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COLONIAL PRODUCE.-Sugars.-Although the demand since our last report has remained pretty steady, and considerable business has been done,-prices have been rather on the decline. The change of wind last week, preventing farther arrivals from the West Indies, the holders of Muscovadoes have been less eager to make sales, and though several sales have been effected at prices a shade lower, particularly strong sugars, about 80s. to 82s., the depression has not been general. In foreign, little business by private contract has recently been done ; last week, at a public sale of St Domingo Muscovadoes, they went off at low rates, ordinary brown, 4ls. to 42s., good brown, 42s. Od. to 45s. Coffee. The prices of coffee have fuctuated greatly, on account of reports of a rise on the Continent; and towards the end of last month, the prices advanced from 2s. to 3s. ; but have since suffered a depression of 2s. and the market is stated to be heavy at the decline. Teas.-The sale at the India House is expected to close about Thursday rext: there are great fluctuations in the prices. The Boheas have gone off 2d. and the Congous iļd. under the prices of last sale. Cotton. The prices have varied little since our last, and the market remains very heavy. The East India Company have declared a sale of 19,000 bags for the 20th instant; and it is expect, ed the quantity will be increased before the day of sale. The imports into Great Britain last month were 80,709 bags. Rice.-The market has been heavy and declining, but a sale at the India House lately was higher than had been expected. It consisted of 6652 bags Bengal, common quality 18s. to 198., good 21s. to 228. East India description, however, on account of the late large arrivals, have since been greatly depressed. Rum.-The rum market has been heavy for some time past, and the prices declining. Tobaccu. There has been little demand for exportation. The stock in Lon. don is, however, confined to a few houses, who will not submit to any depression. Oils. -The prices of whale oil are merely nominal, on account of the failure of a great speculation. Small parcels of Greenland for immediate use continue to be sold at reduced prices. There have been considerable arrivals of sperm, and prices in consequence have declined. Every other description of oil may be stated heavy.

EUROPEAN PRODUCE.Hemp, Flax, and Tullow. Extensive arrivals of tallow being expected, a great stagnation has taken place in the demand; prices are Is. to 2s. lower, and the market heavy at the depression. The request for hemp has been limited, and prices have declined at St Petersburgh. Flax is in limited demand, and prices little varied. Brandy and Geneva.—There has been a great reduction in the price of brandy. Five puncheons real good cogniac, landed this year, sold on the 26th ult. at an average of 8s. 7d. per gallon. Prices have since that date declined materially, and the market is still heavy. Geneva is also a little lower.-June 9.

Course of Exchange, London, June 9.-- Amsterdam, 36 : 10 B. 2 U. Ditto at sight, 36 : 4. Rotterdam, 11:7: 2 U. Antwerp, li : 9 Ex. M. Agio of the Bank ou Holland, 2. Hamburgh, 34 : 0:24 U. Altona, 34:1:21 U. Paris, 3 days sight, 24 : 5 U. Bourdeaux, 24 : 25. Frankfort on the Maine, 1414 Ex. M. Madrid, 39 effect. Cadiz, 38% effect. Gibraltar, 35. Leghorn, 514 Genoa, 474. Lisbon, 398 Rio Janeiro, 654. Dublin, 11. per cent. Cork, 11.

Prices of Gold and Silver per 02.-Portugal gold, in coin, L. 4:1:6. Foreign gold in bars, L. 4:1: 6. New dollars, L.V:5:6. Silver in bars, standard, L. 0 : 5:54.

Premiums of Insurance at Lloyd's.-Guernsey or Jersey, lös. 9d.Cork, or Dublin, 15s. 9d. Belfast, 208.—Hamburgh, 12s. 8d.-Madeira, 20s.-Jamaica, 35s. to 40s. Greenland out and home, 34 gs. Weekly Prices of the Public Funds, from May 13 to June 10, 1818.

May 13th.)

20th. 27th. June 3d. 10th.

Bank stock,
3 per cent. reduced,
3 per cent. consols,
4 per cent. consols, carrocco..
34 per cent (new.) mm
5 per cent. navy annuities
India stock,

Exchequer bills, 24d..

30. Consols for acct. American 3


cents. new loan, 6 per cents..... French 5 per cents.

282! 281 2787 2804

791 784 784 804 792 79 79 963 96) 965 901 97 883 88

855 107! 973


108 9G 233

232 100pr. 103pr. 93pr. 87 88pr. 9lpr. 17 20pr. 1921 pr. 16 20pr. 16 18pr.

17 2017. 19 20pr. 21 22pr.18 19pr.

18 20pr.

19 2Upr. 80! 80 793

793 793 65

1031 67fr. 50c. 168fr. 40 c. 168fr. 35c. 172fr. 80fr.


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36 6



2s 4d 29 30 Congou,

2 11 3 Souchong,

3 9 3 10 SUGAR, Musc. B. P. Dry Brown, 77

73 77 72 7775 78 Fine and very fine, 90 96 90 92 90 96 87 88 Brazil, Brown,

5242 43 White,

65 52 54 Refined, Double Loaves, . 150 155

| 34(Ib.) 1 Powder ditto,


110(cwt.) 124 Single ditto,

124 120
126 125

Small Lumps,
114 118 116

118 1125

129 105 121 Large ditto,

112 114 110 112 113 119 Crushed Lumps,

68 74 MOLASSES, British, 38 38 638

39 6

35 COFFEE, Jamaica, Ord. good, and fine ord.[119 129 118 128 120

129 105 126 Fine and very fine,

138 140 136 Dutch, Triage & very ord./115 119

110 120 Ord. good, & fine ord. 122 133 120 131 (122

129 St Domingo,

1126 129 124

127 122

128 PIMENTO (in Bond),

10 9 94 94 10 SPIRITS Jam, Rum 160.P. 3s 7d 3 9 3 5 3 3 3 3 35 3s 2d 5s 6d Brandy, 12s 13

10 0 12 0 Geneva, 3s 9d 4 0

3 3 3 6 Aqua,

7 3 76 WINES, Clar. Ist Growths, 50

35 0 60 0 Portugal Red, 48 54

46 0 54 0 Spanish White, 34 55

25 ( 65 0 Teneriffe,

30 35 Madeira, 60 70

60 66 LOGWOOD, Jamaica,

£9 9

8 5 8 10 8 17 9 0 £8 10 £8 15 Honduras,


9 0 9 5 9 10 8 15 90 Campeachy,

10 10

10 10 10 10 0 10 10 Pustic, Jamaica, 12 15

10 0 12 10 £14 £15 Cuba, 17

15 0 15 10 INDIGO, Caraccas fine, 9s 6d 11 6 8 6 9 6

10s Gd Ils od TIMBER, Amer. Pine, 2 3 2 4

2 8 Ditto Oak,

4 6

5 0 Honduras Mahogany, 10 1 od 10 ] 8 13 1 5 ls 2d ls 4d Tar, American,

15 6 17 0 19 6 Archangel, 23 24

19 0 21 0 22 6 Tallow, Rus. Yel. Candle, 73 74 78 80 75 77 72 Home melted,

74 HEMP, Riga Rhine, 43 49 51 52

49 Petersburgh Clean,

48 50 51

50 FLAX, Riga Th. & Dr. Ra 76


78 80 Dutch, 50 120

65 Irish,

56 62 MATS, Archangel, 105

BRISTLES, Peters. Firsts, 16 0 16 10
Ashes, Petersburgh Pearl, 51 52
Montreal ditto,


58 60 53 55 62

53 55 52


55 OIL, Whale,

43 44 40

35 Cod,

54 (p.brl.)

38 39 40 TOBACCO, Virg. fine,

9 101 10.) 11 0 8 0 9 9 Ild inferior,


0 6 0 611 7 Cottons, Bowed Georgia,

1 9 1 10 1 8 1 9 1 8 1 10 Sea Island, fine,

3 10 4 3 4 3 6 2 5 3 6 Demerara and Berbice,

2. 0 2 3 1 ll 2 511 2 3 Pernambuco,

2 2 2 34 2 1 2 2 2 1 2 Maranham,

2 16 2 2 2 0 2 0 1 1 2

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ALPHABETICAL List of English BANKRUPTCIES, announced between May 15 and

June 15, 1818, extracted from the London Gazette. Apple, J. P., W. Cooper, and T. H. Birch, Lon Liddell, J. Huddersfield, cordwainer don, drapers

Lamb, J. Minories, London, merchant Ashe, J. S. Liverpool, merchant

Loudon, J. C. Holborn, Middlesex, merchant Bale, H. Middlesex, cheese-monger

Lyne, E. Plymouth, merchant Brown, T. Middlesex, tailor

Man, H. S. late of Calcutta, dealer Briggs, J. Sealcoates, York, grocer

Milne, G. Broadstreet, London, merchant Brinsley, C. Ashborne, Derby, butcher

Martin, J. Micham, Surrey, butcher Barton, W. Doncaster, maltster

Malkin, T. Burslem, blue-colour maker Batty, W. Kirkby Stephen, Westmoreland, to Moore, W. Halifax, cloth-manufacturer bacconist

Meyell, w. Exeter, jeweller Ball, R. C. Bristol, baker

Maxton, J. Middlesex, baker Buddle. W. Drury-Lane, London, carpenter Nash, W. Bristol, drysalter Boote, J. Stratford-upon-Avon, corn-dealer Neale, w. late of Warminster, victualler Barnard, D. Fenchurch Street, London, merchant Nicholls, W. Huntingdon, sack and rope-maker Baruch, D. London, apothecary,

Poulgrain, R. and H. Foway, Cornwall, ship. Bullocke, J. London, button seller

wrights Bentley, J., and J. Beck, London, clock and Polley, J. London, plumber watchmakers

Rolland, F. St James's Street, Middlesex, perCalmichael, J. London, baker

fumer Carnaby, W. Morpeth, common brewer

Ross, J. N. Cambridge, brush-maker Clark, J, Manea, Isle of Ely, carpenter

Ranken, S. London, merchant Coleman, w. 0. late of Wapping, slopseller Randall, w. London, grocer Clifford, M.and J. Kingston-upon Hull, merchants Simmons, T. Birmingham, dealer Cask, W. Blackburn, Lancaster, farmer

Spear, A. London, merchant Clark, W. London, master-mariner

Spence, Isaac, Providence Row, Middlesex, merClegg, S. Salford, Lancaster, saddler

chant Cauby, W. Leeds, grocer

Stubbs, W. Manchester, coal dealer Dorn, A. Lambeth, London, victualler

Sald, J. London, builder Dean, J. London, baker

Southie, J. Canterbury, baker Ehu, G. R. Londou, furrier

Sansum, J. London, victualler Forder, W. Basingstoke, Hants, stage-coach pro Standish, J. Liverpool, flour dealer prietor

Sourby, W. North Aston, York, apothecary. Farrar, T. Halifax, manufacturer

Savidge, J. East Stoke, Nottingham, coal seller Fisher, Isaac, London, merchant

Tomlinson, C. Hawarden, Flint, apothecary Grech, J. Liverpool, joiner

Thomson, J. Mappleton, Derby, farmer Holden, J. Westbromwich, Stafford, black buckle Tilly, J.J. Hampstead, music seller maker

Taylor, B. M. Woolmer Street, Middlesex, builder Halsted, W. Cirencester, linen-draper

Tregold, R. late of Southampton, dealer Hains, J. Longton, Lancashire, carrier

Trewhitt, N. Northallerton, linen manufacturer Hooper, W. Tenbury, Worcester, maltster Wilkin, J. Preston, Lancashire, draper Hazlehurst, M, Liverpool, blockmaker

Woodward, W. London, carpenter Heath, W. Hanley, Statford, blacksmith

Wetherell, J. Rochester, hatter Halse, T. H., and D. T. Meriton, London, but Walder, B. Battle, Sussex, tailor ton-manufacturers

Wellings, S. Shrewsbury, tailor
Hirst, T. N., and J. Wood, Huddersfield, corde Wookey, D. Tetbury, Gloucester, grocer

Williams, S. and G., and T. Tarrant, London, Hall, T. Reading, Berks, tailor

straw-hat manufacturers Hibbers, H. G. London, merciant

Webb, R. Winslow, Hereford, farmer Hall, B. V. Gosport, victualler

White, S. Calver, Derby, grocer Hemmingway, J. Elland, Halifax, grocer

Whitehouse, J. Stratford-upon-Avon, mercer Holden, H. Ripponden, Halifax, grocer

Young, J. Gosport, saddler Ingleby, T. Birmingham, carrier

Younghusband, J. Liverpool, ship-broker Kingswill, J. Blackwall, Middlesex, painter Younger, J. Minories, London, merchant Kennell, J. K, and J. P. Westminster, army and

navy agents


ALPHABETICAL List of Scotch BANKRUPTCIES, announced between May 15 and

June 15, 1818, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.

Brown, W. senior, Edinburgh, merchant; by A.

Usher, merchant there, 10th June Fowlds and Co. Glasgow, merchants

Byars, J. Forfar, merchant; by W. Fyfe, merHutchinson, J. D. late of Edinburgh, now in

chant there, 6th July Glasgow, spirit-dealer

Craig, J. Garmouth, merchant; by the trustees at Isles, Andrew, Edinburgh, currier and leather Aberdeen, 20th June merchant

Hinter, J. P. and Co. Port Glasgow, merchants; Kalley, J. Glasgow, manufacturer

by W. Aitken, merchant there, 30th June Maxwell, R. Dundee, merchant

M Lellan, W. and Co. Kirkcudbright and Cross, Scott, Balmanno, and Co. Glasgow, merchants michael, timber-merchants ; by s. M'Caul, Suter, Alex. Inverness, merchant

merchant, Kirkcudbright, 26th May Purse, J. Dingwall, merchant

More, J. Glasgow, banker ; by J. Sym, merchant Wilson and Liddell, Glasgow, merchants

there, 11th June Oughterson, A., and Co. Greenock, merchants;

by W. Leitch, merchant there, 12th June DIVIDENDS.

Renny, S. Arbroath, merchant; by J. Marnie, Blake, G, Lynns, Dumfries-shire, corn dealer : by merchant there, 4th June

Goldie and Threshie, writers, Dumfries, 12th Stewart, D. Leith, merchant; by J. Morison, June

W. S. 11th June







28. At Cathlaw House, Mrs Riddell, Dec. 12, 1817. At Calcutta, the lady of younger of Camieston, a daughter. Captain W. D. Playfair, a son.

29. At London, the lady of LieutenantApril 13, 1818. At Boston, the lady of Colonel James Allan, 54th regiment, s George Sholto Douglas, Esq. Charge des Affaires of his Britannic Majesty, a son. 31. At Logie Green, Mrs Alexander

16. At Stockholm, Viscountess Strang. Gordon, a son. ford, lady of his Britannic Majesty's Am Lately-Lady Fitzherbert, a son. bassador at that Court, a son and heir. At Castletown, Isle of Man, the lady of

27. At Somborne, Hampshire, the Right General Cumming, a daughter. Hon. Lady Kennedy, a son. 28. At Pareham, the lady of Lieutenant

MARRIAGES. Col. Campbell, 46th regiment, a daugh

Dec. 6, 1817. At Calcutta, John Trotter · At Rothiemay, Lady Jane Taylor, a of Castlelaw, Esq. to Matilda, fourth daugh

ter of the Hon. Sir Francis Macnaughton, 30. At Naples, the lady of Thomson Judge in the Supreme Court of Bengal. Bonar, of Camden Place, in the county of April 30, 1818. At Aberdeen, Captain Kent, Esq. a son.

Hector H. M.Lean, of the 93d regiment May 2. At Dalry, the wife of Mr Ro- of foot, to Miss Ann M.Leach, youngest bert Ferguson was delivered of four chil. daughter of the late Rev. Mr MiLeoria dren, one boy and three daughters; but they minister of Kilfinnichin and Bannessan, did not live above an hour or two.

Mull. At Perth, the lady of Lieuterant May 5. At Cuckney, the Rev. William Acheson French, of the 80ch regiment, su Rogers, minister of Rescobie, to Miss And perintending officer of that station, a daugh Oldham, of Milthorpe, parish of Norton

Cuckney, Nottinghamshire. At Haughton, Mrs Farquharson of 11. At Auchencruive, Thomas Spencer Haughton, a son.

Lindsay, of Hollymount House, county of 6. At Banff, the lady of James William Mayo, Esq. to Margaret Hester, only Mackenzie, Esq. younger of Pittrichie, a daughter of R. A. Oswald of Aucheza son and heir.

cruive, Esq. 9. At London, the lady of the Hon. D. At Conan-house, the seat of Sir Hec. M. Erskine, a daughter.

tor Mackenzie of Gairloch, Bart. the Rer. - At Edinburgh, Mrs Craigie of Dum. John Macdonald, minister of Crquhart, to barnie, a daughter.

Janet, eldest daughter of the late Kenneth - At Brahan Castle, the Hon. Mrs Mackenzie, Esq. Stewart Mackenzie of Seaforth, a son and 12. At London, the Right Hon. Henry heir.

Manvers Pierrepont, to the Lady Sophuis 10. Mrs* Gordon, Abercromby Place, Cecil, only daughter of the late Marquis of Edinburgh, a son.

Exeter. - At Edinburgh, the lady of Roderick 16. At Cork, Captain Thomes Mosse, of Macleod, Esq. jun. of Cadboll, a son. the Ist, or Royal Scots, regiment of foot,

13. At Paris, Lady Harriet Drummond, to Margaret Essex, eldest daughter of Maa daughter.

jor-General Gordon. The wife of Stephen Souten, a la - At London, Horace Beauchamp Ser. bouring man of the parish of Sollinge, of mour, Esq. third son of the late Lord her 26th child in 25 years.

Hugh Seymour, to Elizabeth Mallet Palk, 16. At Relugas, the lady of Thomas eldest daughter of the late Sir Lawrence Lauder Dick, Esq. a daughter.

Palk, M. P. for the county of Devon. 17. At Edinburgh, the lady of Sir James 18. At London, on the 7th current, and Montgomery, Bart. M. P. a daughter. remarried at Carron-house on the 18th, Mr

19. The lady of Sir A. O. Molesworth John Walker of Orchardhead, Stirling of Pencarrow, Cornwall, Bart. a son. shire, to Mary Ann, second daughter of

21. At Edinburgh, Lady Heron Max Mr Charles Lea Jeffrey, Broadway, Westwell, a daughter.

minster. 23. At Springfield, Mrs Macduff of Bon. At London, the Hon. Colonel Seye hard, a son.

mour to Lady Charlotte Cholmondeley, 26. At Edinburgh, Mrs Johnstone of daughter of the Marquis of Cholmondeley. Alva, a son.

The Prince Regent gave the bride away. Mrs W. Buchanan, 16, Duke Street, 19. At Slynon, county of Anglesea

, Edinburgh, a son.

James Orr, Esq. Edinburgh, to Rachel,



second daughter of Robert Scott, Esq. of burgh, and grand-daughter of the late Revo this city.

Thomas Boston of Ettrick, May 19. At Edinburgh, Lieutenant Jo 30. On his passage home, on board the seph Hume, R. N. to Miss Dorothy Ro- William Pitt East Indiaman, Archibald bertson, daughter of the late Alexander Seton, Esq. of Touch. Robertson, Esq. of Prenderguest.

April 12. In the guard-room of Kinross 21. At Cheltenham, Sir William Cun- jail, in extreme wretchedness, Andrew Ni. ningham Fairlie, Bart. of Robertland and col, well known in the Court of Session Fairlie, to Anne, only daughter of the late and caricature shops under the name of the Robert Cooper, Esq. banker, Woodbridge. Kinross Lawyer. From a tradesman in

At Urquhart, the Rev. Archibald easy circumstances and of decent character, Baird, Auchtermuchty, to Miss Margarethe reduced himself, by his most litigious and Mudic, daughter of James Mudie, Esq. quarrelsome temper, to the state of a beg. Cockley, Kinross-shire.

gar, and finally an outcast from all society. 27. At London, the Count de Lusi, of Rather than give up his pretended rights the 1st regiment of Prussian guards, to to the famous midden-steud, he obstinately Miss Maria Giffard, daughter of the Mar. refused all supply from the poor funds of his chioness Dowager of Lansdowne.

native parish ; and, in order that he might June 1. At Garscube, the seat of her retain what he conceived would be the means grandfather, Sir Ilay Campbell of Succoth, of bringing him once more within the walls Bart. Sir George Sitwell of Renishaw, Bart of the Parliament House, wandered about to Susan, eldest daughter of Crawfurd Tait from place to place, until at last, from his of Harvieston, Esq.

habits of life, and his habits both of body 2. At Edinburgh, J. C. Macleod, Esq. and mind, he became such a nuisance, junior of Geanies, to Miss Stewart Su- that, disowned by every relation, and shut therland, youngest daughter of the late out from every house, it was found necesCaptain Alexander Sutherland, 30th regi- sary to convey him to the common prison,

which he quitted only for that asylum, “ where the wicked cease from troubling,

and where the weary are at rést. Oct. 6, 1817. At Kedgeree, on his pas 22. At Topsham, in the 78th year of his. sage to Europe, Cornet Alexander Leigh age, Captain Carter, R. N. With the exStrachan, 6th regiment Bengal cavalry, ception of Admiral Schank, he was the eldest son of James Strachan, Esq. Edin. only surviving officer who went to the burgh.

North Cape of Lapland, to observe the Nov. 26. Killed in the attack upon Nag. transit of Venus in 1768, in the Emerald, pore, by the Berar Rajah, in the 21st year commanded by Sir Charles Douglas, of of his age, Mr H. D. Niven, assistant-sur- which the deceased was then First Lieutegeon Hon. East India Company's service, nant. second son of the Rev. Dr Niven, Dun 23. At Avignon, Colin Macdonald Bukeld.

chanan, younger of Drummakill. Jan. 1, 1818. Fell, in a sally from Kore 27. The Rev. James Scott, late senior gaum, near Poonah, (having volunteered minister of Perth, at the advanced age of his services,) Thomas Wingate, assistani. 85. Mr Scott was ordained minister of surgeon to the second battalion Ist native Kinfauns in 1759; admitted minister of infantry, and eldest son of Dr Daniel Perth 1762 ; and resigned his charge, in Wingate, Stirling, aged 21.

consequence of the infirmities of age, in 13. On board the William Pitt East In. 1807. diaman, William Hall, Esq. a partner in 28. Mr Robert Wilson, merchant, Leith. the house of Messrs Palmer and Co. Cal. At Gartur, John Graham, Esq.

30. At Berwick upon Tweed, Mrs BarFeb. 10. At St Lucie, Mrs Mary Rus- bara Hodgson, aged 88, relict of the late sel, wife of John I. I. Alexander, Esq. of Dr Henry Hodgson, formerly Mayor of that island, and relict of the late Hon. that town. Robert Cullen, one of the Lords of Sesa May I. At London, the Hon. J. Dougsion and Justiciary in Scotland.

las. The deceased was grandfather to the 12. At sea, Mr Peter Murray, surgeon present. Marquis of Abercorn ; he was far of the Hon. East India Company's ship ther to the Countess of Aberdeen ; and he Charles Grant.

was son-in-law to the Earl of Harewood, 28. At the Havannah, Lieutenant Tho- having married the Noble Earl's daughter, mas Sibbald, R. N. son of the late Wil. Lady Frances Lascelles, who died last liam Sibbald, Esq. merchant, Leith.

year. March 10. At Charlestown, South Ca At London, John Crawford, Esq. rolina, Mrs Christiana Boston, spouse to late of Monorgan, in Perthshire. Tucker Harris, Esq. M. D. in the 68th 2. At Kinloch, Mr Hog of Kinloch. year of her age. Mrs Harris was a daugh. 3. At Glasgow, Mr James Russel, jun. ter of the late Rev. Thomas Boston of Jed- grocer, High Street. Mr Russel has left




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