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• The Silver Domino' can handle words and phrases in a manner which either proves an extraordinary original gift or a good deal of practice. . . . The parody of Miss Olive Schreiner is one of the best and severest parodies we have seen for years.

The book is one to read and laugh over.”Daily Chronicle, Oct. 14th.

“ All unexpectedly one finds one's self in the midst of a most up-to-date literary satire. . . . I am bound to say the thwack. ings' [in the · Silver Domino') are entertaining."-Star, Oct. 10th.

“ The unknown author of the Silver Domino' has been good enough to send me his book, which very bright and amusing and outspoken. He has his knife into a great many people.”The World, Oct, 10th.

“ An audacious little book called the Silver Domino' is causing a great deal of amusement in literary circles. ... There are some delightful parodies; also a capital literary creed, which takes liberties with the Saturday Review, which, by the way, is again for sale."—Western Daily Mercury, Oct. 15th.

“ The Silver Domino' consists of truculently candid sallies at the expense of men eminent in politics, literature, and journalism."-The Times, Oct. 15th.

" I must confess to have chuckled hugely over some of his [the Silver Domino's '] diatribes."—News of the World, Oct. 23rd.

Pungent, mordant satire went out with Grenville Murray, but his mantle has fallen upon the anonymous author of the · Silver


Domino,' who has issued some intensely amusing social and literary side-whispers. . . . All that he has to tell us is told with wonderful verve and in an easy flowing style which has a great charm for all who can appreciate such satire. ... I could dwell upon the Silver Domino' with great benefit to my readers and satisfaction to myself, but space forbids ; so I will only say that the book is the most valuable contribution to our satirical literature that has appeared for many, many years. Our advice is : 'Get it; read it; and re-read it.'"--Society, Oct. 19th. “ The Silver Domino’is a volume of essays.

There are pungency and freshness about many of the writer's observations." --Sunday Sun, Oct. 23rd.

“ The Silver Domino' is suggestive of the gentle Malayan exercise of running a-muck or the emancipated young person having a fling to its own obvious enjoyment.”—Saturday Review, Oct. 29th.

“If it is to Mr. Lang's generosity that we owe the hatching of this book, that gentleman must assuredly stand aghast.”—Vanity Fair, Oct. 29th.

• The literary puzzle of the hour is—Who wrote the · Silver Domino'? ... The question of authorship apart, nothing at once so bitter and so clever has appeared since the days of Lord Byron.The Literary World, Nov. 4th.

". Who is the author of the “ Silver Domino"?' That is the question I am asked wherever I go. Whoever it is, he is the author of an extremely clever book. . . . Were I to make one single quotation from the • Silver Domino' you would be angry with me, yet there is not one of you but will read it speedily.”— The Queen, Oct. 29th.

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Side Whispers, Social and Literary.






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