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# Kings 1. 19. Adonijah hath stain oxen in a. 25. 39. 01. let me not a. any man's person 1 Kings 3. 9. shalt a. my destre i giving food 1 Chron. 22. 3. David prepared brass in a. 14. 42.8. Job shall pray for you, for him will I A. Job. 14. 6. till he shall a. as an hireling his day 4. also cedar-trees in a. marble in a. 29. 2. Psal. 20. 3. and a. thy burnt-sacrifice

Psal. 64. 6. they a. a diligent search 15. there are workmen with thee in a, hewers 82. 2. and a. the persons of the wicked Isa. 55. 11. but it shall a. that which I please 29. 21. they offered sacrifices in a. for all Israel 119. 108. a. I beseech thee the free-will-offerings Jer. 44. 25. ye will surely a. your vows 2 Chron. 2. 9. even to prepare me timber in a. Prov. 6. + 35, not a, the face of any ransom Ezek. 6. 12. thus will I a. my fury upon them 4. 18. Solomon made all these vessels in great a. 18. 5. not good to a. the person of the wicked 7. 8. now will I a. mine anger upon thee 9. 1. Queen of Sheba brought gold in a. Jer. 14. 10. therefore the Lord doth not a. them 13. 15. thus will I a. my wrath upon the wall 11.-23. Rehoboam gave his sons victuals in a. 12. when offer, I will not a, them, Amos 5. 22. 20. 8. I will pour out my fury to a. my anger, 21. 14. 15. Asa carried away sheep and camels in a. Esek. 20. 40. there will I a. them, and require Dan. 9. 2. that he would a. seventy years 15. 9. for they fell to Asa out of Israel in a. 41. I will a. you with your sweet savour Lake 9. 31. which he should a, at Jerusalem 17.5. all Judah brought presents to Jehoshaphat, 43. 27. and I will a. you, saith the Lord

ACCOMPLISHED. and he had riches and honour in a. 18. 1. Mal. 1. 8. will he be pleased, or a. thy person? 2 Chron. 36. 22. the word by Jeremiah might be a. 18. 9 Ahab killed sheep for Jehoshaphat in a. 10. nor will I a. an offering at your hand Esth. 2. 12. days of purification were a, Luke 2. 22. 20. 05. Jehoshaphat found spoil in a.

13. should I a. this of your hands?

Job 15. 32. it shall be a, before his time 24. 11. thus they gathered money in a.

Acts 24. 3. we a, it always, and in all places Prov. 13. 19. the desire a. is sweet to the soul 29. 35, and also the burnt-offerings were in a.


Isa. 40. 2. cry unto her, that her warfare is a. 31.5. children of Israel bronght in a. first-fruits Led. 20. 20. for it shall not be a. for you Jer. 25. 12. when seventy years are a. 29. 10. 32. 5. Hezekiah made darts and shields in a. Deut. 33. 24. let Asher be a, to his brethren 34. for the days of your dispersions are a.

29. he provided him cities and possessions in a. Psal. 19. 14. let the meditation of my heart be a. 39. 16. my words shall be a. before theo
Neh. 9.25.they took vineyards and fruit-trees in a. 69. 13. my prayer is to thee, O Lord, in an a. time Lam. 4. 11. the Lord hath a, his fury
Esth. 1. 7. they gave them royal wine in a. Prov. 10.32. lips of the righteous know what is a. 29. the punishment of thine iniquity is a.
Job 36. 31. be giveth meat in a.

21. 3. to do justice and judgment is more a. Ezek. 4.6. when hast a. them, lie on thy right side Psal. 37. 11. delight themselves in a. of peace Ecol, 12. 10. the preacher sought out a. words 5. 13. thus shall mine anger be a. 52. 7. but trusted in the a, of his riches

Isa. 49. 8. in an a. time have I heard thee Dan. 11. 36. shall prosper, till the indignation be a. 105. 30. the land brought forth frogs in a 58. 5. wilt thou call this an a. day to the Lord ? 19. 7. a. to scatter the power of the holy people Lake 12. 15. man's life consisteth not in a. 61.2. to proclaim the a. year of the Lord Luke 1. 23. the days of his ministration were a. 2 Cur. 8. 20. that no man blame us in this a. Jer. 6. 20. your burnt-oflerings are not a. 2.6. the days were a. that she should be delivered ABUNDANT.

Dan. 4.27.0 king, let my counsel be a, to thee 21. when eight days were a. for circumcising Erod. 34. 6. Lord God a. in goodness and truth Luke 4. 19. to preach the a. year of the Lord 19. 50. and how am I straitened till it be a. Prov. 12.126. the righteous more a. than neighbour Rom. 19. 1. bodies a living sacrifice, holy, a. to God 18. 31. concerning the Son of man, shall be a. Isa. 56. 12. shall be as this day, and much more a. 2. what is that good and a, will of God

22. 37. that is written, must yet be a, in me Jer. 51. 13. O thou Babylon, a. in treasures 14. 18. is a. to God and approved of men Jokn 19. 28. knowing that all things were now a. 1 Cor. 12, 23. on these we bestow more a, honour 15. 16. offering up of the Gentiles might be a. Acts 21.5. when we had a. those days, we departed

24. having given more a. honour to that part Eph. 5. 10. proving what is a. unto the Lord 1 Pet. 5.9. same afflictions are a. in your brethren 2 Cor. 4. 15. that the a. grace might redound Phil. 4. 18. a sacrifice a. well-pleasing to God

ACCOMPLISHING. See SERVICE. 7. 15. bis inward affection is more a. toward you 1 Tim. 2. 3. for this is a. in the sight of God

ACCOMPLISHMENT. 9. 12. for the administration is a. by many 5. 4. for that is good and a. before God Acts 21. 26. to siguify the a. of days of purification 11.23, in labours more, a, in stripes above measure | 1 Pet. 2. 5. sacrifices a. to God by Jesus Christ

ACCORD Phil. 1. 26. that your rejoicing may be more a. 20. if ye take it patiently, this is a. with God Lev. 25. 5. groweth of its own a. shall not reap 1 Tim. 1.14. the grace our Lord was exceeding a.


Josh. 9. 2. to fight with Israel with one a. Per, 1.3, according to his a. mercy hath begotten Heb. 12. 28. whereby we may serve God a.

Acts 1.14.these all continued with one a. in prayer ABUNDANTLY.


2. 1. they were all with one a, in one place Gen. 1. 20. let the waters bring forth a. 21. Isa. 60.7. they shall come up with a, on mine altar 46. they continuing daily with one a. in temple 8. 17. that they may breed a. in the earth


4. 94. they lifted up their voice to God with one a. 9. 7. multiply, bring forth a. in the earth 1 Tim. 1. 15. this is a saying worthy of all a. 4.9. 5. 12. were all with one a. in Solomon's porch Exod. 1. 7. the children of Israel increased a.


7. 57. and ran upon Stephen with one a. 8. 3. the river shall bring forth frogs a. Gen. 4. 7. if thou dost well, shalt thou not be o. 8. 6. people with one a. gave heed to these things Mum.20.11. Moses smote and the water came out a. 19. 21. see, I have a. thee concerning this 12. 10. the gate opened to them of his own a. 1 Chron. 12. 40. brought oil, oxen, and sheep a. Erod. 28. 38. that they may be a. before the Lord 20. but they came with one a. to him 12. 5. so David prepared a. before his death Lev. 1. 4. the offering shall be a. for him, 22. 27. 15. 25. being assembled with one a. to send

8. thou hast shed blood a. and made great wars 7. 18. it shall not be a. 19- 7- I 22. 23, 25. 18. 12. the Jews with one a. made insurrection e-Ckron. 31.5. tithe of all things brought they in a. 10. 19. should it have been 0. in sight of the Lord 19. 29. they rushed with one a, into the theatre Job 12.6. into whose hand God bringeth a. 22. 21. an offering shall be perfect, to be a. 2 Cor. 8. 17. but being more forward of his own a. 36. 08. the clouds drop, and distil upon man a. 23. 11. he shall wave the sheaf to be a.

Phil. 2. 2. being of one a. of one mind Psal. 36. 8. they shall be a. satisfied with fatness 1 Sam. 18. 5. he was a. in the sight of all the people

ACCORDING. 65. 10. thou waterest the ridges thereof a. 25.35. David said, see I have a. thy person Gen. 97. 19. I have done a. as thou badest me 132. 15. I will a, bless her provision

2 Kings 5. 1- Naaman was a. with his master 41. 54. dearth began to come a. as Joseph said 115. 7. shall a. utter the memory of thy goodness Esth. 10. 5.a. of the multitude of his brethren Exod. 19. 25. the Lord will give a, as he proinised Cant. 5.1, 0 friends drink, yea drink a. O beloved Job. 22. f H. the a. for countenance dwelt in it Num. 14. 17. be great, a, as thou has spoken Isa, 15. 3. every one shall howl, weeping a. 42. 9. the Lord also a. Job

Deut. 10. 9. his inheritance a. as God promised 35. 2. it shall blossom a, and rejoice with joy Isa, 56. 7. their sacrifice shall be a. on mine altar 16. 10. a. as the Lord thy God hath blessed thee 43. – 24. nor hast thou a, moistened with the fat Jer. 37. 20. let my supplication be«. before thee 1 Kings 3. 6. a, as he walked before thee in truth 55. 7. and to our God, for he will a. pardon 42. 2. let our supplication be a. before thee Job. 34. 11, and cause every man to find a. to his John 10. 10. that they might have life more a. Mal. 2. + 9. but ye have a. faces in the law

ways, Jer. 17. 10.121. 14. | 39. 19. 1 Cor. 15. 10. I laboured more a, than they all Luke. 1. f 28. hail thou that art graciously a. 42. 9. went and did a, as the Lord commanded & Cor, 1.12. conversation, and more a. to you-wards 4. 24. no prophet is a. in his own country Psal. 7. 8. judge me, O God, a. to my righteousness 2. 4. might know the love I have more a. to you Acts 10. 35. he that worketh righteousness is a. 17. I will praise the Lord a. to his righteousness 10. 15. shall

be enlarged according to our rule a. Rom. 15. 31. my service may be a. of the saints 25.7. a. to thy mercy remember thou me, 51.1.1 19. 15. tho' the more a. I love you, the less 2 Cor. 5. 9. labour, absent or present, we may be a.

106. 45. | 109. 26. | 119. 194. Eph. 3. 20. to him that is able to do exceeding a. 6. 2. heard thee in a time a. now is the a. time 28. 4. give them a, to their deeds, and a. to the 1 Thess. 2.17. endeavoured mort a. to see your face 8. 12. it is a. according to that a man hath 33. 29. let mercy be on us a. as we hope in thee Tit. 3.6. which he shed on us a. thro' Jesus Christ 17. for indeed he a, the exhortation

35. 24. judge me, o God, a. to thy righteousness Ileb. 6.17. God willing more a. is shet to the heirs 11. 2. cr onother gospel which ye have not a. 48. 10. a, to thy name, so is thy praise 2 Pet.1.11.for so an entrance be ministered to you a. Eph. 1. 6. he hath made us a. in the beloved 62. 12. for thou renderest to every man a. to his ABUSE, ED. ACCEPTEST.

work, Prov. 24. 12, 29. Leo. 19. 20. who lieth with a bond-maid a. by any Luke 20. 21. neither a. thou the person of any 79. 11. a. to the greatness of thy power Judg. 19. 25. and a, her all the night till morning


90. 11, a. to thy fear, so is thy wrath 1 Sam. 31.1.lest uncircumcised a. me, 1 Chr. 10.4. Job 34. 19. to him that a. not persons of princes 103. 10. nor rewarded us a, to our iniquities 1 Cor. 9. 18. that I a. not my power in the gospel Eccl.9. 7. eat with joy, for God now a. thy works 119. 25. a. to thy word, 28, 41, 58, 65, 76, 107, ABUSERS, ING. Hos. 8. 13. they sacrifice, but the Lord a. them nut

116, 154, 169, 170. 1 Cor. 6.9. nor a. of themselves with mankind Gal. 2. 6. God a, no man's person

159. quicken me a, to thy kindness, Isa. 63.7. 7. 31. and they that use this world as not e, it


150. 2. praise him a, to his excellent greatness ACCEPT.


Isa. 8. 20, if they speak not a. to this word Signifies, [1] To receive favourably, Mal. 1. 10, 13. Rom. 5. 2. by whom also we have a. by faith 9. 3. they joy a. to the joy in harvest 2 Cor. 11.4. [9] To take pleasure in, Ezek. 20. Eph. 2. 18. thro' him we both have a. to the Father

63.7.a. to all that the Lord has bestowed on us 40. (3) To forgive, Gen. 4.7. Job 42.9. [4] 3. 12. in whom we have boldness and a. by faith Jer. 50. 29. recompense her a, to her work. To respect partially, Job 13. 10. | 32. 21.


Dan. 11. 3. that shall rule, and do a. to his will Pr. 18. 5. (5) To be regarded or valued, 2 Cor.


Hos. 3. 1. a. to the love of the Lord toward Israel 8. 12. (6) To be beloved or highly esteemed, Luke Acts 10. 23. certain brethren from Joppa a. him 19. 2. the Lord will punish Jacob a. to his ways 4. 24. [7] To be received into grace and favour, 11. 12. moreover these six brethren a, me Mic.7.15. a. to the days of thy coming out of Egypt Acts 10. 35. Eph. 1. 6.

20. 4. Sopater of Berea a. Paul into Asia Mat. 9. 29. a. to your faith be it unto you Gex. 30. 20. peradventure he will a. of me 38. and they a. him to the ship

16. 27. he will reward every man a. to his works, Erod. 29. 11. and the owner shall a. thereof


Rom. 2. 6. 2 Tim. 4. 14. Rev. 2. 23, Lxv, 26. 41. and they a, of the punishment, 43.


Luke 12. 47. nor did a. to his will, shall be beaten Deut. 33. 11. bless and a. the work of his hands signifies, [1] To perform, finish, of fulfil, John 7. 24. judge not a. to the appearance 1 Sam. 26. 19. let his a. an offering

Jer, 44. 25. Dan. 9. 2.' Luke 2. 6. "Acts Acts 4. 35. made to every man a. as he had need 2 Sam. 24.23, Araupah said, the L. thy God a thee 21. 5. [2] To yield or condescend to, 1 Kings 5. Rom. 1. 3. made of the seed of David a. to the flesh Jub 13. 8. will ye a. his person will ye contend 9. [3] Obtained or brought to pass, Prov. 13. 19. 8. 28. who are the called a, to his purpose


Res. 13. 3. So be like-minded a. to Christ Jesus Mas. 19. 10. that they might a. him, Mar. 3. 9. 1 Co. 1S. S. Christ died a. to the scriptures, 4.

Luke 11. 54. Isa. 98. 21. and bring to pass his a, his strange a. Ce 97 every man a. as he purposeth in his heart Luke 3. 14. nor a. any falsely, and be content 59. 6, and the a. of violence is in their hands 11. 15. sbose end shall be a. to their works 23. 2. and they began to a. him, saying John 8. 4. was taken in adultery, in the very a. Gal. 1. 4. who have himself a. to the will of God 14. touching those things whereof ye a. him

ACTS. 3.99 Abraham's seed, and heirs a. of the promise Jokn 5. 45. that I will a. you to the Father Deur. 11. 3. and his a, which he did in Feypt Egk 1 e. as he hath chosen as in hinz, before 8. 6. that they might have to a. him

7. your eyes have seen the great a. of the Lord Le god pleasure || 7. a. to riches of his grace Acts 24. 2. Tertullus began to a. him, saying Judg: 5. 11. rehearse the righteous a, of the Lord

21. being predestinated e. to the purpose of him 8. take knowledge of all things whereof we a. 1 Sam. 12.7. reason of all righteous a. of the Lord 1994, to the power that worketh in us 13. nor can they prove things whereof they a. me 2 Sam. 23. 20. and Benaiah the son of Jehoiada, PA2.2.11. . to the working whereby he is able 25. 5. let them go down with me, and a. this man

who had done many a. 1 Chron. 11. 20. 19. God shall sapply our need a. to his riches 11. if there be none of those whereof these a. me 1 Kings 10. 6. it was a true report I heard of thy a. Tue, 1.9. who hath called us not a, to our works 28. 19. not that I had ought to a, my nation of 11. 41. the a. of Solomon, are they not writien in Tu s. to his mercy he saved us by washing 1 Pet. 3. 16. falsely e. your good conversation the book of the a. of Solomon ? 2 Chron. 9. 5.. Hal. & 9. Det e. to the covenant that I made with


2 Kings 10. 34. the a. of Jehu, and all that he did Put. 1.3.e. to his mercy hath begotten us again Dan. 3. 8. Chaldeans came near, and e, the Jews 23. 19. according to all the a. he had done 4 6. but live a. to God in the Spirit

6. 24. they brought them which had a. Daniel 28. the a. of Josiah and all that he did are written Pe. 1. 3. e. as his divine power hath given us Mat. 27. 12. when he was a. he answered nothing 1 Chron. 2p. 29. the a. of David, first and last

13. ve e. to his promise look for new heavens Mark 15.3.priests a. him many things, Lake 23.10. | 2 Chron. lb. 11. behold the a. of Asa, first and last Res. 20. 12. dead vere jadged a. to their works, 13. Luke 16. 1. was a. that he had wasted his goods 20. 34. the a, of Jchoshaphat, first and last 22. 12. I crest to give e. as his work shall be Acts 22. 30. the certainty wherefore he was a. 32. 32. the a. of Hezekiah, 2 Kings 20. 20. ACCORDING to all. See ALL.

23. 28. have

known the cause whereof they a. him Esth. 10. 2. all the a. of his power and might ACCORDING to that.

29. perceived to be a. of questions of their law Psal. 103. 7. his a. to the children of Israel Gen. 4. & obey my voice a. to that I command 25. 16. before he which is a, bave the accusers 106. 2. who can utter the mighty a. of the Lora? Jaag. 11

.. do to me a to that which proceeded 26. 2. answer, touching things whereof I am a. 145. 4. and shall declare thy mighty a. 6. 19. 1 Kings 14.6. sex pot a. so that which is written 7. for which hope's sake I am a. of the Jews 150. 2. praise him for his mighty a praise him . Ckrem. 35. 26. a. to chat which was written Tit. 1.6. faithful children, not a, of riot, or unruly

ACTIONS. Eve6. 13. Tatnai did a. to that Darius had sent Rev. 12. 10. accuser, who a. them before our God 1 Sam. 2. 3. and by the Lord a. are weighed Ra. 4. 18. . #tet which was spoken, thy seed be

Accuser. See cast down.

ACTIVITY $4.5. 10. 2. re that he hath done, good or bad


Gen. 47.6. if knowest any man of a. among them &iket a man bath, not that he hath not John 8. 10. woman, where are those thine a.!


Acts 23. 30. I gave commandment to his a. also Ezek. 3. 9. as an a. have I made thy forehead ACCOUNT.

35. I will hear thee when thine a. are come Zech. 7. 12. they made their hearts as an a, stone Ed. 14. 1. shall make your a, for the lamb 24. 8. commanding his a. to come to thee

ADD Aisgi 12. t. of every one that passeth the a. 25. 16. before he have the a. face to face Signifies, [1] To join, or put to, Deut. 4. 2. Arts. 1.7.94. nor was the number put in the a. 18. against whom, when the a, stood up

41. 2 Pet. 1.5. [2] To increase, Prov. 16. 23. Ca. 20. 11. according to the number of their a. 2 Tim. 3. 3. without natural affection, false a. (3) To give, or bestowe, Gen. 30. 24. Mat. 6.33. JA 33. 13. for be giveth not a. of his matters Tit. 2. 3. not false a. not given to much wino (4) To make wise by instruction, Gal. 2. 6. (5) To P. 144. 1. or the son of man that thou makest a.


utter, Deut. 5. 29. Excl. 7. 27. counting one by one to find out the a. John 5. 45, there is one that a. you, even Moses

Gen. 30. 24. the Lord shall a. to me another son Den. 6. 2. that the princes might give a, to them Rom. 2. 15. their thoughts a, or excusing

Lev.5. 16. he shall a. a fifth part thereto, 6.5. Mus. 12. . give a. thereof in the day of judgment ACCUSTOMED; sec Do Evil. ACELDAMA;

27. 13, 15, 19, 27, 31. Num. 5.1. 18. 3. which would take a, of his servants

see FIELD.

Num. 35. 6. to cities of refuge a. forty-two cities Lake 15. 2. gre an a. of thy stewardship


Deut. 4.2. ye shall not a. to the word, 12. 39. Aaa 19. 43. whereby we may give an a. of this Signifies, (1) To own, or confess, Gen. 38. 26. Psal. 19. 9. thou shalt a. three cities more of refuge Pen. 9. be will finish the a.

32. 5. (2) 7o observe, or take notice of, Prov. 29. 19. to a. drunkenness to thirst 14. 19. rery one shall give a. of himself to God 3.6. Isa. 13. 13. [3] To esteem and respect, Isa. 2 Sam. 24. 3. the Lord thy God a, to the people Plal. 4. 17. desire frait that may abound to your a. 61.9. 1 Cor. 16. 18. [4] To approve of, 2 Cor. 1 Kings 12. 11. and now Rehoboam said, I will a. to Puka, 18. if he oweth thee, put that on mine a. 1. 13. Philem. 6. (5) To worship, or make pro.

your yoke, 14. 2 Chron, 10. 14. Heb. 13. 17. they watch as they that must give a, session of, Dan, 11. 39.

2 Kings 20. 6. I a. to thy days 15 years, Isa. 38.5. 1 Pet. 1.5, who shall give a. to him that judgeth Deut. 1. i 17. ye shall not a. faces in judgment 1 Chron. 22. 14. and thou mayest a, thereto ACCOUNT, ED. 21. 17. he shall a, the son of the hated

2 Chron. 98. 13. ye intend to a. more to our sins Deret. . 11. which also were a. giants

33. 9. nor did he a, his brethren nor children Psal. 69. 27. a. iniquity to their iniquity . that also vas a. a land of giants

Psal. 32.5.1 a. my sin || 51. 3. I a. my transgression Prov. 3. 2. long life and peace shall they a. to thee 1 kng 1.91.1 and Solomon shall be a. offenders Prov. 3.6. in all thy ways a, him, he shall direct 30. 6. a. thou not to his words, lest he reprove thre

10. 91. silver was nothing a. of, 2 Chron. 9. 20. Isa. 33. 13. ye that are near, a, my might Isa. 29. 1. a. ye year to year, let them kill sacrifices Prt. 29. 30. be a. to the Lord for a generation 61. 9. all that see them, shall a. them

30. 1. that they may a. sin to sin Ins. 2. q. for wherein is he to be a. of? 63. 16. thou art our father, tho' Israel a. us not

cubit to his stature, Lake12.25. art 10 2. which are a. to rule over Gentiles Jer. 3. 13. only a.

thine iniquity that thou hast Phil. 1. 16. supposing to a, affliction to my bonds Late 20. 35. be a. worthy to obtain that world 14. 20. we a. O Lord, our wickedness

2 Pet. 1. 5. beside this a, to your faith virtue 94. which of the should be a, the greatest 24. 5. so will I a. them that are carried away Rev. 22. 18. if any a. God shall a. to him plagues Ram, &. 36. se are a, as sheep for the slaughter Dan. 11. 39. with a strange god whom he shall a.

ADDED. 1 Cor. 4. 1. let a man so e. of us as ministers Hos. 5. 15. I will go, till they a. their offence Dent. 5. 22. with a great voice, and he a, no more Cat. 3. 6. it was a. to him for righteousness 1 Cor. 14. 37. let him a, the things that I write 1 Sam. 18. 19. we have a. to all our sins this evil 2 Pet. 3. 15. a. that the long-suffering of the Lord 16. 18. therefore a. ye them that are such Jer. 36. 32. there were a. besides many like words ACCOUNTING.

2 Cor. 1. 13. what you a. and I trust shall a, 45. 3. the Lord hath a. grief to my sorrow Hei. 11. 19. e, that God was able to raise him up


Dan. 4. 36. and excellent majesty was a. to me ACCURSEN.

Gen. 38. 26. Judah a. them, and said she hath been Mat. 6. 33. all these shall be o. to you, Luke 12.31. Sigibes, [1] Dereted to destruction, Josh. 6. 17. 2 Cor. 1. 14. also you have a. us in part Luke 3. 20. Herod a, yet this above all, he shut up 19 separated from the church, Rom 9. 3.


19. 11. as they heard, he a, and spake a parable (31 Cead fernally from God, i Cor. 18. 22. 1 John 2. 23. he that a, the Son hath the Father Aets 2. 41. the same day there were a. 3000 souls Gal. 1. 8, 9.


47. and the Lord a, to the church daily such Deut. 91. 93. be that is hanged, is a. of God 2 Tim. 2. 25. repentance to the a. of the truth 5. 14, believers were the more a. to the Lord 11. 6. 17. the city shall be a. it and all therein . 1. 2. to the a. the truth which is after godliness 11. 24. and much people was a. to the Lord 18. any wise keep from the a. thing

Philem. 6. by the a, every good thing in Christ Gal. 9. 6. seemed to be somewhat, a. nothing to me 7. 1. trespass in the e. thing ; Achan took of a.


19. the law was a. because of transgressions 11. for they have even taken of the a, thing Col. 2. 2. to the a. of the mystery of God

ADDETH, ING, 12. tarted their backs, because they were a,


Job 34. 37. for he a, rebellion to his sin EXCEPT ye destroy the a. from among you Job 22. 21. a. thyself with him and be at peace Prov. 10. 29. and he a, no sorrow with it 13. there is an a. thing in the midst of thee Psal. 139. 3. thou art a. with all my ways 16. 23. the heart of the wise a, learning to his li, i 15. he that is taken with the a. thing Eccl. 2. 3. yet a, my heart with wisdom

Gal. 3. 15. no man disannulleth or a. thereto ... did not Achan commit trespass in a, thing Isa. 53. 3. a man of sorrows, and a. with grief

ADDER. 1 Sam. 3. + 13. his sons made themselves a.


Gen. 49. 17. Dan shall be an a. in the path 1 Ca. 2.7. who transgressed in the thing a. 2 Kings 12.5. let priests take it, every man of his a. Psal. 58. 4. they are like the deaf a. that stops Is. 65.50, the singer an 100 years old shall be a. 7. therefore receive no more money of your a. 91. 13. thou shalt tread on the lion and a. Hea, g. 3, for I could wish myself a. from Christ Job 19. 13. mine a. are estranged from me 140. S. a. poison is under their lips 1 Cee. 12. 3. no man by the Spirit, calleth Jesus a. 42. 11. then came all that had been of his a. Prov. 23. se. wine at last stingeth like an a. Ge. 1.8. preach any other gospel, let him be a. 9. Psal.31. 11. I was a reproach and a fear to mine a.


55. 13. it was thou, mine equal, and mine a. 1 Cor. 16.15. a. themselves to the ministry of saing Ex 4.6. Trote they to him an a. against Judah 88. 8. thou hast put away mine a, far from me

ADDITION, S. 4.9.5. set over his head his a. Mark 15. 26. 18. lover put from me, and my a, into darkness 1 Kings 7. 29. certain a. were made of thin work Lake 6. 7. that they might find an a, against him Luke 2. 44. they sought him among their a. 30. undersetters molten at the side of every a. 19. &, if I have taken any thing by false a. 23. 49. all his a. stood afar off, beholding things 36. he graved cherubims, and a, round about Juda 18. . what e. bring ye against this man? Acts 24. 23. he should forbid none of his a. to come

ADJURE, det 95. 18. rbey brought no a. as I supposed


Signifies, (1) To bind under the ponalty of a feas 1 Tiz, 3. 19. against an elder receive not an a. Job 10. 14. thou wilt not a. me from mine iniquity ful curse, Josh. 6. 26. [2] To charge earnestig : Pa... 11, bring not a railing e. against them Nah. 1.3. the Lord will not at all a, the wicked by word or oath, 1 Kings 09. 16. Mat. 26. 63, Jade 9. Michael dorst not bring a railing 4.


1 Kings 22. 16. the king said, how many times shat

1 Sam. 14. 14, 20, men within half an a. of land I a. thee to tell me nothing. 2 Chron. 18. 15


Mard 5.7. I a thee by God, thou torment me not


ADVISE, ED. Acts 19.-3. saying, we a. you by Jesus, whom Paul Job 35. 3. thou saidst, what a. will it be to thee 2 Sam.84.13.6.and see what answer, 1 Chron. 21.10. ADJURED.

Lauke 9. 25. what is a man a. if he gain the world 1 Kings 19. 6. how do ye a, that I may answer peoJosh. 6. 26. Joshua u. them at that time

Rom. 3. 1. what a. then hath the Jew, or what Prov. 13. 10. but with the well a, is wisdom (ple 1 Sam. 14. 24. for Saul had a. the people 1 Cor. 15. 32. what a. it me if the dead rise not? Acts 27. 12. the more part a, to depart thence also ADMINISTRATION, S. 2 Cor. 2. 11. lest Satan should get an a. of us

ADVISEMENT. 1 Cor. 12. 5. there are differences of a.

Jude 16. men's persons in admiration, because of a. 1 Chron. 12. 19. the lords upon a. sent him away 2 Cor. 9. 12. for the a, of this service supplieth



Denu, 28. 56. not a. to set the sole of her foot Lev. 20. 10. the a, shall surely be put to death 2 Cor. 8. 19. a. by us to the glory of the same Lord Judg. 9. 17> my father sought and a. his life far Job. 94. 15. the eye of the a. waiteth for twilight 20. in this abundance which is a, by us Acts 19. 31. that he would not a. into the theatre Psal. 50. 18. thou hast been partaker with a. ADMIRATION.


Isa, 57. 3. draw near ye seed of a, and the whore Jude 16. having men's persons in a.

Exod. 23. 22. I will be an a. to thine adversaries Jer.9.2.for they be all a .an assembly of treacherous Rev. 17. 6. I saw her, I wondered with great a. Num. 22. £2. the angel stood for an a. against 23. 10. for the land is full of a, for swearing ADMIRED.

Balaam Hos. 7. 4. they are all a. as an oven heated 2 Thess. 1. 10. to be e, in all them that believe + 32 behold, I went out to be an a. to thee Mal. 3,5. I will be a swift witness against the a. ADMONISH, ED.

1 Sam. 1. 6. and her a. also provoked her sore Lake 18. 11. I am not as others, extortioners, a, Ercl. 4. 13. a foolish king who will no more be a. 99. 4. lest in the battle be be an a. to us 1 Cor. 6.9. be not deceived, neither a. shall inherit 19. 12. and further by these, my son, be a. 1 Kings 5. 4. there is neither a. nor evil occurrent Heb. 13. 4. whoremongers and a. God will judge Jer. 42. 19. know certainly that I have a. you 11. 14. the Lord stirred up an a. to Solomon, 23. Jam. 4. 4. ye a, know ye not that the friendship Acts 27. 9. the fast was now past, Paul a. them 25. was an a. to Israel all the days of Solomon

ADULTERESS, ES. Rom. 15. 14. ye are able also to a. one another Esth.7. 6. the a, and enemy is this wicked Haman Lev. 20. 10. the a. shall surely be put to death Col. 3. 16. a. one another in psalms and hymns Job 1. + 6. and the a. came also among them Pror. 6. 26. the a. will hunt for the precious life * Thess. 5. 19. that are over you in Lord, and a. you 31. 35. and that my a. had written a book Ezek. 23. 45. righteous men shall judge them as a. 2 Thess.3. 15. not an enemy, but a. him as a brother Psal. 74. 10. bow long shall the a. reproach? Hos. 3. 1. go yet, love a woman, yet an a. Heb. 8. 5. as Moses was a. of God, when he was 109. + 6. let an a. stand at his right hand Rom.7.3. so that she is no a, tho' she be married ADMONITION. Isa. 50. 8. who is mine a. let him come near to me

1 Cor. 10. 11. they are written for our a. Lam. 1. 10. the a. hath spread out his hand Prov. 30. 20. such is the way of an a, woman
Eph. 6. 4. bring them up in the a. of the Lord 9. 4. he stood with his right hand as an a. Mat. 12. 39. an a.generation seeketh a sign, 16. 4.
Tit. 3. 10. after the first and second a. reject 4. 12. that the a. should have entered the gates

Mark 8. 38, whoso shall be ashamed in this a.
Amos 3. 11. an a. shall be round about the land

Mark 5. 39. he saith, why make ye this a, and weep Zech. 3. 1. shewed me an a. standing to be his a. Is twofold, [1] Natnral, Mat. 5. 98. Mark 10,

Mat. 5. 25. agree with thine a. quickly, lest at any 11. [2] Spiritual, which is idolatry, Jer. 3. 9 Is an action whereby a man takes a person into his

time the a. deliver thee to the judge

Ezek. 23. 37. family, in order to make him part of it, acknow- Luke 12. 56. when thou gocst with thine a. Erod. 20. 14. thou shalt not commit a. Deru. 5. 18 ledges him for his son, and receives him into the 18. 3. a widow, saying, avenge me of mine a.

Mat. 5. 27. I 19. 18. Rom. 13. 9. number, and gives him a right to the privileges 1 Tim. 5. 14. give no occasion to the a. to speak Lev. 20. 10. the man that committeth a. even he of his children. Pharaok's daughter adopted 1 Pet. 5. 8. your a. the devil as a roaring lion that committeth a. shall surely be put to death young Moses, and Mordecai Esther, Exod. 2. 10.


Prov.6.32.whoso commits a, lacketh understanding Esther 2.7, 15. We are not acquainted how far Deut. 32. 27. lest their a. should behave strangely Jer. 3. 8. when backsliding Israel committed a. the privileges of adoption estended : but it may be 43. he will render vengeance to his a.

9. committed a. with stones and with stocks presumed that they were much the same with those Josh. 5. 13. art thou for us, or for our a.? 5. 7. when I fed them, then they committed 6. mentioned in the Roman laws : The adopted chil- 1 Sam. 2. 10. the a. of the Lord shall be broken 7. 9. will ye steal, murder, and commit a,! dren shared in the estate with the natural children; : Sam. 19. 22. that ye should this day be a. to me 13. 27. I have seen thine &, and neighings they assumed the name of the person who adopted Ezra 4. 1. when a. of Jodab and Benjamin heard 23. 14. they commit a, and walk in lies them, and became subject to his paternal power who Neh. 4. 11. our a, said, they shall not know 29. 23. because they have committed a. received them into his family. And God doth adopt Psal. 38. 20. that render evil for good, are my a. Esek, 16. 32. but as a wife that committeth a. his children, when he graciously admits strangers 69. 19. mine a. are all before thee

23. 37. with their idols have they committed a. and enemies, as all the fallen race of Adam are by 71. 13. be confounded that are a. to my soul

43. then said I to her that was old in a. nature, into the state and relation of ckildren thro' 81. 14. have turned my hand against their Hos. 2. 2. put away her a, between her breasts Jesus Christ; he becoming their Father in him, ac- 89. 42. thou hast set up the right hand of his a. 4.2. by lying and committing a, they break out cording to the great promise of the new covenant, 109. 4. for my love they are my a. but I prayer 13. and your spouses shall commit a. Eph. 2. 11, 12, 13. i John 3. 1. Gal. 4. 5. Eph. 20. let this be the reward of my a. from Lord 14. I'll not punish them when they commit a. 1.5. Jer. 31. 33. 2 Cor. 6. 16, 18. The adopted 29. let my a. be clothed with shame

Mat. 5. 28. hath committed a. in his heart are true believers in Christ ; they relying upon his Isa. 1. 24. saith the Lord, I will ease me of my a. 32. whosoever shall marry her that is divorced blood and surety-righteousness for pardon and re- 9. 11. the Lord shall set up the a. of Rezin

committeth a. 19. 9. Luke 16. 18. conciliation with God;

for to as many as received 11. 13. and the a. of Judah shall be cut off 15. 19. out of the heart proceed a. Mark 7. 21. him, to them gave he power to become the sons 59. 18. he will repay fury to his a.

Mark 10. 11. whosoever shall put away his wife of God, even to them that believe on his name. 63. 18. our a. have trodden down thy sanctuary and marry another, committeth a. Like 16. 18. They are regenerated by the Spirit, and are justi- 64.2. to make thy name known to thine a. 19. do not commit a. Luke 18. 20. Jam. 2. 11. fied freely by grace, through the redemption that Jer. 30. 16. all thine a. shall go into captivity John 8. 3. brought unto him a woman taken in a, 4. is in Jesus Christ, and are brought through the 46. 10. that he may avenge him of his a. Rom. 2. 22. sayest, a man should not commit a. Spirit's operation to an affectionate obediential 50. 7- and their a. said, we offend not

Gal. 5. 19. the works of the flesh are manifest, a. frame of spirit towards God as their reconciled Lam. 1.5. her a, are the chief, her enemies prosper 2 Pet. 2. 14. having eyes full of a. not cease from sin Father, John 1. 12, 13. Rom. 3. 24, 25. Zech. 7. the a. saw her, and did mock her sabbaths Rev. 2. 29. I will cast them that commit a. with 19. 10. Isa. 63. 18. Gal. 4. 5. 6. Tit. 3,5,6. 17. that his a. should be round about him

ADVOCATE. 1 John 2. 29. Many and great are the privileges 2. 17. he hath set up the horn of thine a. 1 John. 2. 1. we have an a. with the Father, Jesus of God's adopted children ; some of which are, his Mic. 5. 9. thy hand shall be lifted up upon thy a.

Christ the righteous fatherly protection from temporal and spiritual Nah. 1. 2. the Lord will take vengeance on bis a.

AFAR joined with OFF evils, and his provision of all needful things both Luke 13. 17. all his a. were ashamed

Signifies, (1) The distance between place and place, for soul and body; his fatherly correction of them; 21. 15. all your a. shall not be able to gainsay Gen. 37. 18. (2) To estrenge one's self from audience and return to their prayers ; and a sure 1 Cor.16.9- * door is opened, and there are many a. another, Psal. 38. 11. [3] To be abseni, Psal. title to the heavenly inheritance : for, if children, Phil. 1. 28. and in nothing terrified by your a. 10.1. (4) To be strangers, or not of the visible then heirs, heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Heb. 10. 27. indignation which shall devour the a. church, Epb. 2. 13, 17. Christ, Rom. 8. 17. Psal. 34. 10. and 121. 7.


Gen, 22. 4. Abraham saw the place a. of Heb. 12. 6. 1 John 5. 14, 15. True believers 1 Sam. 10. 19. who himself saved you out of all a. 37. 18. when his brethren saw Joseph a. off are said to be put into this state, [1] By election, 2 Sam, 4. 9* who redeemed my soul out of all a. Esod. 24. 1. come up, and worship ye a. of Eph. 1.5. (2By manifestation and assurance, 2 Chron. 15. 6. for God did vex them with all a. 33. 7. pitch the tabernacle e. of' from the camp Rom. 8. 15. Gal. 4. 5. 6. (3) By perfect te- | Psal, said in his heart, 1 shall never be in a. Num. 9. 10. be unclean, or be in a journey a. of demption and glory, at the general resurrection, 31. 7. thou hast known my soul in a.

2 Kings 4. 25. when the man of God saw her a. off Rom. 8. 23. 35. 15. but in my a. they rejoiced

Ezra 3. 13. shouted, and the noise was heard Rom. 8. 15. but ye have received the Spirit of a. 94. 13. mayest give him rest from the days of a. Neh. 12. 43. the joy of Jerusalem was heard a. of

23. waiting for the a. the redemption of our body Prov. 17. 17. and a brother is born for a. Job 36. 3. I will fetch my knowledge from a. 9. 4. to whom pertaineth the a, and the glory 24. 10. if thou faint in day of a. thy strength small 25. a man may see it, a man may behold it a. of Gal. 4. 5. that we might receive the a. of sons Eccl. 7- 14. but in the day of a. consider 39. 29. seeks her prey, and her eyes behold Eph. 1.5. predestinated as to the e, of children Isa. 30. 20 tho* the Lord give you the bread of a. Psal. 75.5. and of them that are on the sea ADORN, ED, ETH, ING.

Heb. 13. 3. remember tbem which suffer a, 138. 6. but the proud he knoweth a. of Isa. 61. 10. as a bride a, herself with her jewels


159. 2. thou understandest my thoughts a, of Jer. 31. 4. thou shalt be again a, with tabrets Num. 24. 14. I'll a. thee, what this people shall do Prov. 31. 14. she bringeth her food from a. Luke 21. 5. the temple was a, with goodly stones Ruth 4. 4. 1 thought to a. thee, saying, buy it Isa. 23. 7. her own feet shall carry her a. off 1 Tim. 2. 9. that women a. in modest apparel


66. 19. those that escape to the isles a. oj Tit. 2. 10. a. the doctrine of God our Saviour Judg. 19. 30. take a. and speak your minds Jer. 23.23. am I God at hand, and not a 1 Pet. 3. 3. whose a, let it not be that outward a. 20. 7. give here your a. and counsel

30. 10. I will save thee from a. 46. 47. 5. women who trusted in God a. themselves 1 Sam. 25. 33. blessed be thy a. and blessed be thou 31. + 3 the Lord appeared from a. unto me Rev. 21. 2. prepared as a bride a, for her husband 2 Sam. 19. 43. that our a. should not be first had 10, and declare it in the isles a. off ADVANCED.

2 Chr. 10.9.what a. give ye, that we may answer 49. 30. flee, get you a. off. dwell deep 1 Sam.12.6 it is the Lord that a, Moses and Aaron 14. answered them after the a. of young men 51. 50. go away, remember the Lord a. of Esth. 3. 1. Ahasuerus a. Haman the Agagite 25. 17. king Amaziah took a, and sent to Joash Mic. 4. 3. he shall rebuke strong nations a. off 5. 11. Haman told them how he had a. him Prov. 20. 18. and with good a, make war

Mar. 26. 58. but Peter followed him a, off, and 10.2. the greatness whereto the king a. Mordecai le Cor. 8. 10. and herein I give my a

went in, Mark 14. 54. Luke 22. 5).

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Ma. 9.35. women beholding a.of, Mark 15. 40. Psal. 22. 24. nor abhorred the amiction of the a. Zech. 1. 15. and they helped forward the a, Mart 5. 6. but when he saw Jesus a. off, he ran 25. 16. have mercy on me, for I am desolate and a. 8. 10. that went out, or came in, because of a. 11. 13. and secing a fig-tree a. off with leaves 82. 3. do justice to the a. and needy

10. 11. and he shall pass through the sea with ... Lake 16.93.lift up his eyes, and seeth Abraham a. of 88. 7. thou hast a. me with all thy waves Mark 4. 17. when a. ariseth for the word's sake dets 2. 39. the promise is to all that are a. off 15. I am a. and ready to die from my youth 13. 19. for in those days shall be a. such as Eph... 17. and came and preached peace to you 90. 15. according to days wherein thou hast a, us Acts 7. 11. there came a dearth, and great a.

which were a. of, and to them that were nigh 107. 17. fools, because of their iniquities, are a. 2 Cor. 9. 4. for out of much a. I wrote to you Ir, 11. 13. having seen the promises a. off 116. 10. I was greatly a. ||119. 67. before I was a. 4. 17. our light a. which is but for a moment 2 Pet. 1. 9. is blind, and cannot see a. of 119. 71, it is good for me that I have been c. 8. . how that in a great trial of a. See FAR, STAND, STOOD.

75. and that thou in faithfulness hast a. me Phil. 1. 16. supposing to add a. to my bonds AFFAIRS.

107. I am a. very much, quicken me, O Lord 4. 14. that ye communicate with me in my a. 1 Ciren. 96.32.pertaining to God, and a. of the king 129. 1. many time have they a. me from youth, 2. 1 Thess. 1. 6. having received the word in much a. Psal. 119. 5. he will guide his á. with discretion 140. 12. Lord will maintain the cause of the a. 3. 7. we were comforted over you in all our a. Dez. 2. $9. be set Shadrach over 2. of the province Prov. 15. 15. all the days of the a, are evil Heb. 11. 25. choosing rather to suffer a. with people 3.19. Jess whom thou set over a. of the province 29. 29. neither oppress the a. in the gate

Jam. 1. 27. to visit the fatherless in their a. Ep. 6. 21. but that ye also may know my a. 26. 28. a lying tongue hateth those that are a. 5.10.for an exanıple of suffering a. and of patience 2. I have sent, that ye might know our a. 31. 5. lest they pervert the judgment of the a.

AFFLICTIONS. Piil. 1.97. or be absent, I may hear of your a. Isa. 9.1. when at first he lightly a. the land of Zeb. Psal. 34. 19., many are the a. of the righteous Tix... 4. entangleth himself with the a. of life 49. 13. the Lord will have mercy on his a. 132. 1. Lord, remember David, and all his a. AFFECT, ED, ETH.

51. 21. hear now this, thou a. and drunken Aets 7. 10. and delivered him out of all his a. Lam. 3. 51. mine eye a. my heart, because of all 53. 4. did esteem him smitten of God and a. 20. 23. saying, that bonds and a. abide me Acts 14. 2. their minds evil a. against the brethren 7. he was oppressed, and was a. yet he opened not 2 Cor. 6. 4. approving in much patience, in a. Gal. 4. 17. zealously a. you, that ye might a. them 54.11.0 thou a. tossedwith tempest, not comforted Col. 1. 24. fill up what is behind of the a. of Christ 18. it is good to be zealously a. in a good thing 58. 3. wherefore have we a. our souls?

1 Thess. 3. 3. no man should be moved by these a. AFFECTION.

10. and if thou satisfy the a. soul, thy light 2 Tim. 1. 8. be partakers of the a. of the gospel 1 Chron. 29. 3. have set mye. to the house of God 60. 14. the sons of them that a. thee shall come 3. 11. known the a. which came to me at Antioch Ran. 1. 31. without natural a. 2 Tim. 3. 3. 63. 9* in all their affliction he was a. and angel 4. 5. but watch in all things, endure a. • Cor. 7. 15. his invarda. is more abundant to you Lam. 1. 4, her priests sigh, her virgins are a. Heb. 10. 32. ye endured a great fight of a. C. 3. 9. set yours, on things above, not on things 5. enemies prosper, for the Lord hath a. her 33. whilst ye were made a gazing-stock by a. 3. mortify therefore fornication, inordinate a. 19. my sorrow wherewith the Lord hath a, me 1 Pet. 5. 9. the same a, accomplished in brethren AFFECTIONS. Mic. 4. 6. and I will gather her that I have a.

AFFORDING. liex.1.26.for this cause God gave them up to vile a. Nah. 1. 12. tho* I have a. I will afflict no more Psal.144.13.our garners full, a. all manner of store Gal. 5. 24. have crucified the flesh with the a. Zeph. 3. 12. I will leave in thee an a. people


Mar. 24. 9. they shall deliver you up to be a. Deut. 7. 21. thou shalt not be a. at them 1 Thess. 2.8. so being a, desirous of you, willing 2 Cor. 1. 6. whether we be a. it is for consolation 2 Chron. 30. 18. they cried with a loud voice to a. AFFECTIONED.' 1 Tim. 5. 10. if she have relieved the a.

Job 18. 20. as they that went before were a. Rex. 12. 10. be kindly a, one to another Heb. 11. 37. being destitute, a. and tormented 39. 22. he mocketh at fear, and is not a. AFFINITY Jam. 4.9. be a. and mourn, and weep

Isa. 21. 4. my heart panted, fearfulness a, me 1 Kings 3. 1. Solomon made a. with Pharaoh 5. 13. is any among you a.? let him pray Jer. 51. 39. reeds are burnt, and men of war á. Chren. 18. 1. Jehoshaphat joined in a. with Ahab


Mark 16. 5. and they were a. Luke 24. 37. Eve 9. 14. should we join in a. with the people signifies, [1] Adversity, trouble, or distress. Job 6. he saith, be not a. ye seek Jesus crucified AFFIRM

5.6. 12] Outaard oppression, Exod. 3. 7. 1 4. Rev. 11. 13. and the remnant were a. gave glory Sigaifies, (1) To maintain the truth of a thing, 31. [3] Persecution for religion, Mark 4. 17.

Acts 25. 19. Tit. 3. 8. (2] To teach, i Tim. 1.7. Heb. 10. 32. [4] Correction from God, Jonah 2.2. Mark 6. 33. many ran a. thither out of all cities Res. 3.8. and as some a. that we say, let us do evil Gen. 16. 11. because the Lord hath heard thy a. Acts 20. 13. Paul minding himself to go a. 1 Tix. 1.7. what they say, por whereof they a. 29. 32. surely the Lord hath looked upon my a.

AFORE. TH. 3. & these things I will that thou a.constantly 31. 42. God hath seen mine a. and labour 2 Kings 20. 4. a. Isaiah was gone out into the court AFFIRMED.

41. 52. caused me to be fruitful in the land of a. Psal. 129. 6. which withéreth a. it groweth up Late ge. 59. about an hour after another a. Esod.3.7.I have seen the a.of mypeople, Acts 7.34. Isa. 18. 5. a. the harvest when the bud is perfect det 12. 15. but Rhoda constantly a. that it was so 17. I will bring you out of the a. of Egypt

Erek. 33. 29. a. he that was escaped came es. 19. and of Jests, whom Paul a, to be alive 4. 31. and that he had looked on their a. Rom.1.2. which he had promised a. by his prophets AFFLICT, EST.

Deut. 16. 3. thou shalt eat even the bread of a. 9. 23. which he had a. prepared unto glory Go. 15. 13, and they shall a. them 400 years

1 Kings 22. 27. 2. Chron. 18. 26. Eph. 3. 3. the mystery, as I wrote a, in few words s1. 50. if thou shalt a. my daughters, or take 26. 7. the Lord heard and looked on our a.

AFOREHAND. Ered. 1. 11. set over them task-masters to a. them (1 Sam. 1. 11. if thou wilt indeed look on my a. Mark 14. 8. she is come a. to anoint my body 2. 92. ye shall not a. any widow or fatherless 2. + 32. thou shalt see the a. of the tabernacle

AFORETIME. 23. if thou a. them in any wise, and they cry 2 may be the Lord will look on my a. Job 17.6. me a by-word, and a. I was as a tabret 63. 92. I will a. them

Kings 14. 26. Lord saw the a. of Israel Isa. 52. 4. my people went down a. int Egypt Les. 16. 99. ye shall a. your souls, 31. I 23. 27, 2 Chron. 20. 9. cry to thee in our a. thou wilt hear Jer. 30. 20. their children also shall be as a.

Num. 29. 7.

33. 12. Manasseh was in a. and sought the Lord Dan. 6. 10. he prayed before his God, as he did a. Nam. 94. 24. ships from Chittim shall a. Ashur Neh. 1.3. the remnant are in great a. and reproach John 9. 13. they brought him that a. was blind 30. 13. and every binding oath to a. the soul 9. 9. and didst see the a. of our fathers in Egypt Rom. 15. 4. for whatsoever things were written a. Judg. 10. 5. that we bind him to a. him

Job 5. 6. tho' a. cometh not forth of the dust 6. wherewith thou mightest be bound to a. thee 10. 15. I am full of confusion, see thou mine a. Gen. 42. 35. saw bundles of money, they were a.

19. she began to a. him, and his strength went 30. 16. the days of a. have taken hold on me Erod. 34. 30. and they were a. to come nigh him & S.7.10. Dor children of wickedness a. them 97. the days of a. prevented me

Lev. 20. 6. and none shall make you a. Job 11.19. 1 Kings 11. 9. I will for this a. the seed of David 36. 8. and if they be holden in cords of a. Num. 19. 8. why not a, to speak against Moses? 2 Caser. 6.6. turn when thou dost a. 1 Kings 8.35. 15. he delivereth the poor in his a.

Deut.7.19. do to all the people of whom thou art a. Eure 8. 81. that we might a. ourselves before God 21. for this hast thou chosen rather than a. Judg. 7. 3. proclaim whosoever is fearful and a. Ja 37.23. togehing the Almighty, he will not a. Psal. 25. 18. look upon my a, and pain, forgive 1 Sam. 4. 7. the Philistines were a. for than said Pial. #... hov thou didst a. the people and cast || 44. 24. ar.d forgettest our a. and oppression 18. 29. Saul was yet the more a. of David 55. 19. God shall hear aud a. them, even he 66. 11. thou laidst a. upon our loins

2 Sam. i. 14. how wast thou not a, to destroy 89. 29. nor the son of wickedness a. him

78. t 42. day when he delivered them from a. 14. 15. because the people have made me a. 94. 5. O Lord, they a, thine heritage

88. 0- mine eye mourneth by reason of a. 17. 2. I will come on him, and make him a. 143. 12. and destroy all them that a. my soul 106. 44. he regarded their a. when he heard 22. 5. ungodly men made me a. Psal. 18. 4. ka. 9. 1. afterward did more grievously a. her 107. 10. sit in darkness, being bound in 9. and iron Neh. 6.9.for they all made us a. saying, their handa 51. 03. put it into the hand of them that a, thee 39. they are brought low thro* a. and sorrow Job 9. 28. I am a. of all my sorrows, I know that 56. 5. a day for a man to a. his soul ?

41. yet setteth he the poor on high from a. 11.19.shalt lie down, and none shall make thee a. 64. 12. O Lord, wilt thou a. us very sore? 119. 50. this is my comfort in my a, thy word 13. 11. shall not his excellency make you a.! Ja.31.28. as I watched to destroy and to a. 92. I should then have perished in mine a. 21. and let not thy dread make me a. Lem. $. 33. for the Lord doth not a. willingly 153.consider mine a.and deliver me, for I do not 15. 24. trouble and anguish shall make him a. Ames 5. 12. they a, the just, they take a bribe Isa, 30. 20. though the Lord give you water of a. 18. 11. terrors shall make him a. on every side 6. 14. they shall a. you from Hemath

48. 10. I have chosen thee in the furnace of a. 21.6.even when I remember, I am a, and tremble Nat. 1. 19. have afflicted, I will a. thee no more 63. 9- in all their a. he was afflicted, and the angel 23. 15. when I consider, I am a. of him Zept. 3. 19. behold, I will undo all that a. thee Jer, 4. 15. publisheth a. from mount Ephraim 33.7. behold, my terror shall not make thee a. AFFLICTED.

15. 11. to intreat thee well in the time of a. 39. 20. canst thou make him a. as a grasshopper? Esed. 1. 12. the more they a. the more they grew 16, 19. O Lord, my refuge in the day of a. 41.25. he raiseth up himself, the mighty are u. Lat. 23.99, the soul that shall not be a, that day 30. 15. why criest thou for thine a. thy sorrow Psal. 56. 3. what time I am a. I will trust in thee Nem. 11. 11, wherefore hast thou a. thy servant ? 48.16.Moab's calamity is near, and a. hasteth fast 65. 8. they that dwell are a, at thy tokens Deut. 56. 6. the Egyptians a. us and laid on us Lam.1.3. Judah is gone into captivity because of a, 77. 16, the waters saw thee, and they were s. Ruih L. 91. and the Almighty hath a. me

7. Jerusalem remembered in the days of her a. 83. 15. and make them a. with thy storm 2 8, 98, 98. and the a. people thou wilt save 9. had no comforter, O Lord, behold mine a. 119. 190. and I am a. of thy judgments 1 king: 4. 96.a. in all whereie my father was a. 3. 1. I am the man that hath seen a. by the rod Isa, 17. 9. and none shall make them a. Exck. 34 kings 17.90. the Lord rejected Israel and a them 19. remembering my a. and my misery

28. Mic. 4. 4. Zepk. 3. 13. 6. 14. Lo him that is a. pity should be she wed Hos. 5. 15. in their a. they will seek me early 33. 14. the sinners in Zion are a, fearfulness hath

30. 11. he hath loosed my cord, and a, me Amos 6. 6. they are not grieved for the a. of Joseph 41. 5. the ends of the earth were a, and came 34. 23. and he heareth the cry of the a. Obad.13. thou shouldest not have looked on their a. 57. 11. and of whom hast thou heen a. or feared Peal. 9. i 12. he forgetteth sot the a.

Jemah 2. 2. I cried by reason of my a. to the Lord Jer. 30. 10. be quiet, and none shall make him a.

Nah. 1. 9. a. shalt not rise up the second time 36. 94. yet they were not a, nor rent garments 10. + 12. arie, O Lord, forget not the a.

llub. 3. 7. I saw the tents of Cushan in a. 38. 19. Zedekiah said, I am a. of the lors 18. 27. for thou wil: save the a. people

a. thee



Jer. 09. 17. not given to men, of whom thon art a. 1 Sam.24.14. a, whom is the king come out ! a. a dog

Esek. 39. 26. and none made them a. Nah. 2. 11. 1 Kings 17. 13. and a. make for thee and thy son Gen. 16. 12. his hand will be a. every man
Dan. 4. 5. I saw a dream, which made me a. Nek. 13. 19. not be opened till a. the sabbath Erod. 7. 15. stand by the river's brink'a. he come
Jonah 1. 5. then the mariners were a, 10. Job 10. 6. that thou inquirest a. mine iniquity Lev.20.3. I'll set my face a. that man, Deut.29.20
Hab. 9. 17. made them a. because of men's blood 30. 5. they bried a, thim, at a. a thief

2 Kings Urijah made it a.king Ahaz came
Mark 5. 15. in his right mind, were a. Luke 8. 35. Psal. 98. 4. give them a. the work of their hands 19. 22. 8. whom hast thou exalted thy voice?
9. 32. they understood not, and were a. to ask him Eccl. 1. 11. with those that shall come a. Isa. 40. + 10. the Lord will come a. the strong hand
10. 32. and as they followed, they were a. Isa. 11. 3. he shall not judge a, the sight of eyes Jer. 25. 13. which I have pronounced a, it
16. 8, nor said they any thing, for they were a. Exek. 46. 17. a. it shall return to the prince Ezek. 13. 20. bebold, I am a. your pillows
Luke 8. 25. and they being a. wondered, saying Hos. 11. 10. they shall walk a, the Lord

Mat. 10. 35. to set a man a. his father, Luke 12. 53
Acts. 9. 26. but they were all a. of Saul Mat, 26.32. a. I am risen again, I will go before 19. 30. he that is not with me, is a, me
22. 9. they with me saw the light, and were a. Mark 16. 14. which had seen him a, he was risen Luke 2. 34. for a sign which shall be spoken a.
Gal. 4. 11. I am a. of you, lest I have bestowed 19. so then a. the Lord had spoken to them 14. 31. that cometh a. him with 20,000 to
Heb. 11. 23. not a. of the king's commandment Laike 6. 1. on the second sabbath a, the first Acts 19. 36. these things cannot be spoken a.
1 Pet. 3. 6. and are not a. with any amazement 29. 58, and a, a little while another saw him 28. 22. this sect is every where spoken a.
2 Pet.2.10. they are not a. to speak evil of dignities 59. about the space of an hour a, another See ANOTHER, GOD, HIM, JERUSALEM, ISRAEL,
23. 26. that he might bear it a. Jesus

Deut. 1. 29. dread not, neither be a. of them, 31. 6. John 13. 27. a. the sup Satan eutered into him

1 Sam. 23. 3. behold we be a. here in Judah Aets 5. 7. about the space of three hours a. Esod. 28. 19. third row, an a. an amethyst, 39. 12.
2 Sam.22.46. be a. out of close places, Psal, 18. 45. Gal. 3. 17. the law which was 430 years a. Isa. 54. 12. I will make thy windows of a.
Nch. 6. 13. was he hired that I should be a, 2 Pet. 2. 6. to those that a, should live ungodly Ezek. 27. 16. Syria occupied in thy fairs with a.
Job 5. 21. nor shalt thou be a. of destruction

AFTER that.

19. 29. A* ye a. of the sword, for wrath bringeth Esod. 3. 20. and, a. that he will let you go Signifies, [1] The whole continuance of a mare's
Psal.27.1.L. is my strength, of whom shall I be a.? Deut. 24. 4. shall not take her a. that she is defiled life, Gen. 47. 28. [2] Times past, present, or
Isa. 8. 19. nor fear ye their fear, nor be a. 44.8. Judg.15.7.I will be avenged, and a. that I will cease to come, Eph. 2. 7. 3. 5. (3) A time apt for

19. 17. that maketh mention, shall be a. in himself . Sam.21.14. a. that God was intreated for the land conception, Heb. 11. 11.
51. 12. thou, that thou shouldest be a. of a man Job 21. 3. a. that I have spoken, mock on Gen. 47. 28. the whole a. of Jacob was 147 years
Rom. 13. 4. if thou do that which is evil, be a. Eccl. 9. 3. and a. that tley go to the dead 48. 10. the eyes of Israel were dim for a.
Not de AFRAID.

Jer. 31. 19. a. that I was turned, I repented Num. 8. 25. from the a. of 50 years cease waiting
Dent. 3. 17. you shall not be a. of the face of man Luke 12. 4. a, that have no more that they can do 1 Sam. 2. 33 shall die in the flower of their a.

7. 18. thou shall not he a. of them, 18. 29. 13. 9. then a, that thou shalt cut it down 1 Kings 14.4.Ahjah's eyes were set by reason of e.
Psal. 3.6. I will not be a. of ten thousands of people 15. 4. a. tkat which is lost, until he find it 1 Chron. 13. 3. Levites numbered from the a. of 30.
56. 11. I will not be a. that man can do to me Act57.7.

a. that shall they come forth and serve me 94. from the a. of twenty years and upward
91. 5. thou shall the c me for the terror by night 1 Cor.15. 6. a. tkat he was seen of above 500 at once : Chron. 36. 17. or on him that stooped for a.
112. 7. he shall not be a. of evil tidings, his heart Rev. 20. I. and a. that he must be loosed a little Job 5. 26. shait come to thy grave in a full a.
8. his heart is established, he shall not be a.

AFTER this.

8. 8. enquire, I pray thee, of the former a.
Prov. 3. 24. when thou liest down, shalt not be a. Gen. 23. 11. a. this Abralam buried Saran his wife 11. 17. thy a. shall be clearer than noon-day
Isa. 12.2.God my salvation, Iwill trust and not be a. 2 Sam. 2. 1. a, this David enquired of the Lord Psal. 39. 5. my a, is as nothing before thee

31. 4. he will not be a. of their voice, nor abase Acts 15. 16. a. this I will return, and build again Isa. 38. 12. my a, is departed and removed
Amos 3. 6. a trumpet be blown, and people not be a.


Zech. 8. 4. every man with his staff for a.
Rom. 13. 3. wilt thou then not be a. of the power? Judg. 19. 8. they tarried till a, and did eat Mark 5.42.she was of the a. of 12 years, Luke 8.42.
Be not AFRAID.


Luke 2. 36. Anna a prophetess was of a great a.
Deut. 20. 1. be not a. of them, Josh. 11. 6. Neh. 4. Exod. 11. 1. a. he will let you go hence

+ 59. Jesus increased in wisdom and a.
14. Jer, 10.5. Ezek. 2. 6. Luke 12. 4. Num. 31. 2. a. shalt thou be gathered to thy people 3.23. Jesus began to be about 30 years of a.
1 Sam. 28. 13. Saul said, be not a. that facest thou more 4, 13. ye shall thy hands be strengthened Jokn 9. 21. he is of a. ask him, 23.
2 Kings 1. 15. angel said, go down, be not a. of him (1 Sam.9. 13. he blessed the sacrifice, a. they eat Acts 13. +36. David had in his own a. served God
Psal. 49. 16. be not a. when one is made rich 24. 5, a. David's heart smote him

1 Cor.7. 36. if she pass the flower of her a.
Prov. 3. 25. be not a. of sudden fear nor desolation Job. 18. 9. mark, and a. we will speak

14. + 20. in understanding be of a ripe a.
Isa. 40.9. lift up thy voice, lift it up, be not a. Psal. 73.94. guide me, and a. receive me to glory Eph. 4. +13. till we come to a. of fulness of Christ
Jer. 1. 8. be not a. of their faces, for I am with thee Prov. 20. 17. bread

of deceit is sweet, but a. Heb. 5. 14. strong meat belongs to them of fulla.
Ezek. 2. 6. and thou son of man be not a. of them 24. 27. prepare thy work, and a. build thy house 11. 11. Sarah was delivered when she was past a.
Mat.14.27. it is I, be not a. Mark 6.50. John 6. eo. 28. 23, a. shall find more favour than he that

17.7. Jesus touched them and said, arise, be not a. 29. 11. but a wise man keepeth it in till a.

28. 10. be not a. go tell my brethren that they go Hos. 3. 5. a. shall the children of Israel return Psal. 145. + 13. thy kingdom a kingdom of all a.
Mark 5. 36. saith to the ruler, be not a. only believe Joel 2. 28. a. I will pour out my Spirit upon all

Isa. 26. + 4. in the Lord Jehovah is the rock of a.
Acts not a. but speak, and hold not thy peace Mar. 4. 2. fasted, he was a. an hungered, Luke 4. 2. Eph. 2. he that in the a. to come he might shew
1 Pet.3.14. be not a. of their terror, nor be troubled 21. 32. ye when ye had seen it, repented not a. 3. 5. which in other a. was not made known

John 5. 14. a. Jesus findeth him in the temple 21. to him be glory in the church through all a.
Gen. 20.8. told these things, and men were sore a. 13. 36. but thou shalt follow me a.

Col. 1. 26. mystery which hath been hid from a.
Esod. 14. 10. Egyptians marched, they were sore a. 1 Cor. 15.23. a.they that are Christ's at his coming

Num. 22. 3. Moab was sore a. of the people Gal. 3. 23. the faith that should a. be revealed 2 Sam. 19. 32. Barzillai was a very a. man
Josh. 9. 24. therefore we were sore a. of our lives Heb. 4. 8. would not a. have spoken of another day Job 19. 20. he taketh away the understanding of a
2 Sam. 17. 24. fled from Goliath, and were sore a. 12. 11. a. it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righi. 15. 10. the grey-headed and very a, men
28.20. Saul fell along on the earth, and was sore a. 17. a. when he would have inherited the blessing 29. 8. and the a. arose and stood up
31. 4. his armour-bearer was sore a. 1 Chr. 10. 4. Jado 5. a, destroyed them that believed not 32. 9. neither do the a. understand judgment
Neh.2.9. nothing but sorrow, and was very sore a.


Jer. 8. 11. the a. with him that is full of days
Mark 9.6.wist not what to say, for them were foil a. Gen. 8. 21. I will not a. cirse, nor a. smite Töt. 2. 2. that the a, men be sober, grave, sound
Luke 2. 9. shone about them, and they rock sore 0. 15. 16. but they a. to come hither a.

3. the a, women, that they be in behaviour

30. 31. I will o. feed and keep thy flock Philem. 9. being such an one as Paul the a.
Gen. 3. 10. I heard thy voice, and I was a.
38. 26. Judah knew her a, no more

18. 15. saying, I laughed not, for she was a. Erod. 10. 29. said, I will see a, thy face co more 1 Sam. 9. 20. the asses that were lost three days a.
32. 7. then Jacob was greatly a. and distressed 14. 13. ye shall see them a, no more for ever 2 Kings 19. 25. thou not heard long a. Isa. 37. 26.
Erod.3.6. Moses hid his face, was a, to look on God 23. 4. thou shalt surely bring it back to him a. Ezra. 5. i1. house that was builded many years a.
Deut. 9. 19. I was a. of the anger and displeasure Num.32.15.will yet a. leave them in the wilderness Isa. 29. 11. respect to him that fashioned it long a.
Ruth 3.8 midnight the man was a. and turned Josh. 5. 2. circumcise a, the children of Israel Mat.11.21.wo have repented long a.Lake 10.13.
1 Sam. 18. 12. Saul was a. of David, 15.

. Sam. 16. 19. and a. whom should I serve Mark 9. 21. how long a. since this came t. him
22. 1. Ahimelech was a. at the meeting of David 1 Kings 17.22.the soul of the child came into him a. Acts 10.30. 4 days a. I was fasting until this hour
28. 5. Saul saw the host of Philistines, he was a. 2 Kings 19. 30. shall yet a. take root downward 15. 17. ye know how that a good while a.
2 Sam.6.9. David was e. of the Lord, 1 Chr. 13. 12. Ezra 9. 14. should we a. break thy commandments 2 Cor. 8. 10. but also to be forward a year a.
1 Chron. 21.30. David could not go, for he was a. Neh. 13. 21. if ye do so a. I will lay hands on you 9. 2. that Achaia was ready a year e.
Job 3. 25. that which I was a. of, is come to me Job 14. 14. if a man die, shall he live a.? 19. 2. 1 knew a man above fourteen years a.
39. 6. I was a. and durst not shew my opinion Psal. 85. 6. wilt thou not revive us a. that thy

Jer. 26. 21. when Urijah heard it, he was a. 107. 39. a. they are minished and brought low 1 Sam. 30. 13. because three days a. I fell sick
Dan.8.17.when he came, was a. and fell on my face 140. 10. into deep pits, that they rise not up a.

Hab. 3. 2. O Lord, I heard thy speech, and was a. Prov. 2. 19. none that go to her return a. Luke 22.44.being in an a.

he prared more earnestly
Mal. 2. 5. he feared me, and was a. before my name 19. 19. if thou deliver him, thou must do it a.

Mat. 2. 29. Joseph was a. to go thither

Eccl. 8. 14. a, there be wicked men to whom Signifies, [1] To bargain with. Mat. 20. 2, 13
14.30. when he saw the wind boisterous, was a. Ezek. 26. 21. yet shalt thou never be found a. To approve, or give consent to. Acts 5. 40.
25. 25. I was a, and hid thy talent in the earth Amos 7.8. I will not a. pass by them, 8. 2. 13) To be tike, Mark 14. 70. [4] To conspire,
John 19. 8. when Pilate heard, he was the more a. 8. 14. they shall fall, and never rise up a. of resolve, John. 9. 22.
Acts 10. 4. when Cornelius looked, he was a. Zech. 2. 12. the Lord shall choose Jerusalem a.


John 4. 13. drinketh of this water shall thirst a. Amos 3.3.can two walk together except they be a.
Heb.6.6.they crucify the Son of God a. and put him Rom. 8. 15. not received spirit of bondage a. to fear Mat. 5. 25. a. with thine adversary quickly
9. + 20. who art thou that answerest a. ?

18. 19. if two of you shall a. on earth, touching
Gen. 18. 12. saying, a. I am waxed old, shall I Phil. 4. 4. rejoice in the Lord, a. I say, rejoice 20. 2. when be had a. with labourers for a penny

38. 94. about three months a. it was told Judah Heb. 1.5. a. I will be to him a Father, and he shall 13. didst thou not a. with me for a penny?
Num. 15. 39. that ye seek not a. your own heart 2. 13. and a. I will put my trust in him Mark 14. 56. their witness «. not together, 59.
Tant 6. 14. ye shall not go a. other gods 1 Pet. 1. 3. hath begotten us a. to a lively hope 70. art a Galilean, and thy speech a, thereto
Josh 10. 14. no day like that before it, or a. it See PORN, BRING, BROUGHT, COME, TURN, Lrke 5.36. taken out of the new, a. not with old
1 Sam. 15. 31. Samuel turned again a. Saul TURNEV.

John 9- 28. the Jews had a. already if any man

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