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ever held by this District League. The chapel was festooned with the Luther League colors, as well as flowers. Autumn leaves were in evidence throughout the building and the word "Welcome" over the main entrance greeted the visitors and delegates.

Rev. Wm. Kline, Trinity Church, Topton, conducted the devotional services. "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God" was sung with much spirit by the large assemblage. The president, H. H. Herman, presided.

Treasurer A. P. Body, Reading, reported $9.39 in the treasury. In the report of the extension committee it was recommended that every congregation support a Luther League-the result would be an intelligent laity, which will be of great benefit to pastor and congregation. The president of the District League reported four conventions held during the year-St. Mark's, Birdsboro; Hope, Reading; St. John's, Hamburg, and Grace, Shillington.

The president called attention to the efficient work done by the literary secretary, Mrs. H. Y. Yocum. There are now 249 subscribers to the Luther League Review, the number being more than doubled in the last three years. There are 1,638 Leaguers and 350 Junior Luther League members in the Berks District. The motto for 1913 is "Let's pass the 2,000 mark."

Dinner was served at the Home, for 25 cents per plate.

The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: President, Wm. D. Schoenly, St. John's, Boyertown; first vice-president, Frederick Goelz, Hope, Reading; second vice-president, Rev. Dr. J. C. Seegers, Trinity, Reading; treasurer, A. P. Body, St. James', Reading; recording secretary, Miss Helen Himmelreich, Trinity, Reading; corresponding secretary, Miss Anna Flickinger, St. Elias', Numanstown; statistical secretary, Harry Shaeffer, Grace, Shillington.


The Rev. F. K. Fretz, Ph. D., Easton, gave a forceful address on "Practical Inner Mission Work." He made many suggestions how local Luther Leagues may assist the Church and community in this kind of mission work. few thoughts follow: "There is a world wide tendency for people to move into large cities. The population of London increased 80 per cent. in the last century; Paris, 85 per cent. in eighty years; Cairo, in Egypt, 90 per cent. in fifty years. This increase is seen not only in European and American cities, but in the cities of Japan and India as well. This movement means in many cases that our country parishes will be depleted; but it doesn't always mean that our city churches will increase their membership. The Church therefore loses through this transformation. The growth of our cities is not only due to this movement, but there are 1,000,000 immigrants annually pouring into our country. The speaker asserted that 10 per cent. of the people in New York are living beneath the poverty line.

Rev. C. E. Kistler, Rev. Dr. J. C. Seegers, Rev. Warmkessel and Rev. Weber took part in the discussions. The new president, Wm. D. Schonely, appointed Miss Sadie Armstrong,

Reading, as literature secretary, to succeed Mrs. H. Y. Yocom, who wished to be relieved on account of the multiplicity of duties.

"Retrospection" was the subject of an interesting address delivered by Charles F. Reed, of Reading. A few thoughts follow: The chief value of statistics lies in their comparative qualities, and it is in placing figures against figures at stated periods of time by which we ascertain whether there has been growth and progress or not. Every enterprise, religious or secular, had a beginning. Take, for example, this splendid institution, the Topton Orphans' Home! This had its inception at a Sunday school convention, and while its inception was hailed with joy, its existence depended upon those who by sacrifice of labor, time and money performed the part of parents to children. Mr. Reed told how the District Luther League of Berks County was organized in Trinity Lutheran Church, Reading, May 18, 1894. There were many obstacles to overcome, and oppositions to meet, which required patience and courage.

The executive committee will decide where and when the next quarterly convention will be held.

Lancaster District.

-The eighteenth annual convention of the Luther League of the District of Lancaster, Lebanon, Harrisburg, etc., met October 16 for an all day session in the Church of the Holy Trinity, Lebanon, Rev. Arthur T. Michler, pastor. A special train conveyed the Lancaster delegates and friends to Lebanon. The beautiful church was handsomely decorated for the occasion with autumn leaves, flowers and Luther League pennants.

John M. Fry was presiding officer and was re-elected. Seventeen Leagues were represented and five new organizations were admitted, making twenty-two in all. The speakers of the day were Revs. C. Elvin Haupt, D. D., I. W. Kern, S. T. D., E. L. Wessinger, G. W. Genszler, Luther Weibel. F. C. Krapf, Prof. G. T. Ettinger, of Muhlenberg College, Rev. L. D. Lazarus, W. G. Dietz, Miss Blanche Dinkelberg and Mrs. Joseph R. Charles.

Reports were handed in by Charles B. Brady, statistician, and M. L. Weidman, treasurer.

The officers elect are: President, J. M. Fry; vice-president, J. S. Peifer; recording secretary, Miss Blanche Dinkelberg; corresponding secretary, Miss Anna Bair; statistician, Charles B. Brady; treasurer, M. L. Weidman.

The delegates to the National League at Albany, November 12, are: Rev. J. H. Strenge, Mrs. Minnie Breneman and Miss Ella Saunders.

Dinner and supper were served by the young ladies of the Trinity League. A picture of the members of the convention was taken at the front of the church.

Committees were appointed as follows: Executive, extension, credentials, Junior work, the press, the summer reunion, resolutions.

The weather was delightful and all enjoyed a most instructive and inspiring day.

York District.

-The Luther League of Trinity Church, Wrightsville, celebrated its third anniversary October 5. Mr. J. Fry, of Ephrata, was the speaker. An interesting review of the work of the League for the three years was given by the president, Mr. Caleb Drenning. Among the facts stated were that the League was organized with 71 members and now has 163. The average attendance at the devotional meeting on Sunday evening is 70 per cent. of the membership, and visitors frequently bring the attendance up to 260 persons. The success of this meeting is due partly to the preparation of the committee, whose members meet every week and study the Topic. The literary committee arranges special meetings on festival days, such as Luther Day, Easter Sunday and the like. The missionary spirit is prevalent and growing, the support of a native worker in India, at $30, having been provided for another year and with less effort. Many of the members are developing the capacity for public speech on religious questions. One of the helpful factors in the meetings is a male chorus, and another is a mixed quartet. Pittsburgh District.

-The Luther League of Christ's Church, Beaver Falls, held its annual meeting October 3, and elected the following officers: President, Mr. George Wagner; vice-president, Mr. Harry Grossglass; recording secretary, Miss Anna Holtzmann; corresponding secretary, Miss Renetta Holtzmann; treasurer, Miss Anna D. Scheffler; organist, Miss Martha Cook; assistant organist, Miss Verna Shanor; librarian, Mr. Otto C. Grossglass; assistant William Mischka.

Cleveland District.


librarian, Mr.

-The Luther League of Emmaus Church gave a reception to the Lutheran young people of Cleveland on Tuesday evening, October 22, 1912. The purpose of this meeting was to form a Lutheran young people's society for Cleveland and vicinity. All members of the Luther Leagues and the Luther League Review were invited. The Review hopes to publish a complete report of this meeting.

Northwestern Ohio District.

-The fall convention of the District Luther League of Northwestern Ohio was held at Defiance, on Wednesday, October 16.

At the morning session, which was held at Zion Church, Rev. Shepfer, pastor, an excellent sermor was preached by Rev. Ziemer, of St. Paul's, Defiance. At noon a dinner was served in the basement of the church.

At the afternoon session the subject, "The Need of Watchfulness," was informally discussed by the pastors and delegates. Two papers were read. The first, "Good Investments-Talents," by Mr.. E. Rohde, of Grace, Toledo, and the second, "Good InvestmentsInfluence," by Miss Hannah Hulstede, of St. Paul's, Defiance. Two vocal selections were sung by local Leaguers.

At the business session the following officers were elected: President, Mr. O. C. Rohde, of

Church Offering Envelopes

Sunday School Offering Envelopes, Weekly or Monthly.

Card Index System for the Pastor.

A 10-Year Record of Church Work.

Card Index System for S.S. Superintendent.

A Record from Birth to Transfer. Samples, Circulars and prices free on request. AMERICAN CHURCH PUBLISHING COMPANY 114 East 28th Street, New York, N. Y.

Grace, Toledo; vice-president, Mr. Prather Hitt, of Bryan; corresponding secretary, Mr. F. Snyder, of St. Paul's, Defiance; recording secretary, Miss Louise Poggemeyer, of St. Stephen's, Toledo; treasurer, Mr. John Ridenour, of Zion's, Defiance; statistical secretary, Miss Marie Arnold, of Bryan.

At the evening session Rev. Oberly, of Greenville, Pa., gave an excellent address on "Aims and Purposes in League Work."


Central Indiana District.

-The tenth semi-annual convention of the Luther League of the District of Central Indiana was held on October 6, 1912, in the First Lutheran Church, Indianapolis.

The opening service of the afternoon session was conducted by Mr. Wm. D. Schrope, of Indianapolis, District president. A paper on "Our Neighbor's Right to the Truth" was read by Miss Rosa Vetter, of Indianapolis. This paper was followed by a general discussion on the topic, "Truth and Charity," by the delegates and pastors.

The vesper service of the evening was conducted by Rev. C. A. Renn, of the First Church, Indianapolis. The convention was led in prayer by Rev. Wm. S. Sigmund, D. D., of St. Mark's Church, Indianapolis. The convention sermon was preached by Rev. C. L. Warstler, of Whitestown. His subject was "The Young Men Shall See Visions and the Old Men Shall Dream Dreams." The convention closed with the benediction by Rev. E. A. Renn. Northern District.

-The Luther League of Holy Trinity Church, South Bend, Rev. A. H. Keck, pastor, will entertain the Northern District in their annual convention, November 29.

-The Luther League of St. Peter's Church, Camden, at their business meeting in October, elected officers for the year, as follows: Mr. Charles E. Baker, president; Miss Amanda Roth, vice-president; Miss Myra Plank, secretary; Miss Abigail Lenon, treasurer.

-The executive committee of the District Luther League of Northern Indiana has chosen South Bend as the place for the annual convention, to be held Friday, November 29, 1912, an afternoon and an evening session.


-The Luther League of St. Peter's Church, Williamsburg, held its annual business meeting on Wednesday evening, October 2. The following officers were re-elected for the ensuing year: President, Mrs. O. P. Becker; vice-presi

dent, Mrs. Edgar Casselman; recording secretary, Mr. Frank Merkley; treasurer, Mr. Iden Whitteker.

At a recent meeting the League decided to pay $10 toward the scholarship of one of the theological students who will enter the Waterloo Seminary.

The League also expects to do mission work during the coming year. During the past year $118 were paid toward the remodeling of the church.

The midweek services, at which the Topic is presented, are usually very well attended.

Delegates were elected to the League rally, to be held in St. Luke's Church, Dunbar, October 28-29.

-Trinity Luther League, Hamilton, maintained its meetings during the summer, in the face of some difficulty. For its devotional meetings this League recently adopted the Topics and the Luther League Hymnal, and has found them very acceptable. On August 24 the League held an outing. Absentee members were systematically followed up by their associates. The plan has succeeded in reclaiming some members thought to have been lost.

-The Luther League of the English Lutheran Church, Berlin, held its first monthly business meeting at the home of Miss Edna Niergarth, 60 Breithaupt street. The meeting was an enthusiastic one, and three new members were received. It was decided to raise a property fund of $400 for the new church through the calendar plan. Mrs. M. J. Bieber was appointed to secure the Luther League colors and buttons to be worn by the members. A letter from Wm. C. Stoever, Esq., Philadelphia, Pa., president of the Luther League of America, was read, commending and encouraging this youngest of the Leagues in its endeavors to assist in the upbuilding of the congregation and the Church. A League quartet is to be organized. The corresponding secretary is to secure sample copies and subscribers to the Luther League Review. Mrs. M. J. Bieber was elected a delegate and Rev. Bieber alternate to represent the League at the biennial convention of the Luther League of America in Albany, N. Y. The president, J. Mahn, was in the chair. A pleasant social hour was spent at the conclusion of the business meeting.

Luther League Topics
(Continued from page 22.)

spirit which ruled men also ruined men. What men needed was the "child heart." This is still to be the character of our religion.

3. As a Babe He Shows the Spirit of His Religion.

Christ laying aside His glory and coming to earth as a little child shows us that the way of life is through the valley of humiliation, and at the same time sets forth the spirit of our religion. The Babe of Bethlehem, by the very fact of His childhood, no doubt proclaimed

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Are the Ten Commandments Practicable Today?

Deut. 10:12-13; Matt. 22:37-40; Rom. 13:8-10.

Hymn 166 (Luther League Hymnal).
Opening service in Topics.
Psalm 1. (Read responsively.)
Gloria Patri.

Scripture lesson, 2 Saml. 22:1-51 (read responsively).

Hymn 46 (Luther League Hymnal).
Summarize discussion in REVIEW.
Summarize discussion in Topics.

Question box. (Ask for questions a week ahead and hand these Saturday to the pastor to answer such as time permits, or use the questions in the REVIEW and the Topics). Hymn 169 (Luther League Hymnal). Paper (limited to 10 minutes), "Profession and Practice of the Commandments." Recitation (selected).

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Luther League Supplies

Luther League Topics

"These are the best topics ever issued for use at young people's devotional meetings. The Lessons are arranged in accordance with the general plan of the Church Year. They are Biblical and Doctrinal, Hitorical and Missionary and contain appropriate Daily Bible Readings, Scripture references and illustrative suggestions. They are largely used and deserve to be adopted by every Lutheran Young People's Society." Issued Quarterly as a 32-page Pamphler in Dec., March, June and Sept.

Each quarterly number ready on the 15th of the month

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One copy 1 year

Luther League Reading Courses

Adopted by the Luther League of America

These books ought to be in the library of every Lutheran Sunday School and Young People's Society. They can easily be secured, as will be noted below.

First Course

1. Lutheran Manual, Remensnyder. 2. Schoenberg Cotta Family, Mrs. Rundel Charles. 8. Way of Salvation, Gerberd Ing. 4. Praying and Working, Stevenson. 5. Lutheran Foreign Missions. Lauray.

Price $3.50, expressage prepaid, or sent free for 15 new subscribers to the REVIEW at 50 cents each.

Second Course

1. Life of Luther, Wackernagel 2. Spener and Francke Mrs. Marie Richard. 3. Life of Melanchthon, Stump. 4, Ecclesia Lutherana, Seiss. 5. Lutherans in America, Wolff. Price $5.00, expressage prepaid, or sent free for 20 new subscribers to the REVIEW at 50 cents each.

Third Course

1. Conversion of India, George Smith 2. Sacred Medi tations, Gerhard. 3. The Common Service, Scheele 4. Mar tin Luther, Jacobs. 5. The Deaconess Calling, Wacker. Price $5.00, expressage prepaid, or sent free for 20 new sub scribers to the REVIEW at 50 cents each.

Fourth Course

1. Elements of Religion, Jacobs. 2. The Golden Altar Seiss. 3. Gustavus Adolphus, Fletcher. 4. Luther on Edu cation, Painter. 5. The Life of Christ, Stalker. Price $5.00, expressage prepaid, or sent free for 20 new subscribers to the REVIEW at 50 cents each.

The books of the four Reading Courses are furnished on the Installment plan, $4.00 with order, accompanied by good reference, and on payment of $1.50 per month for 11 months.

Luther League Hymnal

A Book with Lutheran Music. for Lutheran Young People's Societies

Contains 250 well selected hymns set to bright, singable music, and the Opening and Closing Services for League meet ings The Hymnal has been adopted by State, Local and Individual Leagues and Societies in every part of our country. The hymns and tunes are among the best to be had. Bound in Cloth, with music, (postpaid,) words only,



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· 60 cents

· 20 cents

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Clasp Pin, Stick Pia or Button, Solid Gold. 44 Rolled Plate 44 Gut With Hanger, 50 cents extra. Watch Charma, with Emblem both sides, Solid Gold 5.00 Rolled Gold 2.50 Maltese Cross or Star Shape. Cash must invariably accompany all orders and should be addressed to the




P. O. Box 876,
New York, N. Y.

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A CHILD OR YOUNG PERSON AFFLICTED WITH SPEECH TROUBLE of any sort should command the serious attention of parents, teachers, physicians and individuals for its removal. My system of natural rules and exercises based on the principles of normal speech, together with remedies for nervous conditions, THE RESULT OF OVER THIRTY YEARS' CLOSE STUDY AND TEACHING will correct these affections speedily and permanently. I stammered once myself, and understand its correction thoroughly. Call or write for booklet of information.

Frank A. Bryant M.D., 62L West 40th St., New York

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