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Meade, who was imprisoned at Cadiz by UNITED STATES--An act, of consider the Spanish Government, has been released. able importance to the trade of Britain, The confinement of this person was taken has recently passed the American Congress, up by the American Government, in a and received the sanction of the President. spirit which showed that they were deterIts object is to exclude, from the ports of mined to obtain redress; and, at present, the United States, all British vessels coming it is not the policy of the Spanish Govern. from any port from which American vessels ment to provoke a difference, more espehave been previously excluded; and the cially on a matter apparently of no public effect of which is to prohibit all direct in- importance. tercourse between the United States and On the 19th of March, the valuable the British West Indies. The Americans powder mills belonging to M. Dupont, seem resolved that the exclusion from their (the French emigrè,) at Brandywine, De ports shall not be merely in form, but that laware, were blown up, and from twenty it shall be substantial; and, that it may be to thirty persons killed, and ten wounded. in no case indirectly contravened, it is en SPANISH AMERICA.-Several battles acted that no clearance out from Bermuda, have been recently fought between the cos. or any other intermediate port, will be con- tending Royalist and independent armies, sidered as exempting the vessel from the under Bolivar and Morillo; in which each operation of the act, such second voyage party, as is not unusual, claims a decided being deemed only a continuance of the victory. According to Bolivar's bulletins, original one. This rigorous measure is he had concentrated his forces in January professedly one of retaliation. The Ameri. last, and advancing upon Morillo's head cans say, that if we exclude they will ex. quarters at Calabozo, invested the place en clude; and according as we relax they will the 12th; when, to deliver himself from s relax also.

siege, Morillo gave battle to the Patriots, The American papers of the 17th March but was, in the end, put to the route. Belast contain various documents relative to ing then shut up in Calabozo, Boliva the disputes between Spain and the United immediately took measures for hlockading States. The boundaries between Louisiana him; on which he quitted the place, purand the kingdom of Mexico, or New Spain, sued by the Patriots, who came up with have never yet been accurately determined him on the 13th and 17th, when he was nor was it of much importance to settle the again defeated, and forced to fiy. limits of a territory occupied entirely by On the other hand, dispatches from Mowild animals or by savages. As the rillo, which have been published in the population of the United States gradually Caraccas Gazettes, claim the victory for spreads, this, which was formerly a ques- the Royalists in all the engagements which tion of abstract right, begins to assume have been fought. He was attacked, it is practical importance. The inhabitants of said, by surprise; but succeeded in mainihe United States are rapidly advancing taining his position, and in repulsing the towards the west, with such a firm and armies of the Patriots with great slaughter

. irresistible pace, that nothing, it is evident, On the 13th and 14th March, which is will oppose their progress, until they reach subsequent to the date of the accounts of the Pacific Ocean. But the Spanish pos- the Patriots, there appear to have been esessions, both in Mexico and California, gagements at La Cabrera and the Maracay, extending northward, and bounding the in which the insurgents are stated to have American territories on the west, the im- lost 250 men in killed and wounded, 40 portant question is, how far the population loads of ammunition, and 2200 mules. Moof America can advance in this direction rillo concludes his dispatch with stating, without encroaching on the rights of Spain. that he would pursue the insurgents to the A line of demarcation must be fixed, which river Orinoco. " The account mentions the shall turn off the progress of the new retreat of the insurgents from Victoria, settlers, towards the North, round the which is within 15 or 20 miles of Caraccas, province of New Mexico, and shall thus the capital of the country; but it fails to secure the Spanish territories the country inform us by what means they had ad. which languishes under the effects of vanced so far from Calabozo, where the Spanish inactivity--from being cultivated two armies first met. It appears clearly and turned to use by the enterprising from this dispatch of Morillo, that he must settlers of America. This, however, to all have been defeated in the first engagements

, appearance, will be no easy task, for, while otherwise it is difficult to account for his Spain seems intent upon securing the pos- retreat from the scene of action. session of those useless tracts of country, The Government of Venezuela has the Government of the United States, on published an address to the four British the other hand, show no disposition to re- regiments acting with the armies of Venecede from the claims which they have al. zuela. This reinforcement must be of ready urged. The American Consul, M great consequence to the Independents, as

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it will furnish them with what is so essen WEST INDIES, ST DOMINGO.-Intel. tial to the organization of an army, namely, ligence has been received of the death of a supply of valuable officers.

President Petion in the end of March last; BRITISH AMERICA.An Order in who, it appears, had been for some time Council has been issued, by which Halifax previous afflicted with lowness of spirits, and St John's are to be declared free ports. and at last died voluntarily by refusing This measure has become necessary, in sustenance. No cause has been discovered consequence of the acts by which all direct for this singular act. He was interred on intercourse is prohibited between America the 31st March, with great ceremony, and and the British colonies in the West Indies. with every mark, on the part of all classes, The latter being dependent on the United of unfeigned grief for his death. The States for supplies both of lumber, and vacant Presidency was peaceably assumed frequently of provisions, the cessation of by a General Boyer, whom Petion had this intercourse would necessarily be fol- been allowed by the Senate to nominate as lowed with great inconveniences, and in his successor. The proclamation of Boyer, place of the direct intercourse, therefore, the published on the occasion, consists of a expedient is adopted of making Halifax warm panegyric on the deceased Chieftain, and St John entrepôts for West Indian and and of the strongest assurances that he will American produce, and of thus carrying on respect the rights of property, and preserve the trade by a round-about in place of a unimpaired the institutions and establishdirect channel.

ments of his predecessor.

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In the parish of Kirkmahsey, Dumfries Circuit Courts.--Inverary. At the In- shire, the lightning struck down the chimverary circuit, which terminated on the ney of a farm-house, where nine persons 24th ult. fourteen persons were indicted for were sitting; but, although it made dread various crimes; five of whom were senten ful havoc among the furniture and walls, ced to various terms of imprisonment, for fortunately the inmates escaped unhurt, assault ; six were outlawed for not appear. with the exception of the mistress of the ing; one, accused of theft, and one of as- house, who had her thigh lacerated and her sault, were dismissed from the bar on ver foot bruised. Traces of the fluid were found dicts of not proven, and the diet was de- not a hand-breadth from others of the family, serted against another, pro loco et tempore and a dog was killed in the midst of them.

4.-Ayr. The circuit court at this place Cattle were killed in the fields in various quarclosed this day. Ten persons were indicted; ters; and at some places so tremendous was one was sentenced to transportation for 14 the storm, the whole atmosphere at times years; two for 7 years; three to various periods appearing one vivid mass of flame, that very of imprisonment; two were outlawed ; and serious apprehensions were excited, and against two the diet was deserted pro loco husbandmen and others out of doors were et tempore. No remarkable case occurred compelled to forego their employments. at either of the above assizes.

Remarkable Preservation.-On the 20 12.- Thunder Storms. On the 7th and instant, at Quarreltown colliery, near Glas8th instant the counties of Cumberland, gow, five men and a boy in one of the pits, Westmoreland, and Dumfries, were visited having pricked a wall which separated them by tremendous thunder storms; the conse from an old pit, the water rushed in upon quences of which were in some places fatal. them, and it was feared they were all Near Wigton in Cumberland, an old man, drowned. A steam engine was instantly a mason, while at work, was instantaneous set to work to pump out the water ; but ly deprived of life by a vivid flash of the making little progress, after three days laelectric matter; and several others were bour, it was given up, and a mine was bestruck down, and in different degrees hurt. gun from the pit to the place where it was Mr Turner, a schoolmaster, about thirty supposed the sufferers were.

The mine years of age, was killed by lightning as he was not driven through till this day, when was passing near a farın yard at Owlerton. the workmen were both astonished and deEvery thread of his garments was com- lighted to hear the sound of voices; and pletely stripped from his body, except a two of the men were taken out alive, after string of his sleeves, which, from his occu- after having been ten days contined. Their pation of a schoolmaster, he wore; this ad- only sustenance during this long period, in hered to his arm, and was nearly the only total darkness, and amidst bad air, was the emblem by which his singed and emaciated impure water of the pit, and three picces of person could be recognized.

oat cake, which, by groping round the

work, they found in the pockets of some contending for, namely, to bring the whole men who had escaped at the time of the range to one storey above the bridge ; and accident.

because the melancholy fact was, that they The county of Banff, at their general had not one halfpenny left to carry on the meeting, 30th April last, resolved on mak- process, and all their exertions to raise ing an application for the mail coach, with more money had been fruitless. After the full establishment of four horses, &c. much discussion, the recommendation of to the north of Aberdeen, in place of the the committee was seconded, and on being present mail diligence.

put to the vote, was carried by acclamation. Robert the Bruce. The gentlemen of It appears, however, that these buildings Stirlingshire, at their meeting on the 30thult. must remain as they are; for now that the resolved to erect a national monument in me. feuars and subfeuars lave agreed to the remory of the patriot Bruce, at the “ Bore duction, such extensive claims of compenStone,” where the royal standard was fix. sation have been made by the various ed at the memorable battle of Bannockburn. tenants who took possession at Whitsun

Imitation Tea, &c.— Ten grocers in Lon. day, that there is no hope of the proposed don were this day convicted in the Court corr promise being carried into effect. of Exchequer, of fabricating sloe and white

New species of Swindling.- A person thorn leaves into an imitation of tea, and who lately purchased a church in Lives. tined in various penalties, one of them to pool, on which he expended L. 500 in re. the amount of L. 810. On the trial it was pairs and improvements, but for which the proved, that, in carrying this iniquitous unfortunate architect has never been paid, imposition into effect, verdigris, and other and who has obtained various large sums deleterious substances, were made use of. from his congregation in advance, and Several convictions have also taken place of hoaxed numerous tradesmen out of clothes, dealers in coffee, for vending scorched peas jewellery, and luxuries of every description, and beans, in place of the genuine coffee has left his numerous creditors in astonish. beans.

ment ; for he was thought one of the most 21.-Remission of Sentence. The Ma- honourable, eloquent, and pivus clergymen gistrates of Edinburgh have received a re that ever alighted in that region. To crow mission of the sentence of death passed up the whole, it has been discovered that this on Patrick Main and George Aitchison, for pattern of sacerdotal purity was, by prorobbing Mr Hay's house at Coats Cres. fession, a dancing-master, and it is sup cent, (respited some time ago) on condition posed that this discovery hastened his fight

. of transportation; Main for life, and Aitchi. 26.----Arthur Thistlewood, who wa son for fourteen years.

found guilty in the Court of King's Beach Exports from Britain to Ireland.--From on the 14th, of attempting to provoke Lord a return made to the House of Commons, Sidmouth to fight a duel, was this day it appears that the declared value of British brought up for judgment. The court senproduce and manufactures exported from tenced him to twelve months' imprisonment Great Britain to Ireland, was, during 1815, in Horsham guol, to find securities for his L.4,412,015, 1ls. Id. 1816, L.3,556,563, good behaviour for three years, himself in lls. 100.-1817, L.2,626,316, 9s. 100.-- three hundred pounds, and two others is 1818, L. 3,277,018, 8s. 3d. Ant that the one hundred each. official value of foreign and colonial mer 29.-- The Queen.--About the middle of chandize exported from Great Britain to this month her Majesty was attacked with Ireland, during the same period, was as violent spasms, and, continuing much indis. follows: In 1815, L. 1,345,677, 18s. Ed. posed, her physicians called in De Maton, the -1816, L. 1,221,173, 16s. 6d.--1817, physician extraordinary, when, after comL.1,104,299, 10s. Od.--1818,L.1,205,315, sultation, a blister was ordered to her sto 4s. 3d.

mach, and the Queen was much relieved. 23.-North Bridge Buildings. Yester- Daily bulletins were published from that day a meeting of the inhabitants of Edin. period till yesterday, when her Majesty was burgh was held in Freemasons' Hall, when so much recovered that they were discontiMr Jeffrey, one of the committee appointed, nued. in December last to take measures for re 30.-- Affecting Story.--A child of three ducing the height of these buildings, laid years old, which was exposed in a clump before the meeting a proposal from the Ma- of trees, in the parish of Tranent, on the gistrates and feuars, to compromise the 19th April last, has just been claimed. Its matter, by taking one storey from the three father is a weaver in the Nungate of Hadsouthmost houses, and contining to the dington. In his countenance was depicted same height the one now building, which at once joy and anguish ; joy, in having by the feuars' contract miglit rise to four his lost child again in his arms, and anstories above the bridge. The committee guish, on refiecting that it was his own site, Tecommended the acceptance of this offer, the mother of the infant, that had exposed on the ground of their great uncertainty of him. His wife, a few weeks previous, consuccess in obtaining at law what they were trary to his inclination, insisted on going

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to Edinburgh, and some high words passed for propagating Christian knowledge in the between them. She persisted, however, in Highlands of Scotland, was delivered by her first intention, and carried her young the Commissioner, and a Committee was child along with her. On her way home, appointed by the Assembly to draw up a having been nearly two days without food, suitable answer. On the 23d, the Assem. (as she told some persons whom she met bly took under their consideration the on the road,) it appears, that either in case of marriages celebrated by the Scotch wrath or despair, she formed the dreadful church in India. After detailing the variresolution of exposing her infant. Instead ous steps which had been taken, in order to of proceeding homewards, horror-struck, procure the sanction of the Court of Direcprobably at the deed she had done, in leav- tors, to have it found that marriages celeing her helpless child in a wood, she fled brated by a Scotch clergyman in British back, and has not since been heard of. The India were legal and valid, the Assembly poor man had seen the account in the were not only gratified to find the Directors newspapers of a child having been exposed of the India House going heartily into the and found in the parish of Tranent, but he measure, but that his Majesty's Governcould not bring his mind to think that his ment had taken the subject into their sewife, although she had left him in bad rious consideration, and that a bill had humour, could be capable of such an act. been framed, and read twice in the House Being, however, casually informed of some of Commons, to render valid all marriages particulars concerning the little foundling, that had taken place, or that should take he was induced to come and see him. The place, betwixt the members of the Scottish mingled tears of the father and child at Church in British India, either where the meeting attested their relationship.

parties were wholly belonging to the ScotBank of England. It appears, from the tish Church, or either of them a member accounts just presented to the House of of that communion. This communication Commons, that the amount of the sums was received with the highest satisfaction ; paid by the public to the Bank, as a re- and when the bill is passed into a law, it muneration for receiving the contributions will place that branch of the Church of on loans, independent of the annual ex. Scotland in a situation of dignity, indepenpence of management, from the year 1793 dence, and respectability. The warmest to 1816 inclusive, is L. 397,086, 7s. 3d. thanks of the Assembly were afterwards That the number of notes discovered by given from the chair to the Lord Advocate the Bank to have been forged from the of Scotland, for the great attention and ist June 1812, to 10th April 1818, dis- pains he had bestowed on this subject, and tinguishing those from L.i to L.20 and in carrying forward this important measure upwards, is one hundred and thirty-one to so desirable an issue. On the 26th, the thousand, three hundred and sixty-one. Assembly proceeded to consider a reference That the total expence of prosecutions for from the Synod of Moray, for advice on a forgeries, or uttering forged notes, from decision in the cause of Mr John Clark, Ist March 1797, to 1st April 1818, a- minister of the gospel, and teacher of the mounts to the sum of L. 148,370, 9s. 3d. academy of Inverness, which had been That the nominal value of the notes, of brought hefore them by protest and appeal which payment was refused, from Ist Ja- against a sentence of the Presbytery of In. nuary 1816, to oth April 1818, is verness, deposing Mr Clark from the office L. 74,760, and that the nominal value of of the holy ministry. It was admitted on forged notes paid by the Bank for the same the part of the Presbytery, that they had period, which was afterwards recovered on proceeded irregularly, and that there was the forgeries being detected, amounted only no adequate evidence in proof of the to L. 75. To shew the great and alarming libel.--After hearing parties, the Assembly increase of forgeries of Bank of England unanimously agreed to reverse the sentence notes, the whole expence of their prosecu of the Presbytery, and assoilzie Mr Clark tions in the year 1797 was only about from the whole charges laid against him; L. 1500, while in the first three months of and they ordered the whole proceedings in the present year, it amounted to the enor. this cause to be expunged from the minutes mous sum of nineteen thousand eight hunn and records of the Synod of Moray, &c. dred and ninety pounds!

On the 27th, the Assembly had transmitted

to them from the Committee of Bills, ex1.General Assembly.-- The General tract minutes from the Presbytery of DunAssembly of the Church of Scotland was fermline, referring to the Assembly, for opened at Edinburgh on the 21st ultimo, advice and decision, a cause relating to the by William Earl of Errol, his Majesty's ringing of the bells of the parish church of Lord High Commissioner to that court. Dunfermline on the Lord's day of the 12th The Rev. Dr John Campbell, one of the of April last, which had been brought be. Ministers of Edinburgh, was chosen Mo- fore them by a reference from the Kirk derator. The customary letter from the Session. It seems, that on the day menPrince Regent, with the grant of L. 2000 tioned, a sermon was to be preached for

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some charitable purpose; and the Magi- tablished congregations, to contain the strates of Dunfermline, in order to make whole of the parties who made this appli. the collection as high as possible, obtained cation. Dr Meiklejohn followed on the the use of one of the dissenting meeting, same side, and enforced the same argu, houses, which was larger than the parishments. Mr Henry Cockburn, as counsel church. The minister of the parish refused for the petitioners, in a speech of two hours to allow the church bells to be rung on the and a half duration, endeavoured to con. occasion ; but the Magistrates persisted in vince the Assembly of the propriety of their order to that effect, and sent some of granting the prayer of the petition. He their officers, who made their way to the went into a history of the Church of Scot belfry in spite of the beadle, and rung the land, the progress of dissenters, and in the bells. The Assembly, after hearing parties most feeling terms, appealed to the Asem. in this case, found that the power of regu- bly whether or not two thousand Christian lating the time and manner of ringing the souls, knocking at the doors of the church bells of the parish church, as connected to become members of the Establishment with ecclesiastical and religious purposes, should be rejected, when, comparatively belonged exclusively to the minister or speaking, the increased population had been ministers of the parish, and that the pro- far greater than the accommodation marke ceedings in this cause, on the part of the by the Established Church during the last Magistrates of Dunfermline, were irregu- fifty years. The learned Counsel concluded lar and reprehensible; at the same time, a most able speech, by calling upon the the Assembly remitted to a committee to Assembly, as they valued the best interests consider what steps might be proper for of the Church of Scotland, to reverse the preserving the rights of the church. On sentence of the Presbytery of Edinburgh. the 28th, the Assembly took into consider- Mr Sommerville, minister of Currie, ais ation an appeal of Dr Thomas Macknight, addressed the Assembly on the same side, member oi the Presbytery of Edinburgh, in support of the judgment of the Synod of against a sentence of the Synod of Lothian Lothian and Tweeddale. Parties being and Tweeddale of the 5th May, reversing fully heard and removed, it was moved a sentence of the Presbytery of Edinburgh and seconded to sustain the appeal and in December last. This appeal related to complaint, reverse the sentence of the Spa a question which has excited considerable nod, and affirm the sentence of the Pres. interest in this city. On the 1st December bytery. Another motion was made and last, the Presbytery of Edinburgh had pre- seconded to dismiss the appeal and csented to them a petition from several plaint, affin the sentence of the Spade inbabitants of the city, in name of them. and reverse the sentence of the Presbyters; selves and about 300 heads of families, and the vote being called for, it carried by stating, that they had purchased, for a great majority first motion; and, there L. 4000, the late Episcopal chapel in Cow- fore, the General Assembly did, in terms gate, and praying that the same might be of the first motion, sustain the appeal and erected into a Chapel of Ease, in commu- coniplaint. reverse the sentence of the Sea nion with the Established church. The nod, and affirm the sentence of the Presby. Presbytery, after much discussion, refused tery. In consequence of this decisioa, se to comply with the prayer of this petition, understand the congregation, assembled in conceiving the said erection unnecessary the Cowgate chapel, under the care of the and inexpedient. Their sentence was Rev. Simon Fraser, have made a proposal brought by appeal before the Synod of to join the Reliet Synod. -Op the 29th, a Lothian and Tweeddale, who, upon hearing petition and appeal was presented to the parties, reversed it; and it was against the Assembly, from the Rev. James Russell, sentence of the Synod that Dr Macknight, minister of Gairloch, with concurrence of supported by other members of the Presby- upwards of 150 of his parishioners, against tery of Edinburgh, now appealed. Parties certain proceedings of the Presbytery of being called, air Andrew Thomson, on Lochcarron. Parties having been heart, the part of the Presbytery of Edinburgh, it was unanimously agreed to sustain the argued against the expediency of erecting appeal, reverse the sentence of the Presby. this chapel into a Chapel of Ease. He tery, dismiss the accusation and petition stated, in the course of a long speech, that against Mr Russell, of 2 September 1817, the established churches of Edinburgh had as irregular and incompetent; assollzie more than two thousand seats vacant, and Mír Russell from all the charges contained which the petitioners might have access to in said petition, prohibit all further proif they really wanted accommodation in the cedure thereon, and ordain the minutes of established church. The Rev. Gentleman all proceedings already held on these further stated, that this was nothing but charges to be expunged from the records an attempt to create a new congregation of the Presbytery and Synod.--The Asserunder a favourite clergyman, while there bly then proceeded to consider a petition was a Chapel of Ease in the neighbourhood, from the Marquis of Tweeddale and other quite competent, along with the other es heritors of the parish of Channelkirk, s

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