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the following donations :-To the poor of been considered a work of high authority, the Relief Chapel, Campbell Street, Glas and equally esteemed on both sides of the gow, L. 2004 Sabbath Evening Schools, Tweed. L. 50-To the Royal Infirmary, L. 150– 13. At Torthorwald Manse, Mrs YorsTo the Lunatic Asylum, L. 50-To the toun, relict of the Rev. Peter Yorstous, poor of his native parish, Falkirk, L. 50. minister of the gospel in Closeburn, aged M.

May 4. At Brechin, the Rev. Mr Will, At his house, Wester Duddingston, minister of Guthrie.

Robert Kay, architect, aged 78. At Stround on the Green, near Kew, At Edinburgh, Captain David Her. William Mactavish, Esq. of Dunardry, an, 21st foot, or Royal North British fusi. son of the late Simon Mactavish, Esq. of leers. Montreal, Canada.

At Wilson Park, Portobello. Joka At Gortnagally, near Dungannon, Philip Donaldson, Esq. assistant-surgam John Woods, an industrious farmer, at the in the Fifeshire militia, and surgeon in advanced age of 122 years.

He lived a Portobello. regular and sober life His wife died

14. At Walkhampton, John Williams about two years ago, aged 82 years. He at the advanced age of 100. He was tz was 42 years old the day of her birth. He eldest of eighteen sons, of Jane Williams was born in the year 1696, in the reign of late of Brentor, Devon, (who died in be William III. ; of course he has lived in the Il]th year,) seventeen of whom are nou reigns of five successive monarchs

alive and in perfect health, and their joint 5. At Edinburgh, Mrs Alison Hay of ages amount to 1379 years.—John Williams Haystown, in the 90th year of her age. retained his faculties to the last, and had

At Dublin, in the 25th year of his strength sufficient to gain his livelihood by age, Mr Archibald Robertson, only remain. hard labour, until within a fortnight of his ing son of George Robertson, Esq. Bower dissolution. Lodge, Irvine.

At Edinburgh, Mrs Arbuthnot, relia - At Aberdeen, Mrs Jean Duncan, of Robert Arbuthnot, Esq relict of the late Mr Robert Duncan, mer. 15. At the manse of Carluke, Mrs Wal. chant there, in the 92d year of his age. ker, wife of the Rev. James Walker, mini

7. At Florence, Lady Campbell, wife of ster of Carnwath. Sir Guy Campbell, Bart.

At Arcon Cottage, near Inverness

, At Fernie, Francis Balfour, Esq. of Mrs Mackenzie of Lentran, aged 77. Fernie.

16. At Inverness, Miss Janet MGII. 8. At Edinburgh, in the 73d year of his vray, daughter of the late Archibald Mti. age, Alexander Robertson, Esq. of Ettrick- livray, Esq. of Daviot. hall, late one of the Keepers of the Records At Maybole, Mrs Margaret M'Cls. of Scotland.

mont, wife of the Rev. Charles Logan At Edinburgh, Colin Mackay, Esq. minister of Maybole. in the 83d year of his age.

At Gaddesby, near Leicester, Eliza, 9. At Edinburgh, Thomas Brown, Esq. wife of Lieutenant-Colonel Cheney, of the of Waterhead, aged 82.

Scots Greys. 10. At Glasgow, Mr William MoKech

17. At Glasgow, Mrs Taylor of Kirktenie, late of Richmond, Virginia.

hill. - At Hamilton, John Torrance, Esq. At Crossmount, Capt. James Meso Sheriff-Clerk Depute for the Middle Ward zies, Royal Perthshire militia. of Lanarkshire.

At Edinburgh, Mr William Sawers, 11. At Burdiehouse Mains, Mr Alex. bookseller. ander Peacock, architect, aged 85.

18. At Milnholm, near Langholm, is 13. At Edinburgh, in the 78d year of the prime of life, William Keir, Esq. cithis age, Mr William Scott, teacher of elo- ductor of improvements to his Grace the cution and geography. Mr Scott was the Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry in the father of elocution in this country, and for district of Eskdale, and late Captain in the a period of upwards of 40 years distin. Dumfrieshire yeomanry cavalry. guished himself by his extensive useful. - At Eden Farm, in the oth year of ness in his profession, having instructed in her age, Elinor, widow of the late Lord this elegant accomplishment a great pro- Auckland. portion of our countrymen who have risen 19. At Edinburgh, Mr Charles Hunter, to eminence in the senate, the pulpit, and eldest son of Lieutenant-General Hanter of at the bar. He is also well known as the Burnside. author of several useful and popular ele The Hon. Mrs Grenfell, Lady of mentary works on subjects connected with Pascoe Grenfell

, Esq. M. P. of Taplow education ; amongst others, a system of House, Bucks, and sister of Lord Viscount geography, and a pronouncing dictionary Doneraile of 'Doneraile, in the kingdom of the English language, which has always of Ireland.


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ABERDEEN, report of the the influence of his philo- Burgh elections, proceed-

trustees for the city of, 83 sophical writings, 466 ings in the Court of Ses-
--Disfranchisement of the Baillie, Robert, of Jervis sion respecting those of E.
burgh of, 285

wood, account of his ini. dinburgh, Aberdeen, and
Agamemnon of Eschylus, quitous trial and execu Inverness, 281--that of
observations on the, 112
tion, 323

Edinburgh declared null
Agricultural Reports, 92,

Joanna, remarks on and void, 585
187, 289, 386, 493, 591

her Plays on the Passions, Burghs, Scottish, report of
Algiers, on the political


the state of, ordered by the
state of, 18_Treatment Bank of England, accounts Convention in 1691, 307
of Christian slaves there, presented to Parliament Burkhardt, M., the African
22 Ravages of the from the, 581

traveller, notice of his
plague in, 373-Death Bankrupts, lists of English death, 272
of the Dey of, 479

and Scotch, 92, 191, 293, Burns, Robert, original
Alps, description of the pas-

393, 497, 595

poetry of, 70- Poetical
sage of the Simplon, 10 Barbour, the, a vapour a epistie of, 130--Propos-
America, Spanish colonies rising from the sea, so ed monument to, 202

in, geographical sketch called in Halifax, 17 Original Letter and Poem
of, 3-State of the con-

Battle of Sheriff'muir, ac by, 527
test between the insur count of the, 240

Byron, Lord, review of his
gents and the Spanish Beppo, a Venetian story, Fourth Canto of Childe
authorities, 7, 101, 277,
review of, 348

Harold's Pilgrimage, 149

Binning, Lord, on his bill Cabinet, the, No. 1. 347
United States of,

for erecting lunatic asy- Canals, commencement of
opening of Congress, 81

lums in Scotland, 410 one between Edinburgh
State of the finances Birds, on the natural his. and Glasgow, 283~Pro.
and the army of, 1734 tory of, 110, 320_On

gress of the great Caledo-
Progress of the navy, 373

the incubation of, 526 nian, 583
--Emigrations from Eu. Birkbeck, Mr, review of his Caraccas,geographical sketch
rope to, ib.--Rigorous journey in America, 233 of, 7
exclusion of British West Births, register of, 94, 192, Celestine, discovery of, in
India vessels from the 294, 393, 498, 596

theCaltonhill, Edinburgh,
ports of, 578_Dispute Blood-money conspiracy dis 507
between, and Spain, ib.

covered in London, 282 Cemetery, remarkable sub-
Analytical notices of foreign Bright, Dr, review of his terraneous one near Mon-
journals, 158

Travels in Lower Hun.
Anecdote, remarkable, of a

Ceylon, insurrection in the
Bohemian Gypsey, 107 Britain, revenue of in 1816 island of, 479
Animal, unknown, one of and 1817, 181-State of Chaucer, remarks on his

immense size reported to the currency, 237–Pub poetry, 327--Sonnette on

exist in America, 531 lic debt of, 281-Gold a Grete Capitaine, ascrib-
Arabian Nights Entertain-

and silver coin issued in,

ed to, 363
ments in Arabic, notice ib.—- Bank of England Chaussier, Professor, obser-
of, 159

notes in circulation, 282 vations of, on the death
Armorial bearings in St -Army estimates, ib. of General Pichegru,

Giles's cathedral, Edin. British Legislation, 80, 181, 135
burgh, 538

108, 586

China, review of the pro
Army of Britain, state of, Brown, Dr Thomas, review ceedings of the late em

of his poem of Agnes, 153 bassy to, &c. 143
Assembly, General, report Bruce, Dr, of New York, Chinese books in the Royal

by, respecting the mode of notice of his death, 335 Library at Paris, notice
providing for the poor in Buenos Ayres, geographical of, 168
Scotland, 503--Proceed sketch of, 101

Church records, curious ex.
ings of the Assembly, 581 Burgh reform, proceedings tracts from, 103
Atheist, the, a French Tra in Scotland on the sub-

of Scotland, view of
gedy, review of, 562 ject of, 85, 190, 281, the constitution of, review
Bacon, Lord, remarks on 382, 408, 565

of, 259

trose, 316

gary, 549



Church Music, on Luther's Deaths, register of, 94, 193, Executions at Glasgow and
merits in regard to, 303, 295, 395, 498, 597

Aberdeen, 584

Debt, public, of Britain, Explosion of a powder-mill
Circuit intelligence, 486,579 amount of, 281

in America, 578
Clandestine marriages, trial Depravity in youth, re Female Authors of Scotland,

for celebrating, 379 markable cases of in E. No. I. Joanna Baillie,
Clerk, Mr, of Eldin, notice dinburgh, 380

of a biographical account Diamond, the, supposed to Fíars of the principal coun-
of, 467

be sometimes of vege ties of Scotland for 1817,
Climate, observations on, table origin, 335

Dirge of Pippoo Sultaun, Fire, on the power of re-
Coal, veins of in the Calton. 464

sisting it, in a variety of
hill, Edinburgh, 335 Disappointment, a poem,

instances, 437
Coffeehouses, when first es 161

Fire in Edinburgh, 84–
tablished at Constanti. Dogs, curious anecdote of a Calamitous
nople, 223

greyhound and pointer, Huddersfield, 282-and
Court of Session declares the


in London, 283-In Pa.
election of Magistrates Durdent, R. T., notice of ris, 372
for Edinburgh null and four tales written by, 360 Fish, on the propagation of,
void, 585

Earthquake in England, 283 429
Commentators of thetwenty In Sicily, 372

Forbisher, Martin, account
second century, 522 Edinburgh, attempt to sur of his voyages to discover
Commercial Reports, 90, prise the Castle of, in

a north-west passage,
189, 291, 391, 495, 593 1715, 25.-On the musi. 511
Commons, House of, pro cal performances in, 118 Florence, account of a Bac.
ceedings is, 175--Reject -On the employment of chanalian festival there,

a motion for addressing certain charitable finds 309--Superstitions of the
the Queen, 176_Discus in, 121-State of in 1619, Florentines, 312 School
sion on the state prosecu 229-On the prevalence for the instruction of
tions in Scotland, 279.- of, and means of dimi. youth in, 413–Manu.
Report of a committee on nishing, fever in, 230— factory of olive oil neat,
the state of the country, Improvements in, 284 ib.--Medicalchapel there,
281-Debate on the in Curious action in the 414-Laurentian chapel
demnity bill claimed by Court of Session, 285– and library, 415–
ministers, 376_- Ministers Inquiry into the state of marks on the singers ,
In a minority on the pro the Royal Infirmary of, 417
posed repeal of the lea 381-Foundation of a Flowers, on the language
ther tax, 377--Renewal new observatory in, 468– of, 32
of the bank restriction Management of the poor Foreign journals, analytical
bill, 481- Ministers in a in, 507-Discovery of Dotices of, 158
minority on a proposed Celestine in the Calton. Forfarshire, remains of pot
grant of money to the hill, ib.----Armorial bear pular superstitions in, 116
Royal Dukes, 482--Bud ings in St Giles's cathe. Fortifications, account of an
get, 483

dral there, 538On the Indian one, 472
Constantinople, first esta tumult there, called the Foulis, the late Sir James,

blishment of coffeehouses Porteous mob, 543_-Pro etymological notices by,
in, 223_Dreadful con ceedings regarding build-

flagration there, 577 ings on the North Bridge, France, law on the liberty
Copper, native mass of, 530_Last election of the of the press in, 80_Pesce

discovered in America, Magistrates in, declared establishment of, 276
null, 585

Trial of the pretended
Cowper, William, review of Egypt, curious particulars Dauphin of, ib.-Report

a new edition of his poems, respecting the Pacha of, on the finances ef, 372


Frankenstein, or the Mo
Crimes, increase of in Eng- Emigrations from Europe dern Prometheus, review
land, 484
to America, 373

of, 244
Croft, Sir Richard, suicide England, notice of a jour- Franklin, Dr, review of his
of, 282

nal of a tour through, Memoirs, 351
Cumings and M‘Intoshes, 159 ---Altitude of remark- French Literature, survey

remarkable legend re able hills in. 271--Re of, 66, 260, 357, 460, 561
specting the animosities marks of Cosmo the Third

stage, present state
of the, 532

during his travels 416 of the, 463, 563
Currency of Britain, on the - Increase of crimes in, French Literary characters,
state of the, 237

necrological notice of, 664
Davis, john, account of his Eschylus, on the Agamem. Fudge Family in Paris, ro-
voyages to discover
non of, 27, 112

view of a poetical work se
north-west passage, 513 Etymological notices, 26 called, 553.


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rence, 309

crew, 316

Gaelic and Hebrew lan Spy; periodical - work, 14, 309, 413

guages, affinity between 126 Description of a nalian festivals at Flo-
them, 233

Mountain Funeral, 127-
Gale, severe one felt over The Queen's Wake, 129. Justiciary, High Court of,
- Scotland, 177

Pilgrims of the Sun, and trial in for celebrating in-
Gaming-houses in Paris, Mador of the Mour, 215 Jawful marriages, 379_

notice of a work on, 561 Holland, journal of a visit Trial of several boys for
Gas light introduced into to, 234, 540

housebreaking, 380 — Of
Edinburgh, 486

Hone, Mr, trials and ac several persons for reset-
Geological Society, proceed. quittal of, on a charge of ting stolen goods, 585
ings of, 268

publishing blasphemous Kilda, St, specimens of the
notices, 520
libels, 84

poetry of, 240
Germany, people of, petition Hudson, Henry, account of Kosciusko, Ode to the spirit

for representative consti his discoveries in the of, 70
tutions, 8C Present state northern seas, 51 +Left Lamp without fame,' ac-
of the universities of, 272 to perish by his mutinous count of a, 366
--Review of travels in, 342

Landed property near Edin-
-Dispute between the Hume, Lady Grizzel, par burgh, great rise in the
Grand Duke of Baden ticulars respecting, 325,

value of, 584
and the King of Bavaria, 43)—Songs written by, Lawrie, Deacon, of Edin-

burgh, succeeds in setting
Girardelli, Signora, the in- Sir Patrick, account aside the election of Ma-
combustible lady, expe-

of his remerkable con gistrates, 585
riments by, of her power cealment and escape froin Legend of the Rose, a poem,
of resisting the action of Scotland, 325_His mat-

fire, 437 - Various in ner of life in Holland, Leith, singular incident
stances of a similar facul. 431

- there, 583
ty possessed by others, Hurricane in the West In- Literary and scientific intel-
439 Observations on dies, 82

ligence, 73, 167, 269,
Signora Girardelli's exhi. Iceland, state of the weather 365, 468, 509
bition, 444

there in spring 1817, 269 Literature, desultory essays
Glasgow, mortality bill of, Jews, intolerant proceedings connected with, No. 1.

178m Review of report on regarding them, in Poland -On the moral constitu.
the management of the and Saxony, 577

tion of Childe Harold,
poor of, 455, 507

Indies, East, treaty with 223_No. II. On the
Goc in, Mr, review of his the Peishwa, 80, 172 Darwinian School of

novel of Mandeville, 57 Monument at Bengal to Poetry, 313
-Letter of advice to a the late Governor Duncan, Llewellyn, a novel, review
"young American by, 209 81_New war with the

of, 457
Granite, blocks of in the Mahratta powers in, 372 London, bill of mortality
mountains of Jura, 334 --Accounts of its progress,

in, 83
Halifax and St Johns, in 478— Treaty of peace with Longitude, magnetical in.

British America, declared Holkar and the Berar ra. strument for determining
free ports, 579
jah, 577

the, 334
Hamilton, Lord Archibald,

West, destructive Lords, House of, proceed.
his motion in the House hurricane in the Leeward ings in, 174—Speech of
of Commons, on the state Islands, ' 82 - Christmas the Prince Regent on 0-
prosecutions in Scotland, racket among the negroes pening Parliament, ib.-

of Jamaica, 213_State Repeal of Habeas Corpus
the late Mrs Eli of St Domingo, 373 suspension bill, 175-lie.
zabeth, review of Me Death of President Pe port of Committee on the
moirs of, 558
tion, 579

state of the country, 278
Hebrew and Gaelic lan. Infirmary, Royal, of Edin -Ministers' indemnity
guages, affinity between

burgh, inquiry into the bill passed, 374--Mes-
the, 233

management of, 381 sage of the Regent relat-
Herculaneum, Dr Sickler's Inverness, improvements in ing to the marriage of
mode of unrolling the the harbour of, 177

his royal brothers, 480
manuscripts of, 470, Jourpal of a visit to Holland Lunatic asylums, on the
Highland superstitions, cu and Flanders, 234, 540 proposed erection of in

rious facts concerning, 104 Ireland, re: enue of, in 1816 Scotland, 410
Hogg, James, the Ettrick and 1817, 281--Exports Luther, on his mierits in re.

Shepherd, account of his from Britain to, 580 gard to psalmody, &c.
life and writings, 35 Italy, letters from a travel. 303, 418
Observations on his poem ler in, 9 Description of Macgregors, singular story
of the Mountain Bard, Mont Blanc, ib. Pas of a chief of the, 132
123- The Forest Min sage of the Simplon, 10 Mandeville, a novel, review
strel, 125_Essays in the Milan, 12 Florence, of, 57

cer, 327

poem, 565

Marriages, register of, 94, there, 403 Account of Rose Sonnets from Pe.

192, 294, 394, 498, 596 Tippahee, a chief of, 409 trarch, 566_To Octavia,
Mechanical inventions, ac Northanger Abbey, a no-

count of some curious vel, review of, 453 Poets, remarks on the early
ones, by John Spence, in Northern Passage, notice of English,„No. I. Chau.

Linlithgow, 408, 528 voyages for the discovery
Mediterranean, hot spring of a, 399, 508- Sir Polar Seas, on Captain

rising through the sea in Hugh Willoughby's, 399 Scoresby's observations
the, 16

-Dutch expeditions, 508 on the, 333-Ice, notice
Merceron, J. a magistrate, -See Voyages

respecting the, ib.
convicted of embezzling North Pole, notice relating Polwarth and Jerviswood,
the poor's money, &c. 584 to the expedition to the, families of, account of
Meteorological Pieports, 88, 332, 363

their sufferings previous
185, 287, 387, 492, 590 Observatory, foundation of to the Revolution of

Observations, 'a new one at Edinburgh, 1688, 323, 430
hints for the extension of, 468--Proposal to build Poor in Scotland, report of

one at Cambridge, 471 the General Assembly, re-
Notices, 336 Odeon theatre at Paris, de specting a provision for,
Mexico, geographical sketch stroyed by fire, 372

of, 5

Parliament, opening of the Pope, Mr, on the question
Milan, observations of a session of, 174

whether he was a poet,
traveller there, 12 Parson Schmolké, and the

Monster, notice of a shaved Schoolmaster Bakel, a

Porteous mob at Edinburgh,
bear, exhibited in Edin-

poem, translated from the remarks on the, 513
burgh, under the narre German of Langbein, 324 Preston, the Thorn of, a

of Peruvian monster, 448 Passion, instance of the fa-
Mont Blanc, description of, tal effects of, 378 Prince Henry, poems on
by a traveller, 9
Patents lately enrolled, 88,

the death of, 421
Montolieu, Madame la Ba 183, 285, 383, 489, 586 Princess Elizabeth, marrial

ronne, remarks on four Persuasion, a novel, review to the hereditary Prince
tales published by, 359 of, 453

of Hesse Hombourg,383
Mortality bill for London, Photometer, observations Princess Charlotte, lines on

83—for Glasgow, 178 made with Horner's, 571 the death of, 71, 423
Murder, shocking one at Picbegru, General, circum- Promotions, appointments,
Dunning, 282

attending his &c. 88, 183, 285, 384,
Murray, Lady, her narra death, 134

489, 587
tive of the sufferings of Pilgrimage to Canterbury, Prussia, effects of a storm
the families of Polwarth an engraving by Heath, there, 172- Answer of
and Jerviswood, 322, 430 &c. account of, 531

the king of, to his sub-
--Specimen of her mo Plants, notice respecting the jects' petition for a re-
ther's talents in song writ. geography of, 140, 168 presentative government,
ing, 435

Poetry Original Song and 577
Music, on the want of pa fragment by Burns, 70- Prussian blue, discovered

tronage of, in Edinburgh, To the spirit of Koscius in England, 470
&c. 118

ko, ib. On the death of Pseudo-yolcano in Stafford.
Natural History, notices in, the Princess Charlotte, shire, account of, 570

16--Birds and marine 71-The poor man's la- Publications, monthly list
animals of Shetiand, ib. bour, 72—Melancholy, of, 77, 170, 273, 369,
-Hot spring in the Me 160 Disappointment, 474, 573
diterranean, 17-Vapour ib.-- From the Song of Racine's Phedre, defence of,
rising from the sea at Ha Solomon, 162--Sonnets, 534
lifax, ib.--Gulf-stream in ib.--The Evening Land- Railways, proposed ones, in
Mexico, 18--On birds,

scape, 266 – A Night the neighbourhood of
110-Curious facts in, Fiece, ib.--To a Lady, Edinburgh, 484
ill, 320 - Miscellane 267--Sonneton the grave Regalia of Scotland, pearls
ous notices in, 138, 332, of a young Lady, ib.- in the, supposed to be

The Soldier's Grave Scottish, 134—Discovery
Neale, Dr Adam, his tra The November Garden, of the, in Edinburgh Cas-

vels through Gerinany, - Verses to a friend, tle, 179
&c. review of, 342

362-Laye uf ane aun Remarkable preservation
Negroes in Jamaica, ac cient Mynstrell - Son from death in a coal pit,

count of a Christmas nete on a Grete Capitaine, 579
racket among the, 213 367—The Dirge of Tip- Revenge, the, of Tirinie, a
Newhaven, affecting inci poo Sultaun, 464— The Highland legend, 532
dent at, 178

Confession, 465 - 'I he Revenue of Britain, com-
New Zealand, massacre of Thorn of Preston—Song, parative statement of, in

the crew of a British ship 565-The Legend of the 1816 and 1817, 181-05


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