Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal: Exhibiting a Concise View of the Latest and Most Important Discoveries in Medicine, Surgery, and Pharmacy, Volumen 33

A. and C. Black, 1830
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Página 228 - Illustrations of some of the principal Diseases of the Ovaria, their Symptoms and Treatment; to which are prefixed, Observations on the Structure and Functions of these Parts in the Human Being, and in Animals. By Edward J. Seymour, MD Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of London, and one of the Physicians to St George's
Página 343 - The London Fever Hospital is placed in an open space situated in the vicinity of the metropolis, close to the Small-pox Hospital. Both these establishments stand in the centre of a large field, where the production of malaria is extremely improbable. I can state from the most authentic sources, that every physician, with one exception,
Página 210 - Wildberg was required to examine the body of a girl, who died while her father was in the act of chastising her severely for stealing, and who was believed by all the bye-standers, and by the father himself, to have died of the beating. Accordingly,
Página 236 - 7th December, I made two incisions across the fore part of the joint, extending from one condyle of the femur to the other, meeting at their extremities, and including the patella between them. The integuments thus insulated being removed, together with the patella, which was very much diseased, I
Página 442 - The general result of these experiments appears to be, that neutral salts in various, and for the most part minute, proportions, retard or prevent the corrosive action of water on lead,—allowing the carbonate to deposit itself slowly, and adhere with such firmness to the lead as not to be afterwards
Página 211 - Elements of Practical Chemistry, comprising a Series of Experiments in every department of Chemistry, with directions for performing them, and for the preparation and application of the most important tests and reagents By DAVID BOSWELL REID, Experimental Assistant to
Página 442 - moderate agitation,—adding subsequently to this crust other insoluble salts of lead, the -acids of which are derived from the neutral salts in solution,—and thus at length forming a permanent and impermeable skreen, through which the action of the water cannot any longer be carried on.
Página 237 - termination of the first operation, notwithstanding appearances equally disagreeable, prevented me from abandoning my sanguine expectations of success in this instance also. On the 6th of January, in order to prevent displacement of the bones, which all our efforts hitherto had been unable to effect completely, I cut away about two inches of the femur with the
Página 362 - formation rises in the socket. The new cell is thus gradually separated from the former one, both by being itself more and more deeply excavated in the substance of the bone, and also by the deposition of a bony partition between them; and the rudiment of the permanent tooth is at length shut up in its proper socket.

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