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IT may be proper to acquaint the reader,

| that the present situation of affairs has not hitherto obliged us to make any change in the plan of our work. We have endeavoured to procure as many and as various materials as was consistent with our desire of keeping our collection chaste, and of preserving the order and method which the

public indulgence had formerly approved.

If the materials for the foreign history

have, through the felicity of the times, been less abundant than in former years, our domestic dissentions have supplied the place of those foreign events, and displayed a scene almost as animated, but much less hurtful to

to humanity. These jars, such is the excellent temperament of our constitution, have done, and will, probably, do very little mischief. Without materially checking the necessary operations of government, they prevent the minds of mem from stagnating in a state so full of pros

perity as our present; and keep alive

the spirit of liberty, at a time when the

real and undisturbed enjoyment of that - invaluable blessing might, perhaps, without this spur, abate something of that jealous and anxious zeal for its preservation,

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State of *:::: Disposition of * State of the other northern powers. King of Prussia, his alliances. Revolution in political system. Distraction of France. Character of the parliaments of that kingdom. Growth of their power, [i

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Contest between the administration and parliaments of France. Money edicts. Remonstrances. Governors sent to register the edicts by jorce. Arret against the Duke of Fitz James by the parliament of Thoulouse. Proceedings at Rouen and at Grenoble. Further remonstrances. Effect of these dissensions. Spain. Dispositions of France with regard to peace. Louisiana, [5

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Election of a king of Poland. Parties there, Conduct of the neigh'ouring powers, Poniatowski recommended by Russia and Prussia.

Vol. VII. v . 3. Opposition

-Opposition to the foreign troops. Protest against the diet of election.
Branitzki divested of his command He and Radzivil defeated and
driven out of Poland. Ambassadors of France and Austria retreat.
Poniatowski elected, [11

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Disturbance in Russia. Prince Ivan. He is visited by the Empress. A guard is set upon him. Scheme of Mirowitz. Is put on guard in the castle of Schlusselburgh. Seizes the governor. Attacks the prince's guards. Prince Ivan murdered. Mirowitz surrenders. Is exe

cuted, [14

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Parliament meets. State of parties. Wilkes's affair. . Message to the house. Both houses address. North Briton censured, and burnt by the hands of the common hangman. Question of privilege; debates thereupon. , Wilkes retires to France. He is expelled, [18

C. H. A. P. VI. .Question of general warrants. Debates thereupon. Administration hard

pushed. Question adjourned. State of the national supplies. Scheme of ways and means critised. Observations on that contro

versy, [26

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Affairs in Indostan. Situation of Mir Jaffier. His territories invaded o

by a son of the mogul’s, and the Marattas. Ill condition of his government. He is deposed; and Mir Cossim set up in his place. Cha

racter and designs of Mir Cossim. His disputes with the English.

War undertaken against him. Mir Jaffier proclaimed, [34

C. H. A. P. VIII.

English surprize Patna. Driven out and defeated. Major Adams takes the field. Action at Ballasara. Battle of Nuncas Nullas. Siege of Auda Nulla. Great slaughter of the Indians. Mongheer

"educed. Massacre of the English prisoners at Patwa. Patna taken.

, Mir Cossim flies out of Bengal, [39



Address of both houses of parliament to his majesty, on occasion of the
publication of the North Briton, No. 45, - o
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