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sion of tongues. Mankind scattered over the face Of

the earth - - - - page 69

Sect. XIII. The genealogy of, Shem to Abraham * - 71

Sect. XIV, The history of Abraham. The Lord calls him.

He departs from Haran - - - 72-

Sect, XV. Abraham and Lot separate. The Lord appears to

Abraham - - -77

Sect. XVI. Abraham's covenant with Abimelech. Abraham

removes to Manure '' 4 O' - - - 79

Sect. XVII. Lot taken prisoner and rescued by Abraham.

Abraham meets with Melchisedec king of Salem, and

is blessed by him - - - - 84

Sect. XVIII. The LordfflWtts^-CWrenant with Abraham to

bless his posterity - - - 87

Sect. XIX. Character of Ishmael foretold by the angel of the

Lord to Hagar. Ishmael born - - 92

Sect. XX. The Lord appears to Abraham, and., makes an .
everlasting covenant with him, including all the na- £,
tions of the earth. Circumcision ordained. A son pro-
mised to Abraham and Sarai. Their names changed - 9*.
Sect. XXI. The Lord appears to Abraham at Mamre, ac-
companied by two angels.. Renews his promise of a

(. . son to Abraham and Sarah n , * .» ., . 99

Sect. XXII. The Lord reveals to, Abraham that he wpuld ^

destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. Abraham iaterfiedea

: focthem, • ., , - 103

Sect. XXIII. The destruction of Sodom. Lot's wife turned

into a pillar of saft: . » '0*

Sect.. XXIV. The birth of Isaac. Hagar and Ishmael dis-

missed - - - . 115

Sect-XXV. Abraham offers up his son Isaac. Tlie Lord

swears to bless him and multiply hii posterity 120

Sect. XXVI. The death of Sarah. Abraham purchases the

field and cave of Macbpelab . .-• i - .,126

Sect. XXVII. Abraham sends his steward to his kindred to

get a wife for his son. Isaac marries Rebekab. 1'29

Sect. XXVIII. The birth of Esau and Jacob ••. - . 139

Sect. XXIX. Abraham marries Ketwab. Thenames of his

sons. His death and burial « , - 140

Sect. XXX. The names of Ishmacl's sons. His death • 144


Sect. XXXI. The Lord renews his promise to Isaac Blesses

him with prosperity. The Lord appears to Isaac again

at Beersheba .« -' - Pag* 144

Sect. XXXII. Esau seHs His birth-right to Jacob - 15J
Sect XXXIII. Jacob deceives his father. Isaac pronounces

the blessing of the Lord upon him. He blesses Esau 1 o4
Sect. XXXIV. Isaac blesses Jacob again, and sends him

away to Padan-arnm - - :» 1G8

Sect. XXXV. The Lord appears to Jacob in a vision; and

gives him the blessing t>f Abraham •. 167

Sect. XXXVI. Jacob hires himself to Laban. Ho marries

Leah and Rachel - r . . i - -ji: 172

, Sect. XXX VI I. Jacob's family increases. The Lord blesses

him with prosperity - . . ;w 17J

Sect XXXVIII, Jacob by the command of the Lord' departs

from Mesopotamia. Laban pursues him. A covenant

made between Laban and" Jacob * * 179

Sect. XXXIX. Jacob met by angels. He sends a present to

his brother Esau , " . VJ.\ . .s87

Sect. XL. Jacob wrestles with an angel. -His name changed

to Israel - .i 191

Sect. XLI. Jacob meets his brother Esau and is reconciled to

him - - .... 193

Sect. XLII. The Lord cppears to Jasoh. He puts away ell
the idwls that were found among his household. He
sets up a pillar at Bethel . . . i . i l,; , • .497

Sect X LI 11. The death of Rachel. Jacob returns to his fa-
ther. The death of Isaac. The names of Jacob's

. sons - . « .-. ' 201

Sect XLIV. Joseph offends his brethren. They sell him to

the Ishmaelites. He is carried into Egypt - 263

Sect. XLV. Joseph sold toPotiphar. His mistress accuses

him. He is thrown into prison - ."/f' 809

Sect XLVI. Joseph interprets the dreams oi Pharaoh's but-

ler and baker — • - 215

Sect. XLVII. Joseph interprets the dream of Pharaoh king of

Egypt. Hois taken out of prison, and made governor

of Egypt - - - < - 218

Sect. XLVIIl. A famine in Canaan. Jacob sends to Egypt
to buy corn. Joseph treats his brethren asspies. He
detains Simeon - - . * - . :• i*27


Seet. XLIX. Joseph makes further trial of his brethren's

sincerity - . , - page 233

Sect. L. The distress of Joseph's brethren. The pathetic

speech of Reuben. Joseph makes himself known to his

brethren . - - - '. 23$

Sect. LI. Joseph's brethren return to Canaan. Jacob goes

into Egypt with his whole family » 3A6

Sect. LII. The famine increases. The Egyptians sell them-

selves to Pharaoh - - :t53

Sect. LIII. Jacob blesses the two sons of Joseph, Manasseh

and Ephraim. He pronounces prophetic blessings on

all his sons. Jacob dies - . 256

Sect. LIV. The funeral of Jacob. Joseph's kindness to his

brethren - - - - 365

Sect. LV. The death of Joseph - - 269

Sect. LVI. The wonderful increaseof the childreu of Israel.

They are oppressed by the Egyptians. The birth of

Moses. He is preserved by Pharaoh's daughter 271

Sect. LVII. Moses kills an Egyptian. He departs from

Egypt - - 27$

Sect, LVIIL The Lord appears to Moses in a burning bush 280

Sect. LIX. Moses and Aaron sent, by the Lord with a mes-

sage of comfort to the Israelites - 291

Sect. LX. Mosesand Aaron sent by the Lord with a message

to Pharaoh - - - 293

Sect. LXL The Lord causes Aaron's rod to become a.ser-

pent, and the river to turn into blood, to prove the

truth of Moses's mission . i - . - , 302

Sect. LXII. The plagues of frogs, lice, and flies, sent upon

the Egyptians, and removed at the prayer of Moses 306

Sect. LXIIL The plagues of murrain, boils, and blains, and

hail - - ... 313

Sect. LXIV. The plagues of locusts, and darkness 319

Sect. LXV. The Lord's last message to Pharaoh. He still

hardens his heart — - . 326

Sect. LXVI. The institution of the Passover - 329

Sect. LXV1I. The Lord slays all the first-born of Egypt.

The children of Israel depart out of the land 334

Sect. LXVIII. The Israelites pass through the Red Sea. The

Egyptians follow them, and are all drowned - 343

Sect. LXIX. The song of Moses ,. - 351


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