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The complaint against the election of Ma- partly of the complainers, to carry on the gistrates contained several objections, one affairs of the burgh till a new regular Ma. of which being, in the judgment of the gistracy can be obtained. Court, clearly well founded, they consider Singular Action. An action in the ed it unnecessary to determine with respect name of Patrick Crichton, Esq. Edinburgh, to the others. By the set of the burgh, and Messrs M Ritchie, and Ritchie, merthe meeting of the old and new Councils, chants there, has been recently raised in for the purpose of electing the office-bear- the Court of Session, calling the officers of ers, is appointed to consist of 40 persons ; state as defenders, for the purpose of ascerand it is provided, that, if any of these per- taining whether it is within the prerogasons are absent, the meeting may call in tives of the Crown to change and alter the an equal number of other persons, to act in sets and constitutions of the royal burghs of their room, under the denomination of as Scotland, without the intervention of Parsistants. It appeared that, at the last elec- liament. The motive of this action, as tion, one of these assistants was not a burs stated in the summons, is the alarm excitgess; and it was contended, that this cir. ed in the minds of the parties, lest, in the cumstance rendered the proceedings of the event of the disfranchisement of the city of meeting void. The Court considered the Edinburgh, any alterations or innovations objection to be just in itself, and fatal in should be made by the Crown in the anits effect, and they pronounced a judgment cient constitution of this city, in which, as annulling the election.

On a separate ap- burgesses, they claim vested rights ; and plication made by the complainers, the they wish to shew that the Crown has been Court this day named interim managers, con ill advised, and has gone beyond its powers, sisting partly of some of those office-bearers, in granting recently a new set to the burgla who were chosen at last Michaelmas, and of Montrose.


EDWARD COWPER, of Nelson Square, Sur effectual demmposition of salt water, and to ren rey, printer; for improvernents in printing press der the said salt water more useful to the general es, or machines used for printing. Dated Jan. 7, purposes of ships' crews, &c. at sea, without any 1918.

extra apparatus exept the sad cooking machine, JOHN COLLIER, of Frocester, Gloucester or, in other words, its structure will aliswer the shire, engineer; for improvements on a machine end of worm or condenser, and worm-tub, &c. &c. for the purpose of cropping or shearing woollen Jan. 15. cloths of every description. Jan. 15.

CHARLES BRIGHTLY, of Bungay, Suffolk, JOHN LEWIS, clothier, WILLIAM LEWIS, printer, and BRYAN DONKIN, of Grange Road, dyer, and WILLIAM DAVIES, engineer, all of Bermondsey, Surrey, engineer; for a machine or Brimscomb, Gloucestershire ; for improvements printing press, for printing from types, plates, or on shtaring machines for shearing or cropping blocks. Jan. 17. woollen and other cloths that may require such a MARC ISAMBARD BRUNEL, of Lindsay process; the same being further improvements on Row, Chelsea, Middlesex, civil engineer; tar a a patent obtained by John Lewis, for an improved method or methods for forming tunnels or drifts shearing machine, dated the 7th day of July 1815. , under ground, Jan. 20. Jan. 15.

HUGH RONALDS, of Hammersmith, MiddlePHILIP TAYLOR, of Bromley, Middlesex, sex, gentleman; for iinprovements in the art of operative chemist; for a method of applying heat making leather. Jan. 2.3. in certain processes to which the same method JOSEPH CORTY, of llarley Street, Cavendish hath not hithertu been applied ; likewise for im Square, Middlesex, merchant; for improvements provements in refrigerators. Jan. 15.

on, and additions to, stills, or the apparatus used WILLLIM MOULT, of Bedford Square, Mid. for distilling; and also in the process of distilling dlesex ; for improvements in steam-engines. Jan. and refining. Communicated to humn by a foreign15.

er residing abroad. Jan. 20. JOHN HOLWORTHY PALMER, of Regent BENJAMIN WILSON, of Abbey Street, BerStreet, St John, Westininster, Middlesex, gen. mondsey, Surrey, flax-manufacturer; for a ma. teman ; for a mode of purifying certain descrip chine for breaking, swingling, and preparing fax tion of gases. Jari. 1.3.

or hemp. Jan. 23. JOHN THEODORE KOSTER, Lancashire, RICHARD BANKS, of Hadley, Wellington, merchant ; for a metho-l of building or construet Salop, engineer; for further improvements on ing whiceled carriages, and also for making wheels wheel carriages. Jan. 23. for carriages. Jali. 15.

THOMAS CALDERBANK, of Liverpool, JAMES FRASER, of Long Acre, St Martin in Lancashire, pluinber; for improvements in the the fields, Middlesex, engineer and coppersunith; working of pumpo and other inachinery. Jan. 23, for a cooking machine, for the more simple and


I. CIVIL. Feb. 12.-The honour of Knighthood conferred en Major General Francis, Baron de Rottenberg.

buch 4.-The Earl of Northesk, to be Gover. nor, and Sir James Montgomery, Bart. M. P. to be Deputy-Governor of the British Linen Company's Rank, Edinburgh.

3. The Duke of Buccleuch, to be Governor, and Gilbert Innes, Esq. of Stow, to be DeputyGovernor, of the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Members Returned to serve in Parliament.

Feb. 14.- The Right Honourable Thomas Wallace for the Borough of Cockermouth.

21.—Sir W'. Congreve, Bart. for the Borough of Plymouth.

21.-James Beckford Wildman, of Chilham Castle, for the Borough of Colchester.

March 3.-Will am Tierney Robarts, Esq. for the Borough of St Albans.





March 14.-- The Right. Hon. the Lord Advo 23 G. F. Clarke, to be Comet by purch cate of Scotland, for the Burghs of Easter and

vice Johnson, prom.

15th Jan Wester Anstruther, Pittenweem, &c.

2 F. G. Lieut. T. Powys, to be Capt. vice Prince, dend


J. B. Coulson, to be Lieut. vice Powys

do. Feb. 3.-The Associate Presbytery of Perth sustained an unanimous call given to Mr James Par

Capt. A. Wedderburn, to be Adjutant, vice Prince

do. terson, preacher of the gospel, by the congrega

3 tion of Auchtergaven, to be their minister, and Capt. J. Elrington, to be Adjutant, vice entred him on trials for ordination.

Murray, res. Adjutant only

Sth Jan. 1818. 6.-The Senatus Academicus of the Marischal

1 F. College of Aberdeen have conferred the degree of

Lieut. Charles Hendriek, to be Capt. by Doctor in Divinity on the Rev. James Peddie, mi

purch. vice Smith, ret. 5th Feb. nister of Bristo Street congrezation, Elioburgh.

Surgeon W. Roberts, fm. h. p. to be Sur. 14.-Res. w. Aldrick to the Rectory of Hun

geon, vice Wilson, dead

15th Jan,

3 tlesham, Suffolk.

Lieut. G. Whichcote, fm. 52 F. to be

92d do. Rev. John Wickens to the Rectory of Manstone,

Capt. vice Campbell, ret.

19 Dorset.

Ensign G. Dennison, to be Lieut. vice Rev. Geo. Walker to the Rectory of Papworth

Halliday, dead

29th do. Everard, Cambridgeshire.

2 Lieut. J. Moffat, fm. h. p. 4 Ceylon Rev. W. J. Kerrick to the Rectory of Paulers

Regt. to be Ensign, vice Dennison do. pury, Northamptonshire.

Ensign Hon. G. T. Keppel, fm. h. p. 11 Rev. Charles Carr to the Rectory of Burnby,

F. to be Ensign, více Walter, 46 F.

5th Feb. Yorkshire.

37 19.-Dr Anderson, physician in Glasgow, has

Ensign J. Moses, to be Lieut. vice Chalmers, dead

do. presented the Rev. Robert Cameron to the parish

do. of Kilmalcolm, vacant by the death of the late

J. Taylor, to be Ensign, vicc Moses

Lieut. II. Hailes, to be Capt. by purch. Rev. John Brown.

vice Bowen, ret.

940 Jan. 21.--Messrs Thomas Douglas and Charles Parker of Glasow, in virtue of a commission receive

Ensign C. Harrison, to be Licut. by purch. vice Hailes

do, ed from their friends in Demirara, have nominated and appointed the Rev. Archibald Brown to be

N. E. Sinith, to be Ensign by purch. vice

do. minister of the Scotch Church lately erected in

16 that colony, which we understand is to be liberally

Ensign C. Walter, fm. 22 F. to be Ensign, vice Bullivant, res.

5th Feb. endowed.

51 Rev. J. W. Morgan to the Rectory of St Giles,

John Meade, to be Ensign by purch. vice
Lord Hay, 85 F.

8th Jan. Colchester.

52 26.-The Presbytery of Edinburgh appointed

Ensign J. F. May, to be Lieut. by purch. vice Whichcote

29th do. the Rev. James Brown, licentiate, to the New Presbyterian Church at Kingston, Jamaica.

Hon. R. W. Chetwynd, to be Ensign by

do. 28.-Rev. Geo. Rennell to the Rectory of Grey

pureh. vice May stead, Northumberland.

Capt. A. Macdonald, to be Major by purch. vice Frederick, prom.

Sth do. March 5.--The Rev. Thomas Lockerby, mi. nister of the Chapel of Ease, Chryston, was ad

Lieut. T. G. Peacocke, to be Capt. by mitted minister of the parish of Cadder, Presby

purch. vice Macdonald tery of Glasgow. The Rev. Dr Chalmers of

Ensign J. Heard, to be Lieut. by purch. vice Peacoeke

do. Glasgow preached and presided. 7.-William Fullarton Lindsay Carnegie, Esq.

H. M. St. V. Rose, to be Ensign by purch. vice Heard

do. of Spynie and Boysack, has been pleased to pre

59 sent the Rev. Thomas Canpan, preacher of the

Serjcant Major Franklin, to be Quartergospel, to the church and parish of New Srynie,

Mastur, viee Mourhead, dead in the presbytery of Elgin, vacant by the death of

20th May 1817.

60 the late Rev. George Machardic.

Lieut. J. P. Passley, to be Capt. vice
Bowser, dear

8th Jan. 1818.
61 Lieut. S. Falkiner, to be Capt. vice Ren-

5th Feb. Brevet Major P. Adamson, attached to the Portu.

Ensign E. Waldron, to be Lieut. vice Falarmy, to be Lieut, Colonel in the army


do. 1h Sept. 1817. Capt. James Travers, Rifle Brigaile, to be

E. Grieve, to be Ensim, vice Waldron do.

62 Major in the army

Lieut. W. L. Peard, to be Capt. vice 21st June. keith, deal

15th Jan. 3 D. G. Brevet Major G. T. Brice, to be Major,

Ensign A. M'Goldrick, to be Licut. vice vice Chapman, dead 29th Jan, 1918.


do. Lieut. S. Hill, to be Capt. vice Brice

A. Beauclerk, to be Ensign, vice M'Golde do. rick

do. 5 Assist. Surg. J. Foster, from Staff Corps 63 Ensign W. R. Meacock, to be Lieut. vice of Cavalry, to be Assist. Surg. viec

Davey, ret.

29th do. M'Gregor, 22 Dr.

5th Feb. 7 H. A. Bowen, to be Cornet, rice Vince,

R. French, to be Ensign, rice Meacock

do. resigned

15th Jan. 1818.

68 J. L. Pennefather, to be Cornet by purch.

C. Rowley, to be Ensign, vice Dillon, deau

15th Jan. vice L. Crotty, ret.

14th do.

73 Lieut. R. Power, to be Capt. by purch. 1 Dr. J. Keating, to be Cornet, vice Pulleine,

vice Coane, prom.

5th Dec. 1817. dead

5th Feb. 8 Lieut. T. D. Burrowes, to be Capt. vice

Ensign L. Cowell, to be Licut. by purch. vice Power

2d Jan. 1818.
Walker, 59th F. 15th Apr. 1817.
Cornet J. Elliot, to be Lieut. vice Bur-

A. Dixon, to be Ensign by purch. vice

do. rowes

do. 85 Ensign W. G. Lord Hay, fm. 51 F. to be Ensign J. B. Spooner, fm. h. p. 24 F. to

Ensign, vice Hamilton, ret. 8th do. be Ensign, vice Elliot


86 14 John Whitla, to be Cornet by purch. vice

Ensign H. Stuart, to be Lieut. vice Mor.

ton, dead F. 0. Trent, ret.

1st Sept. 1816. 15th Jan. 1918.

2 Lieut. R. Williams, fm. h. p. 3 Ceylon 15 G. W. Mangles, to be Cornet by purch. vicc Studd, prom.

Regt. to be Ensign, vice Stuart

22d do. 17 Ensign W. Marriott, fm. 47 F. to be Cor

1 July 1817.

87 net by purch. vice Patch, ret.

Lieut. J. Fenton, to be Capt. vice Brown,


1st Apr. 1817. 19 Brevet Major E. Giels, to be Major hy

Ensign J. G. Baylee, to be Lieut. vice

20th Mar. purch, vice Anderson, ret. 5th Feb. 1818. 91

Brevet Lieut. Colonel T. H. Blair, to be
W. F. Arnold, to be Capt. by purch. vice

Major by purch. vice Meade, ret.

8th Jan. 1818. Cornet B. Georges, to be Lieut. by purch.

Licut. R. G. Lavers, to be Capt. by purch. vice Arnold

vice Blair

Ass. Surg. D. M'Gregor, fm. 5 D. Gds. to
be Ass. Surg. vice Reilly, canc.

Ensign W. H. Barker, to be Lieut. by do. purch. vice Lavers


ny, lead

qed Apr.

h. p.

A. Maclean, to be Ensign by purch. vice Lieut. Townshend, from 83 F. rec. dift. with

do. Lieut. Summerfield, h. p. 103 Lieut. C. Blankenberg, to be Capt. by Sankey, from 97 f. with Lieut. Keen, h.

purch. vice Joynt, ret. 25th Dec. 1817. P. Ensign G. Walsh, to be Lieut. by purch. Sir J. Ribton, from Rifle Brigade, with vice Blankenberg

do. Lieut. Drury, h. p. 23 F. 1W.I.R. Lieut. S. Gordon, to be Capt. vice Bur. Ensign Trewhitt, from 34 F. rec. diff. with Ensign dett, dead

8th Jan. 1818. Reed, h. p. Lieut. R. Wickam, fm. h. p. 6 W. I. R. Mason, from 11 F. with Ensign Haldenby, to be Lieut. vice Gordon

do. 94 F. J. Johnston, fin. h. p. 99 F. to be Lieut. Williamson, from 1 Dr G. with Ensign D.

vice Buchanan, York Rangers 5th Feb. Campbell, 1 F. R.Y.R. J. Buchanan, fm. 4 W. I. R. to be Lieut. Macdonnell, from 15 F. with Ensign Brett,

vice Bologne, ret. upon h. p. 99 F. do. h. p. 2 (iarr. Bn. Ensign E. Kavers, to be Licut. vice Par.. Tupper, from 64 F. rec. diff. with Ensign kinson, dead

29th Jan. Nutt, h. p. 52 F. E. Hudson, to be Ensign, vice Havers do. Sir M. Burgoyne, from 68 F. with Ensign Cape C. Ensign o. G. Stockenstrom, to be Lieut. Nason, 71 F.

8th do.

A. Maclean, from 91 F. with Ensign G.
Lieut. C. H. Somerset, fin. 60 F. to be Maclean, h. p. 27 F.

9th do.

Cruess, from 92 F. with Ensign Reynolds, J. Van Ryneweld, to be Ensign 8th do. h. p. 37 F. R. Art. Lieut. Colonel G. Desbrisay, fm. h. p. to Lindsay, from 96 F. with Ensign Townbe Lieut. Colonel, vice Baynes, dead

shend, h. p.

19th do. Adjut. Leslie, from 57 F. with Adjut. Deaman, Staff. Staff Surgeon J. Williams, fm. h. p. to be

Surgeou to the Forees, vice Woulfe, Hosp. Assist. P. M‘Mahon, from full pay, with dead

22d do. Hosp. Assist. Grier, h. p.

Resignations and Retirements.
Lieut. Col. Davison, from 67 F. with Lt. Col. Lieut. Col. Meade, 91 F.
Ewart, h. p. 5 W. I. R.

Major Anderson, 19 Dr.
Brevet it. Col. Kelly, from 73 F. with Major Capt. Smyth, 1 F.
Humphry, h. p.

Campbell, 3F.
Dawson, from 1 Dr. G. with Capt.

Bowen, 41 F.
Randall, 22 Dr.

Joynt, 103 F. Brevet Major Teale, from 11 F. with Capt. Mac Lieut. Crotty, 7 Dr. G. pherson, h. p.

Davey, 63 F.
Cruice, from 31 F. rec. diff. with Cor. & En. Vince, 7 Dr. G.
Capt. Glover, h. p. 6 W. I. R.

F. 0. Trent, 14 Dr.
Capt. Glasse, from 96 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Ca-

Patch, 17 Dr. vendish, h. p. 25 F.

Bullivant, 46 F.
Rous, from 93 F. with Capt. Lowen, h. p.

Hamilton, 85 F.
Nova Scotia Fenc.

Russell, Dorset Mil.
Perceval, from 9 F. with Capt. Broughton,

Appointment Cancelled.
Bart, from 32 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Leo Assist. Surg. Reilly, 22d Dr.
nard, h. p. 87 F.
Lieut. Young, from 47 F. with Lieut. Dundee,

Removed. 86 F.

Lieut. Col. Savage, R. Mar. - Lowman, from 63 F. with Lieut. Wood, h.

Deaths. p. 40 F,

Gen. Morse, Royal Eng.

28th Jan. 1818. - Walsh, from 2 W. I. R. with Lieut. Hyl

Lieut. Col. Zouch, late 10 R. Vet. Bn. ton, h. p. 5 W. I. R. Steele, from 43 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Maj. Chapman, 3 Dr. G.

Jan. 18. Brownlow, h. p. 7 F.

Langworthy, h. p. 24 F.
Stewart, from 78 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Capt. Prince, 2 F. G.

24 Jan. 1818. Waters, h. p.

Renny, 61 F.

13th Dec. 1817. Scott, from Rifle Brigade, rec. diff. with

Lieut. Kinguon, 25 Dr.

25th April 1817. T. Miller, 1 F.

8th July. Lieut. Harding, h. p. 5F. M'Clure, from 1. F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Bothamley, 1 F.

20 June. Fletcher, h.p.

Needham, h. p. 25 F.

27th Aug.

Chalmers, 37 F. - O'Connor, from 11 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. O'Kelly, h. p.

Morton, 86 F.

21st May 1817. Anderson, from 18 F. with Lieut. Senior,

Pilkington, 1 W. I. R.

12th Dec. Cor. & En. Pulleine, 1 Dr.

Dec. 1817. 98 F.

C.F. Grant, i F. Young, from 31 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

10th July. Dillon, 68 F.

26th Dec. Nunn, h.p. Jones, from 37 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Ha

Paym. Lechmere, R. Art.

230 Nov. toilton, h. p. 5 F.

Surg. Wilson, 1 f. Twigg, from 38 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Van Ass. Surg. Hickson, 4 Dr. 18th Jan. 1818. deleur, h. p. 18 Dr.



The most striking circumstance in the following abstract for February, is the great depression of the mean temperature, as compared with the corresponding month of last year. The average of the first is 354 ; that of the last 401. This difference is owing partly to the intense frost with which the month commenced, and which continued till the 7th ; and partly to the cold which prevailed during the latter end of the month. From the 7th to the 19th, the weather was, in general, tolerably mild during the day, "the Thermometer being frequently above 40 ; yet even then the nights were cold, and the mean temperature was almost always below 40. The first half of the month was dry; the last showery, with occasional high winds. The fluctuations of the Barometer

have not been so great as during the month of January; those of the Thermometer much the same. Repeated instances have occurred, during the month, of a sudden ele. vation of temperature preceding a gale of wind; and the transitions from frost to thaw have been unusually frequent. Contrary to what generally takes place, the mean temperature is lower than that of January.

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METEOROLOGICAL TABLE, Extracted from the Register kept on the Banks of the Tay, four miles cast from

Perth, Latitude 56° 25', Elevation 185 feet.



THERMOMETER. Degrees. Dlean of greatest daily heat,


18th day,


4th, 35.8

Minimum, : temperature, 10 A.'m.

16.5 Lowest inaximum, 31.4

4th, 10 P. M. .

26.0 35,4 Highest minimum, 17th,

of daily extremes,
10 A. M. and 10 P. M.

Highest 10 A. M.


16.0 Lowest ditto, 35.2


21.0 4 daily observations,

18th, Whole range of Thermometer,

Highest 10 P. M.

44.0 260.0 Lowest ditto,


18.0 Mean daily ditto,

Greatest range in 24 hours, 25th,

tenperature of spring water,

Least ditto,



Inches. Mean of 10 A. M. (ternp. of mer. 39) 29.101

Highest 10 A. M.


30.050 10 P. M. (terap. of mer. 39)

Lowest ditto,


28.632 hoth, (temp. of mut. 39)

Highest 10 P. M.


29.962 Whole range of Barometer,

7.716 Lowest ditto,


28.640 Mean daily ditto,

.275 Greatest range in 24 hours, 20th,
Least ditto,


.055 HYGROMETER (LESLIE'S). Degrees. Mean of 10 A. M.


HYGROMETER. Degrees. 10 P. M. 6.1 Highest 10 A. M.

26th, 7.0 Lowest ditto,


0.0 Rain in Inches,

Highest 10 P.M.

20.0 Evaporation in ditto,

.650 Lowest ditto,



WILSON'S HYGROMETER. Mean of 10 A. M. 17.2 Greatest dryness, 26th, 101, M.

38.0 10 P. M.

15.1 Least ditto, 16th, 10 P. M.
Fair days 16; rainy days 12; wind, west of meridian, 23; east of meridian, 5.


• both,



Kept at Edinburgh, in the Observatory, Caltonhill. N. B.- The Observations are made twice every day, at eight o'clock in the morning, and eight o'clock

in the evening.

The .Baro.
Wind. Remarks.

Ther. I Baro.

Wind. Remarks. Ther.


s. W. wind moder.

Frost, m. es. Cble.

wind moder.

2M. 28

3/M. 21



6 M. 52

Fro. mori.


wind high.

Feb. ISM. 33-8.12 M. 35


Snow, frost, .195 E. 35

Frost, mild, E. 32

Feb. 15 M. 35 29.64. M. 38
wind moder.

E. 36 .615 E. 39
.57 M. 31
Keen frost,


M. 29.506 M. 34
E. 25 .667 E. 31

wind moder.

E. 421 .428E. 40
.801 M. 29

Sn. fr. sun.

M. 40.599 M. 40 s. w. Mild, dull,
UE. 271 .857 5. 31

wind moder.

E. 46 .468 E. 15 ) wind moder. M. 20 .877M. 32)

Sun. sn. fr.


M. 47.304 M. 17
E. 25

Mild, .87|E. 34 )

S. W. wind moder.

E. 48 .209 E. 175 wind moder. 51M. 1929.10.M. 301 Cble. Ditto.

M. 44, 19

.429 M. 45 .310 E. 32)


Rain for fair VE, 32

E. 38 .165/E. 42

aft. w. high. .020 M. 32

Sunsh. aft.


M. 35 .519 M. 40
... E. 36)

UE. 561

wind moder.
UE. 36.394E. 39

sn. aft. w.h. M. 37 .630 M. 36

Fro. m. aft.

M. 4128.825 M. 10
UE. 39


Stor. rain, .409 E. 38

S. W.
E. 33 .755 E. 57

snw. & slect.
M. 381 .46 M. 38 Fair, cold,

M. 34 22

.800 M. 40 E. 39 .631 E. 39

Fr. snow on

S. W.
wind moder.
E. 32.892|E. 37

grd. w. m.
M. 57 .461 M. 39

S. W.
Mild, sunsh.

M. 35 29.213 M. 37
E. 38.670 E. AS wind moder.

E. 37 28.907 E. 39%

Cble. Stormy, sit.

and rain. M. 58.657 M. 39

M. 32 .925 M. 35} N. w. High winds,
E. 421.703 E. 42

wind moder.
E. 361 .812 E. 39

M. 37 .891 M. 40

ost, sun.

M. 43
N. W

.79 M. 13
E. 581 .850 E. 40

N. W. High winds, wind moder.

.995 E. 12

rain & sit. 12 M. 40 .717M. 41

Dull, cold,

M. 34 .15 M. 38)

26 E. 42

Frost, sun. .688E. 43

N. W. wind high.

E. 32

.250E. 37 wind high. 15 M. 10 .650M. 42

Fair, cold.

M. 55

.855 M. 37 N. w. Fr. snow, & E. 38 .588E. 41

wind moder.
E. 57 .891 E. 38

rain, w. h. M. 52 .492 M. 37

Fr. dull aft.

M. 36 29.140 M. 37
E. 33) .1281E. 381

lwind moder.!
C. 39 28.5111E. 40

aftrn. w. h.



s. W. Mild, dull,


25{. 39


Chle. Heavy rain

State of the Barometer, gic. from February 14th to March 13th 1818, in the

Vicinity of Edinburgh.

[blocks in formation]

Though about half the spring quarter is gone, we have had no genial weather in this part of the island. March, indeed, so far as it is past, has been the most severe month since autumn. Besides the damage sustained from high winds, there has fallen so much snow, that a few days ago the roads were impassable at a short distance from Edinburgh. The ground has seldom been in a state for receiving the seed ; and, excepting beans in a few

instances, none of the spring grains are yet sown. This is now the middle of the lambing season in our low lands; and much loss must ensue if the weather does not soon become more dry and mild. Great complaints of the rot in sheep continue ;--we hear of whole flocks being affected in our Border counties ;--and this not only in high wet districts, but even on arable farms, where it cannot be ascribed to want of food, or exposure to the storm. What is still more remarkable, some farms of bad repute in this respect seem to have escaped, while lands on which the disease was never known have suffered. All sorts of live stock are in demand; but sheep, in particular, are expected to be very scarce and dear. Butcher-meat continues to advance. Corn markets are steady. The ports are now open to wheat, barley, and oats; but we do not hear of any considerable arrivals.

The distress of our moorland farmers is extreme. Their two last crops were destroyed by frost, and now their sheep, always their principal fund for the payment of rent, are about to perish by a distemper which has hitherto been found incurable. What might be the effect of salt on the health of this most valuable animal, remains to be tried in this part of the island. That it would be beneficial, there is every reason to hope, from the experiments that have been made in the south. But, independent of this, few have so much interest in urging a repeal of the high duties as the farmer ; and we cannot but look forward to the time, and that at no great distance, when he shall not be deterred from using it freely as an important material in his system of management.

17th March.

N. B.-WEIGHTS AND MEASURES.-The Linlithgow boll, which is to be understood in the following tables when no particular measure is mentioned, is for wheat, beans, and peas, about two per rent, more than four bushels, or half an English quarter ; and for barley and oats, something less than six Winchester bushels. But, though these

are the standards of Scotland, the measure of every county varies a little from them; and even in the same county, two or more customary measures are found ditferent from the standard, and from one another. The Stirlingshire measure, in the Glasgow table, is more than 8 per cent. above the Linlithgow wheat boll. The boů of oatmeal is 8 Dutch stones, or 140 lb. aroirdupois, and the peck a sixteenth part, or 84 1!). avoirdupois ; but the peck of potatoes, in Edinburgh, ought to weigh 28 lb. The weight by which butcher meat is sold, is commonly the Dutch pound of 174 ounces,-the stone containing 16 of these pounds, and being thus equal to 1t stone avoirdupois. Hay is sold by the stone, weighing from ** (which is the weight im Edinburgh) to 28 lbs.; ated butter by the Ib. of as many ounces.

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