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here. Butt the man (one John Arden) in whose hands he had deposited the prize goods out of which this summ was to bee raysed, is soe insoluent that he lyes in prison eyther nott able or not willinge to giue any satisfaction. The truth of this will bee confirmed to you by word of mouth by Mr. Edgman, of whose safe arriuall with you, and returne into these parts, I should be gladd to heare. The affaires of this kingdome are in a dubious condition, occasioned chiefly by reason of some jealosies betweene the Queene Regent and the Princes; to which the neere approachinge majority (the 6*. 7".) will, in probability giue a period, one way or other, by a more firme settlement of the authority, ministery, and direction of affaires. As for the aspect towards vs, all I can say to you is, it will bee answerable to the successe of his Ma" affaires in schottland, vppon which they here looke as the North Pole-starre by which they intend to steere. Our good Queene spends much of her time of late in a new Monastery at the end of Queene Mother's Cours (formerly the faire and pleasant house of Mar Basompeere at Challiot) of which shee is the titular foundresse; and the sweete Duke of Yorke doth here subsist vppon the allowance of one thousand crownes a month payd him from this state, beinge greatly esteemed by all for his comelinesse and personall dexterity, in his behauiour and exercises. Amongst all the publique and priuat calamities wherwith it hath pleased God to visit my poore family, wee yett (by His gracious blessinge and mercy) injoy our healths, and the hopes of a better condition, when eyther our humiliations, or our enemies sinnes shall moue the Divine power to looke more fauourably vppon vs; in order to the obtaininge wheroff I yet make shifte to keep vp a chappell and the Inglish Liturgie in my house, where, by ordinary and extraordinary deuotions wee implore Gods blessinges vppon his Ma” person and just cause. To that divine Omnipotency

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recommending you (with all our cordiall and kind salutes) I rest, Dear cousin, Y' most affectionate kindsman and faithfull humble seruant, R. BR. PARIs, 19 Aug. 1651.

I pray present my seruice to all such worthy friends of mine of our owne nation, in whom you find any memory of, or kindnes for, mee. Butt, faile nott to render mee most louinge and most respectfull to my noble friend to me still (for I know nott his new titles) Mr. William Murray.

Postscript. Extract of a letter from Nantes. 15* Aug'. Prince Rupert is arriued with his prizes in Portugall, 15 leagues from Lisbone, and there hee fitts his shipps with some others that belonge to the Kinge of Portugall, to goe against the Kinge of Spaines gallions. This is written by a good hand from Lisbone.

Wee heere hope the newes of Schottland, and the defeat in Fife, is nott soe bad as the London prints would make vs beleeue. I pray God send us some comfortable tidinges, and bless his Ma", with victory and successe in all his undertakinges.

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