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(Recitation for five scholars.)

First scholar:
Who are these that ride so fast? They are Eastern

monarchs three, Who have laid aside their crowns, and renounced their

high degree; The eyes they love, the hearts they prize, the well

known voices kind, Their people's tents, their native plains, they've left them all behind.

Second scholar: The very least of faith's dim rays beamed on them

from afar, And that same hour they rise from off their thrones

to track the star; They cared not for the cruel scorn of those who called

them mad; Messiah's star was shining and their royal hearts were glad.

Third scholar: But a speck was in the midnight sky, uncertain, dim

and far, And their hearts were pure, and heard a voice pro

claim Messiah's star; And in its golden twinkling they saw more than com

mon light, The Mother and the Child they saw in Bethlehem by night.

Fourth scholar: And they have knelt in Bethlehem! The everlasting

Child They saw upon His Mother's lap, earth's Monarch

meek and mild; His infant feet, with Mary's leave, they pressed wit!

loving kiss Oh, what were thrones! oh, what were crowns! to such a joy as this?

Fifth scholar: Ah, me! what broad day light of faith our thankless

souls receive, How much we know of Jesus, and how easy to be

lieve; 'Tis the noonday of His sunshine, of His sun that

setteth never; Faith gives us crowns, and makes us kings, and our kingdom is forever!

(F. W. Faber.) Hymn 86. "Silent Night! Holy Night!" Recitation:

Oh, sleep and rest; oh, sleep and rest,
Thou blessed Babe upon my breast,
For softly fades the evening light;
Soon it is night; soon it is night.
Sleep on, sleep on, thou Babe divine,
Held warm against this breast of mine;
So soft and small, so soft and small,
To be the very Lord of all.
Oh, little, little tender hands,
Must you be pierced and bound with bands?
Oh, little feet against my arm,
Must you go forth to suffer harm?
But sleep and rest; oh, sleep and rest,
Thou holy. Thing upon my breast;
The sword that pierces the heart of thine,
My little Babe, must pass through mine.

Sleep on; sleep on, tho'shadows fall,
Sleep on, thou King and Lord of all.
Oh, sleep! thy Mary shall not fear
While tho art near; w le thou art near.

(Katherine Pyle.) Hymn 241. “Hark! Hark! My Soul! Angelic Songs Are Swelling.”

Brief address. Distribution of gifts. Offerings.
Lord, have mercy upon us.
Lord, have mercy upon us.
Christ, have mercy upon us.
Christ, have mercy upon us.
Lord, have mercy upon us.
Lord, have mercy upon us.
The Lord's Prayer. The Apostle's Creed.
Blessed art Thou, O Lord God of our fathers,

And greatly to be praised and glorified forever. Bless we the Father, and the Son, and the Holy

Ghost; We praise and magnify. Him forever. Blessed art Thou, Lord, in the firmament of heaven; And greatly to be praised, and glorified, and highly

exalted forever. The Almighty and merciful Lord, bless and preserve

Vouchsafe, O Lord, this night,

To keep us without sin.
O Lord, have mercy upon us.

Have mercy upon us.
O Lord, let Thy mercy be upon us;

As our trust is in Thee.
Hear my prayer, O Lord.

And let my cry come unto Thee. The Lord be with you.

And with thy spirit. Let us pray.

God, who hast made this most holy night to shine with the brightness of the true Light; Grant, we beseech Thee, that we have known on earth the mysteries of that Light, we may also come to the fullness of its joys in heaven; through the same, our Lord Jesus Christ, Who liveth and reigneth with Thee and the Holy Ghost, ever one God, world without end. Amen.

O God, from Whom all holy desires, all good counsels, and all just works do proceed; give unto Thy servants that peace, which the world cannot give; that our hearts may be set to obey Thy command. ments, and also that by Thee, we, being defended from the fear of our enemies, may pass our time in rest and quietness; through the merits of Jesus Christ our Saviour, Who liveth and reigneth with Thee and the Holy Ghost, ever one God, world without end.

Grant, we beseech Thee, Almighty God, that the new birth of Thine Only-Begotten Son in the flesh

us free who are held in the old bondage under the yoke of sin; through the same, Thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord, Who liveth and reigneth with Thee and the Holy Ghost, ever one God, world without end. Amen.

Bless we the Lord.
Thanks be to God,

The benediction.


may set

Luther League Supplies

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Luther League Topics "Then are the best topics ovor issued for uno at young people's devotional meetingi. Tho Letons in arnoged in accordance with the general plan of the Charcb Year. Thay in Biblical and Doctrinal, Blo torical and Mlodonary and contain appropriate Dally Bible Reading, Scripture references and illustrativo suggestions. They are largely used and deserve to be adopted by every Lutheran Young People's Society."

Issued Quarterly as a 32-page Pamphler

in Dec., March, June and Sept. Each quarterly number ready on the 15th of the month

preceding. 1.00 coples 1 year....

$6.00 100 copies 1 quart..... $2.00 75 coples 1 year.

5.00 75 copies 1 quart.. 1.50 50 copies 1 year. 8.50 50 coples 1 quart

1.00 coples 1 year.

28 coples 1 quart.

.50 One copy 1 year

....... 10 cents Luther League Reading Courses

Adopted by the Luther League of America These books ought to be in the library of every Lutherau Sunday School and Young People's Society. They can easily be secured, as will be noted below.

First Course 1. Lutheran Manual, Remensnyder. 2 Schoenberg Cotta Family, Mrs. Rundel Charles. 3. Way of Salvation, Gerberd Ing. 4. Praying and Working, Stevenson. 5. Lutheran Foreign Missions. Lauray.

Price $8.50, expressage prepaid, or sent free for 15 new subscribers to the REVIEW At 50 cents each.

Second Course 1. Life of Luther, Wackernagel 2. Spener and Francke Mrs. Marie Richard. 3. Life of Melanchthon, Stump. Ecclesia Lutherana, Seiss. 5. Lutherans in America, Wolf.

Price $5.00, expressage prepaid, or sent free for 20 new sub. scribers to the Review at 50 cents each.

Third Cocrse 1. Conversion of India, George Smith 2. Sacred Mod. tations, Gerhard. 3. Thr Common Service, Scheele 4. Mar tin Luther, Jacobs. 5. The Deaconens Calling, Wacker.

Price $5.00, expressage prepaid, or sent free for 20 new sub scrlbers to the REVIEW ai 50 cents each.

Fourth Course 1. Elements of Religion, Jacobs. 2. The Golden Altar Selgs. 3. Gustavus Adolphus. Fletcher. 4. Luther on Edu cation, Palnter. 5. The Life of Christ, Stalker.

Price $5.00. expressage prepaid, or sent free for 20 new sub scribers to the REVIEW at 50 cents each.

The books of the four Reading Courses are furnished on tho Installment plan, $2.00 with order, accompanied by good reference, and on payment of $1.50 per month for 11 months.

Luther League Hymnal A Book with Lutheran Music. for Lutheran Youny

People's Societies Contains 250 well selected hymns set to bright, singable music, and the Opening and Closing Services for League mrec Ings. The Hymnal has been adopted by State, Local and Individual Leagues and Societies in every part of our country The hymns and tuncs are among the best to be had. Bound la Cloth, with music, (postpaid,) 60 cents words only,

- 20 cents Luther League Badge Every Lutheran and Luther Leaguer should wear this badge. It is the official badge adopted by the Luther League of America Designed from Luther's Coat of Arms, and Is full of meaning.

PRICES. Class Pla, stilet Pla or Button, Solid Gold...... $1.00

Bolled Plato


Gut With Hanger, 50 cents extra. Watch Charme, with Imblem both sides, Sould Gold 5.00

Rollod Gold 3.80 Maltepe Orow or Star Sbapo. Oasb must lavartably accompany all orders and should bo addr.cond to the LUTHER LEAGUE REVIEW,

P. O. Box 876,

New York, N. Y.

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Why we send our Daus' Improved Darip

Tip Top Duplicator on ten days' Daphoto

trial. FIRST-It proves OUR contidence in the machine. SECOND-By personal use you can positively tell, be

fore buying, whether it meets your rehello

quirements. Each machine contains roll of 'Dausco" Oiled Linen Back duplicating surface which can be used over and

over again. 100 copies from pen-written and 50 copies from typewritten originai. Complete Duplicator,

cap $5 Take advantage of our trial offer. FELIX K. DAUS DUPLICATOR CO., Daus Bldg., III John St., New York

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HARRY P. STIMSON, Formerly with Hotel Imperial

Only New York Hotel window-screened throughout

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would have celebrated his ninety-first birthday. He was a Minister of the

Gospel, a Missionary to Africa, later a Home Missionary until he reached his three score years and ten, and since that time he had been preaching whenever and wherever the opportunity occurred. for he loved to tell the Gospel message. His life was consistent with that which he preached, and when he died the editor of the local paper, in a sketch of his life, said: “Few men, if any, who lived in County influenced more people for good than Dr. W. did.”

he was indeed a good man, and the secret of his life came from the study of the Word of God, with continued and earnest prayer, and a knowledge, by education and reading, of the work of the Church. He was an intelligent preacher and talker, and it was said of him that" his sermons were logical and convincing." He lived in a spiritual atmosphere, and “walked with God.” Wherever he lived, he was interested in the young, and was successful in leading many to Jesus Christ.

jf we would manifest a strong manhond, we should receive our strength from the same sources as this man who has just passed on to his God, whose influence was great, and of whom nothing detrimental can be said. The one great task of lite is the making of monhood, and if we, as Christian people, are built upon the one foundation, Jesus Christ, and take him for our example, we will grow into that perfect manhood which the God-man exhibited, and which is needful for success in life in the true sense.

“ This learned 3 from the shadow of a tree

That to and fro did sway upon a wall;
Our shadow selves, our influences, may fall

Where we can never be.”
That 1913 will be a year of growth for us all, with a greater influence for
good, is the wish of

Your sincere friend,

Wm. . Stoever, President.

అని సుసంపనిససCE CCCCCERE


A youth entered Gustavus Adolphus College with the purpose of taking a brief business course.

The singing of “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God” by three hundred voices in the chapel of the College so impressed the young man that he determined to continue his studies and get all the College could give him.

That young man is now Governor Eberhart of Minnesota.

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After noting the facts, the editor of one of Minnesota's leading secular newspapers writes: "In the song he found the germ that made him Governor in less than twenty year. Four hundred years had not ended the power of the Luther hymn : it was still potent to make men men.”

This hymns, and two hundred and forty-nine others with inspiring ring and tuneful harmony, make up the

In neat and substantial cloth binding the prices are: Words and music, single
copy, 60 ocato; per dozen, $6. Words only, single copy, 20 cents; per dozen, $2.
Postage or expressage prepaid. Special discounts on lots of 50, 100, or more.
Sample copies seat on receipt of price.

P. '0. Box 876


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