Collins's peerage of England; genealogical, biographical, and historical, Volumen 8

Printed for F. C. and J. Rivington, Otridge and son, 1812

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Página 351 - you shall be my confessor : when I first set out in the world, I had friends who endeavoured to shake my belief in the Christian religion. I saw difficulties which staggered me ; but I kept my mind open to conviction. The evidences and doctrines of Christianity, studied with attention, made me a most firm and persuaded believer of the Christian religion. I have made it the rule of my life ; and it is the ground of my ftrtnre hopes.
Página 351 - I have made public good the rule of my conduct. I never gave counsels which I did not at the time think the best. I have seen that I was sometimes in the wrong; but I did not err designedly. I have endeavoured, in private life, to do all the good in my power, and never for a moment could indulge malicious or unjust designs upon any person whatsoever.
Página 351 - When lord and lady Valentia came to see his lordship, he gaye them his solemn benediction, and said, ' Be good, be virtuous, my lord; you must come to this.
Página 349 - With gentle female tenderness combin'd. Her speech was the melodious voice of Love, Her song the warbling of the vernal grove ; Her eloquence was sweeter than her song, Soft as her heart, and as her reason strong ; Her form each beauty of her mind express'd, Her mind was Virtue by the Graces dress'd.
Página 124 - The military system of discipline which he introduced, and the preparations which he made for his defence, were contrived with so much judgment, and executed with so much address, that he was able, with a handful of men, to preserve his post against an attack, the constancy of which, even without tlie vigour, was sufficient to exhaust any common set of men.
Página 201 - Jove endued with every grace ; The glory of the Granard race ; Now destined by the powers divine The blessing of another line. Then, would you paint a matchless dame, Whom you'd consign to endless fame? Invoke not Cytherea's aid, Nor borrow from the blue-eyed maid; Nor need you on the Graces call ; Take qualities from Donegal*.
Página 213 - Bacon : and was the last heir of that family. She had all the high notions for the church and the crown, in which she had been bred; but was the humblest, the devoutest, and best tempered person I ever knew of that sort f.
Página 608 - ... now, most happily, they first fell upon that room in the wreck where the bullion had been stored up; and they so prospered in this new fishery that in a little while they had without the loss of any man's life brought up thirtytwo tuns of silver; for it was now come to measuring of silver by tuns.
Página 142 - We own it Rebellion to resist a King that governs by Law ; but he was always accounted a Tyrant that made his Will the Law ; and to resist such an one, we justly esteem no Rebellion, but a necessary Defence...
Página 607 - Voyage thither; but with little more success, than what just served him a little to furnish him for a Voyage to England; whither he went in a Vessel, not much unlike that which the Dutchmen stamped on their First Coin, with these Words about it, Incertum quo Fata ferant. Having first informed himself that there was another Spanish Wreck, wherein was lost a mighty Treasure, hitherto undiscovered...

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