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Upon the first resolution being put, Mr Cambridge upon his marriage, was carried BARCLAY rose to oppose it. This was not on a division of 177 to 95. The same rea time to propose any new expenditure, solution was then moved in favour of the when it was stated that in a year of peace Duke of Cumberland, which met with a loan of eleven millions must be raised for greater opposition, and was negatived by a the public service. Let the committee majority of seven, there being for the moconsider the burdened state of the country ; tion 136-against it 143. let them consider that the distress was last This decision was received by the loud year so great as to induce his Royal High- acclamations of the majority. ness the Prince Regent to sacrifice L.50,000 Two resolutions for granting L.6000 aof his income for its relief; and then say year respectively to the Princess of Hesse, if this was a period to impose new burdens. in case of her surviving the Duke of CamHe moved as an amendment, that the bridge, and to the Duchess of Cumberland, Chairman report progress, and ask leave to in the event of her surviving the Duke, sit again.

were agreed to unanimously. Mr BENNET followed, and opposed the Friday. Some very interesting conver. resolution.

sation took place on the motion of Sir R. Mr PROTHEROE congratulated the House Peel for going into a committee on the on the effect of the virtuous opposition cotton factories bill. In conclusion it was which had been made to this measure, in agreed that the report should be immedi. reducing the original sum proposed to be ately received, and that the bill should be called for. In loyalty he would yield to re-committed on Tuesday next. no man; but he held it to be not only con Monday, April 20.- The House went sistent with loyalty, but essential to its sta into a committee of ways and means ; and bility, to speak the language of truth. Did the CHANCELLOR of the ExchEQUER ministers speak the language of truth to entered into a full detail of the state of the their royal master when this was first finances, the result of which was, that the thought of ? Did they tell him that this service of the year required L. 21,612,086, was not the time to increase the burdens and the total ways and means were estiof the people? If ever there was a vote of mated at only L: 7,271,488, leaving the that House in perfect unison with public sum of L. 14,000,000 to be provided by feeling, it was the vote which had rejected extraordinary means. The statement was the application for an additional allowance as follows: Army L. 8,970,000, Navy to the Duke of Cumberland.

L. 6,456,800, ordnance L. 1,245,600, misMr Canning, Mr Gurney, Mr Holme cellaneous L. 1,720,000, interest of ExSumner, Sir W. Curtis, Lord Compton, chequer bills 2,000,000, interest of ditto Mr Thornton, &c. spoke in favour of the for sinking fund L. 560,000, for the Spagrant, which was opposed by Mr Coke, nish creaty L. 400,000, deficiency in 1817 Mr Ellison, Sir T. Acland, Lord John L. 258,686, for repayment of Exchequer bills Russell, Lord Lascelles, Mr Tierney, &c. L. 15,932,062; total supply L. 37,544,148. &c.

The ways and means to meet this would Mr HOLME SUMNER proposed an a be as follow:-Assessed taxes L. 3,000,000, mendment of L.6000 to the Duke of Cla Excise L. 3,500,000, Lottery L. 250,000, rence in place of L.10,000.

old naval stores L. 250,000, arrears of proMr TIERNEY requested Mr Barclay to perty-tax L. 250,000, in the Exchequer withdraw his amendment, in which propo. L. 21,448, subscription loan L. 3,000,000, sal the honourable member acquiesced. by funding Exchequer bills L. 27,272,700;

The cries of question became vehement, total ways and means L. 37,544,148.and the House divided—For Mr Holme The Right Honourable Gentleman said, Sumner's amendment of 1.6000 a-year, it was necessary for him to state, how the there were 193—Against it 184_Majori- additional charge was to be provided for. ty against ministers 9.

He was not about to propose any plan on The result was received with loud shouts the subject; but he would, on a future of applause; amidst which, we understand, day, submit to the consideration of the that Lord CASTLEREAGH rose, and ob House, how far a part of the sinking fund served, that since the House had thought could be appropriated for that purpose. proper to refuse the larger sum to the He did not intend to propose any new Duke of Clarence, he believed he might taxes. The Right Honourable Gentleman, say, that the negociation for the marriage looking at the general improved state of might be considered at an end.

the country, could not but anticipate a Thursday.The House went into a considerable revenue to the consolidated committee on the royal marriages, which fund, from which considerable aid might produced a debate somewhat acrimonious, be anticipated the next year. The Right particularly between Lord Castlereagh and Honourable Gentleman concluded, by moMr Brougham. In the conclusion of the ving a resolution, setting forth the terms debate, the resolution for granting an ad- of the loan, as stated in his notice to the dition of 1.6000 a-year to the Duke of Stock Exchange.

A long discussion took place ; and in Honourable Gentleman also moved for an the end the resolutions were agreed to, the account of the total number of forged House resumed, and the report was ordered notes, discovered by presentation or other to be brought up to-morrow.

wise, from the 1st January 1812, to the Tuesduy. A petition was received from 10th April 1818, distinguishing the kind proprietors of salt-works in Scotland, against of notes, &c. alterations in salt duties, and praying com. After some discussion, the several motions pensation if they were repealed.

were put and carried.--Adjourned. Sir JAMES Macintosh brought for Wednesday, Mr BROUGHAM present. ward his promised motions relative to the ed a petition from some person in Berk. forging of Bank of England notes, which shire, who stated, that he had examined he prefaced with an able speech. He and investigated the state of the charities made some very severe remarks on the in- in that county. The income of the Berkshire crease of forgery, and the indiscriminate charitable institutions had been stated at prosecution of men, women, and children. L. 7000 a-year ; but the petitioner beHe complained of the system as inhuman, lieved they amounted to L. 20,000, of and its progress, as sustained by the re which more than three-fourths were wholly striction-bill, as intolerable. After some unaccounted for: only a third was stated other observations, the Honourable Mem- in the returns. In Abingdon alone, ber concluded a most eloquent speech, by there were many charities. In one case moving, “ that there be laid before the of a charitable institution, there was a House, an account of the total amount of balance due of L. 10,000, which was not the nominal value of forged bank-notes stated in the returns. In most of the presented at the Bank of England, from charities, there was a surplus beyond the the 1st January 1816, to the 10th April views of the original donor. Orders would 1818, specifying each year, with the num- be insufficient, unless the commissioners ber of public prosecutions, with reference had power and instructions to investigate to forged notes, together with the expences minutely. Ordered to lie on the table. of prosecution for the same period.” The









88 18




1811 1812 1813 1814 1815 1816 1817 10.- Railways. Since the execution of Cumberland

51 89 the Union Canal was determined upon,

Durham 37

49 55 57

Lancaster 661 831 830 816 959 1212 1946 public attention has been strongly directed Northumberto the establishment of railways, to inter land

73 68 Westmoreland

13 sect the coal district in the vicinity of Edin


206 304 305 337 355 420 748 burgh, and to be used for the conveyance


303 of all heavy commodities through its po


319 pulous neiglıbourhood. Surveys have ac

Lancaster cordingly been made by Mr Stevenson,


73 engineer, and the Magistrates and Town


2775 Council, on the application of a Committee appointed by a general meeting held

Total coramitments in seven years 11,25 * last year, have unanimously resolved to The following is an account of the numgive the measure their support. This sub- ber of persons charged with criminal offences, ject, we understand, has attracted the at and committed to the different jails in Eng. tention of the neighbouring counties ; and land and Wales, for trial at the assizes and it has been proposed to extend the survey sessions held for the several counties, cities, already made into East Lothian, Rox: towns, and liberties, during the aboveburglıshire, and Selkirkshire, with the view mentioned period. of forming railway communications from Committed for trial

56,308 these counties with Edinburgh, Leith, and

Convicted and sentenced to death 4,952 the Canal basin. However these specula

Of these were executed tions may succeed as objects of profit to

Convicted—transportation for life 358 the projectors, their execution will evident.

for fourteen years 638 ly be productive of much public advantage

for seven years 5,496 to the community.

Imprisoned for various terms 22,469 Increase of Crimes – A correct list of the Whipping and fine

1,326 number of persons charged with criminal Acquitted

11,762 offences, and committed to the different No bills found

9,287 jails, in the six northern counties of Eng The above presents a melancholy riew land, in the last seven years, viz. 1811 to of the progress of crime in the northern 18!7, inclusive.

circuit. It appears that in one county, in


the first year of the series, the commit- Societies was discussed :-The Brotherly ments amounted to 17, in the last to 89!; Society of Annan having found at Candlein another, they advanced from 206 to mas last, that their funds were very much 748; and in another from 661 to 1946 !. decreased since the last yearly meeting in

16. Ireland. Important Decision. In August, the office-bearers called a meeting the case “ The King, at the prosecution of of the members, for the purpose of adoptJohn Cole v. the Corporation of Dublin,” ing such measures as might tend to the fuwhich came on the 13th instant in the Court ture prosperity of the Society ; when it was of King's Bench, Dublin, the Court gave agreed to suspend the weekly allowance to judgment, and directed that a mandamus sick members for two years. In conseshould issue requiring the Corporation to quence of which, David M"George, one of admitand swear in the prosecutor as a mem the members, at present in a poor state of ber, although a Roman Catholic.

health, was deprived of his weekly allowThe Navy-The official list of the navy, ance, when he presented a petition to the recently published, enumerates

Court, stating the injustice of the proceedAdmirals 216 including 12 incommis. ing, at the same time craving the usual al. Captains 875

61 ditto lowance of 39. per week. The Justices Commanders 788

50 ditto found the petition relevant, and ordained Lieutenants 3929

349 ditto the Society to pay the petitioner in full Masters 650

119 ditto from the time of the stoppage, and to conSurgeons 933

96 ditto tinue the same during his illness, togeAst. Surgeons, 398

123 ditto ther with costs. Pursers


116 ditto 20.-Appeal of Murder.-The Court of Respite.-A letter was this morning re- King's Bench on Friday decided, in the ceived by the Magistrates of Edinburgh, case of Ashford versus Thornton, that the intimating, that the Prince Regent had re defendant was entitled by law to prove his spited the sentence of death lately passed on innocence of the murder of Mary Ashford * the two boys, Main and Aitchison, (see p. by battle with the appellant ; and this 380 last Number,) till the further significa. morning the parties having appeared in tion of the pleasure of his Royal Highness. court, the appellant, by his counsel, de

Edinburgh High School. At a meeting clined the fight, and Thornton was in conof the Town Council of Edinburgh yester

sequence discharged. day, the Lord Provost laid before them a National Monument for Scotland, in letter from Mr William Ritchie, one of the memory of Waterloo, &c.—The erection of masters of the High School, containing a a public monument for Scotland, to comresignation, from the 1st October next, of the memorate the victories by sea and land, situation which he has held for 22 years in and particularly that of Waterloo, was sugthat celebrated seminary, as he felt the du- gested at a meeting of the Highland Societies of it, at his advanced period of life, af- ty last year; and this day the subject was ter 46 years spent in the instruction of taken into consideration by a committee of youth, becoming too heavy for him. The noblemen and gentleman, who met in E

Town Council having accepted the resig- dinburgh, the Earl of Moray in the chair ; nation of this respectable teacher, proceedwhen it was resolved, “ that a monumened to appoint a successor, and, upon the tal church, of ornamental architecture, motion of the Lord Provost, unanimously would be a most appropriate and useful elected to the office of one of the masters of testimonial of national gratitude ; and the High School, from and after the 1st of would furnish an hallowed place of record October next, Mr Samuel Lindsay, A. M. for inseribing, on some durable material, classical teacher in George Heriot's Hospi- the names of those Scottish heroes, whó, tal. Mr Lindsay will accordingly open the by their signal gallantry, upheld the marRudiment class in October next. ,

tial fame of their ancestors. This resoluOn Monday the 13th, a scene of wretch- tion having been unanimously approved, it edness passed along our streets (Glasgow), was then resolved to refer the consideration seldom witnessed in Scotland. We refer to of the most proper means of carrying it inthe funeral of a poor person, from the to effect, to a sub-committee of noblemen Bridgegate to some church-yard up High and gentlemen, who were named accordingly. Street, attended by only four persons; a Calamitous fire at Liverpool. One of poor labouring man, two little boys almost the most extensive fires took place in Linaked, and for whom the load seemed too verpool on Thursday the 16th, that has much, and a poor woman, supporting on happened in that town since the destrucone side the bier, apparently a near rela- tion of the Goree buildings in 1802.

Ation of the deceased. Of late, scenes of this bout two o'clock in the afternoon of that description, although not quite so wretched, day it was discovered that the large bondhave become frequent. Glasgow Chronicle. ed warehouses in Suffolk Street, known by

Friendly Sociсties.-At a Justice of the the name of Parr's Factory, had taken fire, Peace Court, held at Annan, on Tuesday last, the following case relative to Friendly

See p. 482, last volume,


3 R


owing, it is said, to an officer of the Ex- streets. After the atmosphetic air was cise having left a lighted candle burning in thoroughly discharged from the pipes, the one of the rooms. The whole amount of gas burnt with extraordinary brilliancy, produce destroyed is estimated at L.50,000. and attracted great crowds of admiring

Planting of Timber.- The Duke of A. spectators. We anticipate with much ples. tholl is now enjoying the benefit which pro sure the prospect of our streets being lightvident ancestors sometimes confer upon ed with gas, the effect of which can only their heirs. His Grace's estates have been be known by those who have seen it in hitherto considered as rather extensive than productive ; but his forests have now at.

MAY. tained to such a growth, that, we under 4.-Circuit Court, Perth.-Twenty-four stand, he will be able to cut timber to a persons were indicted for trial at the Perth very large amount annually, we may say circuit, which opened on the 16th, and almost in perpetuity, as he has continued ended on the 18th ult. One was transportthe excellent practice of his noble father, ed for life, one for fourteers, and five for and planted millions of trees annually. seven years. Two were sentenced to im.

A Whale caught in the West of Scot. prisonment for six months, two for twelve land. On the evening of Sunday last, the months, and one for eighteen months, 19th instant, off Cardill Point, about 14 Three were outlawed for not appearing; miles from Campbeltown, a large whale two accussed of housebreaking, and two was discovered about mid-channel. Mr of assault, were dismissed simpliciter from Campbell of Cardill immediately got four the bar; and against four the diet was de boats manned and armed with every of- serted pro loco et tempore. The only case fensive weapon they could muster, (him- of novelty which occurred, was that of Al. self accompanying the expedition.)

-As lan Jamieson and J. Macdiarmid, the for. they approached, the peaceful arctic wan mer accussed of an assault upon the per derer lay slumbering on the ocean, and son of Margaret Robertson, and the latter; appeared to be in a weakened condition, of celebrating a clandestine marriage, under which created a belief that it would prove the assumed name of a clergyman. The an easy conquest; but on coming to close particulars of this case were described at quarters, and probing it with their wea- page 381, of our last number. The jury pons, it evinced a powerful activity, in- found Macdiarmid guilty of celebrating stantly plunged, and made considerable the clandestine marriage, but not under the play, placing the assailants in imminent assumed name of a clergyman; and found danger. Notwithstanding the hazard, they the libel not proven against Jamieson. continued the pursuit, and finally succeed. Macdiarmid was accordingly sentenced to ed in towing it into Port Ree, at Cardill. banishment from Scotland for life, and It measured 94 feet in length, and 56 in Jainieson was dismissed from the bar. circumference.

Aberdeen. The Circuit Court was opene Ayrshire.— Yesterday the foundation ed here on the 21st ult., and occupied to stone for the county of Ayr buildings was days. There were sixteen indictments belaid by Alexander Hamilton, Esq. of fore the Court, which were disposed of as Grange, Most Worshipful Grand Master follows:-John Ritchie, for stealing sheep of the most Ancient Mother Lodge Kil- from the parks of Gordon Castle, was senwinning, and Provincial Grand Master of tenced to be hanged at Aberdeen, on the the county of Ayr. L.27,000 are already 5th June ; but was recommended to merry provided for the erection of those parts now on account of his youth, being only serencommenced. Twenty-three mason lodges teen years of age. One was sentenced to were present.

seven, and one to fourteen years transporta 27.-Forgery of Bank Notes. By the tion; two to one year's, and two to three paper laid on the table of the House of months imprisonment; the diet against Commons, it appears that, from 1783 to five was deserted pro loco et tempore ; two 1796, both inclusive, there were only three were dismissed from the bar; and two capital convictions, and but four prosecu were outlawed, having failed to appear. tions; while, in the years 1816, 1817, Inverness.--At the Circuit Court here, and up to the 25th of February 1818 only, on the 27th ult., Duncan Cameron, and there were fifty-six capital convictions, and George Macintosh, ensigns on half-pay of two-hundred and eighty-eight prosecutions. the 42d regiment, were accused of the

An account of the total number of sove. murder of Alexander Robertson, late ep. reigns and half-sovereigns issued from the sign in the Middlesex militia. It appeara Bank of England iThe number of sove- ed, that on the 19th of October last, the reigns, 2,275,708 ; the number of half. parties had dined at the Boat-house sovereigns, 1,185,247.

Rothiemurchus, where they drank freely 30.-Edinburgh Gas Light. Last night in the course of some after-play, a series the Gas Light Company commenced giv. of scuffles ensued, and Cameron gave the ing light to such shops as had taken deceased a blow on the left temple, which branches from their pipes in the principal made him reel, and blood proceeded from


the wound, although no one saw any in, munity:--Three boys, named Robertson, strument in the hand of Cameron. The M.Dougall, and Wilson, charged with deceased, after receiving the blow, walked theft, and being habit and repute thieves, the same night three or four miles, and a were found guilty, and sentenced to transfew miles the following day. The jury portation for life. While Lord Pitmilly found Macintosh not guilty, and Cameron was addressing them, they shewed the ut. guilty of culpable homicide ; he was ac. most depravity, and frequently laughed. cordingly sentenced to fourteen years trans Walter Turnbull, agen ten, and Hill portation, and Macintosh was dismissed Boyd Hay, aged nine, accused of breaking, from the bar. Eight other cases of minor on the 7th December 1817, into the house importance, came before the Court : Two of John MʻIntyre, Bridgetown, and of were outlawed for not appearing; one was stealing therefrom 20s. 6d. and a one pound sentenced to three months, one to nine note, were next put to the bar, Turnbull months, and two to twelve months im. was very unwilling to plead guilty, but he prisonment, and two were acquitted. did so at last ; but Hay at once pleaded

Stirling.Only two cases came before guilty. the Stirling circuit, on the 18th ult. Ro These pannels, when placed at the bar, bert Galloway, a carter, was sentenced to six presented a most afflicting spectacle ; for months imprisonment, for stealing oats from they were so small, that they were mount. a field near Falkirk. The other case was a ed on the dock seat, and were bathed in most distressing one, and was shortly noticed at page 378 of our last Number. It was The Advocate-depute, observed, that that of Peter Robertson, portioner of Corn. some persons might consider apology from town in the parish of Logie, and county of him necessary for bringing such infants to Stirling, who was accused of the murder the bar of their country. He was well aof Elizabeth his daughter. It appeared in ware of the tender years of the prisoners at evidence, that the pannel, having quarrel. the time he raised the indictment against led with Margaret Malcolm, his servant, them. He deemed it proper to notice the for having allowed one of his children to very laudable conduct of the fathers of these go to a dancing-school ball, against his ex. boys. They discovered that their sons had press orders, he, in the heat of passion, gone home with property which they knew threw a pair of tongs at Margaret Malcolm, did not belong to them. In these circum. and which, having missed her, struck stances, as they had no alternative, they Elizabeth, one of his children, whereby gave them up to the proper authorities ; she was killed. Mr Maconochie, Advo- and thus it was discovered who had com, cate-depute, charged the Jury on the part mitted the housebreaking libelled. The of the Crown, and Mr Jeffrey on the part present case evinced the vigilance of the of the pannel, when Lord Pitmilly having police, which could not be praised too summed up the evidence, the Jury found much. It, as well as the former, demon. the pannel guilty of culpable homicide. strated that there was among the lower ore Lord Pitmilly, after a suitable admonition, ders a looseness of principle, and a tensentenced the pannel to six months impri- dency to commit crime. He concluded by sonment in the jail of Stirling.

saying, God oniy knows what is the cause Glasgow. The business before the Glas- of this deterioration of character, and what gow Circuit, occupied the Court from Tues can be its cure. The present conviction day the 28th April, to Saturday the' 2d in- will teach young persons, if they know stant. Forty-one cases were brought be. right from wrong, that if they commit a fore the Court, eleven of which were de- crime it matters nothing in the eyes of the. serted pro loco et tempore. The number of law whether the prisoner is nine or sixty indictments were sixty ; of these two years of age. William Baird, and Walter Blair, for six Lord Pitmilly expressed a hope, that different acts of assault and robbery on the an institution for the instruction of juvehigh-way, were sentenced to be executed nile delinquents would be established in on the 3d June. Four were sentenced to Glasgow. Their Lordships would concur transportation for life; ten to transportation with the Magistrates in the formation of from seven to fourteen years, and nine to an establishment. imprisonment; five were outlawed. The The prisoners were then sentenced to be Advocate-depute sent some cases to the confined in Bridewell for twelve months, higher, and some to the lower courts. the libel being restricted ; and to be kept Blair who was sentenced to die, is a young separate from the other prisoners. man, and has received a liberal education. Jedburgh. There were six cases before He was once before tried at the Glasgow the Court here, which opened on the circuit, and was dismissed upon a verdict 22d ult. Three were sentenced to trans, of not proven.

portation for seven and one for 14 years ; Among the other cases at this Circuit, one was banished Scotland for life ; and we deem the following deserving of record, the other case, that of Thomas Fleming, as a lesson to the juvenile part of the come accused of sheep-stealing, in consequence

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