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Twelve Books of Mr. Jeremiah But and centh Chapters of Hofea.
roughs lately published; also the 8 An Exposition on the eleventh,
Texts of Scripture upon which cwelfth, and chirteenth Chapters of

they are groundad. Horee, being now compleat.
i Gospel Reconciliation, Or Chrifts 9 The Evil of Evils, or the excee
Trumpet of Peace to the World. ding sinfulness of fin, on Job 16. 21,
Wherein is Opened Gods exceeding 10 Precious Faith, op 2 Pet. 1, 1.
willingness to be Reconciled to Man; u Of Hope, on 1 yon 3. 3.
And Gods sending bis Emballadors to 12 of Walking by Faith, on 2
chat End. From. 2 Cor.5. 19, 20, 21, Cor. 5.7.

2- The Rare Jewel of Christian Con- Mr. Burroughs his fifty nine Sermons teniment, on Phil. 4. 11. Wherein is on Mattb. 11, 28, 29, 30, Are Thewed, 1 What Coatentment is. 2 It Printed, is an Holy art and Mystery. 3 The Ex cellencies of it. 4 The Evil of the con

A Godly and Frucitrary sin of Murmuring, and the Age gravations of it.

ful Exposition, on the 3 Gospel-Worship, on the right mat first Epiftle of Peter. ner of the Worlhip of God in General; And particularly, in hearing the Word, By. Mr. John Rogers, Receiving the Lords fupper, & prayer. Minister of the word 14 Gospel-Conversation, on Pbil. : 1; wherein is thewed, 1 That the of God at Dedhan in bove what could be by the Light of Essex. der the Law. 3. And futable to what M+Rogers on Naaman Truths the Gospel holds forth. To the Syrian, his Disease and Cure: which is added,' The Misery of those Discovering the Leprosie of Sin and Men that have their Portion in this self-love; with the Cure, vir. SelfLife only, on Pfal. 17. 14.

denial and Faith. A Treatise of Earthly-minded- Mr. Rogers bis Treatise of Marrineß:Wherein is thewed, 1 What Earth

ly-mindedness is, 2. The great Evil The Wonders of the Loadstone.
thereof, on Phil. 3.

part of the 19.vers. By Samuel Ward of Ipswich.
Also to the fame Book is joyned, A
Treatise of Heavenly-mindednes, and

An Exposition on the
waliteing with God,on Gen. 5. 24. and
on Phil.3. 20.

Gospel of the Evanges 6 An Expo frion on the fourth, fifth, fixth, and seventh Chapters of the list St. Matthew.

By Prophesie of Hofea. 7 An Expofition on the cighth,ninch, Mr.Ward,


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The Discipline of the Church in ,Yeers, having been eigbe times printed, Nevo-England : By the Churches and schougb al the former Impressions wanSynod'there.

ced the Nature, Causes, Signs,and Dif

ferences of the Diseases, and bad only The Wise Virgins Lamp Burning; the Medicines for the cure for them; as Or, Gods sweet incomes of Love to a plainly appears by the Authors Epißlei gracious Soul waiting for him. Pab 25. A Sure Guide to Physick and Vilhed by Mr. Thomas Weld, late.of Chyrurgery: That is to say, The Arts New-England.

of Healing by Medicine, and Manual

Operation. Being an Anatomical De Twelve new Books in one Volum of scription of the whol body of Man and Nich. Culpeper, All called the its parts, with their Respe&ive diseases, Idea of Practical Pbasick. dimonstrated from the Fabrick and use

of the said Paris. In Six Books of 1 The art to preserve 1::alth. Riolanus, translated, and adorned with 2 The preternatural disorder of an hundred eighty four Figures cur in

mans body, and their Signs. Brass. 3 of Medicamenes.

26 Veflingus Anatomy of the Body of. 4 Of the art of Healing.

Man;Wherein is exaâly described the s of the general Cure of Diseases. several Parts of the Body of Man, illu6 Of External Diseases.

Itrared with very many larger Brass 2 Of Feavers.

Plates than ever was in English beforc. 8 Of Head Diseases.

27 A Translation of the New difpen9. Of middle Belly Diseases. fatory; made by the Colledg of Phyficii 10 Of Lower belly Diseases. ans of London. Whereunto is added 11 Of Venemous Discales. The Key to Galens Method of Phyfick; 12 of Childrens Diseases..

28 The English Phyfitian enlarged.

being an Aftrologo-Phy Gocal Discourse Thirty. Four Books of Nich. Culpeper, of the vulgar Herbs of this Nacion;

Gent. Student in Phyfick and wherein is tewed how to care a mans. Aftrologie, formerly publifbed. self of most Diseases incident to Mans

Body, with such things as grow in The fi. A Tewnty four Books. Are all England, and for three pence charge. called the Practice of Physick, Wherein Allo in the fame Book is the wed; is plainly set forth, Tbc Nature, Cause,): The time of gathering al Herbs, Differences, and several sorts of Signs ; 1 both Vulgarly and Aftrologically, Together with the Cure of al Diseases 2 The way of drying, and

keeping in the body of Man. Being a Tranfla- (them and their Juyces. 3. The way tion of the Works of tbat Learned and of making and keeping al manner of Renowned Do&or, Lazarus Riverius, useful Compounds, made of thosc. now living; Councellor and Physician Herbs. The way of mixing the Me: to the present King of France. Above dicines according to the Cause, and fifteen thousand of the said Books in Mixture of the Disease, and the perma Latin bave been fold in a very few of the Body afiliacd.


29 A Directory for Midwives, or a William Land, then Bishop of CanterGuide for women. Newly enlarged bury. by the Author in every sheet, and illu Abrahams Offer, Gods Offering : Itrated with divers new Places. Being a Sermon by Mr. Herle, before

30 Galens Art of Phyfick, wich & the Lord Major of London. large Comment.

Mr. Spurstows Sermon, being a 3r New Method both of studying Pattern of Repencance. and pra&ising Physick.

Englands Deliverance from the 32 A Treatise of the Rickets, being Northern Presbitery, compared with A Discale common

Children its Deliverance from the Roman Pae whereio is Thewed, " The Edence, picy. In a Sermon on the s of Now. 2 The Causes, 3 The Signs, 4 The 1651. before the Parliament. By Remedies of the Dilcase : Published Peter Sterry. in Latin by Di. Glison, Dr. Bates

The Way of God with his People and Dr. Regemorter, translated into in these Nations. Opened in a English, and corre&ed by N. Cuil- Thanksgiving Sermon , preached on peper.

ches of Novemb. 1656. before the 33 Medicaments for the Poor, Or Right Honorable, the High Court of Physick for the Common People.

Parliament. By Peter Sterry. 34 Health for the Rich and Poor, Mr. Sympsons Sermon at Westminster by Dyet without Phyfick

Mr. Peaks Sermon before che Lord

Major. The London Dispensatory in Folio, The Best and Worst Magiftrare, By of a large Character in Latine. Obadiah Sedgwick. A Sermon. The London Dispensatory in cwelves, A Sacred Panegyrick. By Stepber a smal Pocket Book in Latine.

Martial. A Sermon.

The Craft and Cruelty of the Six Sermons preached by Dr. Churches Adversaries. By Matthew Hill. Viz.

Newcomin. A Sermon. 1 The Beauty and Sweetness of an The Magiftraces Support and BurOlive Branch of Peace, and Brotherly den. By Mr. John Cordel. A Sermon. Accommodation budding.

Mr. Owens stedfastness of the Pro. 2 Truch and Love happily carried mises. A Sermon. in the Church of Christ.

Mr. Phillips Treatise of Hell. 3 The Spring of strengthening

-of Christs Genealogy. Grace in the Rock of Ages Chritt The Cause of our Divisions discoIclus.

veted, and the Care propounded. 4 The strength of the Saints to King Charls his Case, or an Appeal make Iesus Christ their strength. co al Racional men concerning his.

s. Thc Beft and Worft of Panl. tryal. 6 Gods Ecernal preparation for his A Relation of the Barbadoes. Dying Saints.

A Relation of the Repentance and

Conversion of the Indians in Newa A Commemoration of King Charls England: by Mr. Sliot, and Mr. his Inauguration. In a Sermon, By Magbew.


A Congregational Church is a Ca Dr. Sibbs on the Philippians. tholick Vilible Church. By Samuel Vox Pacifice, or a Perswalive to Scone in New England

Резсе A Treatise of Politick Powers, Dr. Prestons Saints submission, and wherein seven Questions are answered, Satans Overchrow. i Whereof Power is made, and for Pious Mins Pra&ice in Parliament what ordained. 2 Whether Kings time. and Governors have an Absolute Po Barriff's Military Discipline. wer over the People. 3 Whether The Inmortality of Mans Soul. Kings and Governors be lubje to the The Anatomilt Anatomized. Laws of God, or the Laws of their The Bishop of Canterbury's Speech Country. 4 How far the People are on the Scaffold. to obey their Governors. 5 Whether The King's Speech on the Scaf. al the People have, be their Governors.fold. 6 Whether it be Lawful to depose an A Looking Glass for the Anabapo coil Governor. 7 What Confidence tists. is to be given to Princes.

Woodwards Sacred Ballance. The Compassionate Samaritan. Di. Owen againt Mr. Baxter.

ERR AT A. In the Book of Unbelief, Or, Want of Readines. &c, dges

for your r. cheir, P: 30.1. 14. for dic r. do, p. 36.1. 8. for

. Apoftler. Disciples, p. 38. 1. 1. for bisr. its, p. 94.l. 35. for an equal r. as equal, in that same po at 3 laft l. one thing twice, p. 103.19 for condemning the r. condemnation of tbc ibid. l. 11. for speaks in r. speaks of, p. 105. 1. 13. for pat offr. put cffs, ibid. 4. 35. for premiles r.promises, p. 106.1.19. for the r. their peace, ibid. l. 20. for prince r. promisc, ibid. l. 38. for upon cleer evidencer, chat you must have cleer evidence, p.107.b. 32. for as bondsr, as to suffer bonds, p. 116.b. 3. for that unto 4. you unco, p. 119.1. 28. for bas need r. had need, p. 118.1. 13. for so as to lo much which p. 124.1. 12. for thereof r. therefore.

In the Book of Not going to Christ for Salvation, a great Sin.. Age 3. l. 31. for affeâion 7. affe&ions, sol. 16. for ignorandy r. ignor.

for , 7. Dould, p.36.1. 1. for these are rochere are, P. 31.1. 17. at can make a comma, elter, that you can, then read p. 46.625. for jubje&st. fubje&ts, P.76.1. 7. for I Ahall as r. as I fall, p. 101.1.30. for bater. hach, p.114.618 for God Thould r. ebu God lhould, p. 115.1.23. for acknowledg ke our 7, acknowledg our 2.120.6. 10. for three r. third



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