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Mathews, J. Coventry, ribbon manufacturer Mence, N. Worcester, brewer and money-scriven


Morris, J. Upholland, Lancaster, tanner
Mussie, J. Derby, mercer

Mutch, J. Queen Anne-street, Cavendish-square, upholsterer

Noble, H. and A. Camberwell, wine-merchants
Ovenden, E. late of Old Boswell-court, jeweller
Palmer, J. Rugeley, Stafford, butcher
Palmer, E. T. Bedford, draper

Peet, J. Ashton Within, Mackerfield, Lancaster, hinge-manufacturer

Philips, B. Threadneedle-street, vintner
Pullen, D. Birchin-lane, broker

Richardson, G. Mecklenburgh-square, and Vokes, T. late of Gloucester-street, Queen-square, merchants

Ritchie, R. Deptford, brewer

Riley, T. H. Crawford-street, Mary-le-bone, linen draper

Roberts, R. G. Minories, ironmonger

Seaman, G. Bishopsgate-street, linen draper
Sedgewick, M. London, warehouseman
Shrapnell, P. Broadford, Wilts, clothier
Sloper, J. Bath, baker

Smith, J. L. late of Vauxhall-walk, coal-dealer
Snape, W. Litchfield, mercer

Stang, L. late of Fore-street, merchant

Stanley, H. Jackhouse-within, Oswald Twistle, Lancaster, whitster

Sumter, J. Charlotte-street, Old-street-road,


Taylor, J. Sheffield, iron-founder

Traherne, J. St Martin's-street, Leicester Fields, victualler

Trinder, W. J. Portsea, victualler

Trix, F. South Molten, Devon, tanner Troughton, B. and J. Wood-street, London, and Overton, Hants, silk throwsters

Vaughan, Mary, and Appleton, Catherine, late of Liverpool, straw-bonnet manufacturers

Wade, J. S. Aldeburg, Suffolk, brickmaker Walker, J. Upper Russell-street, Bermondsey, parchment-dealer

Waln, D. Liverpool, plumber

Wells, J. Liverpool, merchant

White, T. late of Brinklow, Warwick, innholder
White, J. Lambeth-road, merchant

Whittle, S. U. Islington, timber-merchant
Whittley and Mason, Liverpool

Wilkinson, J. Great Driffield, coal-merchant
Witchurch, J. Worship-street, coach-master
Wright, J. Bermondsey-street, Southwark, pro-

ALPHABETICAL LIST of SCOTCH BANKRUPTCIES and DIVIDENDS, announced April 1821, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.

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Battieman, Jacob, and Co. Stirling, sugar-refiners;
by W. Garden, merchant, Glasgow
Bate, William, Glasgow, wright and builder; by
D. Kennedy, accountant there

Cameron and Woodburn, Glasgow and Kingston, merchants; by Macgeorge and Gray, writers in Glasgow

Cheyne, Alex. Leith, merchant; by J. Campbell jun. W. S. Edinburgh

Elder, David, Glasgow, merchant; by J. Mackintosh, accountant there

Graham, Thomas, Glasgow, merchant and ma

nufacturer; by J. M'Gavin, accountant there Macnab, Archd. and Co. Glasgow, merchants and common agents; by Alex. Mein, accountant


Penman, Andrew, Glasgow, bookseller; by James Charles, agent there

Roxburgh, Andrew and John, Kilmarnock, earpet-manufacturers; by the trustee

Scott, Hugh, Greenock, haberdasher; by the

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DIED at Bath, on the 12th of April last, ALEXANDER OSWALD, Esq. of Changue, a gentleman whose loss will be long and deeply felt and lamented by all who were honoured with his friendship, or acquainted with his love of polite literature, and the fine arts. To such it were unnecessary to add, that, with an uprightness of mind, discrimination of taste, and soundness of judgment, which placed him in the very first rank of those who can appreciate genius and patronize its efforts, he united, in an eminent degree, all those qualities which form the character of a perfect gentleman.

Many of our readers will no doubt remember the masterly portrait of Mr O.

by Geddes, which adorned the late Exhibi tion in our city, (and of which institution he, as one of the first and most active members, was secretary,) and to them the lines which follow, communicated by a friend, require no introduction.

On the Portrait of a Gentleman (No. 157) in the Exhibition. HERE, for the last time, whilst I may be hold

This portraiture of high and generous worth;

What changed feelings have unwelcome birth,

Than what arose, when first seen, and extolled

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31. At Edinburgh, Mrs Macleod, jun. of Cadboll, a son.

April 2. Mrs Wm. Maxwell Little, Union Street, Edinburgh, a daughter.

3. At South Audley Street, London, the lady of George Sinclair, Esq. younger of Ulbster, a daughter.

Mrs Hood of Stoneridge, a son. 5. At Edinburgh, the lady of Captain James Haldane Tait, royal navy, a daugh


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10. At View Forth, Edinburgh, the lady of W. C. Learmonth, Esq. a daughter. -At Newbattle Manse, Mrs Thomson, a daughter.

11. At Ruchlaw House, Mrs Hawthorn, a daughter.

At Balbegno Castle, the lady of Captain Ramsay, a son.

12. At Haddington, Mrs Welsh, a son. 13. Mrs Cleghorn, Dundas Street, Edinburgh, a daughter.

At Freeland House, Perthshire, the

Hon. Mrs Hore, a son.

Bruce, of Roseisle and Kinnaird, a daugh


14. At Touch House, the lady of R. Macdonald, Esq. of Staffa, a daughter. At Kilgraston, the Hon. Mrs Grant, a daughter.

19. At Duddingston Manse, Mrs Thom

son, a son.

20. At Norwich, the lady of Captain Campbell, of the 9th lancers, a son.

21. At Croft House, Kelso, the lady of the Rev. George Burdon, Rector of Falstone, Northumberland, a son.

At Burton Crescent, London, the lady of Sir James C. Anderson, Bart. a daughter.

22. At Edinburgh, Mrs Walter Cook, a daughter.

23. Mrs Robinson, No. 70, Queen Street, Edinburgh, a son.

At 25, Abercromby Place, Edinburgh, Lady Macdonald Lockhart, a daugh



26. At Houstoun, Mrs Shairp, a daugh


Sept. 13. At St John's Church, TrichiRopoly, Archibald Ewart, Esq. of the Madras medical service, to Susannah Petronella, daughter of the late Arnold Lunel, Esq. formerly chief secretary to the Dutch Government at Cochin.

Jan. 10. At Petrozaoodsky, Mr George Godwin, engineer to the Onega Establishment, to Ann, only daughter of William Clark, Esq. overseer of his Imperial Majesty's gun foundery, Petrozaoodsky.

Feb. 14. At London, Mr George Webster, merchant in Dundee, to Sarah, youngest daughter of the late Mr Benj. Kiddell, of the Chancery Office, Bank of England.

26. At Florence, in the house of his Excellency Lord Burghersh, Viscount Tullamore, only son of the Earl of Charleville, to Miss Beaujolis Campbell, third daugh ter of the late Colonel Campbell of Shawfield, and niece to the Duke of Argyll.

March 20. At Guernsey, Fitzhubert Macqueen, Esq. to Mary Christina, relict

The lady of C. Lennox Cumming of Captain James Dalrymple, and third

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At Edinburgh, William Young, M. D. to Margaret, daughter of the late Mr R. White, Hamildean.

30. Mr Thomas Hardy, surgeon and dentist, Duke Street, to Miss Robina, daughter of Robert Forrester, Esq. treasurer of the Bank of Scotland.

April 2. At West Bank, Portobello, J. S. Struthers, Esq. to Mary, daughter of Alexander Guthrie, Esq.

4. At the Palace of Canino, near Rome, (the residence of Lucien Bonaparte,) T. Wyse, Esq. of the Manor of St John, near Waterford, Ireland, (a Roman Catholic family,) to Letitia, daughter of Lucien Bonaparte, Prince of Canino, and brother of the Ex-Emperor of France.

5. At Cirencester, the Earl of Dartmouth, to Lady Frances Charlotte Chetwynd Talbot, eldest daughter of his Excellency Earl Talbot, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.

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At Dublin, Captain Francis Stupart, of the Royal North British Dragoons, (Scots Greys,) to Anne, daughter of John Jameson, Esq. Alloa.

- At Alloa, Mr George Young, mer. chant, Leith, to Catherine, second daughter of Archibald Hill Rennie, Esq. of Baleleisk.

10. At Sea Land Bank Cottage, Cardross, Mr Thomas Henderson, R. N. to Jane, only daughter of the late John MacCormick, Esq. merchant, Glasgow.

13. At Greenhead, Mr A. Colquhoun Jeffrey, surgeon in Glasgow, to Miss Agnes, eldest daughter of Richard Morris, Esq.

14. At St George's Church, Hanover Square, London, the Rev. William Pegus, to the Countess of Lindsey, widow of the late Earl of Lindsey.

16. At Edinburgh, Adam Ferguson, Esq. late of the 58th regiment of foot, to Mrs Margaret Stewart, daughter of the late John Stewart, Esq. of Stenton, and widow of George Lyon, Esq. of Bucklersberry, London.

21. Maxwell Gordon, Esq. to Jane, youngest daughter of David Steuart, Esq. of Steuarthall.

23. At Cowdenknows, Dr Ninian Hill, Greenock, to Janet, only child of James Ramsay, Esq.

The Right Hon. Heneage, Earl of Aylesford, to the Right Hon. Lady Augusta Sophia Greville, sister to the Earl of Warwick.

24. At Camphill, James Monteith, Esq. to Margaret, eldest daughter of Robert Thomson of Camphill, Esq.

30. At Edinburgh, Peter Forbes, Esq. Lieutenant of the late 95th regiment, to Mary, daughter of the late Richard Philp, Esq. distiller, Dolls.

Lately, At Beer Regis, Mr Robert Shepherd, Methodist preacher, aged 86, to Miss Catherine Singleton, aged 27.


1820. June 19. At Tanjore, in the East Indies, Hans Gordon, Esq. surgeon on the Madras Establishment.

Sept. 11. At Baroche, Mrs Campbell, wife of Captain A. Campbell, of the artillery, and Commissary of Stores, on the Bombay Establishment, having given birth to a son on the 5th.

22. At Sook Sanger, India, after a few hours illness, Mr Alex. Arnot.

Oct. 22. At Esseer Ghier, Major Gilbert Grierson Maitland, of the European Infantry of the Madras Establishment, only remaining son of the late Pelham Maitland, Esq.

Nov. At China, the Hon. Valentine Gardner, Captain of his Majesty's ship Dauntless.

17. At his station on the South Banks of the Narbudda, in Bengal, Alexander Dick Lindsay, Esq. of the civil service of the Honourable East India Company, se cond son of the Honourable Robert Lindsay of Balcarras.

1821. Jan. 20. At Davis's Cove, Jamaica, Richard Dickson, Esq.

Feb. 6. Near Falmouth, Jamaica, James Fraser, son of Mr Fraser, St James's Square, Edinburgh, the third son he has lost in that island since May last.

7. At Quebec, Mrs Kerr, wife of James Kerr, Esq. Judge of the Court of King's Bench, Vice Admiralty, &c. Province of Lower Canada.

24. At Madeira, Thomas Litt, Esq. of Glasgow.

March 2. At Florence, Wm. Robert Broughton, Esq. Post Captain in the royal navy, and Colonel of marines. This zeal

ous and meritorious officer served his country most actively for more than 40 years. He commanded the Chatham brig, which attended Capt. Vancouver on his voyage round the world, and explored all the interior of California; and, whilst accompanied by the present Capt. Thomas Manby, of the navy, he discovered and explored the great river Columbia, on the north-west coast of America.

2. On his passage home, in the 27th year of his age, James Carnegy, Esq. late merchant in Malacea, and third son of the late Patrick Carnegy, Esq. of Lower.

3. At Madeira, Captain John Murray, R.N. second son of the late William Murray, Esq. of Polmaise.

9. John Hillman, Esq. of Leitrim, in the county of Londonderry, at the age of 115 years. This gentleman maintained both vigour of mind and body to his last day.

10. At Orleans, Capt. Coll Macdougall, late of the 42d regiment.

11. Mrs Janet Macdonald, widow of the late Captain John Murchison, of the North Carolina Highlanders.

On the

12. At Banff, the Rev. A. Gordon, in the 63d year of his age. His gentle and generous nature, and the amenity of his manners, endeared him not only to his afflicted family, but to every member of the congregation over which he held the pastoral charge for a period of 28 years. melancholy occasion of his funeral, the inhabitants of Banff seemed to be moved by one feeling, which carried them irresistibly to testify their respect and sorrow at the grave of their beloved pastor. The Literary Society, of which he was Honorary President, the Incorporated Trades, and the Students of the Academy, lined the way from the manse to the church-yard.— During this most affecting solemnity, all the shops in the town were shut.

17. At Leith, Mrs M'Gibbon, the late only survivor of the sad catastrophe which took place there two weeks ago. Her remains were deposited in the same grave with those of her husband, her son, and daughter-in-law, all of whom fell victims to suffocation, (as formerly mentioned,) in a very confined apartment one night.

At Boulogne-sur-Mer, Duncan Monro, Esq. of Culcairn.

Mrs Ann Bell, wife of Mr James Alison, merchant in Leith, aged 41 years.

At Edinburgh, Miss Jane Charters Hardie, second daughter of the late Dr Hardie, minister of Ashkirk.

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Colonel Sandieman of Denfield, near Arbroath.

At Haddington, Lieut. John Hen, ning, Adjutant of the East Lothian Yeomanry Cavalry. His remains were attend. ed to the grave by the gentlemen of the corps in their uniform.

At Wigton, Cumberland, Sarah Johnstone, at the advanced age of 110. She was a native of Scotland.

21. In Portman Place, London, Michael Bryan, Esq. author of the Biographical and Critical Dictionary of Painters and Engravers.

23. At South Shields, Mrs Hannah Marshall, aged 101.

At Edinburgh, Miss Isabella Webster, third daughter of the late Rev. John Webster.

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-At Kelso, Helen Robertson Home, ham. wife of James Home, writer.

George Tate, Admiral in the Russian service, Senator, and Knight of St Alexander Nevskoy, &c. &c. in the 76th year of

his age.

At Paris, that distinguished ornament of French literature, M. de Fontanes. He was born at Niort, 1761.

27. Suddenly, at Gatehouse, in a fit of apoplexy, Alexander Brown, Esq. of Drumshangan, aged 58.

At Woolwich, Davidona Frances Stuart, youngest daughter of Major John Sutherland Sinclair, royal artillery.

At Shacklewell, of a decline, in the 26th year of her age, Miss Jane Menzies,

only daughter of the late Mr Archibald Menzies, of Edinburgh.

27. At his house in Frederick Street, Edinburgh, Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Inglis. At his house in Craig's Close, Edinburgh, Mr David Willison, printer. At Edinburgh, Mr William Masson, writer.

At Montrose, Mrs Catherine Jean Trail, spouse of Alexander Airth, Esq. of Craigs.

28. At London, Miss Beatson of Pitteddie.

28. At Meadow Place, Edinburgh, Lieut. Donald Grant, of the Invernessshire militia.

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At his house in Pall Mall, London, in the 82d year of his age, Sir Thomas Charles Bunbury, Bart. He represented the county of Suffolk in Parliament for many years, and was one of those independent country gentlemen whom the lateness of the hours of sitting in the House of Commons induced to resign his seat.

April 1. At Brighton, Sir Charles Edmonstone of Duntreath, Bart. M.P. for the county of Stirling.

3. At Drumnin House, Argyleshire, John Maclean, Esq. of Boreray.

- At Banff, Mr John Massie, merchant there, aged 60.

At Dundee, Mr Thomas Maxwell. At London, Charlotte, second daughter of the Right Hon. Sir James Mansfield, Knt.

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ing the medal for long service, having been gardener to the present proprietor for 38 years. This is the first death that has happened at Stratyrum in the course of nearly 39 years, the family consisting of ten persons, besides five servants, in the farm and garden, with their families, in which there have been fifteen children, thirteen of whom have arrived at the age of majority.

4. In her 89th year, Viscountess Pery. 5. At Dumbarton, John Gray, Esq. Sheriff-Substitute.

At Gallanach, in Argyleshire, John Macdougall, Esq. surgeon in the Honourable East India Company's service, son of the late Patrick Macdougall, Esq. of Gallanach.

6. At Coats Crescent, Edinburgh, Lieut.Colonel Robert Swinton.

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At Leith, after a long and painful illness, Mr John Palmer, shipmaster.

12. Suddenly, of water on the chest, Sir John Charles Richardson, Bart. Commander in the royal navy.

At Bath, Alexander Oswald, Esq. 13. Suddenly, at Greenock, the Rev. Kenneth Bayne, minister of the Gaelic Chapel there, in the 54th year of his age, and 29th of his ministry.

At Bognor, Mrs Troubridge, sister of the late Admiral Sir Thomas Troubridge, Bart.

Printed by George Ramsay and Company.

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