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317, F. 8. A vindication of the rights and prerogatives of the house of Lords. London, 1701.


559, D. Magna Charta, cum Statutis quæ antiqua vocantur. Londini, 1556. L. 812, F. The Statutes made and established from the time of Kyng Henry the Thirde, unto the first yere of Kyng Henry the VIII. London, 1543. M.

958, F. Acts of the Parliament of Great Britain, 1702-3. London, 1703. 1842, D. 5. An Act for the further increase and encouragement of shipping and navigation, 26th George III. London, 1786.

456, F. 9. An act for preventing occasional conformity; with the proceedings of Parliament thereon. London, 1702. L.

754, F. 4. Two acts respecting papists. London, 1700. M.

2023, O.

Some considerations on the act to prevent clandestine marriages. London, 1754.

2023, O. 2. The powers of States to prohibit clandestine marriages and replies. London, 1755.

317, F. 2. An order of the high court of chancery, on the fourth of Novemvember, 1725. London, 1725.

1610, D.


Code de Lois de Catherine II. Imperatrice de toutes les Russies. Traduit de l'Allemand. A Petersbourg, 1769.

990, F. Novisima Recopilacion de las Leyes de España, dividida en XII. libros, mandada formar por el Señor don Carlos IV. VI tomos. Madrid, 1805-29.

2440, O.

1808 & 1810.

Bulletin des Lois du Royaume de Westphalie. 2 tomes. Cassell,

2019, D. 13. Constitucion de la Republica de Colombia. Philadelphia, 1822.


Bache, 2254, O. 7. Observations and reflections on the Penitentiary system. By Franklin Bache, M. D. Philadelphia, 1829.

Beccaria, 1623, O. An essay on crimes and punishments. By the Marquis Beccaria of Milan. With a commentary, attributed to M. de Voltaire. Philadelphia, 1778.

Blackstone, 904, Q. The law of crimes and misdemeanours. With the means of their prevention and punishment. By Sir William Blackstone, Kt. Philadelphia, 1772. Blount, 2525, O. Proceedings on the impeachment of William Blount, a senator of the United States, for high crimes and misdemeanours. Philadelphia, 1799.

Bradford, 1831, O. 1. On the punishment of death. By William Bradford; and, an account of the gaol of Philadelphia. By Caleb Lownes. Philadelphia, 1793. Bright, 2254, O. 9. The trial of Gen. Michael Bright and others, for opposing the execution of a writ of arrest issued out of the district court of Pennsylvania. By Thomas Lloyd. Philadelphia, 1809. Campbell, 2019, O. The trial of Mungo Campbell before the high court of Scotland, for murder. London, 1770.

Clark, 2025, O. 4. The penal statutes abridged and alphabetically arranged. By George Clark. London, 1777.

Cowper, 317, F. 4. The tryal of Spencer Cowper, John Marson, Ellis Stevens, and William Rogers, for murder, July 16. London, 1699. L.

Despard, 1819, O. 3. Trial of Col. Despard and others for high treason, New

York, 1803.

Duffin, 1997, O. 4. The trial of P. W. Duffin and Thomas Lloyd a citizen of the United States for a supposed libel. London, 1793.

Eaton, 2024, O. 1. The trial of Daniel Isaac Eaton for libel. London, 1794. Gerrald, 2028, O. 3. The trial of Joseph Gerrald for sedition. Edinburgh, 1794. 1806, O. 7. Defence of Joseph Gerrald. London, 1794. Goodwin, 2232, O. ton, Esq.

13. Trial of Robert M. Goodwin for killing James StoughNew York, 1820.

Hastings, 1993, O. Articles of charges of high crimes and misdemeanors against Warren Hastings, Esq. Governor General of Bengal, presented to the House of Commons on the 4th day of April, 1786. By the Rt. Hon. Edmund Burke. 2 vols. London, 1786.

1994, O. The minutes of what was offered by Warren Hastings, Esq. at the bar of the House of Commons upon the charges of high crimes and misdemeanors in 1786. London.

Hodgson, 1021, Q. Proceedings on the commission of Oyer and Terminer for the county of Middlesex, for the year 1786-1790-taken in short hand by E. Hodgson. 4 vols. London, 1790.

Kelly, 317, 1. F. The defence by George Kelly, at the bar of the House of Lords, on Thursday, the 2d of May, 1723. London, 1723. L.

Lambert, 1997, O. 2. The case of libel, the king, versus John Lambert and others, printers and proprietors of the Morning Chronicle. London, 1794.

Margarot, 2028, O. The trial of Maurice Margarot for seditious practices.London, 1794.

McClean, 1859, O. 1. Trial of M'Clean and Graham, for a conspiracy to extort money from Stephen Girard, Esq. Philadelphia, 1812.

Muir, 2024, O. 4. & 1806, O. 2. The trial of Thomas Muir, for sedition. London, 1793.

Müller, 2337, O. Handbuch des Französischen Criminal Prozesses vor den Assisen-gerichten, mit formularen, von G. S. Müller. Hamburg, 1812. Olmsted, 1842, O. 2. The whole proceedings in the case of Olmsted and others, vs. Rittenhouse's executrices. With the act of the Legislature, collected, by R. Peters, Jr. Philadelphia, 1809.

Onslow, 2025, O. 3. The genuine trial of the Rt. Hon. George Onslow, Esq. and the Rev. J. Horne. London, 1769.

Paine, 2024, 2. & 1823, O. 9. The trial at large of Thomas Payne for a libel in the second part of the Rights of Man. London, 1792.

Palmer, 1806, & 2024, O. 5. The trial of the Rev. T. E. Palmer, for seditious practices. Edinburg, 1793.

Rosewell, 2018, O. The arraignment and trial of the Rev. Thomas Rosewell, for high treason with an account of his life and death. By Samuel Rosewell. London, 1718.

Sharrock, 141, D. 2. Judicia (seu legum censura) de variis Incontinentiæ speciebus, per Roberto Sharrock. Oxoniæ, 1662.

Sergeant, 1818, O. 6. Observations and reflections on the design and effect of Punishments; by John Sergeant, Esq. and Col. Samuel Miller, of the U. S. Marine, in letters, addressed to R. Vaux. Philadelphia, 1828. Sheares, 1820, O. 9. Trials of Henry and John Sheares, John M'Cann, W. M. Byrne, and Oliver Bond for high treason, at Dublin, &c. &c. &c. Dublin, 1798.

Skirving, 2028, O. 1. & 1816, O. 4. The trial of William Skirving, for sedition.

Edinburgh, 1794.

Turnbull, 1812, O. 7. Visit to the Philadelphia Prison, by Robert T. Turnbull. Philadelphia, 1796.

Ure, 2231, O. 5. Case of divorce of Andrew Ure, M. D. and Catharine Ure, tried in the consistory court at Edinburgh. Philadelphia, 1820.

Vaux, 1843, O. 6. On prison discipline, the criminal code of Pennsylvania, and the penitentiary system. By Roberts Vaux. Philadelphia, 1826. 2233, O. 6. Letter on the penitentiary system. By Roberts Vaux. Philadelphia, 1827.

1843, O. 9. A reply to Mr. Roscoe's two letters on the penitentiary system of Pennsylvania. By Roberts Vaux. Philadelphia, 1827. Walker, 1806, O. 5. Trial of Thomas Walker and others, for sedition. London, 1794.

Whistelo, 2232, O. 13. The commissioners of the almshouse vs. Alexander Whistelo, being a remarkable case of bastardy. New York, 1808. Winterbotham, 1806, 4. & 2024, O. 3. The trial of Wm. Winterbotham for seditious words. London, 1794.

Zenger, 2021, O. 8. The trial of John Peter Zenger of New York, printer, for a libel. London, 1752.

2021, O. 7. The doctrine of libels and the duty of juries. London, 1752. 1892, O. 3. Considerations on the law of forfeiture for high treason, &c. London, 1748.

554, O. 5. Four letters to a friend in North Britain, upon publishing the tryal of Dr. Sacheverell. London, 1710. L.

1839, O. 16. Enquiry into the effects of public punishments upon criminals and upon society. Philadelphia, 1787.

2019, D. 14. An appendix to the essays on capital punishments. By Philanthropos. Philadelphia, 1812.

2233, O. 5. Report of the directors of the Massachusetts state prison. Boston, 1817.

2241, O. 6. Reports of the board of managers of the prison discipline society. Boston, 1827-1828.

2012, D. 1. Circulaire du ministre de la justice et de l'interieur sur la police. 1858, D. 6. Constitution of the society for alleviating the miseries of public prisons. Philadelphia, 1806.


1837, O. 11. Proceedings of a board of general officers held by order of General Washington, respecting Major John Andrè, September 29, 1780. Philadelphia, 1780.

1832, 5. & 2006, O. The trial of the Hon. Admiral Byng, together with his defence. 2 vols. London, 1757.

2016, O. 1. Minutes of the proceedings at the trial of Rear-Admiral Knowles. London, 1750.

1836, O. 10. Rules and articles for the better government of the troops of the United States. Philadelphia, 1776.

1837, 0. 2. An act to regulate the militia of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, 1777.


Sciences and Arts.



Abunus, 560, F.

Consiliator differentiarum philosophorum et medicorum in primis doctoris in omni disciplinarum genere eminentissimi Petri de Abano, Patavini, cum duplici antiqua tabula. Papie, 1523.

Agrippa, 639, O. & 1244, D. Henrici Cornelii Agrippa ab Nettesheym, de Incertitudine et Vanitate Scientiarum declamatio invectiva. Coloniæ, 1584. Lugduni, 1622. L. M.

Alcinous, 688, O. Alcinoi in Platonicam Philosophiam Introductio, Græcé et Latiné. Oxoniæ, 1667. L.

Alexander, 611, D. Alexander Aphrodisiensis ad Imperatores de Fato, et de eo quod nostræ potestatis est, Græce et Latiné. Londini, 1658. L. Antoninus, 641, D. Antonini Imperatoris, De seipso et ad seipsum Libri, Græcé et Latiné cum notis. Oxoniæ, 1680. L.

236, Q. M. Antonini, de rebus suis Libri, Græcé et Latiné, cum vita Antonini, studio Thomæ Gatakerii. Londini, 1697.


1676, O. The meditations of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus. Translated from the Greek. With a life, notes, &c. by R. Graves, M. A. London, 1792.

Aristotle, 347, F. Aristotelis Opera omnia Græca, studio Conradi Gesneri et Simeonis Grynæi recensita. Basileæ, 1550.


343, Q. Aristotelis Opera, quæ extant omnia, studio Frederici Sylburgi. Tomi VII. Francofurti, 1587. L.

194, F. Aristotelis Opera Græcé et Latiné edita per Gulielmum du Vallium. Tomi IV. Parisiis, 1639. L.

301, O. Aristotelis Opera Græcé et Latiné. Tomi II. Aurelia Allobrogrum, 1607. L.


312, D. Aristotelis Ethicorum libri ad Nichomachum per questiones
expositi. Per Samuelem Heilandum. Tubing, 1585.
591, O. Joannis Magiri, Enucleatio universæ Aristotelis Ethices, ad-
jecto ubique Aristotelis contextu Græco-Latina. Francofurti, 1628. L.
997, Q. Commentarius in Universam Aristotelis Philosophiam. MS.
998, Q. Commentarius in decem libros Aristotelis ad Nichomacum.
De Nominibus et Existentiæ Philosophiæ Moralis. MS.

Bacon, 873, & 1257, D. Franciscus Baconus de Verulamio, de Sapientia Veterum.
Londini, 1634. L.

743, D. Francisci Baconis de Verulamio, Novum Organum Scientiarum. Lugduni Batavorum, 1645.


Bacon, 2221, 0. 2. An account of Lord Bacon's Novum Organon Scientiarum. London, 1827.

789, & 818, D. Francisci Baconis de Verulam, De Augmentis Scienti

[blocks in formation]

800, F. Of the advancement and proficiencie of learning. By Francis Bacon. Interpreted by Gilbert Wats. London, 1674. M.

Batteur, 787, O. Moral des Epikurismus oder ueberschriften aus der Philosophie des Epikur, mit Erlauterungen des Herrn Abt. Batteur. stadt, 1792.


Baumgarten, 1888, D. Ethica Philosophica, scripsit A. G. Baumgarten. Halæ,


Beattie, 1520, D. Elements of Moral Science. By James Beattie, LL. D. &c. Baltimore, 1813.

2 vols. in 1.

Bellegarde, 699, D. Reflexions sur ce qui peut plaire, ou deplaire dans le commerce du Monde. Par l'Abbé Bellegarde. A Amsterdam, 1690. L. Belsham, 1314, 0. Elements of the Philosophy of the Mind, and of Moral Philosophy. With a Compendium of Logic. By Thomas Belsham. London, 1801.

Bernegger, 982, Q. Tuba Pacis, occenta Scioppiano belli sacri classico, salpiste Theodoro Berenico (Matthia Bernegger.) Aug. Treb. 1621. Boëthius, 558, F. An. Manlii Torquati Severini Boëthii, Opera. Venetiis, 1491. L.

789, F. Boëthius de Consolatione Philosophiæ, cum Commento Sancti Thome de Aquino. Tholose, Anno Christi MCCCCLXXX. M. 316, D. An. Manlii Severi Boëthii, Consolationes Philosophiæ et Opuscula sacra ex recensione et cum notis Renati Vallini. Lugduni Batavorum, 1656. L.

305, O. An. Manl. Sever. Boëthii Consolationis Philosophiæ libri V., cum notis variorum. Lugduni Batavorum, 1671. L.

3, O. An. Manl. Sever. Boëthii Consolationis Philosophiæ libri V.
Anglo-Saxonice redditi ab Alfredo inclyto Saxonorum Rege. Oxoniæ,
1698. L.

1420, D. Anicii Manlii Torquati Severini Boëthii de Consolatione
Philosophiæ, libri V. Accessêre P. Bertii Præfatio, Boëthii Vita a M.
Rota conscripta; T. Pulmanni de Metris Boëthianis libellus; nec non
Elpidis, Boëthii uxoris, Hymni duo. Patavii, 1721.

1155, D. Boëce consolé par la Philosophie. Traduction nouvelle par
F. N. Regnieur. A Paris, 1676.


Bolton, 2030, O. 3. An answer to the Question "Where are your arguments against Lewdness, if you make no use of the Bible?" By Robert

Bolton. London, 1755.

Bowles, 1880, O. 6. View of the Moral State of Society. By John Bowles, Esq. London, 1804.

Boyle, 1006, O. Occasional Reflections upon several subjects. Whereto is premised, a Discourse about such kind of Thoughts. By Robert Boyle. London, 1669. M.

Brown, 1633, O. An Estimate of the Manners and Principles of the Times, &c. By John Brown. London, 1757.

Bruyere, 1636, O.
Greek, &c.

891, O.

The Characters, or the Manners of the Age. By M. de la
With the Characters of Theophrastus, translated from the
Also, a Key, &c. London, 1699.

Caracteres de la Bruyere, nouvelle edition, a laquelle il a été ajouté differens morceaux intéressans, et dans laquelle toutes les explications, connues sous le nom de Clef des Caracteres, sont mises par ordre de citation. 2 tom. A Paris, 1790. M.

1773, D.

Les Caracteres de Monsieur de La Bruyere. 2 tom. A Paris, 1768.

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