The Works of Jonathan Swift: Journal to Stella (Letter I-XXXVII)


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Página 215 - I called at Mr Secretary, to see what the D — ailed him on Sunday ; I made him a very proper speech, told him I observed he was much out of temper ; that I did not expect he would tell me the cause, but would be glad to see he was in better...
Página 314 - The queen was abroad to-day in order to hunt, but finding it disposed to rain, she kept in her coach; she hunts in a chaise with one horse, which she drives herself, and drives furiously, like Jehu, and is a mighty hunter, like Nimrod.
Página 395 - I think Mr St John the greatest young man I ever knew; wit, capacity, beauty, quickness of apprehension, good learning, and an excellent taste; the best orator in the House of Commons, admirable conversation, good nature, and good manners ; generous, and a despiser of money.
Página 318 - I went to the rehearsal of it, and there was Margarita, and her sister, and another drab, and a parcel of fiddlers ; I was weary, and would not go to the meeting, which I am sorry for, because I heard it was a great assembly.
Página 318 - There was a Drawing-room to-day at Court; but so few company, that the Queen sent for us into her bed-chamber, where we made our bows, and stood about twenty of us round the room, while she looked at us round with her fan in her mouth, and once a minute said about three words to some that were nearest her, and then she was told dinner was ready, and went out.
Página 350 - Then you discover the brightness of his mind and the strength of his judgment, accompanied with the most graceful mirth. In a word, by this enlivening aid, he is whatever is polite, instructive, and diverting. What makes him still more agreeable is, that he tells a story, serious or comical, with as much delicacy of humour as Cervantes himself.
Página 376 - I was to see Jack Hill this morning, who made that unfortunate expedition ; and there is still more misfortune ; for that ship, which was admiral of his fleet," is blown up in the Thames, by an accident and carelessness of some rogue, who was going, as they think, to steal some gunpowder : five hundred men are lost.
Página 316 - Mr. Secretary was a perfect country gentleman at Buckleberry ; he smoked tobacco with one or two neighbours ; he inquired after the wheat in- such a field ; he went to visit his hounds, and knew all their names ; he and his lady saw me to my chamber just in the country fashion.
Página 264 - MD's felicity is the great end I aim at in all my pursuits. And so let us talk no more on this subject, which makes me melancholy, and that I would fain divert. Believe me, no man breathing at present has less share of...

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