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1812, 1813, 1814, 1815, 1816, 1817, and Arrears of Pro1818, it appears, that the total revenue for

perty Tax, L.1,023,718 L.254,190 Great Britain and Ireland was, in 1817, L. 61,675,327, ls. 9 d., and in 1818, From this statement it appears that the L. 51,629,609, 14s. 8d. The separate re revenue for the quarter just ended is better venue of Ireland was, in 1817, 1.4,314,610, than the revenue for the preceding quarter 148. 2£d., and in 1818, L. 4,352,130, 10s., by L. 738,996. Every branch of the pubbeing an excess of revenue in the last year lic income has increased, with the excepof L. 38,000 beyond the revenue of the tion of the Post-office, so as to leave no preceding year.

doubt that this is the result pot of accidenThe following is an official statement of tal circumstances, but of a general imthe quarter's revenue, ending 5th instant, provement in the state of the country. compared with the corresponding quarter 11.-Marriage of the Princess Eliza. last year :

beth. The union of her Royal Highness Produce of the Revenue of Great Britain, the Princess Elizabeth, third daughter of

in the Quarters ending the 5th of April their Majesties, with Prince Philip Au. 1817 and 1818.

gustus Frederick, the hereditary Prince of 1817. 1818. Hesse Hombourg, was celebrated at the Customs, L.1,912,296 L.2,003,664 Queen's Palace, London, on Tuesday night, Excise,

4,642,055 5,151,805 the 7th instant. The Archbishop of Cana Stamps, 1,492,611 1,588,759 terbury performed the marriage ceremony, Post Office, 342,000 336,000 and the Duke of York gave away the bride. Assessed Taxes,


917,414 The bride is her 48th year, and the Land Taxes, 154,550 178,295 bridegroom in his 49th. Miscellaneous, 98,595 73,270

L.9,510,211 L.10,249,207


JOHN SCOTT, of Pengo Place, Surrey Esq.; casks and other vessels, without the interruption for an improvement in steam-boats, and in the of a vent, plug, or any opening, whatever in the machinery for propelling the saine.

Jan. 23,

upper part of the cask or vessel, either for the pur1818.

pose of admitting air, or for affixing the said inJAMES IKIN, of William Street, Christ strument or cock, or any apparatus or appendage Church, Surrey, Machinist ; for an improved me. belonging to the same. Jan. 31. thod or methods of constricting or manufacturing BENJAMIN TAYLOR, of Mile-end, near fire, or furnace bars, or gratings. Jan. 27.

Glasgow, Lanarkshire; for a loom, to work by the GEORGE FREDERICK HAGNER, late of power from a steam engine, which will weave Philadelphia, in the United States, but now of the figures or flowers upon either twilled or plain eloth, Adelphi, Middlesex, Gentleman; for certain im in either silk, cotton, linen, or worsted, or any provements in the art of manufacturing pigments, of them intermixed. Jan. 31. commonly known by the names of white-lead and Sir THOMAS COCHRANE, Knight, comverdigris. Jan. 27.

monly called Lord COCHRANE; for an improveRUDOLPH ACKERMANN, of the Strand, ment or improvements in the process or processes Middlesex, publisher and printseller; for certain of purifying a certain spirit, or essential oil, which mprovements on axletrees, applicable to four is known by the name of spirit of tar or oil of tar, wheeled carriages, Communicated to him by and which is obtained from the different liqueous, GEORGE LENKENSPERGER, of Munich, in carbonaceous, or bituminous substances; by means the kingdom of Bavaria. Jan. 27.

of which improvement or improvements the said WILLIAM HORNER, of Howick, Northum oil or spirit will be separated from certain impuriland, Clerk, Bachelor of Arts; for a machine or ties, which have hitherto prevented the applicaapparatus for the purpose of acquiring a very high tion of such oil or spirit to divers useful purposes. mechanical power in a small compass and with Feb. 3. little friction, and without the possibility of run MATTHEW COTES WYATT, of Henriettaning amain, if employed in raising or lowering street, Cavendish-square, Mary-le-Bone, Middleweights. Jan. 27.

sex, Esq. ; for a safeguard to prevent the accidenGEORGE PRIOR, of Leeds, in the West Rid tal movement of the cock of a gun, pistol, or ing of the county of York, Watchmaker ; for per: other fire arms, forward towards the hammer. feetly detaching the escape-wheel of chronometers Communicated to him by a certain foreigner residfrom the influence of the friction and inaccuracies ing abroad. Feb, 3. arising from the main-spring, the pivots, and the JEREMIAH CHUBB, of Portsea, county of teeth of all the other wheels and pinions in the Southampton, Mechanic; for certain improve machine duing the time of its giving impulses to ments in the construction of locks. Feb. 3. the balance, whereby its vibrations will be more DANIEL WILSON, of Earl Street, London, accurately and uniformly supported than by any Gentleman; for certain improvements in the pro invention heretofore made public. Jan. 29. cess of boiling and refining sugar. Feb. 3.

JOHN PENWARNE, of Stafford Street, Ma EDMUND NAISH, of Bristol, Gloucestershire, ry-le-Bone, Middlesex, Esq. ; for a certain im hosier, one of the people called quakers; for cerprovement, being an improvement on the cock tain improvements on the machines or machinery for drawing beer, cyder, and other biquors, from used for winding cotton. Feb. 3.

GRANT PRESTON, of Burr Street, Aldgate, shire, plater; for a method of constructing and Middlesex, brazier; for an improvement in the making spring hooks, or woodcock eyes, and for deck glass rim, and on the sa ty gate. Feb. 3. coach harness; which principle of spring is in

NATHANIEL SMITH, of Kettering, North tended also to be applied to harness buckles, teramptonshire, cooper; for certain improvements rits, hooks, harness and spring swivels. Feb. 16. on winnowing inachines. Feb. 5.

THOMÁS ALLINGHAM, of Smith Street, MARY SEDGWICK, of Bishopsgate Within, Chelsea, Middlesex, gentleman; for a lamp, instarch manufacturer ; for a valuable product, or tended to be called " The Economical and Uni. valuable products, from that part of the refuse versal Lamp," constructed by mcans of the flame slime, or wash, of starch, that will not of itself of the wick being kept in a constant and equal desubside. Feb. 10.

gree of contiguity to the oil, so as to consume, in JOHN MUNRO, of Finsbury Square, Middle- proportion to the light it gives, a less quantity of sex, Esq. ; for certain improvements on steam oil than other lamps, and also give a continual crigines. Communicated to him by BARNABUS light of almost unvaried brilliancy. Feb. 19. LÅNGTON, of New rk, one of the United JOHN JONES, of the city of Gloucester, States of America. Feb. 12.

brush-manufacturer; for improvements in certain ZACHARIAH BARRATT, of No. 27, Windo parts of the machinery or instruments used for mill Street, Tottenham Court Road, Middlesex, dressing of woollen and other cloths. Feb. 19. cabinet-maker and carpenter ; for a machine for JAMES COLLIER, of Frocester, Gloucestercuring, cleansing, sweeping, and ventilating chim shire, civil engineer; for various improvements nies, and, when chimnies are on fire, for extin on a machine now in use for the dressing and gige guishing the same. Feb. 10.

ging of woollen cloths, called a gigg. Feb. 19. JOHN SIMPSON, of Birmingham, Warwick


Rev. Thomas Ruge, B. D. to be Chancellor of 1. CIVIL.

the Diocese of Hereford. March 16.-Mr Isaac Hadwen to be Russian Consul at Gibraltar.

Rev. E. O. Holwell, M. A. to the Rectory of 31.-Mr Joel Hart to be American Consul at

Plymtree, Devon. Leith.

9. -The Associate Congregations of Original Lord Viscount Melville to be Governor, and A

Burghers of Kirkintilloch, Cartuke, Paisley, and dam Rolland, Esq. to be Deputy-Governor, of the

Cupar-Fife, have each given a unanimous call to Bank of Scotland.

Mr John Russell, preacher, to be their minister. Members Returned to serve in Parliament.

III. MILITARY. March 14.-George Henry Rose, Esq. for the 4 D. G. C. W. Evors, to be Cornet by purch, rice Borough of Christchurch.

Mimmack, ret.

12th Feb. 1818. William Chamberlayne, Esq. for the Town of

J. F. S. Clarke, to be Cornet by purch. Southampton.

vice Scott, prom.

19th do. 28.-John Jacob Buxton, Esq. for the Borough

J. Clemison, i be Cornet by purch, vice of Great Bedwin.

Rain ay, promi.

25th Dec. 1817. James Henry Leigh, Esq. for the City of Win 1 Dr. John Dillon, to be Cornet by purch, viee chester.

Dillon, ret.

5th March 1818.

4 Assis. Surg. W. Gardiner, fm. 20 F. to be II. ECCLESIASTICAL.

As. Surg, vice Hickson, dead, 12th Feb, Feb. 28.-Rev. William Doncaster to the Rec 15 William Elton, to be Cornet by purch. tory of Winterborne Basset, Wiltshire.

vice Lane, prom.

12th do. The Archdeacon of Dublin to the Deanery of 16 James Cannon, to be Cornet by purch. Derry, vacant by the death of Dean Hume.

vice M.Dolig 11, prom.

de. March 11.-The Rev. Mr Boyd was ordained by 17 Lieut. A. B. de C. Brooke, from R. Horse the Presbytery of Edinburgh, with a view to his

Gds. to be Capt. by purch, vice Sup taking the charge of the Gaelic Chapel, Hatton

ple, ret.

26th do. Garden, London.

19 George Mecham, to be Cornet by purch. 13.-Rev. Charles Andrews to the Rectory of

vice Georges, prom.

do. Flempton-cum-Hengrave, Suffolk.

25 William Gileadowe, to be Cornet by pur. 17.-Mr Robert Ross, one of the missionaries

vice Wiley, 13 Dr. 12th Feb. 1818. under the Edinburgh Missionary Society, was or

James M.Douall, to be Cornet by purch. dained to the ministry, in connection with the As

vice iniiel, prom.

19th do. sociate Burgher Synod, in Dr Hall's chapel, Rose Col.F.G. C. Ricketts, to be Ensign and Lt by Street, previous to going out on a mission to As

purch. vice Armytage, York Rangers, tracan.

5th Mar. 18.--The Associate Congregation of Tough gave 1 F. Lieut. J. Stoyte, fm. h. p. to be Lieut. an unanimous call to Mr John Robb, preacher, to

vice Bothainley, dead 10th Feb. be their minister.

J. Jeffries, fin, h. p. to be Lieut. 21.-Rev. J. Brett to the Rectory of Mount Bu

vicc Miller, dead

17th do. res, Essex.

Ensig! J. Dixon, to be Lieut. by purch. 26.—The Rev. Robert Story, preacher of the

vice Hendrick, prom.

19th do gospel, was ordained assistant and successor to the

J. Stoyte, fin. h. p. to be Ensign, Rev. Dr Drummond, in the Parish of Roseneath.

vice Grant, dead

1lth do 28.-The Prince Regent has presented the Rev.

A Graham, to be Ensign by purch. vice. James Sievwright, minister of the Presbyterian


19th do. meeting at Gateshead, Newcastle, to the Church

Surg. B. Sandford, fm. h. p. 83 F. to be and Parish of Markinch, Presbytery of Kirkcaldy,

Surg. vice Roberts, cancelled do. vacant by the translation of the Rev. Dr Wright 2 Lieut. W. Hunt, to be Adj. vice Imlack, to Stirling:


26th do. The Prince Regent has presented the Rev. 8 Lieut D. Vans Machen, fm. h. p. 75 F. to Mr Laidlaw, Newcastle, to the Church and Parish

be Lieut. vice Briscoe, superseded of Kirkton, Presbytery of Jedburgh, vacant by

5th Mar. the death of the Rev. Mr Elliot.

20 Hosp. Assist. J. Clarke, to be Ass. Surg. Rev. John Leete to the Rectory of Blestoe,

vice Gardiner, 14 Dr.

19th Feb Bedfordshire.

32 Lieut. W. Havelock, fm. 43 F. to be April 4.-Rev. J. Houghton to the Rectory of

Capt. by purch. vice Hames, ret. Middleton, Lancashire.

19th do. Rev. Charles Richards to the Rectory of Nun

43 Ensign R. W. H. Drury, to be Lieut. by Qey, near Frome.

purch. vice Havelock, 32 F. Sth Mala

h. p.

p. 12 F.

Ensign Halford, to be Ensign by purch. Lieut. Dunne, from 2 Life Gds. with Lieut. Har. vice Drury

5th Mar. ley, h. p. 40' F. 18 Capt. P. Macdougall, fm. h. p. 11 F. to Kingsley, from 3 Dr. rec. diff. with Lieut. be Capt.

do. Lloyd, h. p. Lieut. H. M'Quarrie, fm. 86 F. to be Farmer, from 4 Dr. rec. diff. with Lieut. Lieut.

do. Daly, h. p. 16 F. 68 Ensign - Campbell, to be Lieut. vice Mitchell, from 9 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Rogers, dead

12th Feb, Mahon, h. p. 19 F. George Fitzroy, to be Ensign, vice Camp Rogers, from 30 F. rec. dift. with Lieut. bell


Steuart, h. p. 11 F. 69 Capt. F. C. Crotty, fm. h. p. 39 F. to be Hill, from 45 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Reed, Capt.

26th do, h. p. Lieut. S. Douglas, fm. h. p. 50 F. to be Armstrong, from 48 r. with Lieut. Heard, Lieut.

25th do.

55 F. Ensign J. Keards, to be Lieut. 26th do, Davidson, from 89 F. with Licut. Noble, Arthur Mair, to be Ensign, vice Kearns, prom.

5th Mar.

Worsley, from Rifle Brig. rec. diff. with 69 Gent. Cadet J. E. Muttlebury, to be En Licut. Crawford, h. p. 45 F. sign, vice Weir, prom. 19th Feb.

Campbell, from Rifle Brig. with Lieut. 73 Gent. Cadet J. F. Woodward, to be En Brockman, h. p. 81 F. sign, by purch. vice Dixon, cancelled

Farrar, from York Chass. with Lieut. Su

do. therland, h. p. 1 F. Capt. W. Brownson, fm. h. p. 23 F. to be Imlach, from 2 F. with Lieut. O'Brien, h. Capt.

26th do.

p. 87 F. Lieut. W. Black, fm. h. p. to be Lieut.

Walsh, from 3 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Ster

25th do. ling, h. p.
Ensign S. Spooner, to be Lieut. 26th do, Ross, from 26 F. with Lieut. M‘Niven, h
Hon. M. Arbuthnott, to be Ensign, vice

P. 42 F.

6th Mar.

Dowling, from 77 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. 77 Lieut. J. Wilson, to be Capt. by purch. Marshall, h. p. 4 F. vice Rogers, ret.

5th do.

Nott, from 80 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. ArEnsign J. G. Rogers, to be Lieut. by cher, h. p. purch. vice Wilson


Colls, from 2 W. I. R. with Lieut. Grassi, H. Massingberd, to be Ensign by purch. h. p. York Lt. Inf. Vol. vice Rogers


Ensign Penniger, from 70 F. with Ensign Sher 88 John Gibson, to be Ensign by purch. vice burne, h. p. 1 F. Smith, ret.

12th Feb.

Powell, from 43 F. with Ensign O'Donnell, 89 Lieut. R. M. Lockwood, fm. Rifle Brig. h. p. 27 F.

to be Lieut. vice Gray, ret. upon h. p. Hart, from 74 F. with Ensign Gore, h. p. 6 F.

5th Mar. 9F. Lieut. R. Myddleton, 12 F. to be Lieut. O'Brien, from 20 F. rec. diff. with 20 Lt. vice Eager, ret. upon h.

Douglas, h. p. 21 F.

19th Feb. Quarter-Master Ross, from 68 F. with Quarter97 John Nichols, to be Ensign, by purch. Master Macbeath, h. p. 62 F. vice Digby, ret.

12th do.

Assist. Surg. Sheppard, from 80 F. with Assist, 4 W.I.R. Ensign H. Watts, to be Lieut. vice De

Surg. Regan, h. p. 93 F. laney, dead

25th do. M. B. G. Reed, to be Ensign by purch. vice Trousdale, ret.

26th do.

Resignations and Retirements. R.Y.R. Capt. T. Baylis, fm. h. p. to be Capt. vice Ware, dead

4th Mar.

Major Supple, 17 Dr.

Hames, 32 F.
Lieut. H. Armytage, fm. Coldst. F. Gds.
to be Capt. vice Finch, R. W. R.

Rogers, 77 F.
5th do.

Massey, R. W. I. Rang. R.W.I.R. Capt. Hon. J. Finch, from R. York

Cornet and Ensigns Mimmack, 4 Dr. G.

Dillon, 1 Dr.
Rang. to be Major vice Massey, ret. do.

George, 75 P.
Ensign P. Gray, to be Adj. vice Kent, res.

Smith, 88 F.
25th Nov. 1816.
R. En. Gent. Cadet W. Trevelyan, to be 2d Lt.

Digby, 97 F.
vice Tweed, prom.

Trousdell, 4 W. I. R.
18th Nov. 1817.
s. w. Dixon, to be 2d Lt.
vice Williams, prom.


Appointments Cancelled.

Ensign Dixon, 75 F.

Surgeon Roberts, 1 F.
Major G. W. Walker, 59 F. to be Dep. Adj. Gen.
in Ceylon, with rank of Lt. Col. in the Army,

Superscded. vice Erskine, dead

5th Mar. 1818. Dep. Inspec. W. W. Frazer, with temp. rank, to

Lieutenant Briscoe, 8 F. be Dep. Insp. of Hosp.

12th Feb. Hosp. Assist. D. Williams, fm. h. p. to be Hosp.

Reinstated. Assist. to the Forces in Birmingham do Captain White, 2 Ceylon Regt. Assist. Surg. F. Sievwright, fm. h. p. 6 W. I. R.

to be Supernumerary Assist. Surg. in the East Indies

19th do.

Dcaths. B. Campbell, fm. h. p. 25 F. to be General Fanning Supernumerary Assist. Surg. in the East In Lieut. Colonels. Hon. E. S. Erskine, 2 Ceylon dies

do. Reg. Dep. Adj. Gen. Ceylon. G. Robertson, T. Napier, fm. 95 F. to be Supernu

h. p. Canadian Fenc.

25th Feb. 1818. merary Assist. Surg. in the East Indies 26th do. Captain Ware, R. York Rang.

J. Ligertwood, fm. 1. F. to be Su Lieutenant Heyland, 62 F. 14th Nov. 1817. pernumerary Assist. Surg. in the East Indies.

Jaines Cameron, 79 F. do.

Salkeld, R. Eng. 22d Jan. 1818. A. Sinclair, fm. h. p. Sicilian Regt.

Rogers, do.

27th Dec. 1819. to be Supernumerary Assist. Surg. in the East Ensign Delaney, 4 W. I. R. Indies

Quarter Master Taylor, h. p. 27 F.

17th Mar, 1818.

Mar, 1811, Exchanges.

Surgeon M‘Lean, 64 F.

Staff. Lieut-Col. Everard, from 34 F. with Lieut. Col Dr High, Dep. Insp. of Hosp. 7th Mar. 1818.

14th Jan. Dunkin, 77 F.

Deakin, Staff Surg. Capt. Surling, from 1 Dr. G. rec. diff. with Cap Capt. French, Ordnance Store-keeper at Stirling

7th Mar, Northcote, h p. 8 Dr.

Castle VOL. II.

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Charles Dangerfield
W. A. Herringham

Wm. Dundas John M'Arthur Low

Chas. Hurst Gardner Hen. C. Pemberton

John C. Grave

Francis Hart

Matthew Lys
G. H. Bourne

Wm. Pinhorn Charles Carpenter

Daniel Ridgway R. H. Cockerell

Charles Witham

Royal Marines.
To be Lieutenant-General Admiral Sir Richard Bickerton, Bart.
To be Major-General-Rear Admiral Sir George Hope.

Rear Admiral- Sir John Gore, Commmander-in-Chief at the Nore.
Captain Clotworthy Upton, Resident Commissioner at Trincomalee.


Hon. J. Gordon
Alex. Montgomerie
David Buchan
Wm. Walpole
John Gore (a)
Henry Shiftner
F. E. Loch
W. R. A. Pettman
Henry Forbes
A. B. Branch
Hyde Parker
John Ross

F. A. Collier
Jas. H. Plumridge

W.F. Wise
J. R. White
Geo. Rennie

Chas. D. Ackland
W. E. Parry
H. P. Hoppner
Rob. Boyle
R. P. Littlewort
Richard Hoare
Jas. Roy
Geo. Heastey
Fred. Freeman
Geo. Vevers
Vaughan Lloyd
J. A. Morell
S. H. Hemmans
Jos. F. Forster
Wm. Downey
Jos. J. Johnson
V. Munbee
Thos. W. Moffett
Jas. R. Booth
John Church
Henry Crocker
Mich: Stackpoole
W. Ellison
J. B. P. Chichester
Geo. Robinson (ay
Fras. Ormond
G. W. C. Courtenay
Wm. Robertson (by
R. B. Reed
R. B. Fenwick
C. Carpenter
S. Hopkins
Edward Colman
W. Hewett (6)
J. W. Young
W. R. Cooley
Alphonso Henry
Mich. Quin
Jas. Annesley
Jas. U. Purches
Geo. Beckwith
Wm. Sheppard
Vere Gabriel
W. Hobson
DC. Clavering,



Queen Charlotte



Wm. Barr (2)
Camp. France
John Conway
Phil. Kelty
John Patton
C. J. Beverley
A. C. Hyndman
Jos. M'Crea
W. Anderson
Jas, Little
Peter Boyd
Stephen Mason
J. M'Kinlay
Henry Marshall
Rob. Gordon
Cloud Brown
H. Carter
Evan Davies
Rob. M'Farlane
Math. Kay
Rob. Marshall (2)
John Campbell
John Pragnell
Alex. Bernard
Jas. Smith
Jos, Bassan
Geo. Sibbald

METEOROLOGICAL REPORT. The month of March has been stormy in the extreme. During the first five days it blew violently, with heavy showers of snow at short intervals, from the west and south-west. On the evening of the 4th, the wind shifted towards the south-east, accompanied with heavy rain, but soon changed again to the south-west; and, though it did not blow with the same violence as it had done the day before, the Barometer, during the night, sunk lower than we had before seen in the course of our observations. At eight o'clock on the morning of the 5th, it stood at 27.970 ; but, as it was then rising, we have no doubt of its having been still lower during the morning. On the night between the 4th and 5th, the tide rose higher in the Tay than it has been known to do for several years; and what rendered it more extraordinary, was its being the first of the stream. It is hardly necessary to remind our readers, that it was on the same night that the violent hurricane was experienced in London, and in other places in the south of England. The 22d of the month was, perhaps, one of the most stormy days ever experienced in this part of the country. The wind blew strong from the west during the whole day, with very heavy, and almost uninterrupted, showers of snow. After the 26th, the weather cleared up, with brisk dry winds from the north and north-west. The mean temperature is nearly two degrees lower than that of March 1817, and the quantity of rain and snow more than double. The hygrome. ter of course is lower, and the evaporation less.

Extracted from the Register kept on the Banks of the Tay, four miles east from

Perth, Latitude 56° 25', Elevation 185 feet.- MARCH 1818.


THERMOMETER. Degrees. Mean of greatest daily heat,

43.1 Maximum,

31st day,

51.5 cold, 31,8 Minimum,

10th, : : temperature, 10 A.' M.

Lowest maximum,

10 P. M.
36.0 Highest minimum,

38.0 of daily extreines, 37.4 Highest 10 A. M.

47.5 10 A. M. and 10' P. M.

Lowest ditto,


32.5 daily observations, 37.3 Highest 10 P. M.


46.5 Whole range of Thermoineter,

Lowest ditto,


29.5 Mean daily ditto,

Greatest range in 24 hours, 31st,

18.5 • temperature of spring water,

Least ditto,


Inches. Mean of 10 A. M. (temp. of mer. 12) 29.215 Highest 10 A. M.


30.342 10 P. M. (temp. of mer. 12) 29.232 Lowest ditto,


28.029 both, (temp. of mer. 12) 29.223 Highest 10 P. M.


30.34 Whole range of Barometer,

11.259 Lowest ditto,


28.32 Mean daily ditto, .363 Greatest range in 24 hours, 3d,

.804 Least ditto,


.017 HYGROMETER (LESLIE'S). Degrees.

HYGROMETER. Mean of 10 A. M. 12.8

Degrees. 10 P. M.

Highest 10 A. M.

27th, 27.0 both,

Lowest ditto,

220, Rain in Inches,

2.199 Highest 10 P.M.

30th, 15.0 Evaporation in ditto,

1.310 Lowest ditto,


Mean of 10 A, M.

Greatest dryness, 27th, 10 A. M.

46.0 • 10 P. M.

21,2 Least ditto, 2d, 10 P. M.
Fair days 13: 7:19; wind, west of meridian, 27; east of meridian, 4.


220, 29th, 29th,

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