran Manual, Remensnyder. 2. Schoenberg Cotta Family, Mrs. Rundel Charles. 3. Way of Salvation, Gerberd. ing. '1. Praying and Working, Stevenson. 5. Lutheran Foreign Missions, Lauray. Price

$8.50, expressage prepaid, or sent free for 15 new sub. scribers to the REVIEW at 50 cents each.

Second Course 1. Life of Luther, Wackernagel 2. Spener and Francke. Mrs. Marle Richard. 3. Life of Melanchthon, Stump: 4 Ecclesia Lutherana, Seiss. 5. Lutherans in America, woln.

Price $5.00, expressage prepaid, or sent free for 20 new sub. scribers to the REVIEW at 50 cents each.

Third Course 1. Conversion of India, George Smith 2. Sacred Modi. tations, Gerhard. 3. The Common Service, Scheele 4. Mar tin Luther, Jacobs. 5. The Deaconens Calling, Wacker.

Price $5.00, expressage prepaid, or sent free for 20 new sub scribers to the Review at 50 cents each.

Fourth Course 1. Elements of Religion, Jacobs. 2. The Golden alta Selss. 3. Gustavus Adolphus, Fletcher. 4. Luther on

Ede catlon, Painter. 5. The Life of Christ, Stalker.

Price $5.00. expressage prepaid, or sent free for 20 new sub scribers to the Review at 50 cents each.

The books of the four Reading Courges are furnished on the Installment plan, $2.00 with order, accompanied by good reference, and on payment of $1.50 per month for 11 months.

Luther League Hymnal A Book with Lutheran Music, for Lutheran Young

People's Societies Contains 250 well selected bymns set to bright, singable music, and the Opening and Closing Services for League mee Ings. The Hymnal has been adopted by State, Local and Individual Leagues and Societies in every part of our country The hymns and tuncs are among the best to be bad. Bound in Cloth, with music, (postpaid,) : 20 cents

words only, Luther League Badge Every Lutheran and Luther Leaguer should wear this badge. It is the official badgo adopted by the Luther League of America Designed from Luther's Coat of Arms, and Is full of meaning.

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P. 0. Box 876, New York, N. Y.

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Books of all kinds, religious, scientific, sets and single volumes of standard authors. New and second hand. HALL & O'MALLEY 64 CORTLANDT STREET, NEW YORK, N. Y.

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A youth entered Gustavus Adolphus College with the purpose of taking a brief business course.

The singing of "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God" by three hundred voices in the chapel of the College so impressed the young man that he determined to continue his studies and get all the College could give him.

That young man is now Governor Eberhart of Minnesota.

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After noting the facts, the editor of one of Minnesota's leading secular newspapers writes: "In the song he found the germ that made him Governor in less than twenty years. Four hundred years had not ended the power of the Luther hymn : it was still potent to make men men."

This hymn and two hundred and forty-nine others with inspiring ring and tuneful harmony, make up the

In neat and substantial cloth binding the prices are: Words and music, single
copy, 60 cents; per dozen, $6. Words only, single copy, 20 cents; per dozen, $2.
Postage or expressage prepaid. Special discounts on lots of 50, 100, or more
Sample copies sent on receipt of price.

P. 0. Box 876


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