Sea Power in Its Relations to the War of 1812, Volumen 1

Little, Brown,, 1905

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Página 235 - In this new state of things, I am authorized to declare to you, sir, that the decrees of Berlin and Milan are revoked, and that after the first of November they will cease to have effect; it being understood that, in consequence of this declaration, the English shall revoke their orders in council, and renounce the new principles of blockade which they have wished to establish, or, that the United States, conformably to the act you have just communicated, shall cause their rights to be respected...
Página 52 - States leave them nothing to fear on their land board, and nothing to desire beyond their present rights. But, on their seaboard, they are open to injury, and they have there, too, a commerce which must be protected. This can only be done by possessing a respectable body of citizen seamen, and of artists and establishments in readiness for shipbuilding.
Página 224 - ... it would be improper to conclude the few observations to which I purposely limit myself, without adverting to your repetition of a language implying a knowledge on the part of this Government that the instructions of your predecessor did not authorize the arrangement formed by him. After the explicit and peremptory asseveration that this Government had no such knowledge, and that with such a knowledge...
Página 47 - We might as reasonably dread the effects of combinations among the German, as among the American states, and deprecate the resolves of the Diet, as those of congress.
Página 225 - After the explicit and peremptory asseveration that this Government had no such knowledge, and that with such a knowledge no such arrangement would have been entered into, the view which you have again presented of the subject makes it my duty to apprise you that such insinuations are inadmissible in the intercourse of a foreign minister with a Government that understands what it owes to itself.
Página 233 - France and their dependencies, and for other purposes," that '!in case either France or Great Britain shall so revoke or modify her edicts as that they shall cease to violate the neutral commerce of the United States...
Página 10 - It is not impossible, therefore, that some of the regulations of this famous act may have proceeded from national animosity. They are as wise, however, as if they had all been dictated by the most deliberate wisdom.
Página 277 - Bill through congress and declared that a state of war existed between the United States and the Central Powers: Force without stint or limit, force to the utmost.
Página 241 - And I am commanded by his majesty, especially, to represent to the government of the United States, the earnest desire of his majesty, to see the commerce of the world restored once more to that freedom which is necessary for its prosperity ; and his readiness to abandon the system which has been forced upon him, whenever the enemy shall retract the principles which have rendered it necessary...
Página 354 - The enemy is making every exertion to gain a naval superiority on both lakes, which if they accomplish I do not see how we can retain the country.

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