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Of Manuscript Works, on the Indians and their Languages, pre

sented to the American Philosophical Society, or deposited in their Library.


1. Deutsch und Onondagoisches Werter buch, von David Zeisberger. A Dictionary of the German and Onondago languages, by David vols. 4to. Deposited by the Society of the United Brethren of Bethlehem.

2. Aruwakkisch Deutsches Werter Buch vermehrt, 1803, durch Theodor Schultz. A Dictionary Aruwack and German, augmented in 1803, by Theodore Schultz. 1 vol. 4to. 622 pp. Deposited by the Author.

3. Dictionnaire de la Langue Huronne, par Samuel Sagard. MS. copy of the original work, printed at Paris in 1632. Presented by P. S. Duponcau.


1. A Grammar of the Lenni Lenape, or Delaware Language ; by the late Rev. David Zeisberger. Translated from the German MS. of the Author, by P. S. Duponceau ; fol. 140 pp. Presented by the Translator.

2. Grammaticalische Sætze von der Aruwakkische sprache. A Grammar of the Aruwack language, by 'Theodore Schultz, 12mo. 173 pp. Deposited by the Author.

3. Essay of an Onondago Grammar, or a short introduction to learn the Onondago, alias Maqua Tongue; by David Zeisberger,

4to. 67. pp.

4. Onondagoische Grammatica ; by the same, 4to, 87 pp.

5. Another Onondago Grammar in the German Language, by the same, 4to. 176 pp.

6. Affixa Nominum et Verborum Linguæ Macquaicæ. Auctore Chr. Pyrlæo, 4to. 25 pp.

[With this work are bound several Iroquois Vocabularies and Collections of Phrases, the whole together making 178 pp. 4to.]

7. Adjectiva, Nomina et Pronomina Linguæ Macquaicæ, cum nonnullis de Verbis Adverbüs ac Præpositionibus ejusdem Lingue. By the same, 4to. 86 pp.

[The five last above mentioned works have been deposited by the Society of the United Brethren at Bethlehem.]




A Collection of Words and Phrases in the Iroquois or Onondago

Language, explained into German. By the Rev. Chr. Pyrlæus, 4to. 140 pp. Deposited by the Society of the United Brethren at Bethlehem.

The following are all donations made to the Philosophical Society.


Presented by Mr. Jefferson.

1. A Vocabulary of the Language of the Unquachog Indians, by the donor.

2. Of the Nanticoke, by
4. Of the Miami, by M. Volney.

5. Of the same, from the mouth of the Little Turtle and of the Interpreter William Wells, by W. Thornton,

6. Of the Cherokee, by Judge Campbell.

7. Of the Cherokee (over hill,) and Choctaw, by Benjamin Hawkins.

s. Of the Creek, Chickasaw, Cherokee and Chocktaw, by the


9. Of the Atacapas, by Martin Duralde. 10. Of the Chetimachas, by the same.

11. Fragments of a Comparative Vocabulary of several Indian Languages, (partly destroyed by accident,) by the donor.


Presented by the Rev. Mr. Heckewelder.

1. A Vocabulary of the Mahicanni, taken down from the mouth of one of that nation, born in Connecticut; by the donor.

2. A Vocabulary of the Shawano; taken down from the mouth of a white woman, who had been twenty years a prisoner with that nation; by the donor.

3. A Vocabulary of the Nanticoke, taken from the mouth of a Nanticoke Chief, in 1785; by the donor.

4. A comparative Vocabulary of the Lenni Lenape and Algonquin; by the donor.

5. Same of the Lenni Lenape proper, the Minsi dialect, the Mahicanni, Natik or Nadik, Chippeway, Shawano, and Nanticoke; by the donor.

6. Same of the Lenni Lenape and Miami or Twightwee; by the donor.

7. Names of various trees, shrubs and plants in the Language of the Lenni Lenape or Delaware, distinguishing the dialects of the Unainis and Minsi; by the donor.


A Vocabulary of the Language of the Osage Indians, by Dr. Murray, of Louisville, Kentucky.

Other MS. Works concerning the Indians.

1. A Sketch of the Creek Country in the years 1798, and 1799.

By Col. Benj. Hawkins, late Agent of the United States to the Creek Nation, 4to. 168 pp. Presented by Mr. Jefferson.

2. A Short Account of the Mengwe, Maqua, or Mingoes, (as they are called by the white people,) according to the sayings and reports of the Lenni Lenape, Mahicanni, and other tribes connected with these. By Mr. Heckewelder, 4to. 25 pp. Presented by the author.

3. A Short Account of the Emigration of the Nation of Indians, calling themselves Lenni Lenape, and improperly called, by the whites, Delawares, as related by themselves. By the same, 4to. 28 pp. Presented by the author.

4. The Horsfield Papers. A large collection of original documents and letters from the principal characters in Pennsylvania, relating to Indian business, at and about the period of the war of 1756. Deposited by Joseph Horsfield, Esq. of Bethlehem.

5. A Collection of Indian Treaties from the year 1755, to 1758, both inclusive. fol. 250 pp. Deposited by Joseph Parker Norris, Esq.


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