The compleat confectioner; or, The art of candying and preserving in its utmost perfection. To which is added, a second part: containing a curious collection of receipts


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Página 88 - ... with the herbs, and after they are added, let the liquor work over the vessel as little as may be ; fill it up at last, and when it is stopped put into the hogshead ten new-laid eggs, the shells not cracked or broken ; stop all close, and drink it at two years old : if carried by water it is better.
Página 22 - ... half an ounce of mace, half an ounce of cloves, a quarter of an ounce of whole pepper, three or four large pieces of ginger, and two quarts of large mushroom-flaps rubbed to pieces.
Página 46 - ... into the flour, and wet it with three eggs, and as much melted butter, as will make it of a good...
Página 61 - Efchallot or two. Let thefe, with two or three Anchovies, ftew on a flow Fire, and boil up ; then beat it up with Butter and Eggs till it is thick. Put your Chickens in, and fhake them well together.
Página 88 - ... at first. When it begins to work, put to it of the inner rind of the fir, three pounds; of the tops of fir and birch, of each one pound; of carduus...
Página 35 - When you would ufe them, lay them in warm water for an hour, fhift the water as it cools ; then rub them dry, and they will peel well and eat fweet. Lemons will keep thus covered better than any other way.
Página 15 - ... then put to them fome gravy, a little claret, fome pepper, cloves and mace, and let them ftew a little, then roll a bit of butter in flour, and tofs them up ; feafon with fait ; you may add a very little muihroom -pickle.
Página 46 - Eggs from the tread, and beat them and the Butter together till all appears like butter ; put in four or five Spoonfuls of...
Página 19 - CUT large collops out of a leg of veal, fpread them abroad on a drefler, hack them with the back of a knife, and dip them in the yolks of eggs ; feafon them with cloves, mace, nutmeg...
Página 61 - Ihred all together, beat it in a Mortar very fine ; then feafon it with fweet Herbs, Pepper, Salt, Cloves, Mace, and Nutmegs ; and when you roll it up to fry, add the Yolks of two or three Eggs, to bind it. You may add Oifters or Marrow, pn extraordinary Occafipns.

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