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himself that charge. We understand this is the 20 Cornet R. R. Gillespie to be Lieut, by first establishment of the kind in that colony.

purch. vice Cook, ret.

9th do. 11.--- An unanimous call was given by the As

A. N. Molesworth to be Cornet by purch. sociate Congregation of Girvan, to Mr Wm. Fraser,

vice Gillespie

do preacher of the gospel, to be their pastor.

21 F. J. Broadhead to be Comet by purch, vict 13.-Mr Thomas Hill, preacher of the gospel,

Boulton, prom.

230 April. was ordained by the Associate Presbytery of kil

22 Surg. A. C. Colelough, from h. p. 56 F. marnock to the pastoral charge of the Associate

to be Surg. vice Edwards, h. p. 96 F. Congregation of Glenluce.

11.- The Senate of the University of Glasgow 25 Cornet E. H. Steed, to be Lieut. vie conferred the degree of Doctor in Divinity on the

Kingdon, dec. 26th Apr, 1817. Rev. John Sommers, A. M. minister of Mid-Cal

Lieut. E. H. Foster, from 56 F. to be der.

Capt. vice Amiel, 17 Dr.

1st Aug. Rer. A. F. Lutterell, to the rectory of East Cortiet D. M.Dougall to be Lieut. sice Quantoxhead, Somersetshire.

Brunton, dee.

14th do. Rev. Lloyd Williams to the rectories of Egges

Robert Ellis to be Cornet, vice Steed ford and chawleigh, Devonshire.

230 Apr. 1818. 25,- The Rev. William Beattie Smith, of Edin

Cha. Percivall to be Vet. Surg. vice Motburgh, 'tas been unanimously chosen by the mem

ris, dec.

do. bers of the Scotch Presbyterian chapel in Silver IF. G. Capt. Lord J. Hay to be Capt. and Lt. Col. Street, Newcastle, to succeed the 'Rev. Adam

by purch. vice Cooke, ret. Laidlaw as their pastor.

Lieut. J. Grant, to be Lieut. and Capt. by June 5.-The Town Council of Glasgow ap

purch. vice Hay

9th Apr. pointed the Rev. Dr Chalmers of Tron Church,

J. J. W. Angerstein to be Ensign and to the new church (St John's) of that city.

Lieut. by purch. vice Grant

do. 6.-The Rev, Andrew Tucker, M. A. to the rec 2 J. A. D. Bloomfield to be Ensign and tory of Catherstone Lewstone, Dorset.

Lieut. by purch. viee Gordon do. The Rev. Grenville Leveson Gower, M. A. to 3

Capt. C. Talbot to be Capt. and Lieut. the valuable rectory of St Mabyn, in Cornwall.

Col. vice Home, ret. The Rev. James Jenkin Keigwin, B.A. to the

Lieut. D. Murray to be Lieut. and Capt. rectory of Withiell, in Cornwall.

by purch. vice Talbot 9.--The Prince Regent has presented Mr Ro

P. Cosby to be Ensign and Lieut. by be jellrey, preacher of the gospel, to the church

purch. vice Murray and parish of Gir hon, vacant by the death of the 11. Lieut. W. (larke to be Capt. by purch. ker. Robert Gordon.

vice J. P. Gordon, ret.

9th April The Presbytery of Dundee moderated a call to

Ensign H. J. Bieliner to be Lieut." by the Rev. George Winehouse, to be minister of the

purch. vice Clarke parish of Auchterhouse.

Coleman to be Epsign by pureks. Dr Anthony Dow has been translated from Kil.

vice Bichner spindie, and settled in the living of Kirkpatrick- 5 Ensign E. C. Hill, from h. p. to be Er Irongray.

sign, vice Bishop

5th Na. H. Bishop to be Quart. Master,

vice Watson, ret. on h. p. · III. MILITARY.

6 G. T. Heigham to be Ensign by purch Brevet Capt. H. Ower, from h. p. 18 Dr.

rice Heigham, ret. to be Major in the Army,


Surg. W. Chermside, from No. Cork 4th Sept. 1817.

Mil. to be Assist. Surg. vice Dix, Bt. Lt. Col. Touzel's Cominission is ante

on h. p. as Staff Assist. Surg dated to the

lith July 1811. 16 Lieut. G. R. Malley to be Capt. by pure 2 L. G. Maj. and Lt. Col. Hon. E. P. Lygon to be

vice (ampbell, ret.

Sth de Lt. Col. by purch. vice L. Gen. Barton

Ensign F. Thurlow to be Lieut. by puretu Tet. 14th April 1818. vice Maltby

do. Bt. Major Hon. E. Irby to be Major by

Robert Carr to be Ensign by purch. The purch, vice Lygon


Lieut. W. Elliott to be Capt. by purch.

Lieut. F. Thurlow to be Adj. viee Maitby vice lrby

do. Cornet and Sub-Lt. H. H. Douglas to be 17 Ensign T. S. O'Halloran to be Liett. Lieut. by purch. vice Elliott do.

vice Greenhill

28th June 1817. Cha. Bulkley to be Cornet and Sub-Lt.

J. T. Nagel to be Ensign, vice O'Hallora by purel. vice Douglas do.

da. Francis Hopkins to be Assist. Surg. vice

Lieut. G. Darling, from 50 F. to be Lieut. Drinkwater


vice Jago, ret. on h. 30 F. R. H. Gds. Cornet G. Brander to be Lieut. by

230 Apr. 1&1& purch. vicc Brooke

26th Mar. 35 Capt. G. Moulson, from h. p. to be Paym. S. Hotchkin to be Cornet by purch. vice

vice Home, ret. on h. p.

sd da Brander

do. 53 B. Lt. Col. 0. G. Fehrszen, from h. p. to 3 D. G. R. Martin to be Cornet

2d Apr.

be Major, vice Mansell, prom, 1 Lieut. J. Chatterton, from 12 Dr. to be

19th Feh. Capt. by purch. vice White, ret.

56 Lieut. Grey antedated to the 26th Mar.

1st Sept. 1815. Lieut. T. Matthews to be Capt. by purch.

W. Woulds to be Adj. vice Dundas, vice Houghton, ret.

20 Apr.

res, the Adj. only. 26th Mar. 1818 Cornet H. Higinbotham to be Lieut. by

Surg: H. W. Markham, from h. p. 96 F. purch. vice Matthews


to be Surg. vice Colclough, Dr. Gent. Cadet Ramsay to be Cornet by purch. vice Higinbotham

do. 58

E, Coventry to be Ensign, vice White, 12 Dr. Connet R. B. Pallisar to be Lt. by purch.

Ist Apr. 1817 vice Chatterton


Ensign G. Ackland to be Lieut. vice Big. J. H. B. Haydock to be Cornet by purch.

25d Apr. 1818 vice Pallisar

23d do.

W.A. Conran to be Ensim, vice Ackland 15 Sir F. Henniker, Bt. to be Cornet by

do. purch. vico Douglas, prom. 2d do. 62

Ensign J. Higginbotham to be Lieut. vice 18 J. Y. Scarlett to be Cornet by purch. vice

Heyland, dead

26th Mar. De La Pasture, prom.

26th Mar.

John Lane to be Ensign, vice Higginbo Lieut. J. Hammersley to be Capt. by

tham purch, vice Anderson, ret.

20 Apr.


Surg. John Rose, from : F. G. to be Cornet J. Gowdie to be Lieut. vice Ham

Surg. vice M'Lean, dead

30th Apr. mersley


Capt. H. H. Jacob, from 56 F. to be Capsl. J. F. S. liepburn to be Cornet by purch

vice Goodyer, ret. on h. p. 56 F. vice Sroad prom.

ed do A. W. Dashwood to be Cornet iry purch67 Lieut, W. Clarke, from 86 F. to be Lieut. vice Covdie

230 do.

vice Fraser, dead 15th Sept. 1817.

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9th Apr.

gar, dee.

9th do.

69 Capt. Jenour antedated to the

Capt. Haly, from 53 F. rec. dift. with Capt.

30th Jan. 1814. Dean, h. p. 60 F. John Penn to be Ensign by purch. vice Maclean, from 21 F. with Capt. Doherty, Marsh, ret.

24th May 1817. h. p. 27 F 75 Capt. H. F. C. Cavendish, from 96 F. to Grove, from 30 F. with Capt. Baker, 69 F.

be Major, vice M.Lachlan 20 Apr. 1818. Wilkinson, from 59 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Paym. Č. Cox. fm. h. p. Roll's Reg. to Mandeville, h. p. be Paym. vice Tiddeman, ret. on h. p. Archdall, from 68 F. rec. diff. with Capt.

26th Mar. Craig, h. p. 84 F. Ensign A. Russell to be Lieut. vice Mac M'Dermid, from Rifle Brigade, with Capt. lean

30th June 1817. Stewart, h. p. 100 F. 87 Lieut. J. Turner to be Capt. vice Fitz M`Neill, from 75 F, with Capt. Edwards, Clarence, dead

26th Mar. 1818. h. p. 10 F. H. W., Desbarres, from h. p. to be Pick, from 89 F. rec. dist. with Capt. Lieut. vice Turner

Apr. Young, h. P: 89 Capt. Croker's date is altered to the

Smith, from 3 W. I. R. with Brev, Major

2d July 1813. Williamson, h. p. 60 F. Ensign J. Goodwin to be Lieut. vice Lieut. Green, from 2 Dr. G, with Licut. Graham, Brush, lead

20th Aug. 1817. h. p. 95 Staff Assist. Surg. W. Williains, from h.

Hamilton, from 29 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. p. to be Ass. Surg. vice Napier

Richardson, h. p.

2d Apr. 1818. Gibson, from 48 F. with Lieut. O'Brien, 96 Lieut. J. Campbell to be Capt. by purch. Rifle Brigade. vice Cavendish


King, from 49 F, rec. diff. with Lieut. 100 Wm. Odel to be Ensign by pureh. vice Maxwell, h. p. Ker, pro.

30th do.

Read, from 51 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. 2 W. I. R. Ensign C. J. Dunn to be Lieut. vice Jones, h. p. 81 F. Gough, dead

23d do.

J. 11. Potts, from 54 F. with Lieut C. H.
Gent. Cadet R. Lowe to be Ensign, vice Potts, York Rang.


Dundas, from 56 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Ensign A. Turner to be Lieut. vice lodg Grey, h. p. kinson, dead


Sandys, from 11 Dr. rec. diff. with Lieut.
Gent. Cadet F. Scargill to be Ensign, vice Brisco, h. p. 40 F.


A. Williams, from 25 Dr. with Lieut. R. Af. Corps Lieut. J. C. Peach, from h. p. (a M'Queen, h. p. nad. Fen. to be Lieut. viee Wallace,

Hariner, from 5 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. dec.

230 do.

Wallace, I. p.
Hosp. As. J. M.Mullen to be As. Surg.

Gale, from 19 F. rec. dift. with Lieut, vice Armstrong, h. p.

25th Jan. Chamberlayne, h. p. R. Yk. Ra. Lieut. H. Y. Eagar, from li. p. 12 F.

Ellison, from 01 F. rec. dift. with Lieut. to be Paym. vice Culmer, dead

Randall, h. p. 60 F. 16th Apr.

Cosby, froin 63 F. with Licut. Clune, 9 Black Garr. Co. John Maclean to be Ensign

h. p. 5 W. 1. R. 25d do.

Ewart, from 93 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. R. Eng. Ist Lieut. R. H. Clavering, from h. p. to Macdonell, h. p. 1 F. be Ist Lieut. vice Rogers, dead

- Thompson, from Rifle Brigade, with Licut.

28th Dec. 1817. Douglas, h. p. 26 F. 1st Lieut. H. P. Wulff, from h. p. to be Stewart, from York Rang. with Lieut. 1st Licut. vice Salkeld, dead

Tudor, h. p. 82 F, 254 Jan. 1818.

Swayne, from R. W. I. Rang. with Lieut. Garrison L. Col. II. Worsley, 34 F. to be Cap. of Anderson, h. p. York L. I. Vol. Yarm. Castle, vice Delgarno, dead

Jones, from York Chass, with Lieut. Muir30th Apr.

son, h. p. IF. Staff. As. Storekeeper Gen. T. A. Somersall to

Clason, from 21 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. be Dep. Storekeeper Gen. 15th Feb. Christie, h. p. 79 F. Medical Staff Surgeon J. G. Van Millingen, M. D. Campbell, from 38 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

from hi. p. to be Surgeon to the Forces, Michell, h. p.
vice Howell, who retires ou h. p.

Tipson, from 58 F. with Lieut, Johnstone,

h. p. 18 F. Surg. J. Taylor, M. D. from h. p. to be

Powell, from 12 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Surg. to the forces

12th Mar. Jenkins, h. p. Surg. P. Ormsby, from h. p. to be Surg. Gregory, from 78 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. to the Forces in Ireland, vice Graydon. M'Queen, h. p. dead

9th Apr.

Odlum, from African Corps, with Lieut. Surg: Wm. Wynn, M. D. to be Dep.. Insp. Hammill, h. p. Nova Sco. Fen. of Hosp. by Brevet

30th do.

Beachcroft, from 11 F. rec, diff, with Licut.

Meek, h. p.

Heard, from 18 F. rec, diff, with Lieut.
Licut. Colonel Davies, from 1 F. G. with Lieut. Cockburn, h. p. 29 F.
Colonel Eustace, h. p. Chass. Brit.

Blagrave, from 89 F. rec, diff, with Lieut. - J. Maitland, from 32 F. with Lieut. Naylor, h. p. Colonel Hon. J. Maitland, Staff.

Farquharson, from 18 F. with Lieut, CampGeils, from 73 F. with Lieut. Col. bell, 75 F. Edwards, h. p:

- Furlong, from 21 F. rec. dit. with Lieut. Shawe, from 81 F. with Brev. Co Allan, h.


15 F. lonel Doyle, 87 F.

Cockburn, from 48 F. with Lieut. Mac Major Barrington, from 3 Dr. with Major Daven lcan, 75 F. port, 87 P.

Cornet Spence, from 5 Dr, G, with Ensign Battier, Grant, from 75 F. with Brev. Lt. Col. Gub 98 F. bins, h. p. 21 F.

Coventry, from 15 Dr. rec. diff. with Cor. Brevet Lt. Col. Gray, from 1 F. with Capt. Mosse, net Callaghan, h. p. 1 Dr.

Grant, from 9 Dr. with Ensign Wright, h. Brevet Major Nooth, from 14 F. with Capt. Turnor, h. p.,

Ensign Napier, from 40 F. with Ensign Newman, Oates, from 88 F.

h. p. 12 €. Campbell, from 55 F. with Capt.

Lynam, from 28 F. with Ensign BorthWelsh, h. p. York Lt. Inf. Vol.

wick, h. p. 10 F. Capt. w. Gordon, from 1 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Macdonell, froin 35 F. with Ensign Ing. Butler, h. p. 6 W. 1. R.

ram, h. p. Fothergill, from 10 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Spalding, from 71 F. with Ensign WoodChandler, h. p. 1 Greek Regt.

ward, 73 F. Duff, from 81 F. with Capt. Coleman, 98 F. Francis, from 77 F. rec. diff. with E sigu

Hill, troin 89 F, with Capt. Shechy, h, po Clarke, h. p. CF. VOL. II.


2d Apr.

h. p.

p. 23 Dr.

Ensign Lennan, from 1 W. 1. Reg. with Ensign Captain White, 4 Dr. G.
Wemyss, h. p. 7W. W. Reg.

Houghton, 5 Dr. G.
Booth, from 40 F. with Ensign Miller, h.

Anderson, 19 Dr. p. 37F.

Campbell, 16 F. - Williams, from 4 W. I. Reg. rec. diff. with Lieutenant Cook, 20 Dr. 20 Lieut. Senior, h. p. 3 Ceylon Reg.

Ensign J. H. Heigham, 6 F.
Deare, from 1 W. I. Reg. with 2d Lieut. White, 59 F.
Home, 21 F.

Marsh, 69 F.
Cornet and Adj. Barlow, from 1 Dr. G. with Lt. Assist. Surg. Drinkwater, 2 Life Gds.

and Adj. Hill, h. p. 23 Dr.
Surgeon Pritchard, from 10 F. with Surgeon

Deaths. O'Donel, h. p. New Brunsw. Fen. Assist. Surg. Ni Lean, from 78 F. with Assist. Lieut. Col. Carden, 17 Dr. 14th Nov. 1817. Surg. Purcell, h. p. 35 F.

Lieut. Stalkart, 17 F.

2d Nor, 1817. Ekins, from 38 F. with Assist. Surg. Henry, 74 F.

3d May 18ls. M'Munn, h. p. 37 F.

Wallace, R. African Corps.
Resignations and Retirements.

Tucker, R. Art.

16th Mar. 1816.

Ensign M'Neill, R. W. I. Ra. 28th Mar. 1818. Lieut.-Colonel Cooke, 1 F. G.

Ass, Surg. Kennedy, 1 Ceylon R. 9th Dec. 1817. Home, 3 do.

MNulty, Forees, 21st Nov. 1817. Major J. P. Gordon, 1 F.

Hosp. Assist. Clancey, Forces,

28th Jan. 1818.


From the beginning of May till about the middle, the weather was wet and coldish, and from the middle till the end dry and warm. During the former period, there were only five days dry throughout; during the latter, only one shower fell, and that not exceeding one-tenth of an inch. On the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th, it rained almost incessantly, the quantity amounting in all to an inch and nearly nine-tenths. After the 15th, it set in very dry, with a considerable increase of temperature, the barometer remaining steady at an elevation above 30 inches. For many years there has been no such weather experienced in this country during the month of May, in point of temperature at least, as has prevailed since the 15th. The thermometer rose repeatedly to 70, and during the night sometimes sunk no lower than 50. Though the early part of the month was coldish, the mean temperature is fully four degrees higher than last year. It is some what remarkable, however, that the hygrometer (Leslie's) is more than five degrees los. er, notwithstanding the elevated temperature, and if allowance were made for that ele vation, the difference would be several degrees more.



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Extracted from the Register kept on the banks of the Tay, four miles east from
Perth, Latitude 56° 25', Elevation 185 feet.

MAY 1818.


THERMOMETER. Degrees. Mean of grea test daily heat,


21th day,

71.0 cold,



12th, : : : temperature, 10 A.'m.

Lowest maximum,

10 P. M.
47.2 Highest minimum,


• of daily extrernes,
50.9 Highest 10 A. M.


63.0 10 A. M. and 10 P. M.

Lowest ditto,

4 daily observations,
50.3 Highest 10 P. M.


24th, Whole range of Thermometer,

Lowest ditto,

7th, Mean daily ditto,

93.0 14.1 Greatest range in 24 hours, 19th, temperature of spring water, 46.5

Least ditto,


Highest 10 A. M.


30.150 Mean of 10 A. M. (temp. of mer. 54) 29.807

Lowest ditto,


29.99 10 P. M. (temp. of mer. 54) 29.812 Highest 10 P. M.


30345 hoth, (temp. of mer. 54)

Lowest ditto,

6th, Whole range of Barometer,

99.990 3.654

973 Mean daily ditto,

.117 Least ditto,
Greatest range in 24 hours, 1st,


HYGROMETER. Degrees. Mean of 10 A, M.

Highest 10 A. M.


50.0 10 P. M

Lowest ditto,


1.0 both,

13.6 Rain in Inches,

24th, Highest 10 P. M.

4010 2.786 Lowest ditto,


0.0 Evaporation in ditto,



23.6 Greatest dryness, 30th, 10 A. M. 10 P. M.


Least ditto, 4th, 10 P. M.
Pais days 20; rainy days 11; wind, west of meridian, 7; cast of meridian, ?..


Kept at Edinburgh, in the Observatory, Caltonhill. N. B. - The Observations are made twice every day, at eight o'clock in the morning, and eight o'clock

in the evening, with the exception mentioned in our last.

Ther Bero.

Wind. Remarks,

Ther. Baro.


Wind. Remarks.



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1{ 5{

-9.90 E. 55}E.


7{ 8{

M. 3629.280 M. 49 Dull, sl. sh.
M. 37 29.736 M. 55

Mild, sunsha
E. 5: .450 E. 49)

wind mod.
E. 591

wind mod. M. 38 .578 M. 52

Mild, sunsh.

M. 37
.880 M. 56

Dull, cold,
E. 57 .560 E. 51)

wind mod.
E. 541 .991 E. 51)

wind mod.
M. 36
565 M. 53
Dull, cold,

IM. 36 3

.894 M. 55

19 E.

Mild, sunsh. .570 E. 49 E. 52 wind mod.


E. 67 83E. 61 ) wind mod,
M. 3: .366 M. 46

He. r.


M. 38 .985 M. 55
E. 52 .316 E. 46

wind mod.
E. 60

Ditto, ditto.
M. 37 .253 M. 45

Very d. mis.

IM. 38 30.137 M. 55

Dull, wind
.346 E. 47
E. 47

wind sharp
E. 59 .199 E. 55 )

moderate. M. 35 .136 M. 10

Rain allday, 6

.103 M. 58

Mild, dull,

E. 47

wind inod.
.107 E. 44

.176 E. 57)

wind mod. M. 35 .121 M. 42

.103 M. 55 E. Ditto, ditto.

Warm, sun. E. 43 .209 E. 43

.102 E. 57


wind mod. M. 37 .286 M. 447 Misty, sho E.

.182 M. 65 24


Ditto, wind E. 471 .566 E, 45 ) wind mod

.157 E. 68

brisk even. M. 35 .305 M. 43 9

.165 M. 68
Rain, dull,

E. 47


Ditto, wind .242 E. 45 wiud mod.

.140 E. 63

moderate. M. 391 .527 M. 51 102. 48 3327 E. 52}

.190 M. 60

wind mod.

.161 E, 60

Ditto, ditto.
M. 41
.438 M. 55 }

S. W.
Mild, sh.aft.

.212 M. 58

D. m, wa. d.

E. 55 .319 E. 54
wind d.

.104'E. 56

m. ev. w. m. M. 42 .273 M. 54 12

M. with sh.

.102 M. 52

28 E. 55

Rather dull, .305 E. 54s wind mod.

E. .102 E. 53

wind mod. M. 37 .339 M. 56

D. c. I. nt.


29.994 M. 53 239 E. 50

Warm, sun.

E. 55
wind smart.

.981 E. 56

aft, w. mod. .203 M. 55

Mild, sunsh.

.916 M. 58


Very warm, E. .327 E. 53 ) wind bigh.

.78+ E. 63)

sun,w. mod, .442 M. 51)

N. E.
Mild, ra. aft.

.688 M. 64

Dull for. che .481 E. 49 wind mod.

.678 E. 61

aft. w. high M 38 .459 M. 48


Rain foren.
E, 5-| .657 E. 19)

fwind mod.
* Thermometer taken down to be cleaned.

s. w.Mild, cl. aft.

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15 M. 38 16


From the middle of May to this date, the weather has been warm and genial in a greater degree than we ever remember it to have been at this season ; the thermometer in the shade having been often above 70°. In our younger days, we have often heard of the plouglmen beginning their yoking at two or three o'clock in the morning in the month of May, resting from breakfast time to mid-afternoon, and finishing their task in the cool of the evening. This, which, if true, we were inclined to ascribe to the indolence of our beur-sced cultivators, whose labours were chiefly confined to seed-time and harvest, has been rendered sufficiently credible, and the expediency of the practice justitied, by the high temperature of the greater part of last month, as well as of the present. There are yet some complaints of the grub; from the ravages of which, however, the crops are fast recovering ; and in some places the hay-crop will be deficient in clover plants ; but, upon the whole, the prospect of both an early and abundant harvest in our fields, orchards, and gardens, is extremely flattering. There has been but little rain for this month past, yet the drought does not scem to be hurtful, though a supply of moisture must be wanted for making the turnip-seed vegetate,-a crop for which the labour is now in great forwardness. The corn-markets declined during May, but have since be. gun to look up, especially for wheat. Of this grain there is understood to be less than usual on the fields, partly owing to the lateness of last harvest, and the unfavourable weather at the end of autumn, which, as well as the wetness of the summer, prevented the fallows from being completed for sowing in due season, and partly owing to the small extent of the spring sown wheats, which had very generally failed in this climate for the last two seasons. Grass-fed meat begins to come into the butcher-market, so that prices have given way since the middle of last month. A pretty good leg of lamb, weighing from 6 to 8 lbs., can now be got in our market for 3s. or 4s., and will soon bé sold for the half of it. Old potatoes are still at a moderate price; but the new, now selling per pint at as much as the lamb-leg, are still confined to the tables of the wealthy, June 13,

[blocks in formation]

Wheat, 240 lbs. Oats, 264 lbs.

Barley, 320 lbs. Bns.& Pse. Oatmeal Flour.
Dantzic. Americ Irish. Scots. Eng. English., Scots. Stir. Mea. 140 lbs. 1250 lb


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S. S. S. S. S. S.S. S. S. S. S. S. May 20 45 46 37 42 14 48 21 28 21 26 24 27 32 38 32 35 271 11

45 35 41 12 45 25 25 21 26 21 27 || 32 38 32 34 June 3 12 44 | 35 41 12 45 29 27 23 26 24 27 32 38 50 34

101 42 43 55 41 42 45 22 26 25 26 24 27 30 32 29 31

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Wht. Rye. Brley. Oats. Beans Pease. Oatm. Dts. Wht. Rye. Barley. Oats. Beans. Pease.


$. d. s. d. S. d. d. n. d. s. d. s. d. May 9 89 1 51 9 52 9 52 3 57 10 155

2354 1056 055 8 153 3 52 657 0 51 10 35 9 23 87 3 52 52 8 32 656 8 52 11 35 8 301 84 11 53 8 51 10 32 41565 52 7155 0

5. d. s. d.

S. d.
S. d. ls.

dlsd M.9 89 051 9 51 30 11 57 37

1687 11 52 4 51 10 31 456 0152
23 87 552 5 52 531 555 26

56s. 4.

Aggregate Average of the Twelve Maritime Districts of England and Wales, by which

Importation and Duty are regulated in Great Britain. Wheat, 89€. 60.-Rye, 53s. 98.-Barley, 51s. 4d.-Oats, 30s. 11d.-Beans, 54s. 6d. Peas

Oatmeal, 33s. Id. Rape Seed, 95s. Average Prices in Scotland for the Four Weeks preceding 15th May. Wheat, 69.6cmRye, 61s. Id.-Barley, 45s. 21.-Oats, 333. 24.-Beans, 535. 7d.-Pease, Stš, id

Oatmeal, per boll, 28s. Id.-Bear or Big, 41s. 34.

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