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Chisholm, second daughter of Captain litia, sons of the Rer. Thomas Thomson, Hugh Chisholm, late 9th Royal Veteran St James's Place Chapel, Edinburgh. Battalion, and resident Commandant of Jan. 4. At Aberdeen, Mr William Coutts, Fort Augustus.

merchant, aged 74. Feb. 12. At London, Archibald Constable, 6. In the 32d year of her age, the lady Esq. Edinburgh, to Charlotte, daughter of of Major Campbell of Strachur. the late John Neale, Esq.

At Cambridge, Laurence Dundas, 16. At Caldwell, county of Ayr, Lieu second son to the Hon. Laurence Dundas, tenant-General the Hon. Sir Charles Col. and grandson to Lord Dundas. villu, G. C. B. to Jane, eldest daughter of At Amalree, in the 89th year of her William Muir of Caldwell, Esq.

age, Mrs Christian Menzies, widow of 20. George Ramsay, Esq. Craigie, to James Fisher, to whom she had 12 chil. Miss Katherine Stewart, youngest daugh- dren. ter of Patrick Stewart, Esq. Perth.

10. At Jamaica, in Hanover parish, Mr At Leith, George Scott Elliot, Esq. James Mackechney, surgeon, son of the of Lauriston, to Ann Marjory, eldest Rev. W. Mackecliney, Musselburgh, in daughter of James Bell, Esq. merchant in the 22d year of his age. Leith.

11. At London, in the 31st year of his At Seaside, Andrew Thomson, Esq. age, Major John Garlies Macculloch, late younger of Kinloch, W. S. to Barbara, of the Rifle Brigade. youngest daughter of James Hunter of Sea 14. At Glenforsa, island of Mull, Lach. side, Esq.

lan Macquarie of Macquarie. This veneLately. Captain Charles Jones, of the rable bospitable Chieftain was seldom con13th hussars, Aid-de-Camp to the Duke of fined by any sickness till the time of his Cumberland, to Charlotte Matilda, only death, and he died at the age of 103. daughter of the late Alexander Annesley, At Carronhouse, John Ogilvie of Esq. of Hyde Hall. The bride was pre. Gairdoch, Esq. sented at the altar by his Royal Highness 21. At Leith, Mrs Magdalene Fergusthe Duke of Cumberland.

son, relict of Francis Shairp, late CompAt Lord Hermand's, Edinburgh, the troller of the Customs there. Rev. Leslie Moodie, to Catherine, daugh At West Calder, in the 85th year ter of the deceased Charles Fergusson, of his age, John Jackson, Esq. of TorEsq.


22. At Membean, in the parish of El. gin, Ann Garrow, at the very advanced

age of 105 years. Although her sight fail. July 16, 1817. David Charles Ramsay, ed her for some years back, her recollecEsq. the Hon. East India Company's Re- tion was perfectly unimpaired to the day sident at Mucha, and of their Civil Service of her death. on the Bombay Establislıment.

At Barns, Patrick Macneight, Esq. Nov. 14. At Tulloch, in the island of of Barns, aged 75. Jamaica, George Abercromby Bruce, in 23. At Kinloss, the Rev. John Hoyes, the 19th year of his age, second son of the minister of that parish, in the 74th year of late Alexander Bruce, Esq. of Kennet. his age, and 40th of his ministry.

Dec. 7. At Havannah, James Robert At Greenock, James Park, Esq. son, aged 20, Midshipman on board H.M.S. 24. At Edinburgh, Mr David Davidson, Kitleman, Capt. Duft; on the 12th of May of the Exchequer. last, John Wilson Robertson, aged 18, at At Edinburgh, Robert Beatson, Esq. Banff; and on the Joth June, George A.

LL.D. late Barrackmaster at Aberdeen. lexander Robertson, aged 15, Midshipman 25. At House of Hill, Mrs Isabella on board the Lady Campbell, Indiaman, Hill, spouse of Mr Archibald Wilson. was drowned off St Helena; sons of Mr At Edinburgh, Andrew Macfarlane, William Robertson, merchant in Banff, Esq. late of Jamaica, uncle of Lieutenantand all highly promising young men. General Sir Robert Macfarlane of Gartar

,26. At Auchindinny, near Edinburgh, tan, K.C.B. Mary Eutrope Coulon Clerfon de Villar 26. At Lauder, Mr Robert Vallence, son, daughter of Count de Villarson, a na- late Chief Magistrate of that burgh. tive of France, and wife of Robert Ewart, 27. At Bentley Priory, Stanmore, John Esq. surgeon, late of the island of Jamai- James Hamilton, the Most Noble the

Marquis of Abercorn, a Knight of the Gar. Jan. 1. 1818. At Rosebank, Bonning- ter, &c. ton, near Edinburgh, in the 21st year of At Baleloch, the Rev. William Ar. his age, Mr John Pitcairn Thomson, sur. buckle, minister of the parish of North geon; and at the same place, on the 26th, Uist. in the 25th year of his age, Mr Alexander At Portsoy, Mf John Reid, mer. Thomson, Lieutenant in the Durham mi. chant there, in the 85th year of his age.


Jan. 28. At Forres, Alexander Frazer, ritable and pious institutions : Edinburgh Esq.

Bible Society, L. 150 ; Edinburgh Mis30. At Glasgow, Mrs Jean Blair, relictsionary Society, L. 150; Edinburgh Gae'ic of the deceased John Craig of Auchinairn, School Society, L. 150; Destitute Sick So. Esq.

ciety, L. 100; Edinburgh Magdalene A. Feb. 2. At Dumfries, Mrs Pew, widow sylum, L. 100; the Poor of Bristo Street of the late John Pew, Esq. of Hollowton. Congregation, L. 120 ; the Free School of

At Stonehaven, the Rev. Robert Me Bristo Congregation, L. 100 ; Orpban Hos. mess, Episcopal clergyman there, in the pital of Edinburgh, L. 50. 91st year of his age, and 64th of his mi. Feb. 12. At Edinburgh, Mrs Catharine nistry.

Dunbar, widow of the late Thomas Wed. At Breckonhill, James Carruthers, derburn, Esq. aged 96. Esq. of Breckonhill.

13. At Dunnichen House, Forfarshire, 3. At Edinburgh, Mrs Marjoribanks, wie in the 86th year of his age, George Dempdow of the late Edward Marjoribanks, ster, Esq. of Dunnichen. In early youth, Esq. of Lees, Berwickshire.

Mr Dempster succeeded to the family es. At Edinburgh, Mrs Elphinstone tate ; and, during the course of a life exPrimerose, widow of James Rollo, Esq. tended beyond the usual period, exhibited and daughter of the late Sir Archibald in his conduct, on all occasions, the finish. Primerose, Bart. of Dunipace.

ed picture of a complete gentleman. He In Abbey Street, Dublin, at the ad. was a scholar, a man of science, an accomvanced age of 98 years, in the full posses- plished courtier, and a benevolent man. sion of all her faculties, Eleanor, Dowager His very favourable exterior reflected the Lady Palmer, relict of the late Sir Roger image of the powerful and benevolent mind Palmer, Bart. of Castle Lacken, in the within ; his kindness to his tenants and decounty of Mayo, and Ballyshannon, in the pendents, and his extreme courtesy to all, county of Kildare.

were universally acknowledged and ad4. At Edinburgh, in the 31st year of his mired. There was no subject within the age, Mr James Hall Gray, merchant. compass of human knowledge of which he

- The Dowager Viscountess Arbuthnott. was ignorant. The ancient, as well as

5. At Portland Place, Leith, Mr An- many of the modern languages, were fadrew Galbreath, aged 76, late merchant, miliar to him. He made the tour of EuLeith.

rope. The learned sent him their works 9. At Edinburgh, Mrs Janc De More to revise, and artists their plans to exagan, relict of Duncan Buchanan, Esq. Sure mine, before presenting them to the pubgeon Hon. East India Company's service. lic. His own printed treatises, and his es

- At Kennoway, Mrs Seton, relict of says in numerous publications, and espeCaptain David Seton.

cially his speeches in Parliament, show At Drogheda, the Most Rev. Dr how profoundly he was skilled in the busiO'Reilly, Catholic Archbishop of Armaghi, ness of every department of his own counand Primate of all Ireland.

try, as well as in what regarded our foreign At Brompton, Colonel Richard relations; and withal, how much he ever Fleming, in his 79th year.

had the benefit of mankind at heart. The va10. At Wilton Burn, near Hawick, Rox- Juable improvement which he suggested on burghshire, that well known and worthy the fisheries, and the inexhaustible treacharacter, Mr James Hart, farmer, com sure of manure which he discovered in his monly called “ Hart of Harts,” aged 65, own county, will make him be long and sincerely lamented by a large circle of fare gratefully remembered. To him agriculmers, friends, and relations. It was said of ture is indebted for many most important Mr Hart, when 25 years of age, that he and valuable improvements. He had a stood 6 feet 3 inches, and weighed 33 peculiar felicity of expressing his thoughts stones, and was allowed to be the strongest in writing ; and, in speaking on any im. man in Scotland since the days of the re portant subject, his manner, tone of voice, nowned Sir William Wallace.

good humour, and benevolent look, all 1). At Glasgow, in the 49th year of her operated like a charm, and gained on every age, Mrs Elizabeth Johnstone, spouse of heart. It may be safely said, that no man David Machaffie, Esq. merchant, Glasgow. in the present generation has left the world She was the mother of eighteen children. more generally and deservedly applauded

- At Keoldale, in the 78th year of her and admired than Mr Dempster of Dunage, Mrs Barbara Mackay, widow of Major nichen. Mr Dempster was Secretary to John Scobie of Mellness.

the most Honourable and Illustrious Order 12. At Edinburgh, George White, Esq. of the Thistle, and was the fourth member one of the Magistrates of this city, aged 70. upon the roll of the Faculty of Advocates He has left the following legacies to cha- of Scotland.

George Ramsay and Co. Printers, Edinburgh.






Che Scots Gagazine,

APRIL 1818.

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Women ; or Pour et Contre: a Tale. Plate. ) coon


By the Author of Bertram, fc.337 On Luther's Merits with regard to

Travels through Germany, Poland, Psalmody and Church Music ..........303

&c. By Adam Neale, Funds and Expenditure of Scottish

Beppo, a Venetian Story .............. Burghs : (Edinburgh in 1692)...307 Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Letters from Italy ( Continued) w309

Benjamin Franklin, LL.D. &c. .....351 On the Darwinian School of Poetry...313 SURVEYOFFRENCHLITERATURE Account of a Remarkable Subterraneous For February 1818: Analytical Notices

Cemetery lately discovered near Mon of the Memoirs of Mad. d'Epinay ; trose (Communicated by Mr Hud -Poems by a Prisoner in Scotland ; dleston)

316 -Tales by Mad. Montolieu, &c. ..357 Curious Facts respecting some the instincts and habits of animals. No.



The Soldiers' Grave. - The November Some Particulars of the Sufferings of

Garden.-Layeof ane Auncient Mynthe Families of Polwarth and Jer

strell.Sonnette, &c. &c.cancer.362 viswood, previous to the Revolution

PROCEEDINGS OF SOCIETIES. of 1688 ; with Extracts from Lady

Royal Society.-Wernerian Society....364 Murray's Narrative


LITERARY AND SCIENTIFIC IN. Reliques from the field of Waterloo..... 326

TELLIGENCE. Remarks on the Early English Poets.

No. I. Chaucer's Canterbury Tales -327 Expedition to the Northern Ocean.--Notices in Natural History. No. III.

Lamp without Flame. Skeleton of

a Great Sea Snake, &c. & (New Wool-bearing Animal propose

Works Preparing for Publication communi

-367 ed to be introduced into Scotland. The Expedition to the North Pole.

Monthly List of New Publications -Captain Scoresby's Observations in

MONTHLY REGISTER. regard to the Polar Seas. On the Foreign Polar Ice. New Magnetical In Parliamentary Intelligence

..374 strument for determining the Longi,

British Chronicle.....

378 tude.-Coal Veins in the Calton.


-383 Hill.-Discovery of Antimony in

Appointments and Promotions

-384 Banffshire.-Petalite in Coll and Meteorological Reportermarca -387 Rona. Mineralogical Ercursions in.


Agricultural Reportsema.... to Scotland.-Dr Bruce of New York, Commercial Report gr. g c. woooo...

393 con332 Births, Marriages, Deaths

mnm 369


man 39)



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APRIL 1818.




and confirm the deductions of theory,

and also a most interesting account That striking diversity of climate of the author's own discoveries, and which we observe on the globe, is one of the refined instruments which he of the most important arrangements has contrived, to measure the inin the economy of nature; and no fluence of those great natural an thing can be more interesting than to gents, on whose operation the laws of trace the circunstances by which so climate principally depend,--discocurious a disposition is brought about, veries and inventions which, we -the process by which the constant have no doubt, will form an importa and equable flow of heat from the sun ant era in the history of the sciences to the earth is so unequally distribut- to which they relate. For, if the ed over its surface. Notwithstanding invention of the thermometer and baa the progress of science, this branch of rometer, and the knowledge of the physics is still but imperfectly under weight of the air and its gradations, stood, and is generally

treated, indeed, have so greatly accelerated the proin rather a loose and unsatisfactory gress of science, we may certainly ex

In the very interesting pa- pect the most important consequences per, however, under the word Cli- from an exact knowledge of the gramate, recently published by Professor dations of climate as we ascend the atLeslie, in the Supplement to the En- mosphere,—from the detection of a cyclopædia Britannica, the subject is new principle, which spreads the intreated in a manner suitable to the ta- fluence of heat and cold through this lents, the extent of information, and great Auid element, with the diffusive the peculiar researches of this distin- rapidity of sound, and from the inguished philosopher. The paper con- vention, among other instruments of tains a clear exposition of the great extreme delicacy, of one which, quite principles on which the laws of cli- insensible to the heat and light of the mate depend, *—a rigorous calculation ambient air, yet marks, in a clear day, of the various circumstances which the impressions of temperature from may affect the results, —a store of cu- the most distant sky. rious and instructive facts to illustrate In our next number we hope we

shall be able to give such an abstract • At least as to the distribution of heat, of this important article as our liinits that of MOISTURE being deferred to ano• will allow, peculiarly important at ther part of the same work.

present, when such speculations are ·

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