The Silver Domino, Or, Side Whispers, Social and Literary

Lamley and Company, 1893 - 365 páginas

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Página 337 - Who, both by precept and example, shows That prose is verse, and verse is merely prose...
Página 239 - As love came close to you, breast to breast. 1 shall never be friends again with roses ; I shall loathe sweet tunes, where a note grown strong Relents and recoils, and climbs and closes, As a wave of the sea turned back by song. There are sounds where the soul's delight takes fire, Face to face with its own desire ; A delight that rebels, a desire that reposes ; I shall hate sweet music my whole life long.
Página 333 - Elegy! — have at you all! I, too, can scrawl, and once upon a time I poured along the town a flood of rhyme, A schoolboy freak, unworthy praise or blame ; I printed — older children do the same. Tis pleasant, sure, to see one's name in print ; A Book's a Book, altho
Página ix - I thank you heartily for your kind letter and welcome gift. You do well not to care for fame. Modern fame is too often a mere crown of thorns, and brings all the vulgarity of the world upon you. I sometimes wish I had never written a line.
Página 150 - My lord," said the prisoner, unmoved in voice or in manner, unless it might be that both expressed more decision and energy than he had shown during any other part of the trial ; " my lord, I am now a condemned man, but if I stood with the rope about my neck, ready to die, I would not exchange...
Página 239 - ... love is, And tremble and turn and be changed? Content you; The gate is strait; I shall not be there. But you, had you chosen, had you stretched hand, Had you seen good such a thing were done, I too might have stood with the souls that stand...
Página ii - All lh;u he has to tell us is told with wonderful verve and in an easy flowing style which has a great charm for all who can appreciate such satire. ... I could dwell upon the ' Silver Domino ' with great benefit to my readers and satisfaction to myself, but space forbids ; so I will only say that the book is the most valuable contribution to our satirical literature that has appeared for many, many years.
Página ii - If it is to Mr. Lang's generosity that we owe the hatching of this book, that gentleman must assuredly stand aghast." — Vanity Fair, Oct. 29th. " The literary puzzle of the hour is — Who wrote the
Página 269 - Indian empire, and how it is ruled and defended and fought for every day against all the Powers of Darkness, we desire respectfully to recommend to the Secretary for India that he should place no sheaves of despatches in the royal hands, but Mr. Rudyard Kipling's books. There are only two volumes of them, besides sundry small brochures. A good bulky conscientious three-volume novel holds as many words.
Página 146 - ... cleaving green slime, free! and the roaring stopped; the world looked flat, foreign, a place of crusty promise. His wreck, animated by the dim strange fish below, appeared fairer ; it winked lurefully when abandoned. The internal state of a gentleman who detested intangible metaphor as heartily as the vulgarest of our gobble-gobbets hate it, metaphor only can describe ; and for the reason, that he had in him just something more than is within the compass of the language of the meat-markets. He...

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