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shattered that they were glad to run away in the dark and hide in their own harbour,

I need not put you in mind how much William Penn and his sons have been your friends, and the friends of all the Indians : you have long and often experienced their friendship for you, nor need I repeat to you how kindly you were treated and what valuable presents were made to you two years ago by the Governor, the Council and the Assembly of Pennsylvania : the sons of William Penn are all now in England and have left me in their place, well knowing how much I regard you and all the Indians; as a fresh proof of this I have left my house and am come to renew our treaties, to brighten the covenant chain, and to confirm our friendship with you : in testimony whereof I present you with this belt of wampum. (Which was received with the yo-ha.) As your

nations have engaged themselves by treaty, to assist us, your brethren of Pennsylvania, in case of a war with the French, we do not doubt but you will punctually perform an engagement so solemnly entered into. A war is now declared, and we expect that you will not suffer the French or any of the Indians in alliance with them, to march through your country to disturb any of our settlements, and that you will give us the earliest and best intelligence of any danger that may

be formed by them to our disadvantage, as we promise to do of any


may be to yours. To enforce what I have now said in the strongest manner, I present you with this belt of wampum. (Which was received with the yo-ha.)

After a pause, the Governor proceeded:

Friends and Brethren of the Six Nations - What I have now said to you is in conformity to treaties subsisting between the province of which I am Governor, and your nations. I now proceed with the consent of the Honourable the Commissioners for Virginia and Maryland, to tell you that all differences having been adjusted, and the roads between

us and you made quite clear and open. We are ready to confirm our treaties with your nations, and establish a friendship that is not to end, but to last with the world itself; and in behalf of the Province of Pennsylvania, I do, by this fine belt of wampum, and a present of goods, to the value of £300, confirm and establish the said treaty of friendship, union, and peace; you on your parts doing the same. (Received with yo-ha.)

The COMMISSIONERS of Virginia spoke as follows:

The way between us being made smooth by what passed yesterday, we desire now, to confirm all former treaties made between Virginia and you our brethren of the Six Nations : and to make our chain of honour and friendship as bright as the sun, that it may not contract any more rust for ever,

that our children's children may rejoice at, and confirm what we have done, and that you and your children may not forget it, we give you one hundred pounds in gold, and this belt of wampum. (Which was received with yo-ha.)

Friends and Brethren,--Although we have been disappointed in our endeavours to bring about a peace between you and the Catawbas, yet we desire to speak to you something more about them; we believe they have been unfaithful to you, and speak of you with a foolish contempt; but this may be only the rashness of some of their young men in this time of war with our common enemies, the · French and the Spaniards. It will be the wisest way to be at peace among ourselves; they the Catawbas are also children of the great King, and therefore we desire you will agree, that we may endeavour to make a peace between you and them, and that we may be all united by one chain of friendship. We give you this strong belt of wampum. (Which was received with the yo-ha.)

Brethren..Our Grand Conrad Weiser, when he is dead, will go into the other world as our fathers have done ; our

The way to have such a friend is for you to send three or

our own children; and be returned to you again when you please : and to confirm this, we give you this string of wampum. with the yo-ha.

CANASSATIEGO in return, spoke as follows:

Brother Onas Assaragoa, and Tocarry-hogan*,-We return to us; they contain matters of such great moment, that we you thanks for your several speeches, which are very agreeable purpose to give them

suitably to their worth and excellence; and this will take till to-morrow morning; and wlien we are ready, we

deal of rum from them, and can the better spare us some

of that liquor, to make us rejoice with you in The Governor

calling it a French glass. Name given the Governor of Maryland,

(Which was received with the usual ceremony.

that the chain between them should be kept bright and with

You tell us



children will then want such a friend to go between them and
your children, to reconcile any differences that may happen to
arise. between them, one that like him may have the ears and
tongues of our children and yours.

four of your boys to Virginia, where we have a fine house for
them to live in, and a man on purpose to teach the children
of you our friends, the religion, language, and customs of the
white people. To this place we kindly invite you to send some

children, and we promise you, they shall have the same
Care taken of them, and be instructed in the same manner as

of your

Then the Commissioners of Maryland expressed their hope,

out any

any rust, and gave a belt of wampum; which was received

a very serious consideration, and to

answer then

will give you

beat the French ; if so, you must have

due notice.



a grea

the victory.
in a small glass/

ordered a dram of rum to be given to each,

July 4th, 1744. CANESSATIEGO Speaker.

Brother Onas,Yesterday you expressed your satisfaction in having been instrumental to our meeting with our brethren of Virginia and Maryland. We in return assure you that we have great pleasure in this meeting, and thank you for the part you have had in bringing us together, in order to create a good understanding and to clear the road'; and in token of our gratitude we present you with this string of wampum. (Which was received with the usual ceremony.)

Brother Onas,-You was pleased yesterday to remind us of our mutual obligation to assist each other in case of a war with the French, and to repeat the substance of what we ought to do by our treaties with you, and that as a war had been already entered into with the French, you call upon us to assist you, and not to suffer the French to march through our country to disturb any of your settlements. In answer we assure you we have all these particulars in our hearts: they are fresh in our memory: we shall never forget that


and we have but one heart, one bead, one eye, one ear, and one hand; we still have all your country under our eye, and take all the care we can to prevent any enemy from coming into it; and in proof of our care we must inform you that before we came here we told Onandio*, our father as he is called, that neither he nor any of his people should come through our country, to hurt our brethren the English, or any of the settlements belonging to them. There was room enough at sea to fight; there he might do what he pleased, but he should not come upon our land to do any damage to our brethren. And you may depend upon our using our utmost care to see this effectually done ; and in token of our sincerity we present you with this belt of wampum.

Brother Onas,-You was pleased yesterday to inform us that war had been declared between the great King of England and

* The name for the Governor of Canada.

the very agreed

point of consequence, and he thanked him for


-You told us yesterday that all disputes



belt of wampum. (Which was received with the yo-ha.)

After some little time the interpreter said Canassatiego had and thereupon he added,

The Six Nations have a great authority and influence over Sundry tribes of Indians in alliance with the French, and parwho stand in the very gates of the French; and to shew our

of the French for you; they will not join the out; we have put the spirit of antipathy against the French in French against you; they have agreed with us before we set

our interest is very considerable with them and nations, and as far as ever it extends we shall use

said Cannassatiego did well to mend his speech; height always do it whenever his memory s


may ticularly over

the French king; that two great battles had been fought," oné
by land and the other by sea, with many other particulars. We
are glad to hear the arms of the King of England were success-
ful, and take part with you in your joy on this occasion. You
then came nearer home, and told us you had left your house
and were come this far on behalf of the white people of Penn-
sylvania, to see us, to renew our treaties, to brighten the cove-
nant chain, and to confer your friendship with us. We ap-
prove this proposition, we thank you for it. We own with
pleasure that the covenant-chain between us and Pennsylvania
is of old standing, and has never contracted any rust; we wish

always continue as bright as it has done hitherto, and in
token of the sincerity of our wishes we present you with this

forgot something material, and desired to mend his speech,
and to do so as often as he should omit any thing of moment :

the praying Indians, formerly a part with ourselves,

have engaged these very Indians, and other


further care Indian allies

those people many other


it for your





fail him in any

Brother Ass with you now

ble addition,

Eips at an end, you desired to confirm all for

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