Memoir of John Aikin, M.D.

Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy, 1823
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Página 278 - Ceres' bounty spread, Uprears some ancient oak his rev'rend head ; Chaplets and sacred gifts his boughs adorn, And spoils of war by mighty heroes worn. But the first vigour of his root now gone, He stands dependent on his weight alone; All bare his naked branches are display'd, And with his leafless trunk he forms a shade: Yet though the winds his ruin daily threat, As every blast would heave him from his seat ; Though thousand fairer trees the field supplies, That...
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Página 348 - ... or parallelism. At this time he likewise augmented his fund for Scripture interpretation by the acquisition of various Oriental dialects. After quitting Warrington, at the dissolution of the academy, he took up his residence successively...
Página 165 - I confess myself decidedly of the opinion of those who would rather form the two sexes to a resemblance of character than contrast them. Virtue, wisdom, presence of mind, patience, vigour, capacity, application, are not sexual qualities ; they belong to mankind — to all who have duties to perform and evils to endure.
Página 388 - About eight o'clock he desired to have three pamphlets, which had been looked out by his directions the evening before. He then dictated, as clearly and distinctly as he had ever done in his life, the additions and alterations which -he wished to have made in each. Mr.
Página 387 - I was going on to read to the end of the chapter, but he stopped me at the 45th verse. He dwelt for some time on the advantage he had derived from reading the scriptures daily, and advised me to do the same, saying that it would prove to me, as it had done to him, a source of the purest pleasure. He desired me to reach him a pamphlet which was at his bed's head, Simpson on The Duration of Future Punishment. "It will be a source of satisfaction to you to read that pamphlet...
Página 388 - I then took a pen and ink to his. bed-side. He then repeated over again, nearly word for word, what he had before said ; and when I had done, I rea.d it over to him. He said, "That is right ; I have now done.
Página 350 - ... throughout life than he. Although his principles had induced him to renounce his clerical office in the church of England, and he had become a...
Página 394 - A pamphlet which appeared in 1793, under the title of A Letter Commercial and Political addressed to the Right Hon. William Pitt, by Jasper Wilson, Esq.
Página 354 - ... and improvements, and that exquisite feeling of particular beauties, which distinguish him as an annotator of the writers of Greece and Rome. As a classical editor he appeared in a selection from the Greek tragedians, in editions of Horace, Virgil, Bion, and Moschus, and, finally, in his Lucretius, — a vast performance, which alone might seem the labour of many industrious years.

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