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Hor Heart's Desiro

(Continued from page 18.) wrong, he will leave no stone unturned to do everything in his power to make me forget the neglect of years. Do not say anything of what I have told you to the other children. Let us wait and see what the coming days will bring to us."

After Paul had gone to bed she sat thinking of her girlhood days when she lived as a member of her Uncle Henry's household. She saw again the man she loved better than any human being in the world. She saw the old tree by the gate, and felt the kiss which sealed her betrothal to Walter Cecil, and experienced again the thrill of exquisite happiness as she turned to go into the house; and then the bitter pain as she met her uncle at the door, with the demand that she give him up and accept the attentions of Louis Rand. Her whole nature revolted against this, and she went over the whole agonizing scene, that ended with his stating that unless she followed his bidding, the morrow would find her without a home. She lived over the torture of that night, and when the first faint streaks of the gray dawn appeared in the east, she gathered together the few little things she could really call her own, and went out from her uncle's house and had never seen him since.

"Oh, God," she moaned, "perhaps I, too, was to blame. I could have been more gentle in my speech, less hasty in my actions. I do not regret any of my sufferings, but I might have spared him some pain. Perhaps the morning will bring me light."

Daily Biblo Roadings Monday, November 25-Gen. 3:1-24. Tuesday, November 26—Gen. 12:1-9. Wednesday, November 27—Ex. 20:1-17. Thanksgiving Day—II Sam. 22:1-51. Friday, November 29—Matt. 5:17-48. Saturday, November 30—Luke 6:39-49.

Sunday, December 1-Deut. 10:12-13; Matt. 22:37-40; Rom. 13:8-10.

Monday, December 2-Gen. 47:1-10.
Tuesday, December 3—Isa. 59:15-21.
Wednesday, December 4- Jer. 1:1-10.
Thursday, December 5-Dan. 1:1-21.
Friday, December 6—Matt. 10:1-15.
Saturday, December 7-Acts 28:1-31.
Sunday, December 8-11 Kings 17:27-28.
Monday, December 9-Ex. 14:15-31.
Tuesday, December 10— Num. 6:1-12.
Wednesday, December 11-Eccles. 9:1-18.
Thursday, December 12—John 8:12-32.
Friday, December 13-Acts 5:29-42.
Saturday, December 14--Rom. 13:1•14.
Sunday, December 15—1 Pet. 2:11•17.
Monday, December 16—Gen. 22:1.19.
Tuesday, December 17—Gen. 49:1-10.
Wednesday, December 18–Isa. 11:1.10.
Thursday, December 19- Jer. 23:5-8.
Friday, December 20—Luke 1:46-55.
Saturday, December 21-Acts 2:1-26.
Saturday, December 21-Acts 3:1-26.

Memorial Windows



New York Estab. 1849.


81 In Pittsburg: 82 In New York: 49 In Baltimore; 40 in Phlladelphla: 37 In Cincinnatl: 18 in Washington and 21 in Hagerstown, vd.


Hagerstown, Maryland


in Some of Our Large Sitics New York,

--St. James' Church, Dr. Remensnyder, ‘pastor, has received another girt, this time of $3,000, to be used toward the reduction of its mortgage debt. The donor, as in the case of the $1,000 received recentiy, is unknown to the congregation.

--The installation of Mr. Paul C. Holter as director of the new Lutheran Hospice in this city occurred in St. John's Church, Christopher street, on Thursday evening, October 10. The sermon was preached by Rev. Dr. J. J. Heischmann. Rev. Dr. J. B. Remensnyder, and Mr. Charles J. Schlegel representing Hon. Charles A. Schieren, delivered addresses. The ceremony of installation was performed by Rev.

M. Horn, president of the Inner Mission Board. The Hospice has been located in a suitable house at 2040 Fifth avenue, at the corner of 126th street, and is expected to open by the middle of November.

-Rev. F. B. Clausen, formerly pastor of Epiphany Church, has removed from this city to Wilmington, N. C.

-In recognition of a great need, the need of direct and positive Gospel ministration among students in the great universities, the Synod of New York and New England has called Rev. Samuel G. Trexler, of Brooklyn, as students' pastor, to work with Lutheran young men at Cornell, Syracuse, Columbia, Yale and Harvard. Systematic and thorough work is planned. Philadelphia. - Bethlehem Church, Rev.

A. C. Schenck, pastor, has completed a fund of $18,000, necessary to cancel its funded debt. Chicago.

-Rev. W. Gardner has resigned his pastorate in this city and has accepted an urgent call to St. John's Church, at Council Bluffs, Iowa.

-Ebenezer Church, Rev. F. S. Johnston, pastor, celebrated its twentieth anniversary and reconsecrated its new house of worship. Rev. Dr. M. C. Ranseen performed the ceremony of consecration, and many pastors of the city participated in the services that followed. The congregation numbers 1,100 members. Washington.

Rev. W. A. Wade, of Lionville, Pa., has received a call to St. Mark's Church, to succeed Rev J Luther Frantz.

--The financial report of the Church of the Epiphany, of this city, shows an average contribution of $26 for the year from every member--man, woman and child. St. Louis.

-Concordia Theological Seminary (Missouri Synod) opened the scholastic year with 103 new students. The total number enrolled is 322, the largest number in its history. Baltimore.

- St. Paul's Church, after being closed for three and a half months, undergoing extensive repairs, costing $4,000, was reopened on October 20 with a consecration service, consisting

of the holy communion and a sermon by the pastor, Rev. P. A. Heilman, D.D., on "Loyalty 10 the Lord's House." Kansas City.

-The Swedish hospital in this city has broken ground for a new building, to be used for chapel and dormitory for nurses. Sacramento.

--The German Lutheran Church, of this city, served by Rev. Charles F. Oehler, consecrated its large and beautiful new edifice October 6. The edifice is of Gothic design, complete in every respect for modern church work. A committee of the men of the church made a canvass and secured $12,000 to complete the fund of $100,000 which represents the value of the property. The effort of the men made possible the consecration of the building free of debt. Jersey City.

-The Church of the Redeemer, Rev. John E. Heindel, pastor, reconşecrated its enlarged and completed church building, October 6. The sermon was preached by Rev. H. H. Weber, D. D., general secretary of Church Extension, and many neighboring ministers participated in the ceremonies that followed. A thank offering of nearly $6,000 was made. The church property has cost about $40,000 in all. The church was organized in a store in 1898. Rev. Heindel is the only pastor the congregation has ever had. Omaha.

-For the synodical year, Kountze Memorial Church, Rev. Dr. O. D. Baltzly, pastor, added 314 new members to the roll, and overran its apportionment for beneficence by $250. General,

-The Rhodes scholarship examinations for the State of Pennsylvania have just been held at Gettysburg College, under the supervision of President Granville. Candidates from all over the State were present to take the examinations, among whom five were from Gettysburg College. The winners of these scholarships will be educated in English universities at the expense of the Rhodes Foundation.

The establishment of the Stuckenberg Lectureship on Social Science in Gettysburg College has been announced in connection with a gift of $1,000 for its endowment. This is in




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9 N. Liberty Street, BALTIMORE. Md.

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honor of the late Prof. J. H. W. Stuckenberg, D. D., LL. D.

The campaign for raising $230,000 for Gettysburg College is progressing very favorably, $160,000 of which has been secured, leaving $70,000 still to be raised by July, 1913.

-The first bequest from a person outside of the Lutheran Church for the Good Shepherd Home, Allentown, Pa., came from a member of the Reformed Church, Mary Ann Spinner, of Spinnerstown, Pa. Mrs. Spinner was especially interested in the Good Shepherd Home, at Allentown, Pa., because this home takes the most needy, the most helpless orphan children, the crippled, the blind, the infant and the faithful, God-fearing old people, who, on account of some misfortune over which they had no control lost all their earthly possessions, and are now left with no relatives or friends who are able or willing to take them or pay the required admission fee to enter a home. Mrs. Spinner's gift was $500.

-Christ Church, Ellenville, N. Y., Rev. Alvin Yugel, pastor, celebrated its fiftieth anniversary October 20, 1912. 'Six of the charter members are still living.

-By the will of the late Mrs. Flora Stivenson, of Leechburg, Pa., the Home Mission Board, the Foreign Mission Board and the Church Extension Society of the General Council are jointly heirs to one-eleventh part of her estate. This is the share of a deceased daughter, and is given to the Church in her memory instead of being divided among the other ten children. Her estate will be between five and eight thousand dollars.

-Augustana College, Rock Island, Ill., opened its fall session on September 4, with about 340 students enrolled in all departments.

-Rev. J. C. Jacoby, D. D., has resigned his pastorate at Boulder, Col., to accept a call to St. John's Church, Wellington, Kan. Dr. Jacoby was president of the Rocky Mountain Synod.

-Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pa., opened September 12, with 65 new students, bringing the total enrollment up to 170.

-The seventieth anniversary of the founding of the mission at Guntur, India, was celebrated on July 31. Special meetings were held at the different stations to commemorate the occasion.

—The twenty-fifth anniversary of his ordination to the gospel ministry was celebrated by Rev. Samuel E. Greenawalt, D. D., by a special sermon in the Fourth Lutheran Church, Springfield, Ohio, of which he is pastor. Dr. Greenawalt took this occasion to present the call, claims and compensations of the ministry.


home for men who are friendless and temporarily defeated in life's battle is to be established at Mansfield, Ohio, largely through the efforts of Rev. Dr. S. P. Long. A twelveroom house, on a nine-acre plot of land, northeast of the city, has been secured for the purpose, a man will be installed in charge, and good beds and meals will be given free of charge to men in need. The name "Jerruininnjer" has been coined for the home, from ideas suggested by the story of the Good Samaritan.


-Treasurer William Pore, of the General Synod Board of Education, is in receipt of $475 as a legacy from the late G. H. Cribbs, of Indiana, Pa., to the Board.

-Mr. F. W. Petring, Mrs. Fred Rottman and Marcia Rottman, of Nebraska City, Neb., were instantly killed in the accident to the Missouri Pacific Railroad train at Fort Crook, Neb., on October 15. Mr. Fred. Rottmann was seriously injured, but is recovering.

Mr. Rottman is a prominent member of the First Church at Nebraska City, as were also his wife and her father, Mr. Petring. Marcia Rottmann was six and a half years old.

The spring convention in April will be held at Martin Luther Church, East Toledo, Ohio. Rev. William Brenner. pastor.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.—John 3:16.

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apply to Scandinavian Travel Bureau 18 Broadway Official Agency

New York City

Conducted by I. S. RUNYON S ND IN THE NEWS. -Under this heading we aim to give the fullest reports possible of all District and Local Leagues. Secretaries and other officers are earnestly solicited to send in reports and items of news promptly.

Lutber League of America

LUTHER LEAGUE OF NEW YORK STATEOrganized at Pittsburgh, Pa., October 30 and 31, 1895, President, WILLIAM ECK.

. Albany by, delegates representing State, District and indi. Cor Sec.. ERNEST WEISSKOTTEN.

Syracuse vidual organizations from twenty different States in the Union and District of Columbia.


Pres., P. WALTER BANKER....... Wilkes-Barre, Pa. OFFICERS

Cor. Sec., Mrs. B. B. HARKER, 438 W. Queen Line, Ww. C. STOEVER..


Germantown, Philadelphia 727 Walnut street, Philadelphia, Pa.


General Secretary,

President, Rev. EUGENE E. NEUDEWITZ, Jersey City

Cor. Sec., Miss E. BUSCH, 54 Mercer St., Jersey City 2569 Pierce street, Omaha, Neb. HARRY HODGES.. Assistant General Secretary,

LUTHER LEAGUE OF ILLINOIS2009 North Thirty-third street, Philadelphia, Pa


. Chicago Scc., Miss MABEL HOLMES.

..Chicago CBAS. T. A. ANDERSON,.

Treasurer, LUTHER LEAGUE OF OHIO35 So. Dearbora strect, Chicago, Ill.

President, MURRAY S. Moist..

Toledo krv. C. K. HUNTON...

. Statistical Secretary, Cor. Secretary, Miss Emma E. Mast......Zanesville Salem, Va.

REY. PAUL H. Roti...
.Literature Secretary, President, FRANK PAESKE, JR....

Beloit, Wis.
Secretary, Miss AMANDA RAPPS..

..Racine Rev. GEORGE H. SCHNUR.... .Topic Secretary, LUTHER LEAGUE OF INDIANA749 Marshall avenue, St. Paul, Minn.

President, Rev, ELMER D. S. BOYER..... . Lafayette Executive Committee

Cor. Sec., Mrs. Rosa Horn... Fort Wayne

LUTHER LEAGUE OF IOWAComposed of the President, General Secretary, Treas.

President, Rev. H. F. MARTIN.. Iowa City urer and the following members:

. Slater E. F. EILERT, Chairman, 608 W. 146th St., New York.

Secretary, 0. J. VILAND.. JAMES M. REYNOLDS.....


. Valatie, N. Y. Í. S. RUNYON.....

.New York, N. Y.

President, JAMES 0. BERDAHL... .Lake Preston Rev. E. A. TRABERT.

. Pittsburgh, Pa.

Cor. Secretary, A. S. BRAGSTAD. . Sioux Falls G. A. BALDWIN...

Rochester, Pa.


St. Paul .Philadelphia, Pa.


St. Paul .Reading. Pa.

Cor. Sec., ARLINE PIEPER. MARVIN W. Lutz.....

Mansfield, Ohio.


.New Britain .Erie, Pa.

President, Louis RecKNAGEL. J. ALEX NELSON.

.Hartford ...Chicago, Ill.

Cor. Secretary, Miss ANNA SMITH. All communications regarding, membership, consti

LUTHER LEAGUE OF OREGON-WASHINGTONtutions, etc., should be addressed to the General Sec.

President, Pror. Karl F. MILLER...Chehalis, Wash. retary.

Cor. Sec., Miss Clara A. GOKE. ...Seattle, Wash.

Finance Committee
President, Rev. F. C. SCHULDT..

.Fremont E. AUG. MILLER.. . Philadelphia, Pa Cor. Sec., Miss HELEN TOEDT ER.

.Hastings JAMES M. REYNOLDS, Secretary. Valatie, N. Y.


.Whitestown, Ind.
President, F. C. HESSLER..

.Humberstone HENRY D. BRANDES.

.New York City, N. Y. Cor. Sec., Miss LAURA VOLLMER. ...... Galt HARRY L. HUNGERFORD.

Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

District Leagues In States Not Organized Publication Committee


. Philadelphia, Pa. President, H. R. FELLINGER..... Washington, D. C. E. F. EILERT......

New York City, N. Y. Cor. Sec., Harvey A. Benner... Washington, D. C. F. H. WEFER.

New York City, N. Y. LUTHER LEAGUE OF CEN. CALIFORNIAH. G. DEININGER..... ...Philadelphia, Pa. President, MYRON HESTORIT..

Salinas Secretary, Miss GRACE STEVENSON. ..... San José Literature Committee 1. S. RUNYON.........

.New York, N. Y. Louis Van GILLUWE... . Asbury Park, N. J.

NEW YORK Rev. PAUL H. Roth.....

.. Beloit, Wis. Rev. W. L. HUNTON.

. Philadelphia, Pa.
- The annual convention of the

Luther Mrs. Iva L BALTZLY, Ph.D. ..Mansfield, Ohio. League of New York State will be held in Lother League Topics Committee

Albany, November 12, with sessions in the Rev. G. H. SCHNUR...

St. Paul, Minn. morning and afternoon. Rev. P. W. KOLLER...

.Hudson, N. Y. Mohawk Valley District. Rev. F. P. Bossart

... Lima, Ohio. REV. LUTIR MALMBERG.

-The twenty-first annual convention of the

...... St. Peter, Minn. Rev, O. GLESNE.......

. Aberdeen, So. Dak. Luther League of the Mohawk Valley District Junlor Topics Committee

held in St. James' Church, Gloversville, Rev. C. ELVIN HAUPT, D.D..

Lancaster, Pa.

October 15, 1912. Rev. J. M. Guss.

Middleburg, Pa.

The devotional service at the morning session ANNA M. LANDIS..

.. Jeanette, Pa.

was conducted by Rev. Empie, St. Johnsville. ENXA E MAST.......

.Zanesville, Ohio.

The address of welcome was extended by Rev. A. T. MICHLER... Lebanon, Pa.

Mr. Transportation Committee

Rev. Joel Grubb, pastor of the church. H. L. HUNGER FORD...

Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

C. A. Rockwell, president, responded. J. F. DINKEY.

. Rochester, N. Y. The president's and the corresponding secreT. CLEN Beck.

.. Elizabeth, N. J. tary's reports were received. There are four




155 East 23rd Street, New York, N. Y.

church gave a very interesting history of the League, illustrated by lantern slides. Addresses were made by Mr. Wm. C. Stoever, president of the National Luther League, and Mr. Francis C. Leupold, president of the District League. A musical program and refreshments rounded out in a fitting manner the anniversary of one of the most active Leagues in the Philadelphia District. Rev. A. C. Schenck is the pastor and Mr. Frederick A. Bernhardt is the president.

teen Leagues in the district, with a membership of 993. Thirteen of these Leagues hold religious meetings, use the Topic cards, and six subscribe for the Luther League Review. The contributions of these Leagues amounted to $1,020.63.

The treasurer reported an income of $88.52, and the

disbursements were $51.05, leaving $37.47 in the treasury.

The committee on resolutions was then appointed, as follows: Miss Marion Gray, Mr. Otto Gronau and Rev. P. J. W. Pestke.

The devotional service in the afternoon was conducted by the Rev. P. J. W. Pestke, after which a vocal duet was given by Mrs. Delbert Bradt and Mr. Frank Patten, Gloversville.

The address of the afternoon was by Rev. D. A. Wright, Stone Arabia.

After the report of the committees on credentials and resolutions, the Rev. Oscar Krauch, Albany, spoke of the national convention.

The District League subscribed $65 to the fund for entertainment of the national convention.

The following oflicers were elected: President, Mr.

Otto Gronau, Troy; vice-president, Mr. Pearl, Utica; corresponding secretary, Mrs. C. J. Witherwax, Schenectady; recording secretary, Miss Lilian Knack, Amsterdam; treasurer, Mr. C. Ottman, Schenectady. A vote of thanks was extended to Mr. Rockwell for the good and faithful work he has done during the four years he served as president of the District League.

Delegates appointed to the national convention are: Mr. C. A. Rockwell, Utica; Mr. A. Coney, Canajoharie, and Mr. C. Ottman, Schenectady. Delegates were also appointed to the State convention, to be held November 12.

A vote of thanks was extended to the members of St. James' Church for the hospitality shown the delegates and visitors.

The evening session began at 7.45 o'clock with an anthem, “Onward, Christian Soldiers," by the choir. Devotional service was in charge of Rev. Graves,

The address of the evening, "God's Call to the Young People of Today," was given by Rev. J. W. Smith, Utica. The convention was then closed with

the singing of the Luther League Rally Hymn.

Although the attendance at the morning and afternoon sessions was small, they were very enthusiastic, and much good was derived from the addresses.

A special meeting of the delegates from Schenectady, Gloversville and Amsterdam was held at the close of the afternoon session. A motion was adopted that those Leagues hold union rallies three four times yearly, the first to be held at Amsterdam some time in December. A committee was appointed to make necessary arrangements.

Allentown District,

-The eighteenth annual convention of the Allentown District Luther League was held in Christ Church, Easton, Rev. E. E. Snyder,

pastor, Wednesday, October 23, morning, afternoon and evening. The speakers for the afternoon were Rev. H. A. Kinkle, Allentown; Mrs. Raymond Higgins, Emaus; Prof. James H. S. Bossard, Allentown, and Rev. J. H. Waidelich, Sellersville. The speaker for the evening was Rev. Charles L. Fry, D. D., of Catasauquả. The morning session was devoted principally to business. Catawissa District Luther League.

-The twenty-fourth convention of the Catawissa District Luther League was held October 3 and 4, in St. Paul's Church, Numidia, Pa., Rev. Wm. J. Masser, pastor. The convention was one of great profit. The convention theme was “The Local League." This was discussed by the speakers as follows: "The Musical Factor," Miss Sarah Woodside, Danville; “The Religious Factor," Rev. C. R. Botsford, Berwick; “The Social Factor," W. Grant Beaver, Numidia; "The Financial Factor," Miss Hazel R. Strine, Milton. Rev. George Gebhert, B D., of Tamaqua, delivered a splendid address at the evening session upon

the subject of "Our Church Schools: Their Mission and Purpose." Officers were elected as follows: President, Rev. M. M. Dry, Aristes; vice-president, Lawrence Heddens, Washingtonville; recording secretary, Miss Laura Fahringer, Catawissa, R. D. 3; corresponding and statistical secretary, W. Grant Beaver, Numidia; treasurer, Mrs. J. Swanger, Milton. Delegates to the State convention were elected as follows: Rev. Wm. J. Masser, Mrs. Victor Miller, Miss Elsie Dimmick, Rev. J. L. Yonce, Mrs. J. D. Swanger. An invitation was accepted to hold the 1913 convention in Holy Trinity Church, Berwick, Rev. C. R. Botsford, pastor.. Berks County District.

- The seventy-fifth quarterly convention of the

Berks District Luther League was held October 10, at the Lutheran Orphans' Home, at Topton. There were two sessions, morning and afternoon. It was one of the largest meetings



PENNSYLVANIA Philadelphia District.

-The Luther League of Bethlehem Church celebrated its fifteenth anniversary Monday evening, September 23. The pastor of the

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