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ings, and the interest in the work is growing. The Luther League held a New Year's watch meeting and ushered in the new year with the singing of the Luther League Rally Hymn.

---The Luther League of St. Matthew's Church, Toledo, Rev. G. A. Bierdemann, D. D., pastor, reports a membership of 75, and receipts for 1912 amounting to $76.50. This society presented fifty new church books to the congregation during the year. Northeast District.

--The Luther Leaguers of St. Luke's Church, Youngstown, Rev. W. J. Kratz, pastor, are busy preparing to entertain the Northeast Ohio District Convention, February 22, 1913. It is hoped that this may be the largest and best convention in the history of the District.

INDIANA A Luther League was recently organized in St. Mark's Church, Butler, Rev. John B. Gardner, pastor. The League now has twenty members. The devotional meetings are increasing in attendance and interest, and the monthly business meetings are well supported by the members. The president is Miss Carrie B. Lipe, and the secretary Miss Aileen Knepper. This League was represented at the District Convention at South Bend by Miss Lipe and the vice-president, Leighton F. Tombow.

--A Luther League was organized in Wittenberg Church of the Butler Charge in November, The monthly business meetings are well attended and the young people take much interest in the work. The president is Miss Florence Barnes and the secretary Miss Evelyn Wiley, both at Edgerton, Ohio. Northern Indiana District.

-The Luther League of Holy Trinity Church, South Bend, held its annual meeting recently and elected the following officers: President, Tillie Elkins; vice-president, Elva Linard; secretary, Alvin Hagey; treasurer, Carrie Nelson; Librarian, George Nelson; assistant librarian, Russel Teethard; pianist, Margaret Culver. The League has 36 members and is active in several departments of the church work. It has been working toward the payment of the church fuel bill. It has raised funds by giving two socials and also by gathering old newspapers.

Chicago District.
-The Luther League of Chicago held

its annual convention, Monday, January 20, at Wicker Park Church. D. N. C. Astenius was re-elected president.

reasons: The League has been kept thoroughly alive, first, by having a devotional committee, which prepared a bulletin of the topics, dates and leaders for a quarter, and tacked it on a bulletin board in

the Luther League room. This enabled each leader to know just when he was to lead and to prepare for the topic and make it interesting. The devotional committee also furnishes material and advice on the subjects to those who ask for it. Second, a contest, boys on one side, girls on the other. Each member received three points for being present at a devotional meeting; only two points if late (this did away with such a trying feature of continual tardiness); one point for a visitor. This made the attendance very good, as sometimes one boy might have twenty visitors. By this means we also got some out who would not have been there otherwise and they enjoyed the meetings so much that ten new members joined after the contest was over. Five points were credited for each new member received while the contest was on. Each member received one point for being present at a business meeting. The boys won and the girls will have to treat them. The interest awakened is continuing, though the contest has closed.

The business meeting is held the first Wednesday of the month, and a social meeting the third Wednesday, except on special occasions, like New Year's watch, when the social meeting is changed to suit the special feature in the month. A social committee also prepared a bulletin for the year, naming date, committee of three in charge, and a name for the night, like "A Night of Mysteries" for Hallowe'en. A book for $1, “500 Ways to Help Your Church,” has given many new ideas for entertaining. This book can also be obtained in the public library. Each committee is free to prepare their own entertainment or the social committee will gladly help them.

We know that the bulletin board has been a factor in helping the League work to be successful and interesting, as the secret of a successful League is to have it well organized.

MISSOURI A Luther League has been organized in First Church, Kansas City, Rev. Andreas Bard, pastor. The present membership is 40, which members are trying to increase to 60 by Easter. The officers are Harry L. Hawkinson, president; Russell Crawford, vice-president; R. L. Spence, secretary, and William H. Ballard, treasurer. The attendance has been very good at all meetings, and much good seems to be promised to the church and each member from the work which has been planned.


-Christ's Church, Rev. A. M. Sappenfield, pastor, has just concluded the most prosperous year in its history. An active Luther League of 29 members was a decided factor in this work. In addition to its other work, the society raised $239.41 during 1912.

The League has kept up in attendance and interest this season better than ever before, which fact is probably due to the following

Easter Memorials


MINNESOTA Salem Church, Albert Lea, Rev. A. J. D. Haupt, D. D., pastor, has a very active Luther League, numbering 40 members.

NORTH CAROLINA -A Luther League of 35 members was cently organized in Holy Trinity Church, Hickory, Rev. J. H. Wennemacker, pastor. There is a Junior League in this church with 39 members. Last year this church built a pastor's residence at an expense of $5,000, and practically paid for it. The duplex envelope system is used with great success.

-St. Andrew's Church, Hickory, has a flourishing Luther League.

CALIFORNIA -On January 9, 1913, twelve young people met in the parlors of the First English Lutheran Church, Oakland, and organized Luther League. A constitution was adopted and the following officers were elected for a term of six months: President, Victoria Crowhurst; vice-president, William B. Scheehl; secretary, Anita Dranz; treasurer, Ida Breckenfelder. At the close of the business session a social hour was spent and refreshments were served.


Gifts to the CHURCH for this coming EASTER season should be promptly considered. Memorial Windows Tablets, Fonts, Lecterns,

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Don't rget that standing still is ceasing to live.

Don't be too sure that God's call for workers in the foreign field is not to you.

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Don'ts We are so apt to work in ruts as not to have a broad vision and comprehend the greatness as well as the success of the work that might come to us if we could look above the horizon. Recently, in one of our publications, appeared a number of suggestive “Don'ts," some of which seem so appropriate that we feel that the readers of THE LUTHER LEAGUE Review should have the opportunity of reading them :

Don't get into a rut.
Don't use the same leaders each month.

Don't forget to invite others to your meetings.

Don't have a prayerless service.
Don't fail to have well prepared programs.

Don't try to get along without pictures and maps.

Don't let a few do all the work.

Don't retain the same officers year after year.

Don't forget to announce your meetings publicly.

Don't think that money can only be raised by fairs and suppers.

Don't be satisfied until you have tried "tithing” your income.

Don't neglect your sick and shut-in members.

Don't think your society is doing all it

The Day Before Tomorrow The best time to carry out your New Year's good resolutions is the day before tomorrow.

The best time to quit everything that is mean is the day after yesterday.

The best time to consecrate your life to better work is the day before tomorrow.

The best time to join the Sunday school class is the Sunday before the following Sunday.

If you want to show a kindness to a fellow creature, or to make right some wrong you have done him, do it the day before tomorrow.

If you think that you can get even with a fellow by being mean to him, quit before you begin.

If you want to get the most good out of the Young People's meeting, study the daily readings every day of the week before next.

If you want to please your parents, be kind to them all the time, year before next.

The time to break the tobacco habit, or any other bad habit, is the day after yesterday.

The best season for sowing wild oats is the thirteenth month of the year, that will never


BOOKS Books of all kinds, religious, scientific, sets and single volumes of standard authors. New and second hand. HALL & O'MALLEY 64 CORTLANDT STREET, NEW YORK, N. Y.

can do.

The best time to do your duty is the day after yesterday or the day before tomorrow. -Watchman.

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anniversary of the conversion of Constantine, the first Christian emperor, A. D. 313.

Date Hunting.-A pleasant way to learn history is to search for events by their dates. Who can tell how the days of February and March associated with the following names: February 2, Simeon; 5. Spener, the great German champion of piety; 9, President W. H. Harrison; 12, Lincoln; 13, Schwartz, the great missionary to India; 16, Philip Melanchthon; 18, Martin Luther; 20, the City of Spires in 1544; 22, Washington; 24. Charles V, Emperor of Germany; 28, Constantine the Great; March 6. Michael Angelo; 15, President Andrew Jackson; 16, President Madison; 18, President Cleveland; 20, President Tyler.


By C. Elvin Haupt, D.D. The Month.-February and March contain the season known as Lent. The ad of February is the day that reminds us of the fortieth day after Christmas, upon which our Lord was brought by Joseph and Mary to the holy place of the temple in Jerusalem and presented before the Lord by aged Simeon. February 5, this year, is the first of forty days known "Lent" ("longer” days). These days begin on Ash Wednesday (day of "ashes”), a day of humiliation of soul, and prayer. Six Lord's days also occur, but are not considered as part of the forty days. The latest of these Lord's days is known as “Palm" Sunday, the gospel of the day being the story of Jesus coming up to Jerusalem amid the palm branches of His joyous followers. With Palm Sunday “Holy Week” begins, and daily services are usually held in the churches; these increasing in intensity of interest to Thursday-night of the Lord's Supper-and "Good Friday." The last day of Lent is Silent Saturday. Good Friday reminds us of Jesus' precious sacrifice of Himself by dying upon the cross; Silent Saturday of His sleep, in death, in the tomb. The dates of Lent are all within one day of being as early this year as they can possibly fall. Ash Wednesday occurs this time, February 5; Palm Sunday falls on March 16, Holy Thursday March 20, Good Friday March 21, Silent Saturday March 22. Then the season changes and Easter, the Lord's Day of Resurrection, overcomes the gloom of Lent with the glory of the Lord's return from death. The entire Church cele1:rates this fact most triumphantly. May every Junior Luther Leaguer have a blessed share in it all!

Junior Leaguers can do no better than learn to observe these events appropriately. Each has a meaning of its own. From the Topics and the Hymnal a selection may be made suitable to each event and be interspersed with recitations of appropriate readings, such as poems, narratives, etc. Tokens, such as the League emblems, cards and other gifts and rewards, may be dispensed. Thus a fine program may be made ready

The year 1913 commemorates the 1600th


A RETIRING PRAYER. Tonight, dear Lord, I lay me down to sleep. Aright do Thou my soul and body keep. Forgive the thoughtless things I've done; Forget, if wrought, my sins, each one. Be kind to those who dwel! with me, And find a home for them near Thee Lord bless the spirits gone before, The dear related friends of yore. Let those about me, in their life, Stay close to truth and free from strife. And may all prove a worthy band, Christ's worshippers, in this Thy land.


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Luther League Supplies


Luther League Topics "These are the best topics ever issued for use at somg people's devotional meetings. The Lessons are arranged in accordance with the general plan of the Church Year. They are Biblical and Doctrinal, Historical and Missionary, and contain appropriate Daily Bible Readings, Scripture references and illustrative suggestions. They are largely used and deserve to be adopted by every Lutheran Young People's Society."

Issued Quarterly as a 32-page Pamphle.

in Dec., March, June and Sept. Each quarterly number ready on the 15th of the month

preceding. 100 coples 1 year... $6.00 100 copies 1 quart.

$2.00 75 coples 1 year.

75 coples 1 quart....

1.50 50 copies 1 year.

50 coples 1 quart

1.00 25 coples 1 year. 1.75 25 coples 1 quart...

.50 One copy 1 year .10 cents Luther League Reading Courses

Adopted by the Luther League of America These books ought to be in the library of every Lutheran Sunday School and Young People's Society. They can easily be secured, as will be noted below.

First Course 1. Lutherau Manual, Remensnyder. 2. Schoenberg Cotta Family, Mrs. Rundel Charles. 3.° Way of Salvation, Gerberd Ing. 4. Praying and Working, Stevenson. 5. Lutheran Foreign Missions. Lauray.

Price $8.50, expressage prepaid, or sent free for 15 new sub. scribers to the REVIEW at 50 cents each.

Second Course 1. Life of Luther, Wackernagel 2. Spener and Francke Mrs. Marie Richard. 3. Life of Melanchthon, Stump: Ecclesia Lutherana, Selss. 5. Lutherans in America, Wolf.

Price $5.00, expressage prepaid, or sent free for 20 new sub. scribers to the REVIEW at 50 cents each

Third Course 1. Conversion of India, George Smith 2. Sacred Modi tations, Gerhard. 3. The Common Service, Scheele 4. Mar tin Luther, Jacobs. 5. The Deaconens Calling, Wacker.

Price $5.00, expressage prepaid, or sent free for 20 new mub scribers to the REVIEW at 50 cents each.

Fourth Course 1. Elements of Religion, Jacobs. 2. The Golden Altar Selgs. 3. Gustavus Adolphus, Fletcher. 4. Luther on Edu cation, Painter. 5. The Life of Christ, Stalker.

Price $5.00, expressage prepaid, or sent free for 20 new sub scribers to the REVIEW at 50 cents each.

The books of the four Reading Courses are furnished on the Installment plan, $2.00 with order, accompanied by good reference, and on payment of $1.50 per month for 11 months.

Luther League Hymnal A Book with Lutheran Music. for Lutheran Youny

People's Societies Contains 250 well selected bymns set to bright, singable music, and the Opening and Closing Services for League mee Ings. The Hymnal has been adopted by State, Local ano Individual Leagues and Societies in every part of our country The hymns and tunos are among the best to be had. Bound in Cloth, with music, (postpaid,)

60 cents words only,

- 20 cents

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Why we send our Daus' Improved Dewózip /

Tip Top Duplicator on ten days Dopticator

trial. FIRST-It proves OUR confi. dence in the machine. SECOND-By

personal use you can positively tell, beson

fore buying, whether it meets your re. quirements. Each machine contains roll of "Dausco Oiled Linen Back duplicating surface which can be used over and

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Take advantage of our trial offer. FELIX K. DAUS DUPLICATOR CO., Daus Bldg., III John St., Now York

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Luther League Badge Every Lutheran and Luther Leaguer should wear this badge. It 18 the official badge adopted by the Luther League of America Designed from Luther's Coat of Arms, and is full of meaning.



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