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nutes of Cases of Cancer, part the second ; MR JAMES WALKER, late of Berbice, being further reports of Cases of Cancer will soon publish Letters on the West Indies. successfully treated by the new method of

Mr Thomas, of Falmouth, has nearly pressure, with some observations on the nafinished upon a large scale for publication, ture of the disease, as well as on the me. a Survey of the Mining District of Corn- thod of practice. wall, extending from Camborne to Chace The author of Headlong Hall has in the water, of which Redruth will be nearly the press, a new novel, called Night Mare centre. It will have all the principal lodes Abbey. and cross courses laid down at a certain A very curious and interesting manu. level, showing the nature and elevations of script of the celebrated Dr King, of St the ground, courses of adits, and all parti- Mary's, Oxford, bas lately been discovered; culars relative to the mines.

containing anecdotes and reminiscences of Sir Richard Colt Hoare has prepared a his own times, and will be published forththird and supplemental volume to the Rev. with. Me Eustace's Classical Tour through Italy. A Life of the Emperor Napoleon, from It is intended to complete the labours, and the pen of the well known M. Gacon-Dusupply the omissions of that traveller, four, author of the “ Correspondence des and to describe such parts of Italy as he plusieurs Personnes illustres de la Cour de had not visited, and others have rarely ex Louis XV.' being the sequel to the Cor. plored. The author has enlarged its con- respondence of Madame de Chateauroux, tents by a Tour round the whole island of is expected to make its appearance shortly Sicily, an Account of Malta, an Excursion in London, in a series of letters, designed to Pola, in Istria, and a Description of the as materials for the future historian. celebrated monasteries of Montserrat in The Travels in Egypt, Nubia, HolySpain, and the Grande Chartreuse in land, Mount Libanon, and Cyprus, by France.

Captain Light, are nearly ready for pubSpeedily will be published a translation lication, in one volume quarto, with plates, of Extracts from a Journal kept in Green- including a view of Jerusalem. land in the years 1770 to 1778, by Hans T. Cobbell, Esq. is preparing for publiEgede Saabye, formerly missionary there ; cation, a Treatise on the Law of Corpowith an Introduction respecting the Way rations, and on the proceedings relative to of Life of the Greenlanders, the Mission in their ordinary rights and parliamentary Greenland, and other subjects connected privileges. with it, by. Mr G. Fries.

Mr F. L. Holt has in the press a TreaA Life of John Howard the Philanthro- tise on the Law of Merchant Ships and pist, by Mr Brown, in one volume, 4to, Shipping, on the Navigation Laws, and on will speedily make its appearance.

Maritime Contracts. Mr D'Israeli has nearly ready for publi The works of Charles Lamb, in verse cation a volume on the Literary Character, and prose, now first collected, will soon apillustrated by the History of Men of Ge- pear in two foolscap octavo volumes. nius, drawn from their own Feelings and Barron Field, Esq. is printing in two Confessions.

octavo volumes, a Treatise on the ComA General Description and Directions mercial Law of England. for the Coasts of Brazil, from Maranham in the north to Rio de Janeiro and Santos

EDINBURGH. in the south, is at press. It will be accom A Statistical and Historical Account of panied with three large charts from the the United States of America, from the peSurveys of Lieut. Hewett, R. N. and others; riod of the first establishments to the prein which, from original observations, the sent day. On a new plan. By W. D. War. numerous errors of all preceding charts and den, formerly Consul-General of the Unite directions for these coasts have been ob- ed States at Paris. 3 vols. 8vo. With viated.

maps. Mr Richard Lawrence is preparing for Saint Patrick; a National Tale of the publication forty etchings, selected írom the Fifth century. By an Antiquary. In 3 yols. most beautiful and least mutilated speci- 12mo. mens in the Elgin collection; together Reports of Cases tried in the Jury Court, with critical remarks on the style, compo- from the institution of the Court in 1815, sition, and peculiar excellence of these re to the Sittings at Edinburgh ending in lics of Grecian sculpture.

March 1818. By Jos. Murray, Esq. AdMr Samuel Young has in the press, Mi. vocate. One volume octavo.

The Angler's Vade Mecum ; a Descrip. this Defornity. By Antonio Scarpa, Emer. tive Account of the Water Plies, their itus Professor and Director of the Medical Seasons, and the kind of Weather that im- Faculty of the Imperial and Royal Univerpels them most on the water : the whole sity of Pavia, &c. With five original En. represented in twelve Coloured Plates. To gravings by Anderloni. Translated from which is added, a Description of the dif- the Italian.' By J. H. Wishart, Fellow of ferent Baits used in Angling, and where the Royal College of Surgeons, and one of found. By W. Carroll.. Foolscap octavo. the Surgeons of the Royal Infirmary of

A Memoir on the Congenital Club Feet Edinburgh. of Children, and the Mode of correcting




Richard Lloyd, in a Letter to that GeliAGRICULTURE.

tleman ; by the Rev. Edward Cooper. Is An Essay on Agriculture, containing Three Sermons on particular Occasions ; an introduction, in which the science of by the Bishop of Gloucester. 25. Agriculture is pointed out, by a careful A Letter on Certain Errors of the As. attention to the works of Nature; also the tinomian kind, which have lately sprung up means of rendering barren soils luxuriantly in the West of England, and are now makproductive ; to which is added a Memoir, ing an alarming Progress throughout the drawn up at the express desire of his Im- Kingdom; by the Rev. John Simons. 45 perial Highness the Archduke John of The Necessity of Maintaining Scripture Austria, on the Nature and Nutritive Doctrine, and endeavouring by every Means Qualities of Fiorin Grass, &c.; by W. to promote Union in the Church of Christ, Richardson, D.D.

considered in two Act Sermons; by the BIOGRAPHY.

Rev. Hans Hamilton, D. D. 3s.
A Critical Examination of the Bishop of The Polemical Contest betwixt the Rt.
Llandaff's posthumous volume, entitled, Rev. the Lord Bishop of Lincoln, and the
* Anecdotes of his Life." 8vo. 3s.

Rey. Thomas Scott. 5s.

DRAMA. Tables of Comparative Chronology, ex The Rich Jew of Malta, a Tragedy: hibiting the dates of the principal events by Marlow : edited by Oxberry. Is. which took place from the Flood to the Love and Laudanum, or the Sleeping Fall of the Empire ; designed to give Draught; a farce, in two acts. 2s. young persons correct information respect Rob Roy M'Gregor, or Auld Lang ing the progress of Human Society. 10s. 6d. Syne ; an opera, in three acts ; by J. Po

cock. 8vo. 38. The Testimony of Natural Theology to

EDUCATIOX. Christianity ; by Thomas Gisborne, M. A. History of the Fairchild Family; or, the 12mo. 5s.

Child's Manual : being a collection of StoDiscourses on Various Points of Chris- ries, calculated to show the Importance and tian Faith and Practice, most of which Effects of a Religious Education ; by Mrs were delivered in the Chapel of the Ora Sherwood. 12mo. 5s. toire, in Paris, in 1816; by Thomas H. French Idioms, adapted to the Use of Gallaudet. 8vo. 7s.

those who have made some Progress in the The works of the Rev. H. Scougal, con. French Language. By Victor L. du Noyer. taining the Life of God in the Soul of Man; 5s. with nine other Discourses. To which is Geographical Questions and Exercises, added, a Sermon preached at the Author's blended with Historical and Biographical Funeral ; by George Gairden, D. D. ; and Information ; by Richard Chambers, AQa Preface by Bishop Burnet. 5s.

thor of an Introduction to Arithmetic. 2s. A Familiar Review of the Life of David, A Visit to the Bazaar ; illustrated with King of Israel. By Henry Lacy, Morning 32 Engravings, exhibiting the different Preacher of Salters' Hall.

Trades carried on there, with Explanations. Church of Englandism and its Catechism 12mo. 3s. Examined ; preceded by Strictures on the Scenes in Europe, illustrated by 84 EnExclusionary System, as pursued in the gravings; by the Rev. I. Taylor. 12mo. National Society's Schools ; by Jeremy 4s. Bentham, Esq.

The Pleasures of Life ; written in the The Conduct of the Clergy in support- manner of Mrs Barbauld's hymns, in prose; ing the Bible Society, vindicated from the by the author of many approved little Charges brought against thein by the Rev. works. 12mo. 2s. Gd.


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ver, Measles, Pulmonary Consumption, New Churches Considered, with respect and Chronic Diseases, termed Nervous, to the Opportunities they offer for the Bilious, Stomachic, and the like. With encouragement of Painting ; by B. R. Observations on the Efficacy of SulphureHaydon. 8vo. 15. 6d.

ous Waters in various Complaints; by A Critical Description and Analytical John Armstrong, M. D. 8vo. 14s. Review of Death on the Pale Horse ; A Letter to the Commissioners for painted by Ben. West : by William Carey. Transports and Sick and Wounded SeaHISTORY.

men, on the Non-contagious Nature of The Civil and Constitutional History of Yellow Fever ; containing Hints to Offic Rome, from the foundation to the age of cers for the Prevention of this Disease a. Augustus; by Henry Bankes, Esq. M. P. mong Seamen ; by James Veitch, M. D. 2 vols. 8vo. 24s.

8vo. 7s. Memoirs of the Court of Queen Eliza Facts and Observations on Liver Combeth, with a portrait from the rare print plaints, and those various and extensive deby Crispin de Passe; by Lucy Aikin. 2 rangements of the Constitution, arising vols. 8vo. L. 1, 5s.

from Hepatic Obstruction ; with Practical

Remarks on the Biliary and Gastric SeThe Science of Horticulture, including cretions, and upon other important Points a Practical System of the Management of essential to Health ; pointing out a new Fruit-trees ; arranged on demonstrative and successful Mode of Treatment, illusphysiological principles. Illustrated by trated by numerous Cases. The third edisketches, in twelve plates, with a com- tion, very considerably enlarged ; by John mentary on the works of Bradley, Hitt, Faithhorn, formerly Surgeon in the East Miller, Forsyth, Knight, Kirwan, Sir India Company's Service. Humphry Davy, and Mrs Ibbottson ; by A Practical Enquiry into the Causes of Joseph Hayward. I vol. 8vo. 12s. the Frequent Failure of the Operation of

Depression, and of the Extraction of the An Essay on Abstracts of Title, to faci. Cataract, as usually performed ; with a litate the Study and Application of the Description of a series of new and imfirst Principles and General Rules of the proved Operations ; by Sir Wm. Adams. Laws of Property ; by Richard Preston, 8vo. 16s. Esq. Barrister at Law. Part III. royal Observations on some important Points 8vo. 12s.

in the Practice of Military Surgery, and in The Justice Law for the last Five Years, "the Arrangement and Police of Hospitals. being Supplementary to the several Trea- Illustrated by cases and dissections; by tises on the Office and Duties of a Justice John Hennen, deputy inspector of military of the Peace, by Burn, Williams, and hospitals. 8vo. 12s. Dickenson, comprehending the Statutes Modern Maladies and the Present State and Cases relating thereto, to the conclu- of Medicine: the anniversary oration desion of the Session of 57 Geo. III., with ad- livered March 9, 1818, before the Media ditional Precedents ; by William Dicken- cal Society of London ; by D. Uwins, M.D. son, Esq. Barrister at Law. 8vo. L. 1, 5s.

A Treatise on the Poor Laws; by Tho. Results of an Investigation respecting mas Peregrine Courtenay, Esq. M. P. 8vo. Epidemic and l'estilential Diseases, in5s.

cluding researches in the Levant; by Dr Remarks on the Recent State Trials, Maclean. and the Rise and Progress of Disaffection

MISCELLANIES. in the Country. To which are annexed, Experimental Researches concerning the Letters to and from the Lord Bishop of Philosophy of Pernianent Colours, and Norwich, on the Tendency of his public the best means of producing them, by Opinions; by William Firth, Esq. serjeant Dyeing, Calico-Printing, &c.; by Edward at law. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Bancroft, M. D. 2 vols. 8vo. L. I, 16s. Considerations on the Origin, Progress, La Prima Musa Clio, or the Divine and present state of the English Bankrupt Traveller ; exhibiting a Series of Writings Laws, with reference to their existing de- obtained in the ecstacy of Niagnetic Sleep. fects, humbly submitted to the select Translated from the Italian of C. A. de committee of the House of Commons, ap- Valdiere; by George Baldwin. 8vo. L.), pointed to consider of the Bankrupt Laws. 18. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

The Music, or Melody and Rythmus of MEDICINE, SURGERY, &c. Language. By James Chapman. 8vo. An Introductory Lecture delivered at the Epistolary CuriositiesSeries the first, Royal Dispensary for the Diseases of the consisting of unpublished letters of the Ear, to a Course on the Anatomy, Physio- seventeenth century, illustrative of the logy, and Diseases of that Organ; by john Herbert family; of the reigns of James 1. H. Curtis, Esq. 2s. 6d.

Charles I.--Charles II.James II.-and Practical Illustrations of the Scarlet Fe- William N. &c. &c. with notes and an



appendix; edited by Rebecca Warner, of The Suffolk Garland, or a Collection of Becch Cottage, Bath. Part I. and II. Poems, Songs, Ballads, &c. historical and

No. I. Studies of Flowers from Nature; descriptive of that country, its manners, by Miss Smith. 10s. 60.

customs, &c. 8vo. 10s. No. I. of Italian Scenery ; or, Views of Select Early English Poets, No. 1 and 4, the most remarkable, celebrated, or ad. containing Lovelace's Poems. 2 vols. 14s. mired, Points of Italy: from drawings No. 1.--Ancient Humorous Poetry, taken in the year 1817; by E. F. Batty: containing “ 'Tis Merry when Gossips imp. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Meet." Crown 8vo. 35. 6d. A Letter to the Earl of Liverpool, on Samor, Lord of the Bright City ; by the that part of the Speech of the Prince Re- Rev. H. H. Millman, M. A. author of gent which recommended the attention of Fazio. 8vo. 12s. Parliament to the deficiency in the number The Bonapartiad ; by Wm. Crawford, of places of Public Worship belonging to

Esq. 55. the Established Church; by James Elnes. A Poetical Address, written in behalf of Is.

the Artist's General Benevolent Fund for The English and French, and French Recitation ; by Mr Britton, at the annual and English Cambist; or, Tables of Ex- dinner, Albion Tavern, London, March 5, change, from one farthing to a million 1818. 6d. pounds sterling, and from one denier to a POLITICS AND POLITICAL ECONOMY. million livres. By John Henry Brohier, The Political State of the British Emlate Superintendent of the Toulouese Emi- pire, containing a General View of the Do. grants. In one portable volume. 8s. bound. mestic and Foreign Possessions of the MORAL PHILOSOPHY.

Crown ; the Laws, Commerce, Revenues, The Political Mischiefs of Popery, or Offices, and other Establishments, Mili. Arguments demonstrating that the Romish tary as well as Civil ; by John Adolphus, Religion ruins all those countries wherein Esq. Barrister at Law. 4 vols. 8vo. L. 3. it is the established Religion ; by a Person Catechism of Political Economy. Tranof Quality, a native of France. 8vo. 2s. 6d. slated from the French of J. B. Say; by MUSIC.

John Richter. 8vo. 6s. An Exposition of the Musical System of Observations on Currency, Population, Mr Logier, with Strictures on his Chiro- and Pauperism, in Two Letters to Arthur plast ; by a Committee of Professors in Young, Esq. ; by Thomas Attwood, Esq. London. 2s. 6d.

8vo. 5s. NOVELS, TALES, &c.

The Rights of Property Vindicated aDunethvin, or the Visit to Paris. 4 vols. gainst the Claims of Universal Suffrage ; L. 1, 2s.

with an Analysis of the Principle of Pro. Genevieve, or the Orphan's Visit ; by perty, and new Views of Constitutional Mrs Strutt, (late Mrs Byron.) 3 vols. Interest and General Policy ; by Robert 16s. 6d.

Fellowes, A. M. 8vo. os. Voyage to Locuta ; by Lemuel Gulli. The Government and the Bank; being var. jun. 4s.

a Statement of Transactions subsisting leTales of my Landlady ; edited by Peter twixt the Public and the Bank of Eng Puzzlebrain, Assistant to the Schoolmaster land, contained in the British Press and of Gandercleugh. 3 vols.

Globe newspapers. 8vo. Is. The Parish Priest in Ireland. 2 vols. Substance of a Speech delivered by the 12mo. 108.

Chancellor of the Exchequer on Monday Mademoiselle de la Fayette; by Madame the 16th of March 1818, on proposing a Genlis. 2 vols. 10s. 6d.

grant of one million for providing additionPOETRY

al places of Public Worship in England Astarte, a Sicilian Tale, with other Is. hid. Poems. 8vo. 7s.

Considerations on the Policy or ImpoLic wellyn ap Jorwerth, in five Cantos; licy of the further continuance of the Bank by W. E. Nieredith, Esq. 5s.

Restriction Act; by Henry James. 3s. The Disappointed Duke, or the Admiral Observations on Lord Bathurst's Speech and the Heiress ; by Peter Pindar, 8vo. in the House of Peers, on the 18th of 2s.

March 1817, supported by official docui Britain, or Fragments of Poetical A ments. Sent sealed to Sir Hudson Lowe, berration ; by Mrs Macmullan. 8vo. 78. to the address of Lord Liverpool, on the

The Fourth and last Canto of Childe 7th October 1817. 4s. Harold, with other Poems and Notes ; by

TOPOGRAPHY. Lord Byron. 8vo. 12s.

Illustrations of the Island of Staffa, in a The Friends, a Poem, in Four Books ; Series of Views, accompanied by a Topoby the Rev. Fran. Hodgson, A. M. vicar graphical and Geological Description ; by of Bakewell, Derbyshire. 8vo. 7s. William Daniell, A.R.A. Imp. 4to. L.2. The Confession, or the Novice of St

VOYAGES AND TRAVELS. Clare, and other Poems; by the author of Observations on the State of Ireland, Purity of Heart. 12mo. 4s.

principally directed to its Agriculture and



Rural Population ; in a Series of Letters, Cornelius the Centurion ; a
written in a Tour through that Country; preached in St Peter's Chapel on March
by J. C. Curwen, Esq. M. P. 8vo. L.1, ís. 4, 1818, for the benefit of the Naval and

The Travels of Marco Polo, a Venetian, Military Bible Society. By the Hon. and
in the thirteenth century ; being a descrip- Rev. Gerard Noel, A.M.
tion by that early traveller, of remarkable C. Julii Cæsaris Commentariorum, libri
places and things in the Eastern part of the vi. usui scholarum ; edidit ac notulis illus-
World ; translated from the Italian, with travit Henricus Liston. 18mo. Price 2s.
notes ; by W. Marsden, Esq. F.R.S., with

A Second Letter to the General Court of a map. 4to. L. 2, 12s. 6d. Fine, L.4, 4s. Contributors of the Royal Infirmary of E.

The Belgian Traveller, or a Complete dinburgh ; containing remarks on the proGuide through the United Netherlands ; ceedings at the meeting held on the 30th containing a full description of every town; March 1818; by a Contributor. Price 2s. its objects of curiosity, manufactures, com Lectures, with Practical Observations merce, and inns; the mode of conveyance and Reflections on the Prophecies of John, from place to place, and a complete stine- commencing with the fourth chapter of the rary of the surrounding country. To which Revelation, and continued to the close of is prefixed, a Brief Sketch of the History, the book : to which is added, a dissertation Constitution, and Religion of the Nether. on the origin and termination of the Antilands; the general appearance, produc- christian apostacy; by Robert Culbertson, tions, and commerce of the country; and minister of the Gospel, Leith, in two vols. the manners and customs of the inhabi- 8vo. Price 24s. tants. By Edward Boyce. Illustrated by A Sermon upon Christian Peace : transa map, plan, &c. Third edition, enlarged lated from the French of M. de Bourdaand improved. Price 8s. bound.

loue, one of the preachers of the Court of The Traveller's Guide down the Rhine, Lewis XIV. King of France and Navarre, minutely describing the modes of convey- with a portrait of Bourdaloue. 8vo. Is 6d. ance, the picturesque scenery, and every

No. I. of a Series of Twelve Portraits of other object that can interest a Stranger, or Distinguished Living Characters of Scotfacilitate his journey. By A. Schreiber, land; containing heads of Walter Scott, Historiographer to the Grand Duke of Ba- Esq. Francis Jeffrey, Esq. and Henry Raeden. Illustrated by a large and correct burn, Esq. ; drawn and etched by Wil. map of the Rhine. Price 8s. bound. liam Nicholson ; accompanied with short

biographical notices. Size of the plates

11 inches by 9. Price of each number

L.1, Jls. 6d. for proofs on India paper ;
A Review of the Domestic Fisheries of and L.), Is. for plain impressions.
Great Britain and Ireland ; by Robert A Word to the Wise ; or a summary
Fraser, Esq. 4to. 18s.

essay in vindication of the Presbyterian The Edinburgh Review, No. 58 form of church government, stated in con The Farmer's Magazine, No. 74. trast with the prominent peculiarities of

Travels from Vienna through Lower Tabernacle Independents; by a PresbyteHungary ; with some remarks on the state rian: to which is added, remarks on of Vienna during the Congress in 1814. “ Christian Liberality opposed to BigotBy Richard Bright, M. D. With nume- ry," a sermon, &c.; by William Orme. rous engravings. 4to. Price L.4, 4s. Price ls. 6d.

An Account of the Life, Writings, and Effusions in Rhyme ; by Henry Nairne Character of the late Dr Alexander Monro, Murray, foolscap 8vo. os. bds. Secundus, delivered at the Harveian Ora An Etymological Dictionary of the Scottion, at Edinburgh, for the year 1818, tish Language; in which the words are by Andrew Duncan, sen. M. D. Price explained in their different senses ; autho2s. 6d.

rised by the names of the writers by whom
Journal of a Residence in Iceland dur- they are used, or the titles of the works in
ing the years 1814 and 1815; containing which they occur, and deduced from their
observations on the natural phenomena, originals ; abridged from the quarto edi-
history, literature, and antiquities of the tion, by the author, John Jamieson, D.D.
island, and the religion, character, man Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.
ners, and customs of its inhabitants : with 8vo. Price 14s.
an introduction and appendix; by Ebene The Brownie of Bolsbeck, and other
zer Henderson, Doctor in Philosophy, tales (in prose); by James llogg, in 2 vols.
member of the Royal Society of Gotten- Price 14s.
burgh, &c. &c. ; with a map and pume Practical Observations on Continued Fe.
rous engravings. 2 vols. 8vo. Price L.), 8s. ver, especially that form at present existing

Temora, an epic poem, Cantos I. and as an epidemic: with some remarks on the
II. being specimens of a versification of the most efficient plans for its suppression ; by
Poems of Ossian; by Thomas Travers Robert Graham, M.D. Glasgow. Eve
Burke, Esq. Royal Scots Greys. 75. 6d. Price 3s.

VOL. 11.

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