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91 lb.



75 @

70 @ 74 | 70 @ 77 Cwt. Mid. good, and fine mid. 82 86 75 83 78 89 Fine and very fine,

88 90 84 87 90 95 Refined, Double Loaves,

150 155 Powder ditto,

124 128 Single ditto,

113 124 16 118 122 124 Small Lumps,

114 118 110 112 124 126
Large ditto,

110 114 |105 108 112 118
Crushed Lumps,
65 68

66 70 MOLASSES, British,

38 40 35 36 38 6 COFFEE, Jamaica,

Ord. good, and fine ord. 95 10590 98 92 99

Mid. good, and fine mid. 105 110 100 102 101 107 Dutch, Triage and very ord. : 90 94

86 94 Ord. good, and fine ord. 95 105 92 99 96 103 Mid. good, and fine mid. 1104 110 | 99

107 104 109 St Domingo,

100 105 93 100 96 102 PIMENTO (in Bond),

10 8} 9 9 SPIRITS, Jamaica Rum, 16 O. P. 3s 8d 3s 100 3s 6 38 70 35 4

3$ 6 galle Brandy,

14 0 14 3 Geneva,

4 6 Grain Whisky,

7 9

8 0 WINES, Claret, 1st Growths, 48 52

hhd. Portugal Red, 40 45

pipe. Spanish White, 30 55

butt. Teneriffe, 30 35

pipe Madeira,

60 70 LOGWOOD, Jamaica,

£8 £8 10 27 10 8 10 £8 10 £8 17 ton. Honduras,

9 8 10

90 95

9 10 9 0 10 0 10 0 10 10 FOSTIC, Jamaica,

12 15

12 0 14 0 Cuba,


17 0 17 10 INDIGO, Caraccas fine,

9s 6d Ils 6d 8s 6d 9s 60 95 0 Ils o lb. TIMBER, American Pine,

2 4 2 6

25 2 6 foot. Ditto Oak,

50 5 6
Christiansand (daties paid), 2 4 2 5
Honduras Mahogany, 1 0 60 10 18

1 5
St Domingo ditto,

1 2 3 0 19 2 5 TAR, American,

19 0 20 brl. Archangel, 22 '28

21 0 23 Pitch, Foreign, 14

cwt. Tallow, Russia Yellow Candle, 80 81 83 84 Home melted,

82 HEMP, Riga Rhine, £47 48 £48 £49

ton. Petersburgh Clean,

46 47 46 47 FLAX, Riga Thies. and Druj. Rak. 79 80

60 68

stone Mats, Archangel, £5 15

100 BRISTLES, Petersburgh Firsts, 16 10 £17

(cwt. ASHES, Petersburgh Pearl,

58s 60 60 Montreal ditto,

68s 70s 668 68s 63s Pot,

62s 63s 638 65s 57s Q 598 0 OIL, Whale,


55 56 55 56 tun Cod, 55(p. brl.) - 50

51 TOBACCO, Virginia fine,

92 109 99 10! 0 8 09 Ib. middling,


83 9 06 07 inferior,

73 8 7% 81 0 45 5 COTTONS, Bowed Georgia,

17 Į 105 1 6

1 Sea Island, fine,

2 11 3 3 2 9 2 11 good,

2 9 2 10 2 6 2 8 middling,


2 8 11 2 2 Demerara and Berbice,

1 10 2 18 1 10 West India,

1 8 2 0 18 Pernambuco,

2 2 2 21 20 2 1 Maranham,

2 0 2 11 ili 1 ildl

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2 11 199

ALPHABETICAL List of English BANKRUPTCIES, announced between December 31,

1817, and January 31, 1818, extracted from the London Gazette.



Akers, J. Middlesex, com-factor

Nash, J. Haverfordwest, linen-draper Adamson, E. Liverpool, tobacconist

Nye, J. Tunbridge, baker Burgess, H. Birmingham, factor

North, B. E. Manchester, factor Botrell, T. London, victualler

Oddy, G. London, soap-maker Buckley, J. Loncion, warehouseman

Ollerton, R. Bradford, shopkeeper Clark, W. Sheffield, builder

Oliver, J. Newington Causeway, Surrey, cords Child, R. Waltham, St Lawrence, Berks, farmer wainer Cooke, B. Patricroft, within Barton-upon-Irwell, Pickton, w. Liverpool, timber-merchant cotton-spinner

Peel, J. London, potatoe merchant Caffe, C. London, victualler

Pawsey, J., and J. Haywood, London, livcry Coates, W. Skipton, grocer

stable keepers Crowther, J. Huddersfeld, wood-tnrner

Proctor, G. Birmingham, optician Cox, W. H. London, warehouseman

Pilkington, J. Preston, grocer Dellow, J. London, basket-maker

Powis, J. London, builder Day, J. Bridge Road, Surrey, auctioneer

Powis, R. London, veterinary surgeon Dawks, T. Bath, horse-dealer

Redmayne, T. Preston, linen-draper Daries, W. Nesten, Chester, draper

Saunders, J. Chichester, grocer Ellis, &. Manchester, joiner

Swainson, J. London, merchant
Elliott, J. London, baker

Starkey, W. London, silk manufacturer
Favoue, G. London, bill and exchange broker Stansfield, J. Stockport, butcher
Feather, R. Romford, carpenter

Scott, R. Liverpool, merchant
Gray, R. Norwich, broker

Shuttleworth, 3. S. Stratford-upon-Avon, wineGrithin, T. London, timber merchant

merchant Graz, E. Scaton Cottage, Northumberland, far. Strachan, R., and T. Stubbs, London, warehouse Handley, W. Stretten-en-le-field, Derby, miller Schnalling, F. W. London, merchant Hillier, J. London, umbrella manufacturer Sedgewick, W. Liverpool, merchant Haslam, J. Chester, calico-printer

Simster, S. Manchester, dealer in cotton-twist Harvey, G. Stafford, draper

Snuggs, 1. London, mercer Houston, J. Manchester, and T. Smith, Middle Taylor, J., and J. and J. Leigh, Lancaster, calico ton, cotton-spinners

printers Holroyd, J. Halifax, merchant

Thomas, D. Carmarthen, grocer Harrison, J. Manchester, gun-maker

Turner, F. Doncaster, cordwainer Hedley, J. G. London, baker

Thomson, E. Durham, fariner Hewlett, W, Sailwell, farmer

Trout, T. London, linen-draper Hockley, D., and W. S. Hall, London, working Turner, W. B. Normanton, York, merchant goldsmiths

Utting, J. H. Norwich, upholsterer Hyre, W. London, inerchant

Upson, J. London, baker
Irving, W. Liverpool, merchant

Waddington, S. Halifax, corn-factor
T. Bristol, dealer

Wright, P. Pilgrim brew-house, Surrey, ale and
Jones, T. Deritend, Aston, picture frame maker table-beer manufacturer
Irving, P. Liverpool, merchant

Wright, E. Stafford, ale-house keeper Kirkham, J. Acre Farm, Stafford, farmer Watts, G., and W. Bush, Bristol, ivory-black maLloyd, W. sen. Peckham, and W. Lloyd, jun. Flin. nufacturers don, slopsellers

Wigney, G. A., and G. Seymour, Chichester, Lloyd, W. jun. London, slopseller

brewers Lea, J. Nantwich, Chester, com dealer

Williams, D. Carmarthen, currier Legeyt, J. Lugwardine, Hereford,


Woods, W. London, linen-draper Lamp, J., and T. Burgroves, London, hat manu Walker, W. and J. London, army agents facturers

Wart, H. V. Birmingham, merchant Lock, J. Woolwich, victualler

Wills, G. London, wine and spirit merchant Marxier, W. N. Salford, corn-dealer

Woolsey, W. London, haberdasher Matthews, W. Usk, money scrivener

Wilson, J. Beverley, hat manufacturer M'Michael, W. Bristol, merchant

Watmough, J. Liverpool, joiner Marshall, J. Manchester, draper

Wall, G. Broomyard, Hereford, farmer Masters, G. Langston, Monmouth, dealer

Wagstaff, G. Dirsting Goosop, Derby, cotton-spiaMichel, s. Dorking, Surrey, linen-draper Newell, W. Derby, cheese factor


ALPHABETICAL List of Scotch BANKRUPTCIE8, announced between December 31,

1817, and January 31, 1818, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.

SEQUESTRATIONS. Bertie, R. Thomaston, drover, and cattle-dealer gill, J. sen. Wick, merchant Ormond, R. Dundce, brewer 'Millan, W. and T. Castle Douglas, merchants and drapets

Hunter, W. Arbroath, carrier; by P. Bruce, mer

chant there, 13th February Macarthur, J. Glasgow, merchant; by J. M'Ga-,

vin, accountant there, 21 March Mitchell, A. Whiteness of Slains; by D. Hutcheon,

advocate in Aberdeen, 20 March Sinclair, D. Edinburgh, merchant; by J. Reoch,

merchant in Leith, 23d February Stewart, J. Sneddon of Paisley, manufactnrer ; by

P. Dougall, merchant in Glasgow, 20 February Walker, P. Stirling, merchant; by W. Sanderson,

merchant in Edinburgh, 16th February Walker, Thomson, and

Co. Leith, merchants; by J. Campbell, stertius, W. S. Edinburgh, 2014 February

Erooks, A. and Co. Edinburgh, merchants ; by
J. Macdowall, inerchant in Leith, 20 March
Christie, A. Aberdeen, merchant; by D. Hutcheon,
advocate there, 2d Marcha




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23. Mrs Morehead, wife of the Rev. R. July, 1817. At Madras, the lady of Morehead, a son. Captain George Cadell, Adjutant-General's At Dunmow, in Essex, the lady of Department, a son.

George Wade, Esq. of her 16th child, of December 19. At Glenkindy, the lady whom 15 are living. It is remarkable, of Sir Alexander Leith, a son and heir that the brother of the above-named genand soon after, of a second son, who died tleman (John Wade of Injebreck, Esq. in immediately after birth.

the Isle of Man) has nine children living. - 27. Mrs Fraser of Faraline, a daugh. Their joint issue is 24, and it so happens ter.

that the nunber of boys and girls is equal - 28. At Caen, in Normandy, the lady -making 12 couple of cousins ! of Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Hay, a 26. At Plymouth, the lady of Rear-Ad.

miral Lindsay, a daughter January 2, 1818. At Preston, the lady February 6. The lady of the deceased of Major Hartwell, 6th dragoon guards, Sir John Carmichael Anstruther, Bart. a a daughter.

5. At Dunbar, Mrs Captain Hunter, a Mrs Heriot of Ramornie, a son. still-born daughter.

Lately,--.At Aberdeen, the lady of Ma-The lady of Major-General George jor Ernest Leslie, younger of Balquhain, Cookson, a son.

a daughter. 7. The lady of Captain Romer, royal The lady of Major-General Sir William artillery, a daughter.

Anson, K. C. B. a daughter. Mrs Colonel Rose of Kilravock, a The lady of James Colquhoun, Esq. of still-born.

James's Place, London, a daughter. 8. At Ruchill, the lady of Duncan Campbell, Esq. of Barcaldine, a daughter.

10. The lady of John Bruce, Esq. of December 22, 1817. At St George's, Grenada, a son.

Bloomsbury, London, W. A. Venour, Esq. Mrs William Ferguson, a daughter. of the Bengal military establishment, to

At Naples, the lady of Thomas Clif- Helen, daughter of R. Davidson, Esq. ton, Esq. jun. of Lytham Hall, in the coun Findhorn. ty of Lancaster, a son and heir.

24. At her father's house in Paris, in 11. At Edinburgh, Mrs Stark, a daugh- the presence of his Excellency the English ter,

Ambassador, Matilda, eldest daughter of 12. At his seat, Linston House, Suffolk, the Right Hon. Lord Robert Fitzgerald, to the lady of the Right Hon. Lord Hunting the Chevalier Victor de Maria Gaia, cadet field, a son.

of that noble family in Languedoc. 13. At Edinburgh, Mrs Cochran of Ash. 31. William L. Fox, Esq. second son kirk, a daughter.

of James L. Fox, Esq. of Branham Park, 14. At Newton, Aird, the lady of Major Yorkshire, to Caroline, youngest daughter L. Stewart, 24th regiment, a son.

of the Hon. John Douglas, and grandIn Upper Grosvenor Street, the Right daughter of the Earl of Harewood. Hon. Lady St John, a daughter.

January 5, 1818. At Crook, near Stirling, 15. In Portland Place, London, Lady William Smith, Esq. merchant in Glasgow, Liddell, a son ; the 15th child.

to Mary, eldest daughter of the late John 16. The lady of Lieutenant-General M. Morris, Esq. of Elliesland. Hunter, Queen Street, a daughter.

6. In Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, Ed. 17. At Glasgow, the lady of Lieutenant- ward Poore, Esq. nephew of Sir John Colonel Hastings, a daughter.

Methuen Poore, Bart. to Agnes, third 18. At York Place, Edinburgh, Mrs daughter of Sir John Marjoribanks, Bart. Foulis of Woodhall, a son.

8. At Bishop's Waltham, Charles C. - At Battle Abbey, the lady of Sir Johnson, Esq. Captain in the 85th regi. Godfrey Webster, Bart. M. P. a son. ment of light infantry, third son of Sir

19. The Hon. Mrs Dundas of Dundas, a John Johnson, Bart. of Montreal, Lover daughter.

Canada, to Susan, eldest daughter of Rear. 20. At Norfolk House, St James's Adiniral Griffith, of North Brook House, Square, London, the Countess of Surrey, a Hants.

12. At Linton, John Bruce, 'Esq. of St 22. At Eskbank, Mrs Wood, a daughter. Elizabeth's, Jamaica, to Janet, daughter of



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the late Mr John Cunningham, Dirle September 17. Lost in the ship Jane, on ton.

entering the River Plate, Mr Francis 16. At George Square, Edinburgh, Mr Sommers, of the house of Sommers and Adam Brack, Clifton, to Jessie, eldest Ewing, Rio de Janeiro, when all on board daughter of the late James Brunton, of consisting of five passengers, the captain Lugton Bridge-end, Esq.

and crew) perished, except the chief mate, Pierre Felix Viennot, Chevalier of who was dashed on shore by the violence the Legion of Honour, to Sylvia, youngest of the gale. He was not discovered till the daughter of the late Robert Shaw, Esq. of third day after the shipwreck, having then Dublin.

been found by the natives in a very for. At Edinburgh, Alexander Stewart, lorn condition, with a broken leg, and Esq. Finsbury Square, London, to Agnes otherwise much bruised. Marshal, eldest daughter of William Lo October 15. At St Mary's, Jamaica, gan, Esq. Queen Street.

James W. Boyd, Esq. son of Thomas 17. At London, Major Keane, 7th hus- Boyd, Esq. Dumfries. sars, A. D. C. to Major-General Sir Hus. 23. At Demerara, James Jamieson, sey Vivian, K. C. B. and third son of Sir Esq. John Keane, Bart. M. P. to Anne, third November 23. At Tortola, in the 68th daughter ; and also John Grove, Esq. year of his age, the Hon. James Robertson, M. D. of Salisbury, second son of Thomas his Majesty's Chief Justice of the Virgin Grove, Esq. of Fearn, in the county of Islands, having honourably sustained that Wilts, to Jean Helen, fourth daughter of office for a great number of years. Sir William Fraser, Bart. of Bedford December 6. At Queensferry, John MarSquare.

tin, Esq. in the 83d year of his age. 20. At Edinburgh, Alexander Heastie, Aged 100 years, Mr Eldred, Page to Esq. surgeon, royal navy, to Isabella, only the King. He carried a heavy mace bedaughter of the late Richard Baxter, Esq. fore the Regent on the last occasion of his of Demerara, and grand-daughter of An- Royal Highness going to St James's chadrew Macfarlane, Esq. late of Jamaica. pel.

27. At London, Robert Johnston of In the 58th year of his age, on his Murphy Hill, St Ann's, Jamaica, Esq. to voyage from Madras to this country, in the Catharine Cole Taylor, daughter and heir ship Boyne, Major-General Aldweld Tayess of the late John Taylor of Harmony lor, of the Hon. East India Company's Hill, St Ann's, Jamaica, Esq.

service. 29. At Barnton House, James Cunning. 8. Major Adair, eldest son of Thomas ham, Esq. of Balgownie, to Agnes, third Adair of Genoch, clerk to the signet, was daughter of the late George Ramsay, Esq. drowned on board the Indian, wrecked off of Barnton.

the coast of France, on the night between 31. At London, Colonel Sir Alexander the 7th and 8th of December. Bryce, C. B. C. St F. K. C. commanding the 16. At Coventry, in his 87th year, Rofogal engineers, Portsmouth, to Emily, bert Simson, Esq. M. D. for more than youngest daughter of the late John Porker, half a century an eminent and highly reEsq. of Muswellhill, banker, London. spected physician in that city. He was the

February 3. At Craigbank, James Stir- son of Dr Thomas Simson, late Professor ling, Esq. merchant in Glasgow, to Sarah, of Medicine and Anatomy in the Univerdaughter of John M-Caul, Esq. of Craig- sity of St Andrew's, and nephew of the late bank.

Dr Robert Simson, the celebrated Profes-
Lately.--At Path, Rear-Admiral Mac bor of Mathematics in the University of
Namara, to the Hon. Mrs Charleton, wi- Glasgow.
dow of the late Lieutenant-Colonel Charle 25. Princess Sophia Caroline Maria,

Margravine of Bayreuth, in the 8lst year
At Achadashenaig, in the island of Mull, of her age.
Robert Maxwell, Esq. Chamberlain of Tirit, 26. At his house in Portsoy, Mr James
to Catherine, eldest daughter of the late Ro Milne, merchant there, in the 82d year of
bert Stewart of Sorn.

27. At Cheltenhanı, Alexander Peterkin, DEATHS.

Esq. of Chatham, in the island of Jamaica, June 27, 1817. Near Ghazypoor, in Ben- and of Greeshop, in the county of Moray, gal, of a fever, Lieutenant Greenhill, 17th North Britain. foot, in the 27th year of his age, second son 30. At Musselburgh, in the 86th year of Charles Greenhill, Esq. of Fearn.

his age, Mr Thomas Thomson, 40 years July 9. At Visigapatam, John Wilson, and upwards town-clerk of said burgh. Captain in the 15th regiment native in Robert Waugh, Esq. of Foxhall. fantry, and Brigadier Major north division 31. At Greenlaw House, James Kibble, of the Madras army, eldest son of John Esq. of Whiteford. Wilson, merchant, Dalkeith.

- At Leith, Mr Richard Griplay, jun. TOL. II.

B b

his age.

Dec.31. At Glasgow, Mary, eldest daugh. Rev. John Kirkwood, mintster of the Relief ter of Professor James Millar, of that Uni- Congregation there. versity.

9. At Ormly, John Rose, Esq. SheriffJanuary 1, 1818. At Doonside, Captain Substitute of Caithness. James Roberton Crawford, of Doonside, of 10. At London, General Sir John Floyd, his Majesty's 21st dragoons.

Bart. Colonel of the 8th light dragoons, Miss Isabella Blake, daughter of Sir and Governor of Gravesend and Tilbury Francis Blake, Bart. of Twisel Castle, Dur Forts. ham.

At Edinburgh, on the 10th curt. 2. At Bath, William Balder ston, Esq. Thomas Allan, Esq. of Linkfield, WestW. S.

barns, in his 45th year. - At Aberdeen, Captain John Coutts, At Bath, John Robertson, Esq. late in the 73d year of his age.

of Chesterhall, aged 79. Aged 103, Mrs Park, of Gilbert 11. At Edinburgh, in his 88th year, Mr Street, Liverpool. She lived in a state of James Miller, glover there. widowhood 55 years, and retained all her At London, Harriet Jane Leslie Mel. faculties to the last.

ville, eldest child of the Hon. J. L. Leslie 3. At Southampton, Sir Richard Onslow, Melville. Bart. K. G. C. B. Admiral of the Red, and 12. At Castlecraig, Miss Janet Maitland Lieutenant-General of the Royal Marines. Carmichael, third daughter of Sir Thomas He was the next father of the Fleet to Earl Gibson Carmichael, Bart. St Vincent.

At her son's house in John's Street, At Newburgh, the Rev. David Hep. Edinburgh, Mrs Ballantynė, senior, relict burn, minister of the Associate Congrega- of the deceased Mr John Ballantyne, mertion there, in the 60th year of his age, and chant in Kelso. 33d of his ministry.

- Captain William Gordon Rutherford, 4. At his house in the Canongate, Edin- R. N. at the Royal College, Greenwich. burgh, James Baillie, Esq. of Čulterallers, 13. At Glasgow, in the 53d year of his aged 86.

age, Edward Hazelrig, Esq. author of At Invergordon, in the 98th year of those popular papers, entitled, “ The At. her age, Mrs Rebecca Robertson, widow of tic Stories." the late Captain Jolin Robertson, of the 42d At Dunjop, in Galloway, Walter regiment.

Paterson, Esq. of Dunjop. At his house in South Castle Street, At his seat, at Cuffnels, the Right. Edinburgh, Andrew Liddell, Esq. in the Hon. George Rose, in the 80th year of his 74th year of his age.

age. Mr Rose was distinguished for his At Cowes, the lady of James Mac- unwearied application to business, and for donald, Esq. M. P.

his extensive knowledge of detail, in which At Aberlady, Mr Robert Paterson, he was equalled by few; and by these qua

lities he rendered himself so useful, that he At Woodhead, near Borrowstoun. rose to some of the most lucrative and imness, Charles Addison, Esq.

portant offices in the State. He was Trea5. At Ochiltree House, John Johnstone, surer of the Navy, President of the Board Esq. He served in the army for upwards of Trade, Clerk of Parliament, Keeper of of 40 years.

the Records in the Receipt side of the ExAt her house in Heriot Row, Edin- chequer, one of the Lords of his Majesty's burgh, Lady Hope, relict of the late Sir Privy Council, and Elder Brother of the Archibald Hope of Craighall, Bart. Trinity House, Verderer of the New Fo

6. At Glasgow, Mr Richard Thomson, rest, Hants, and Member of Parliament preacher of the Gospel. He had the mis- for the town of Christ Church. At an Fortune in infancy to lose his sight by the early period of his life, his arithmetical tasmall-pox.

lents, and extensive financial knowledge, -- At Greenock, Mrs Campbell, jun. recommended him to the particular atten. of Strachurr, Argyllshire.

tion of the Earl of Shelburne, (afterwards At Drochil Castle, Mrs Marion Marquis of Lansdown,) who was then First Tweedie, spouse of Janies Murray, E.q. Lord of the Treasury, and he was soon of Craigend.

after appointed one of the Secretaries to 8. Ai Little France, parish of Libber- the Treasury, but resigned on the for. ton, Mary Porteous, relict of George mation of the Coalition Administration of Knight, late public-house keeper there, in Lord North and Mr Fox. On the subsethe 101st year of her age. She was born in quent elevation to the Premiership of his February 1717, and had 12 children, 53 friend and patron, Mr Pitt, he was again grandchildren, and 51 great-grandchildren; appointed one of the Secretaries to the 88 of whom are now living.

Treasury, and continued as senior in that 9. At Strathaven, in the 63d year of situation for many years. On the retire. his age, and the 32d of his ministry, the ment from office of Mr Pitt and his im

aged 94.

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