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amunic’on, &c. as yo' Ma" by y” order inclosed may perceave. I heare that these Comittees have written to y” Com’ittees in Scotland, that if by their next let" they shall certefy them that there is noe more busines for them in Scotland, then they will consider of calling them home.

By a coppy herew" sent, yo' Ma" will perceave y" course that is here taken for paym' & discharge of y" garrison of Carlile, & accordingly the Paymaster hath alreddy receaved £4000, & is toomorrow to have y” rest of the monny, for y' p'sent carriage, whereof he hath taken order, soe as it shal be there § y" 3d or 4th of 8*, wo" is yo soonest it can possibly be carried thither by cart.

The Declarac’on of y" Com’ons House" was Sunday last read in y” parishe church here in Westminster, & is sent to y” sheriffs of all counties to be published. There is noe man prayeth more fervently for yo' Ma", prosperous dispatch of yo' affaires there, & safe & speedy returne, than

Yor Maties
Most humble and most obedient servaunt,

I heare y' Com’ittees here have taken order for monnyes for paym' & discharge of yo' Ma" garrison at Berwick, & that it is to be sent downe att 3 severall sendings, wo" will require some longer tyme.

WESTMINSTER, 15° Sep”, 1641.

Sir Edward Nicholas to the King.

May it please yo' most excell" Ma", According to my advertisem" yesterday, both Houses of Parliam' have this day adiourned till 20°

' This was against all superstitious rites and observances in public worship; amongst which were enumerated crucifixes, images of the Virgin Mary, bowing at the name of Jesus, &c. They also ordered the Communion Tables to be moved from the east end of all churches and chapels; and all sports and pastimes to be prevented on Sunday.


Octo" next. They have appoynted Comittees to meete during the recesse,' & their first day of meeting is to be Tuesday next, & then they are to adiourne from tyme to tyme as they shall thinke good. Their principall busines is to receave & annsweare all le” from Scotland, according to instrucc’ons alreddy given to the Comittees there, whom they have power to call home if they see cause. They have also power to send downemonny to y” army, & to doe what they shall think requisite for y' disbanding of it, & to dispose of y" cannons and artillery in yo North, & they are to make report of the whole busines att yo next meeting of both Bouses.

There was not att parting a very p’fect agreem"

(as I heare) betwene the 2 Houses in all things, for the Peers declyning to ioyne woo the Com’ons in orders touching innovac'ons in y Church, the Com’ons notwithstanding ordered ye same to be printed, the particulars of wo" orders are here inclosed.* I heare that the Lo" & Com’ons have intimated that none of the disbanded soldiers, either horse & foote, Englishe or Irishe, shalbe p'mitted to serve either the french or Spanishe King, but that they may serve the States.” Upon a report that the Spanish and french' Amb'dors had treated w" diverse of the horse &foote to serve their masters,

* Lists of those Committees may be found in the ninth volume of the Parliamentary History, p. 536. * The Lords did not quarrel with the spirit of the resolu. tions of the House of Commons : but they made some slight alterations in the details. The Commons, however, went further on the day before adjournment than they had previously done; for it was ordered that a lecture might be set up, and an orthodox minister maintained, at the expense of any pa" rishioners, to preach on yarious occasions throughout the week, and also on the Sabbath where there was no sermon. * This leave to serve the States does not appear on the Parliamentary Records. * Popular prejudice had arisen to a great height against these diplomatic personages; the House of Lords having found it necessary on the 30th of August to issue an order for the punishment of some rioters who had insulted the French Ambassador and his servants.

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the Co'mons House sent 2 of their members to each of their Amb'dors, to know by what warr' they did goe about to levy any soldiers here, & by whose procurement they obteyned such warr", but (it seemes) they could discover nothing att all. I receaued As soone this day as the L* House was adiourned, *::::... I receaved from Withering's deputy 2 packetts ofio". le", yo one directed to yo Ma" and y whole Pliam, o."

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inquisitive after these that advertise yo Ma" of any . so #. busines. I hope yo' Ma" will now hasten ...; for England, to put yo' affaires here in good order, ...". the armies being all disbanded but 4 regim". I inclosed

humbly beg your Ma" pardon for this tedies dis-jo

my couer. course from, Yoo Maties #: †ent will as Most humble and obedient servaunt soone as I 2 may


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May it please yo' Ma’tie, The le" inclosed from my Lo. Marshall will give yo Ma" an accompt of y" Q. Mothers landing & recepc'on in y' Low Countries, by y” care of y" Prince of Orange. The Houses of Parliam' here begin to be att some difference one w” another; the Peers take it not well that yo Com’ons comanded

1 Sir Henry Wane.

1 am not to be printed an order for abolishing of innovamuch sorie c'ons, &c., w"out their approbac'on, & thereupon for it, their Loo" caused to be printed a former order made for observing y' Booke of Com’on Prayer, whereupon (Iheare) y' Com’ons made (on thursday night a little before their adiournem') a Declarac’on against y” Lords said former order, & some of y" Lo have also made a protestac'on against y” same & entred it in their house, as yo' Ma" may perceave by y” protestaccoon herew” sent, & by the Declarac’on of y" Com’ons House, w” (I am tould) is sent to Mr. Th’rer by his sonne, but I cannot here procure a coppy it.” I have herew” sent yo' Ma" a coppy of an ordinance of both Houses concerning y” raysing & transporting of forces out of England and Irland. By a le" wo" is sent in this packet from S. John Colepeper” to Marq. Hamilton, & by another sent by young S. H. Vane to his father, yo' Ma" (if you call for the y” same) may see all the passages of y" Com’ons House since Munday morning, wo" have I am glad of beene soe various & dissonant, as may be worthy yo' that. Ma” observac'on & informac'on. You ma : There hath beene nothing spoken hitherto In *...* Parliament concerning yo Ma" Generall Pardon. i.e. If yo' Ma" overcome all difficulties there, & make

in my name

that they ar, firme to you yo' good people of that kingdome, I

* This is the order formerly alluded to. Previous to adjournment, on the 9th, the Lords desired a conference on the subject of orders respecting Divine Service: but the Commons, without noticing that desire, instantly passed a resolution “that this House doth not consent to these orders, or to any of them.” The Lords who protested against the proceedings of the Upper House were Bedford, Warwick, Clare, Newport, Wharton, and Kimbolton. * Copies of these Declarations may be found in Rushworth's Collections; also in Nalson's. * He was Chancellor of the Exchequer. * The elder Wahe continued to hold the office of Treasurer only until the 26th of November, when, immediately after the King's return, he was succeeded by Lord Falkland. Nicholas seems to desire to convey to the King in a very markedway the continued relations of intimacy and correspondence existing between the elder and the younger Wane.

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