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Near Percy-lodge, with awe-ftruck mien,
The rebel feeks her lawful queen,
And havock and contention cease.
I fee the rival powers combine,

And aid each other's fair design;

Nature exalt the mound where art fhall build; Art shape the gay alcove, while nature paints the


Begin, ye fongfters of the grove!
O warble forth your noblest lay;
Where Somerset vouchfafes to rove,
Ye leverets, freely fport and play.
-Peace to the ftrepent horn!

Let no harsh difonance difturb the morn,
No founds inclegant and rude
Her facred folitudes profane!

Unless her candour not exclude

The lowly fhepherd's votive ftrain,

Who tunes his reed amidft his rural chear,

Fearful, yet not averfe, that Somerfet fhould hear.

ODE to MEM OR Y. 1748.

Memory! celeftial maid !

Who glean'ft the flowerets cropt by time s

And, fuffering not a leaf to fade,

Preferv'ft the bloffoms of our prime; Bring, bring those moments to my mind When life was new, and Lefbia kind.


And bring that garland to my fight,

With which my favour'd crook the bound; And bring that wreath of roses bright Which then my feftive temples crown'd. And to my raptur'd ear convey

The gentle things fhe deign'd to say.

And sketch with care the Mufe's bower,
Where Ifis rolls her filver tide;
Nor yet omit one reed or flower

That fhines on Cherwell's verdant fide;
If fo thou may'ft thofe hours prolong,
When polish'd Lycon join'd my fong.

The fong it 'vails not to recite

But fure, to foothe our youthful dreams,
Those banks and ftreams appear'd more bright
Than other banks, than other streams:
Or, by thy foftening pencil fhewn,
Affume they beauties not their own?

And paint that fweetly vacant scene,
When, all beneath the poplar bough,
My fpirits light, my foul ferene,

I breath'd in verfe one cordial vow :
That nothing fhould my foul infpire,
But friendship warm, and love entire.
Dull to the fenfe of new delight,

On thee the drooping Mufe attends; As fome fond lover, robb'd of fight,

On thy expreffive power depends;


Nor would exchange thy glowing lines,
To live the lord of all that fhines.

But let me chase those vows away
Which at ambition's fhrine I made;
Nor ever let thy fkill difplay

Thofe anxious moments, ill repaid:
Oh! from my breaft that feafon rafe,
And bring my childhood in its place.
Bring me the bells, the rattle bring,
And bring the hobby I beftrode;
When, pleas'd in many a sportive ring,
Around the room I jovial rode :
Ev'n let me bid my lyre adieu,

And bring the whittle that I blew.

Then will I mufe, and penfive fay,
Why did not thefe enjoyments last;
How fweetly wafted I the day,

While innocence allow'd to waste!'
Ambition's toils alike are vain,
But ah! for pleafure yield us pain.

The PRINCESS ELIZABETH: A BALLAD alluding to a ftory recorded of her, when she was prifoner at WOODSTOCK, 1554. WILL you hear how once repining

Great Eliza captive lay?

Each ambitious thought refigning,
Foe to riches, pomp, and fway,

While the nymphs and fwains delighted

Tript around in all their pride; Envying joys by others flighted, Thus the royal maiden cry'd.

"Bred on plains, or born in vallies, Who would bid thofe fcenes adieu? Stranger to the arts of malice,

Who would ever courts purfue?

Malice never taught to treafure,
Cenfure never taught to bear:
Love is all the fhepherd's pleasure ;
Love is all the damfel's care.

How can they of humble ftation
Vainly blame the powers above?
Or accufe the dispensation

Which allows them all to love?

Love like air is widely given;

Power nor chance can these restrain;

Trueft, nobleft gifts of heaven!
Only pureft on the plain!

Peers can no fuch charms difcover,
All in ftars and garters dreft,
As, on Sundays, does the lover
With his nofegay on his breast.
Pinks and rofes in profufion,

Said to fade when Chloe's near;
Fops may use the fame allufion ;
But the fhepherd is fincere.


Hark to yonder milk-maid finging

Chearly o'er the brimming pail;
Cowflips all around her springing
Sweetly paint the golden vale.
Never yet did courtly maiden
Move fo fprightly, look fo fair;
Never breaft with jewels laden
Pour a fong fo void of care.
Would indulgent heaven had granted
Me fome rural damfel's part!
All the empire I had wanted

Then had been my fhepherd's heart.
Then, with him, o'er hills. and mountains,
Free from fetters, might I rove:
Fearless taste the crystal fountains;

Peaceful fleep beneath the grove.

Ruftics had been more forgiving;
Partial to my virgin bloom :
None had envy' when living;
None had triumph'd o'er my tomb.”

ODE to a young LADY, Somewhat too folicitous about her manner of


SURVEY, my fair! that Jucid stream,

Adown the fmiling valley stray;

Would art attempt, or fancy dream,

To regulate its winding way?


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