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Professor of Logic and Rhetoric in the Historical Account of Discoveries and University of Glasgow. Travels in Asia; by Hugh Murray, F. R. Professor Dunbar is preparing an addi. S. E. Author of « Historical Account of tional volume to Dalzel's Collectanea MaDiscoveries in Africa.” 3 vols. 8vo. with jora, to contain the following extracts, with maps.

notes selected and original, chiefly explanaA Geographical and Statistical Descrip- tory of the text :- Æschinis Oratio adv. tion of Scotland; by James Playfair, D.Ď. Cresiphontem-Demosthenis Or. pro CoF. R. S. & F. A. S. E. Principal of the rona--Thucydidis Hist. lib. VII.-£sUnited College of St Andrews, and Histo- chyli Prom. Vinct. et Sept. adv. Thebas riographer to his Royal Highness the Sophoclis Philoctetes-Euripidis Alcestis Prince Regent. 2 vols. 8vo. with a map. et Cyclops-Aristophanis Plutus et Nubes

• The above work will contain a ge Dr M‘Leay, of Glasgow, has in the neral Description of Scotland, its climate, press, Historical Memoirs of Rob Roy, mountains, lakes, rivers, products, popu- and the Çlan Macgregor, including origi. lation, manufactures; commerce, religion, nal notices of Lady Grange. A prefatory literature, government, revenue, &c. a de- sketch, illustrative of the condition of the scription of every County, its extent, soil, Highlands prior to the year 1745, will also products, minerals, antiquities, seats, &c. be given ; and the whole will comprise each parish being separately described, and such authentic information, characteristic the whole illustrated by appropriate Statis- of Highland customs and manners, from tical Tables.

sources only accessible to the writer, as Sermons; by the Rev. C. R. Maturin, have not before been made known. It will Curate of St Peter's, Dublin. 1 vol. 8vo. be accompanied with an excellent likeness

An Account of the Small Pox, as it ap- of Rob Roy, from the only original paintpeared after Vaccination; by Alexander ing extant. Monro, M. D. Professor of Anatomy in A Memoir on the Ligature of the Printhe University of Edinburgh. Including, cipal Arteries of the Extremities; with an among many cases, three which occurred Appendix to the Treatise on Aneurism of in the Author's own family. 8vo. with Antonio Scarpa, Emeritus Professor and plates.

Director of the Medical Faculty of the Wight on the Law of Elections, a new University of Pavia. Translated, at the edition, with additions suited to the present request of the Author, by J. H. Wishart, time.

Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, Outlines of Philosophical Education, and one of the Surgeons of the Royal Inillustrated by the method of teaching the firmary and Royal Dispensary of Edin. first class of Philosophy in the University burgh. of Glasgow; by George Jardine, A. M.




Memoirs of her late Royal Highness ARCHITECTURE.

Charlotte Augusta, Princess of Wales, &c. MR KENDALL, architect, of Exeter, has and of her illustrious Consort, Prince Cojust published an Elucidation of the first bourg, of Saxe-Cobourg Saalfield ; by R. principles of English Architecture, usually Huishi

, Esq. author of the Peruvians, &c. denominated Gothic. The work comprises 8vo. 19s. upwards of 20 finely engraved plates by Mr Storer, representing Elevations, &c. A Treatise on the General Principles of taken from the Cathedral Church of Exeter. Chemical Analysis ; translated from the BIOGRAPHY.

French of L. J. Thenard, by Arnold Mere The Annual Biography and Obituary, rich. 8vo. 12s. for the year 1818. Vol. II. 8vo.

Memoirs of John Duke of Marlborough, with his Original Correspondence, collected The Connection of Natural and Revealfrom the family records at Blenheim, and ed Religion ; being an attempt to illustrate other authentic sources; by William Coxe, the evidences and doctrines of Christianity M.A. Vol. I. 4to. L. 3, 35.

by their relation to the inductive PhiloIllustrations of the Literary History of sophy of the Human Mind; by the Rev. the Eighteenth Century, consisting of au. E. W. Grinfield. 8vo. thentic memoirs and original letters of Considerations on the Probable Effects eminent persons, and intended as a sequel of the Opposition of the Orthodox Clergy to the Literary Anecdotes ; by John Ni. to their Evangelical Brethren, occasioned chols, F.S.A. Vol. III. Svo. L 1,75 by the late Protest against the Church Mis



sionary Society ; by an Orthodox Clergy Greenland : Being Extracts from a Jourman. 2s.

nal kept in that country in the years 1770 On the Nature, Progress, and Conse- to 1773; by Hans Egede Saabye ; with an quences of Schism; with immediate Refer- Introduction, containing an account of the ence to the Present State of Religious Af- manners of the Greenlanders, &c. &c. transfairs in this Country; by the Rev. Chas. lated from the German. 8vo. 105. Od Daubeny, Archdeacon of Sarum. 8vo.


The Gardener's Companion, or Horticu). Familiar Sermons on several of the Doc- tural Calendar, edited from the original trines and Duties of the Christian Religion ; manuscripts of J. Abercrombie; by J. by the Rev. William Barrow, LL.D. 2 Mean, gardener to Sir Abr. Hume, Bart. 2s. vols. 8vo. L. 1, 1s.

Transactions of the Horticultural Society The Greek Septuagint, with the Apo- of London. Part VII. (and last) of Vol crypha from the Oxford edition of Bos. II. 158. Od. 8vo. L. 1, 8s.

LAW. Indian Church History, or an Account Thoughts on the Expediency of Reof the first Planting of the Gospel in Syria, pealing the Usury Laws; by Edw. Cooke, Mesopotamia, and India : with an accu- Esq. 2s. rate relation of the first Christian Missions On Punishment of Death in the Case o in China : by Thomas Yeates. 8vo. 6s. Forgery : its injustice and impolicy main.

Observations on the Bible Society: tained. 8vo. Is. shewing that the present method of distri MEDICINE, SURGERY, &c. buting Bibles among the lower orders of Observations on the casual and periodi. people, tends rather to check than encou- cal Influence of particular States of the rage the Doctrine of Christ. Is. 6d.

Atmosphere on Human Health and DisAttributes of Satan. 8vo. 2s.

eases, particularly Insanity. 8vo, 4sDRAMA.

Appendix to the Observations. 2s A View of the English Stage, containing Institutes of Health ; by John Roberton, a Series of Dramatic Criticism ; by William M.D. 38. Hazlitt, Esq. 8vo. 12s.

Surgical Observations ; being a QuarterBellamira, or the Fall of Tunis ; a tra- ly Report of Cases in Surgery ; by Charles gedy, in five acts ; by R. Shiel, Esq. au Bell, Surgeon of the Middlesex Hospital. thor of the Apostate. 8vo. 3s.

Vol. II. Part I. 8vo. Gs. Essays on Shakspeare's Dramatic Cha An Attempt to estimate the Power of racters, with an illustration of Shakspeare's Medicine in Controlling Fever ; by William representation of national characters ; by Brown, M.D. 2s. 6d. Wm. Richardson, M.A. &c. 8vo. 10s. 6d. An Essay on the Symptoms, Causes,

Amoroso, King of Little Britain : a bur- and Treatment of Inversio Uteri: with a lesque. Is. 6d.

history of the successful extirpation of that A History of the Theatres of London, organ during the chronic stage of the discontaining an Annual Register of New ease ; by W. Newnham, surgeon, Fam. Pieces, Revivals, Pantomimes, &c. with ham. 8vo. 58. occasional Notes and Anecdotes. Being a An Essay on the Medical Waters of continuation of Victor's and Oulton's His. Llandrinrod, in Radnorshire, South tories, from the year 1795 to 1817 inclu. Wales ; by R. Williams. 8vo. 58. sive ; by W. C. Oulton. 3 vols. 12mo. Practical Observations on the Treatment 18s.

of the Diseases of the Prostate Gland; ll. EDUCATION.

lustrated with plates ; by Sir E. Home. The Eton Latin Prosody, illustrated Vol. II. 8vo. 14s. with English Explanations of the Rules, and authorities from the Latin Poets; by Observations on Banks for Savings, shes. John Carey, LL.D. 12mo.

ing the Expediency of making the Principle A Graminar of the Elements of Astro on which they are founded applicable to nomy, by means of which that sublime Clerks in Public Offices, and all large estascience may be taught in public schools as blishments of Mechanics, Labourers, &c. part of a course of liberal education; by Is. 6d. Thomas Squire. roy. 18mo. 7s. Od. Chess Exercises; intended as a Comps

Clavis Metrico Virgiliana ; a metrical nion and Sequel to the Practical Chess guide to the right intelligence of Virgil's Grammar; by H. S. Kenney. fse. Svo. Versification ; by John Carey, LL.D. 7s. 12mo. ls. 6d.

North of England and Scotland in 1704.

fsc. 8vo. 5s. A brief Description of Nova Scotia, in Lectures on the English Poets, delivered cluding a particular Account of the Island at the Surrey Institution ; by William of Grand Monan; by Anthony Lockwood, Hazlitt. 8vo. 10s. 6d. Assistant Surveyor General of Nova Sco A short Account of the Pindaries; pretia and Cape Breton.

ceded by Historical Notices of the different






Mahrattà States ; by an Officer in the ser of the African Institution : with observavice of the East India Company. 8vo. tions on the Speech of James Stephens, 7s.6d.

Esq. ; by Jos. Marryatt, Esq. M.P." 8vo. Sketches of the Character, Conduct, and 3s. 6d. Treatment of the Prisoners of War at No. I. of the Seraph: a collection of Auxonne, Longwy, &c. from 1810 to 1814, sacred music, suitable to public or private with an account of the Epidemic in the devotion ; by John Whitaker. 58. with a latter place in 1813; by Farrell Mulvey, plate. M.D. 4s.

Epistolary Curiosities; Series the Second Bath ; by the author of Brighton, or and last ; consisting of unpublished Letters The Steyne. 3 vols. of the 17th Century; edited by Rebecca Felis Alvarez, or Manners in Spain; by Warner. Os.

Alexander R. C. Dallas, Esq. 3 vols. 18s. A Reply to Mr Urquhart's Letters on Constancy and Leopold ; by Madame Impressment, with an Exposition of the Yossy, authoress of Switzerland. 4 vols. real Cause of the Difficulties which have 12mo. L.1, 4s. arisen in procuring Men for the Navy Undine: a fairy romance ; translated in time of War, and an explanation of the from the original German of Baron de la circumstances which induced so many Brie Motte Fouque; by G. Soane, A.B. 12mo. tish seamen to serve on board of American vessels during the late war; by an Officer The Hours, in four Idyls; by Henry in the Navy. 3s.

Hodgson, Esq. 75. A Selection of Facts from the best Au. The Fudge Family in Paris ; in a series thorities, arranged so as to form an Out- of Letters ; by the author of the Twopenny line of the Geology of England and Wales ; Post Bag. fc. 8vo. 7s. 6d. by William Phillips. 8s.

Ovid's Epistles; by E. D. Baynes, Esq.
An Essay on the Origin and Operation Vol. 1. 8vo.
of the Dry-Rot: to which are annexed Woman ; by Eaton Stannard Barrett,
suggestions for the cultivation of forest Esq. 5$. 6d.
trees, and an abstract of the Forest Laws ; Temora, being specimens of an intend.
by Robt. M'William. 4to. L.1, Is. ed Versification of the Poems of Ossian ; by

Petition et Memoire addressées à la Thomas Travers Burke, Esq. Royal Scots
Chambre des Pairs de France ; par Charles Greys. Cantos I. and II. 55.
Lord Kinnaird. 2s.

Endymion, a Romance ; by John Keats.
Stereoplia, or the Practical Defence of 8vo. Is.
the Horse's Foot considered ; by Bracy Poems, Latin, Greek, and English ; by
Clark, P.L.S. with plates. 10s. 6d. Nicholas Hardinge, Esq. Collected and

A System of Book-keeping, adapted revised by George Hardinge, Esq. 8vo.
solely for the use of Saving-banks, with 14s.
tables : to which is now added a Supple POLITICS AND POLITICAL ECONOMY.
ment; by G. Buoth. 5s.

Examination of the Internal State of A Biographical Narrative and Satirical Spain ; with a brief sketch of her History Work, called Prodigious, or Childe Pad. to the late Invasion by the French ; by die in London. 3 vols. L.1, 4s.

Christopher Clarke, Captain Royal ArtilGravity and Levity, in Prose and Verse. lery. 78.

Considerations sur les principaux Evene-
Various new Systems and Documents, mens de la Revolution Francaise. Ouv.
for the better duration and evident preser. rage posthume de Madame la Baronne de
vation of all Ships, their Crews, and Car. Stael, publié par M. le Duc de Broglie
goes, &c. &c. in the most awful moments et M. le Baron de Stael. 3 vols. 8vo.
of impending danger, unattended with ex. L. 1, 108.
pence to the nation or the individual: by Inquiry into the Principle and Tendency
which thousands of ships, and millions of of a Bill now in Parliament for imposing
lives, will eventually be preserved, the certain Restrictions on Cotton Factories. 2s.
means being always at hand, and in their A Reply, by way of Remonstrance, to a
own power; by Abraham Bosquett. Roy. Letter lately addressed to the Right Hon.
al 8vo. 106. 6.

George Canning, signed “ Your Country-
Human Life with Variations, or the man. Is.
Chapter of Accidents ; by Caroline Her. On Import of Colonial Corn ; by H. T.
bert. 12mo. 45. 6d.

Colebrooke, Esq. 8vo. 75. 6d.
Historical Illustrations of the Foursh Considerations on the Poor Laws; by
Canto of Childe Harold, containing Disser. John Davidson, M.A. Fellow of Oriel
tations on the Ruins of Rome, and an Es. College, Oxford. 8vo. 4s.
say on Italian Literature; by John Hob. The Rights of Property Vindicated ; by
house, Esq. 8vo. 14s.

R. Fellowes, M.A. 8vo.
More Thoughts still on the State of the

West-India Colonies, and the Proceedings Topographical and Panoramic Survey of

the Campagna di Roma, with Referen- Theology in King's College and University, ces to Geology, History, and Antiquities ; Aberdeen. 5s. by Dr F. C. L. Sickler. 8vo. L. I, Is. A Guide to Botany, or a Familiar Illus.

Description of the principal picturesque tration of the Linnæan Classification of Beauties, Antiquities, and Geological Phe- Plants. With coloured engravings. By nomena of the Isle of Wight By Sir James Millar, M. D. 12mo. 78. Henry C. Englefield Bart. With addition The Problem Solved: in the Explica. al Observations on the Strata of the Island ;, tion of a Plan of a Safe, Steady, and Secure by Thomas Webster, Esq. Illustrated by Government Paper Currency, and Legal Maps and 50 Engravings, by W. and G. Tender. By Samuel Read. 8vo. 1s. Cooke, from Original Drawings by Sir H." A Treatise on the Law of Scotland, reEnglefield and P. Webster. Royal 4to. lative to the Erection, Union, and Disjunc. L. 7, 7s. Large paper L. 10, 10s. tion of Parishes ; the Patronages of Eccle

A new Picture of Rome, or an interest. siastical Benefices; and the Manges and ing Itinerary ; by Marien Vasi. 12s. Glebes of the Parochial Clergy. By John VOYAGES AND TRAVELS.

Connell, Esq. Advocate. 8vo. 16s. A Journey to Rome and Naples, per Practical Observations on the Action of formed in 1817, giving an Account of the Morbid Sympathies; as included in the present State of Society in Italy; and con- Pathology of certain Diseases: in a Series of taining Observations on the Fine Arts; Letters to his Son, on his leaving the Uniby Henry Sass. 8vo. 12s.

versity of Edinburgh in 1809. By Andrew Letters of a Prussian Traveler, (inter- Wilson, M. D. Kelso, s. spersed with numerous personal Anecdotes,) An Historical Description of the Monas. descriptive of a tour through Sweden, Prus- tery and Chapel Royal of Holyroodhouse, sia, Austria, Hungary, Istria, the Ionian with the Curiosities, Monuments, &c. An Islands, Egypt, Syria, Cyprus, Rhodes, Historical Account of the Palace, and its the Morea, Greece, Calabria, Italy, Tyrol, environs; and Biographical Anecdotes of the Banks of the Rhine, Hanover, Hol. celebrated Individuals connected with its stein, Denmark, Westphalia, and Holland; History, Fine 6s. common 3s. 6d. by John Bramsen, Esq.

The Angler's Vade Mecum, containing A Picturesque Tour of Italy in illustra- a descriptive Account of the Water Flies, tion of, and with reference to the Text of their seasons, and the kind of weather that Addison, Eustace, and Forsyth. From brings them most on the water. The Drawings taken on the spot in 1816 and whole represented in 12 coloured plates : 1817; by James Hakewill. Part I. (to be to which is added, a description of the difcompleted in 12 parts.) 4to. 12s. 6d. ferent baits used in Angling, and where Large paper 18s. Proofs L.), 10s. found; by W. Carroll. 12mo. price $s.

Journey through Asia Minor, Armenia, Statements relative to the present preraand Koordistan, in 1813 and 1814. With lence of Epidemic Fever among the poorer Remarks on the Marches of Alexander and classes of Glasgow, together with some sug. the Retreat of the Ten Thousand ; by gestions both for affording more adequate John Macdonald Kinnier, Esq. 8vo. 18s. assistance to the sick, and for checking the

Voyage of the National Ship Rosamond farther progress of the Contagion; in a to Newfoundland, and the Southern Coast Letter addressed to the Honourable the of Labrador ; by Lieut. Edward Chappell, Lord Provost of Glasgow. By Richard R.N. 8vo. 128.

Millar, M. D. 2s. Iceland, or the Journal of a Residence Inquiry into the Relation of Cause and in that Island during the years 1814 and Effect. By Thomas Brown, M. D. F. R. 1815: containing observations on the na S. E. Edinburgh, and Professor of Moral tural phenomena, history, literature, &c. Philosophy in the University of Edinburgh. with an introduction and appendix, plates Third edition, 8vo. 158. and map 2 vols. 8vo. L.1, 8s.

Decisions of the First and Second Divi. Observations on Greenland, the Adja- sions of the Court of Session, from Norenu. cent Seas, and the North-west passage to ber 1816 to November 1817. Collected the Pacific Ocean, made in a Voyage to by J. Wilson, G. T'ait, R. Rollo, and M. Davis's Straits, during the Summer of A. Fletcher, Esqrs. Advocates. Folio, lis. 1817; by Bernard O'Reilly, Esq. with The Edinburgh Gazetteer, or Geographichart and plates. 4to. L.2, 2s.

cal Dictionary. Vol. III. Part I. Švo S.

Sermons on various Important Subjects, EDINBURGH.

by the Rev.James Stark, Loanhead, Denby. Principles of Christian Evidence Illus. 8vo. 10s. Od. strated, by an Examination of Arguments Observations on the Trust Oath, corsubversive of Natural Theology and the taining a Statement of the Interrogatories internal evidence of Christianity, advanced that may be put to the Freeholder, and by Dr Thomas Chalmres in his “. Evidence Remarks on the Answers that must be and Authority of the Christian Revelation." made; calculated to explain the nature of by Duncan Mearns, D.D. Professor of nominal and fictitious votes. ls. Od




evinces a spirit of intolerance such as we GERMANY.-Austria, it appears, has at could hardly have imagined to have existed Length succeeded in procuring from some ca- in the present times. The Jews have, in pitalists, a loan of thirty millions of forins. consequence, published an address to their If the payment of the money could be se brethren, calling upon them to unite against cured, the rate of the present loan, though this intolerant design, and to petition the lower than the last contracted by the French King of Prussia for leave to establish a Government, is advantageous to the con fair at Naumburg, to be held twice &-year, tractors. The debentures were issued at Easter and Michaelmas. 70, bearing an interest of five per cent and SWEDEN.-On the 11th May, Berna, are represented as having been subsequently dotte was crowned King of Sweden, by negotiable on the exchange at 72 and 74. the title of Charles XIV. The cere.

The son of the Archduchess Maria mony was conducted with great splendour. Louisa has received the Dukedom of Eleven thousand soldiers lined the streets Reichstadt, in Bohemia, which title, with of the metropolis. The King was anointed the appellation of Highness, he is hereafter by the Archbishop Lindholm. The Crown to bear.

Prince and all the chief nobility took the Prussia. The foreign papers have oaths of allegiance---salutes of artillery, and furnished us with the answer of the King volleys of musketry were fired and the of Prussia to a petition from the inhabitants King, when he appeared on horseback of Coblentz, claiming the fulfilment of his among the people, was hailed by the loud promise to give his subjects a representative est acclamations. Deputies from the Nor. government. His Majesty expresses, in wegian Diet came to offer their congratuladecided terms, his displeasure at those un, tions to his Majesty; and in an address seasonable remonstrances, and reproaches which they presented to him, expressed them with entertaining a doubt of his their hope of again seeing the Crown of fidelity. He then apologises for his delay Norway placed upon the head of a hero. in redeeming his pledge, on the ground of TURKEY.- Accounts from Constanti. the times, which, he states, are not favour- nople give an account of a dreadful conable for changes of this nature; and he con- flagration which happened there on the 3d cludes with informing them, that it is the of April. It broke out in a house near the duty of good subjects to have implicit con- hotel of the French legation, belonging to fidence in their Sovereign's discretion, who, a person of the name of Mano; and made in his own time, will bring about whatever such dreadful progress that seventeen perhe judges to be favourable to their interests. sons, among them the Princess d'Ypsilanti

POLAND.-A representation has lately and her son, with eight chüdren, perished been made to the Polish Diet, with a view in the flames. The calamity is suspected of directing the industry of the Jews from to have been produced by the malice of an trade to agriculture; and a pamphlet has incendiary. The plague is represented to also been published, recommending that have entirely ceased in that city, part of this nation shall be transferred to Tartary to cultivate the soil. It is not very

ASIA. distinctly stated whether the plan is to be East INDIES.- Intelligence of the provoluntary, or whether compulsion is not to gress of the new Mahratta war has been be applied in case the Jews should refuse received, stating, that a treaty of peace has to enter into it. In this case, like all other been concluded with Holkar, and that the expedients of tyranny, it will unquestion war against the Pindarries continues to be ably fail. The better plan to encourage successfully prosecuted. The Rajal of the Jews to cultivate the soil, would be to Berar also has acceded to a treaty, in conplace them on an equality with other classes sequence of the successful operations against as to civil rights, to guarantee to them the him of General Doveton.

Little was produce of their own labour, and there will known of the Peishwa, except that he was then be no need of state expedients to direct always evading the pursuit of our troops. their attention to agriculture.

BATAVIA.— The last dispatches from SAXONY...The booksellersof Leipsic have the Dutch settlements in the east are dated determined by a majority of 101 votes against 20th of December, and contain accounts of 10, to permit only Christians to carry on that the subjugation of the insurgents at Artrade in public market; a proceeding which boyna.

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