The cabinet history of England, civil, military and ecclesiastical: from the invasion by Julius Caesar to the year 1846, Volumen 4

Blackie and Son, 1855

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Página 77 - Edinburgh as ye conveniently can; sack Leith, and burn and subvert it, and all the rest, putting man, woman, and child to fire and sword, without exception, when any resistance shall be made against you.
Página 7 - Prince, and therefore strictly charged and commanded that he should not be esteemed or called a saint ; that all images and pictures of him should be destroyed, the festivals in his honour be abolished, and his name and remembrance be erased out of all books, under pain of his Majesty's indignation and imprisonment at his Grace's pleasure.
Página 230 - I would not be so bold to desire, if I knew not myself most clear as I know myself most true. And as for the traitor Wyatt, he might, peradventure, write me a letter, but on my faith I never received any from him ; and as for the copy of my letter sent to the French King, I pray God confound me eternally if ever I sent him word, message, token, or letter by any means ; and to this my truth I will stand to my death your Highness's most faithful subject that hath been from the beginning, and will be...
Página 93 - A good hearing it is when women become such clerks ; and a thing much to my comfort, to come in mine old days to be taught by my wife...
Página 103 - very coldly, as I had been by my queen commanded. Then he began to purge himself of so proud a pretence as to marry so great a queen, declaring that he did not esteem himself worthy to wipe her shoes, and that the invention of that proposition of marriage proceeded from Mr. Cecil, his secret enemy; 'For if I,' said he, 'should have appeared desirous of that marriage, I should have offended both queens, and lost their favour.
Página 85 - Cassillis's place, and were as able to do his majesty good service there, as he knoweth him to be, and thinketh a right good-will in him to do it, he would surely do what he could for the execution of it ; believing, verily, to do thereby not only an acceptable service to the king's majesty, but also a special benefit to the realm of Scotland, and would trust verily the king's majesty would consider his service in the same...
Página 32 - I do travail with her to know the cause, and then, as much as I can, I do labour to take away, or at the least, to mitigate the cause, and so I did at that time. I told her there was some new...
Página 191 - Crane," says the king, " confessed the most part, even as Palmer did before, and more also, how that the place where the nobles should have been banqueted, and their heads stricken off, was the Lord Paget's house Hammond also confessed the watch he (the duke) kept in his chamber at night.
Página 118 - Hume, made no vain show of resistance, but soon came forth, " and brought with him," says our journalist, " his band to my lord's grace, which was of twenty-one sober (poor) soldiers, all so apparelled and appointed that, so God help me (I will say it for no praise), I never saw such a bunch of beggars come out of one house together in my life.
Página 112 - ... for the tedious length of the same ; which should weary and be hurtsome peradventure to the king's majesty, being yet of tender age, fully to endure and bide out...

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