Extension of Farm and Related Programs: Hearings, Ninety-third Congress, First Session, on S. 517...


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Página 709 - But if any provide not for his own, and especially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.
Página 11 - II, and may sell, without regard to the provisions of section 407 of the Agricultural Act of 1949, as amended, a quantity of the grain equivalent to the processed food products so purchased: Provided, That no food product purchased...
Página 123 - ... the first day of the next succeeding calendar month, shall be made at the price for the lowest use classification specified in such order, subject to the adjustments specified in paragraph (B) of this subsection (5).
Página 429 - Such quantities of cotton shall be sold as will reestablish and maintain the fair historical share of the world .market for United States cotton, said volume to be determined by the Secretary of Agriculture
Página 299 - Committee which I would like to submit for the record. The CHAIRMAN. Without objection, it will be made a part of the record at this point.
Página 122 - The price of whole milk, butterfat, and the products of such commodities, respectively, shall be supported at such level not in excess of 90 per centum nor less than 75 per centum of the parity price therefor as the Secretary determines necessary in order to assure an adequate supply.
Página 500 - ... to meet current needs and further to assure a level of farm income adequate to maintain productive capacity sufficient to meet anticipated future needs, and be in the public interest.
Página 466 - I will be happy to answer any questions you or members of the Committee may have.
Página 604 - ... that strikes and lockouts will never result from a bargaining impasse. It cannot be said that the Act forbids an employer or a union to rely ultimately on its economic strength to try to secure what it cannot obtain through bargaining.
Página 126 - Any handler desiring to complain that any marketing order or any provision of any such order or any obligation imposed in connection therewith is not in accordance with law, shall file with the hearing clerk, In quadruplicate, a petition in writing addressed to the Secretary. Promptly upon receipt of the petition, the hearing clerk shall transmit a true copy thereof to the Administrator and the General Counsel, respectively. (b) Contents of petition.

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