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Voltaire, 1145, O.

La Pucelle d'Orleans, poëme. Avec les Notes et Variantes. Par M. de Voltaire. Buckingham.

1195, Q. La Henriade de Voltaire, avec les variantes. A Paris, (Didot.) 1790.

Waller, 288, O.

Poems, &c. upon several occasions. By Edmund Waller. Eighth edition. To which is prefixed the life of the author. London,

1711. L.

Walsh, 2188, D. The Works of the British Poets, with the Lives of the Authors, edited by Robert Walsh, jr. containing Mitchell's Aristophanes, Potter and Franklin, Mitchell, Colman and Gifford. Philad. 1822.

845, O. 3. L'Hôpital des Fous, traduit de l'Anglois, de G. Walsh. Avec fig. A Paris, 1765.


Ward, 955, D. England's reformation; (from the time of Henry VIII. to the end of Oate's plot) a poem. By Thomas Ward. 2 vols. London, 1719. L.

Waring, 878, 2. & 896, D.

Roberti Waring Amoris effigies, sive quid sit

amor? responsum, et carmen lapidarum mem. Ben. Jonsoni. Londini, 1668.

Watts, 55, & 1560, D. Poems, chiefly of the Lyric kind. By J. Watts. Portrait. London, 1722, & 1709. L.

Leipzig, 1807.

Welthusen, 2173, D. Liederverse, von Casp. Welthusen.
Wharton, 1847, O. 6. An Elegy to the memory of Mrs. Mary Wharton, who
died June 2, 1798. By C. H. Wharton. Philadelphia, 1798.
Wilkie, 1462, D. The Epigoniad. A poem. By William Wilkie, V. D. M.
With a Dream, in the manner of Spenser. London, 1769.

Wilmsen, 2127, D. Die Schönheit der Natur. Von F. P. Wilmsen. Berlin,


Wolcot, 2083, D. The Poetical Works of Peter Pindar, Esq. (Dr. Wolcot.) Philadelphia, 1789.

1864, O. 6. Ode upon Ode; or, a peep at St. James's, &c. By Peter Pindar. Dublin, 1787.

919, Q. 12. The Lousiad; an Heroi-comic poem. By Peter Pindar, Esq. Philadelphia, 1786.

2253, O, 2. The Tears of St. Margaret, also Odes of Condolence. By Peter Pindar, Esq. Dublin, 1792.

908, Q. 13. Hair Powder; Frogmore Fete, &c. By Peter Pindar. London, 1795.

Young, 1724, D. The Complaint; or, Night Thoughts, &c. By Dr. Young. With his Life. Troy, 1805.

317, F. 6. The Universal Passion for Satire. By Dr. Young. London, 1725.

Friarte, 2224, D.


Fabulas Literarias, por Don Tomas Yriarte. Perpignan,

Zacharia, 2012, D. 4. Poetische Schriften. Von F. W. Zacharia. Carlsruhe,


2098, D. ruhe, 1783.

Cortes, ein heldengedicht.

Von F. W. Zacharia. Carls

336, F. Poetæ Græci veteres, Tragici, Comici, Lyrici et Epigrammatici cum interpretatione Latina. Tomi IV. Geneva, 1606. L.

589, & 590, O.

Poetæ Minores Græci cum interpretatione Latina, quibus accedunt Rodulphi Wintertoni observationes in Hesiodum. Cantabrigiæ, 1652. L. 71, D. Poesis Philosophica; sive, Reliquiæ ex Empedoclis, Xenophanis, Timonis, Parmenidis, Cleanthis, Epicharmi et Orphei carminibus. Parisiis, 1573. L.

1691, O. Poeta Minores Græci, Selecti et Emendati: scilicet Hesiodus,

Theocritus, Moschus, Bion, Smyrn, Musæus, Theognis, Phocylides, Pythagoras. Cum Interpretatione et Notis. Græcé et Latiné. Londini, 1728.

180, D. Carmina novem illustrium feminarium, Sapphus, Erinnæ, Myrus, Myrtidis, Corinnæ, Telessilæ, Praxillæ, Nossidis, Anytæ; cum elegiis et Buccolicis. Antwerpiæ, 1668. L.

523, F. 2. Carminum Poetarum novem lyricæ poeseos, fragmenta, cum Latina interpretatione. Ann. 1690. L.

418, D. Fragmenta Poetarum veterum Latinorum, quorum opera non extant, Ennii, Accii, Lucillii, Laberii, Pacuvii, Afranii, Nævii, Cæcilii, et aliorum congesta, á Roberto Stephano. Parisiis, 1564. L.

352, D. 2. Priapeia, sive diversorum poetarum in priapum lusus, ut et Heraclii imperatora et aliorum epistolæ de Cleopatra. Accedunt Josephi Scaliger ac Frederici Lender Bruch notæ. Patavii, 1694.


358, D. Poetica Elegantiæ in locos communes digestæ. Cum lusuum poeticorum Sylvæ. Oxoniæ, 1679. L.

355, F. Epigrammatum Græcorum Collectio, annotationibus Joannis Brodæi et Vincentii Obsopæi illustratorum. Francofurti, 1600. L.

522, D. Epigrammata et Poemata vetera. Edidit Petro Pilhæo. Parisiis, 1590. L.

496, D. Epigrammata et Poemata vetera undecunque collecta. Genevæ, 1596. L.

982, & 1516, D. Epigrammatum Delectus ex omnibus tum Veteribus, tum Recentioribus Poetis accurate decertus. Cum Dissertatione, &c. Londini,


364, D. Selecta quædam Poemata Italorum, qui latine scripserunt. Londini, 1684.


498, Q.

Musarum Cantabrigiensium Luctus, et Gratulatio; ille in funere Oliveri Cromwell, hæc de Riccardi successione. Cantabrigiæ, 1658. L.

1061, D.

Musa Anglicana: sive Poemata quædam melioris Notæ, seu hactenus Inedita, seu sparsim Edita, in duo Volumina congesta. 2 tom. Londini, 1761. M.

909, Q. 7. Julii Melesigoni ad Libertatem Carmen. London, 1769.

813, D. 85, D. 2271, D.

Poetarum Scotorum, hujus ævi illustrium. Amstelodami, 1637. L.
Umbritii Cantiana Poemata. Londini, 1729. L.

Parnaso Español, Coleccion de Poesias Escogidas de los mas celebres Poetas Castellanos. Tom. 9. Madrid, 1768. 1772.

2023, D. 6. Loa enque la heroyca y noble cividad de Cadiz manifesta a S. M. el Rey por los felices Esponsales. Cadiz, 1816.

2023, D. Poesias en obsequio de nuestras monarcas y real familia. Barcelona.

1146, O. Les Saisons, Poëme.-Contes.-Pieces fugitives.-Fables Orientales. Avec gravures. A Amsterdam, 1775.

1713, O. Pieces de Poësie, qui ont remporté le Prix de l'Academie Françoise depuis 1671 jusqu'en 1762. A Paris, 1763.

596, D. 2. Poemes diverses. A Paris, 1614.

2228, D.


1775, D.

845, O. 4.

Les Muses en Belle humeur, ou elite de Poesies Libres. A Paris,

Almanach des Muses, pour 1788, 1792, 1795. A Paris.
Epitre a Filou, petit Chien du Roi. Fig. M.

596, D. 2. Metamorphose des yeaux de Philis en astres. A Paris, 1648. L. 2012, D. 3. Sammlung der bessten Deutschen Prosaischen Schriftsteller und Dichter. Carlsruhe, 1778.

152, O. Poems on affairs of state, from the year 1640 to 1707. By the greatest wits of the age. Second edition. 2 vols. London, 1716. L. 918, Q. 3. A Colection of Poems. By several Hands. Boston, 1744. 744, O. Ancient and modern Scottish songs, heroic ballads, &c. 2 vols. Edinburgh, 1776.


1982, D. The Musical Miscellany: a select collection of songs set to Music. Perth, 1796.

2027, O. 15.


2027, O. 16. 1419, D.

1888, O. 7.

1861, O. 1. 1764.

1861, O. 6.

The Diverting Muse, or the Universal Medley.

London, 1758.

London, 1788.


St. James's Park, a Satyr. London, 1708.
The Anglers. Eight Dialogues in Verse.
The Controversiad, a poetical Epistle.
Resignation; in two parts and a postscript. A poem. Philad.

tember 28, 1774. 1855, O. 3.

A Poem on Divine Revelation: delivered at Nassau Hall, Sep-
Philad. 1774.

The Triumph of Infidelity. A Poem. Philad. 1788.

456, F. 5. St. Ignatius's ghost, appearing to the Jesuits, upon the king's against the growth of popery. A Satyr. London, 1700. L. An Extempore Prayer, for the use of Conventicles. London,

signing the act 2083, O. 1. 1710.

317, F. 3. borough's late 2094, O. 8.

A poetical letter to Mr. Prior, occasioned by the duke of Marl-
victory at Ramilly. London, 1706. L.
The Junto, a poem. London, 1712.

The Mohocks, a poem. London, 1712.

2094, O. 13. 2030, O. 6. Liberty Regain'd, set forth in the remarkable life of W... S... London, 1755.


7, 0. 7.

The Kite; a heroi-comical poem. Oxford, 1722.


7, O. 8. The art of politicks, in imitation of Horace's art of poetry. London, 1729. L.

913, Q. 4.

An Ode to Mr. Pitt. London, 1760.

Friendship: a poem, and an Ode. London, 1769.

913, Q. 5.

913, Q. 7.

State Necessity, a poetical sketch.

909, Q. 6.

909, Q. 3.

909, Q. 4.

909, Q. 8.

Mr. Pinchbeck.

909, Q. 9.

909, Q. 10.

1861, D. 9.


1810, O. 4. 1850, O. 1. heroic poem.

London, 1767.

Ode to the People of England. London, 1769.

Ode to Mr. Pinchbeck, by M'Gregor. London, 1776.
The Milesian, a poem. London, 1779.

An Elegiac Epistle from an Unfortunate Elector of Germany, to
London, 1776.

An Epistle from Edward to Harriet. London, 1779.

An Ode to Peace. London, 1778.

The History of Sir Eger, Sir Graham and Sir Gray Steel, a

The Rights of Monarchy; a poem. Birmingham, 1792.

The Battle of Bangor; or, the Church's Triumph. A comicLondon, 1797.

919, Q. 5. The Manners of the Times; a Satire. By Philadelphiensis. Philadelphia, 1762.

919, Q. 6. Liberty; a poem, said to be written by an Hermit in New Jersey. Philadelphia, 1769.

919, Q. 7. Liberty; a poem. By Rusticus. Charlestown, 1770.

919, Q. 8. The American Village, and other poems. No date.

919, Q. 9. The Diaboliad; poem. London, 1777.

919, Q. 10. Liberty; a Pindarick Ode. Philadelphia, 1783.

919, Q. 11. The Glory of America; a poem. Philadelphia, 1783.

1861, O. 7. The Present Situation of Affairs in North America; a poem. Philadelphia, 1775.

1860, D. 9. A Poetical Epistle to General Washington, from an inhabitant of the State of Maryland. Philadelphia, 1781.

2228, O. 4. Democracy; an epic poem. New York, 1794.

1847, D. 3. Fragment, addressed to the Sons and Daughters of Humanity.

By a Citizen. Philadelphia, 1796.

1847, O. 11. Crambe repetitia: a second course of Bubble and Squeak, &c. London, 1799.

1848, O. 8. A Poem on reading the President's Address, &c. Philadelphia, 1796.

1847, O. 12. Fever; an Elegiac poem, &c. Philadelphia, 1799. 2208, O. 1. The Times; a poem, addressed to the inhabitants of New England and New York. By Miles Standish, Jr. Plymouth, 1800.

1964, D. Patent Right Oppression; or, Knavery Detected. By Patrick N. L. Elisha, Esq., Poet Laureate. Philadelphia, 1813.

2022, D. 3, The Independency of the Mind Affirmed; a poem, with notes. Wheeling, 1807.

1953, D. The Fudge Family in Washington. Edited by Harry Nimrod. Baltimore, 1820.

2253, O. 4. Ode, suggested by Rembrandt Peale's National portrait of Washington. Philadelphia, 1824.



Hodgkinson, 1847, O. 2. A Narrative of his Connection with the Old American Company, from 1792 to 1797. By John Hodgkinson. New York,


Langbaine, 2046, O. An Account of the English Dramatic Poets. By Gerard Langbaine. Oxford, 1691.

Pellicer, 2318, D. Tratado historico sobre el origen y progresos de la Comedia y del Histrionismo en España y con la noticia de algunos celebres Comediantes. Por D. Casiano Pellicer. Madrid, 1804.

Prynne, 567, Q. The Histrio Matrix; or, the players scovrge, wherein it is proved, that stage-plays are repugnant to the Holy Scriptures, and to the opinion of the Primitive Church. By William Prynne. 1633.



247, O. The Stage Acquitted; being a full answer to Mr. Collier, and the other enemies of the Drama; with a vindication of King Charles the Martyr, and the clergy of the Church of England. London, 1699.


1833, O. 4. Extracts from Treatises by the Prince of Conti, with the Sentiments of the Fathers, and some Decrees of the Councils, concerning Stage Plays. Philadelphia, 1754.

2050, O. 10. The Beauties of Mrs. Siddons; or, a review of her performance of several characters. London, 1786.

2051, O. 7. The Theatrical Censor, No. 9-17. Philadelphia, 1806.


Addison, 2067, O. 1. The Drummer. By Mr. Addison.


419, Q. Il Catone Tragedia tradotta dall originale Inglese di Addison. In Firenze, 1715.


Eschylus, 473, D. Eschyli Tragœdiæ. Parisiis, 1552. L.

50, Q. Eschyli Tragœdiæ Græce cura Petri Victorii ex officio Henrici Stephani. 1557. L.

433, F. Æschyli Tragædiæ cum Scholiis Græcis omnibus, versione et commentariis Thomæ Stanleii. Londini, 1663.


332, D. Æschyli Tragœdiæ, quæ extant cum versione Latina. Tomi II. Glasguæ, 1746. L.

1615, O. Tragédies d'Eschyle. Avec sa Vie. A Paris, 1770. Alarcon, 2276, D. Comedias Escogidas de Don Juan Ruiz de Alarcon y Mendoza. Tom. 2. Madrid, 1826.

Andrews, 2053, O. 2. The Election. By Miles Peter Andrews. London, 1774. 2051, O. 1. The Reparation. A comedy. By Miles Peter Andrews. London, 1784.

Aristophanes, 298, F. Aristophanis comœdiæ Græcè et Latinè, operâ Æmili Porti. Orleans, 1607. L.

50, F. Aristophanis opera, cum notis variorum per Ludolphum Kusterum. Amstelodami, 1710. L.

Arne, 2050, O. 6. Artaxerxes, an English Opera. By Dr. Arne. London,


Atkinson, 2049, O. 3. The Mutual Deception. A comedy. By Joseph Atkin son, Esq. Dublin, 1785.

Baillie, 2078, O. 3. Basil. A tragedy. By Joanna Baillié. Philadelphia.

2079, O. 3. The Election. A comedy. By Joanna Baillié. Philadelphia.

2079, O. 5. The Tryal. A comedy. By Joanna Baillié. Philadelphia. Banks, 2076, O. 3. The Earl of Essex, or the Unhappy Favourite. By John Banks. London, 1735.

Barptolomæus, 1098, O. 5. Nicolai Barptolomæi, Lochiensis, Christus Xylonicus, Tragœdia. Antverpiæ, 1537. M.

Batterelli, 2070, O. 6. La Buona Figliuolo. A comic opera. By Batterelli. London, 1765.

Beaumont, 1610, O. The Works of Mr. Francis Beaumont, and Mr. John Fletcher. With some Account of the Lives and Writings of the Authors. Plates. 7 vols. London, 1711.

2062, O. 5. The Humorous Lieutenant. By Beaumont and Fletcher. London, 1734.

2076, O. 2. The Royal Merchant, or the Beggar's Bush. By Beaumont and Fletcher. London, 1735.

Bellay, De, 1664, O. 1. Le Siege de Calais, Tragedie, par M. de Bellay, suivie A Paris, 1769.

de Notes historiques.

Bethlius, 1098, O. 4. Susanna, comedia tragica. Per Xystum Bethlium, Augustanum. Cum variis aliorum carminibus. Coloniæ, 1539.

Betterton, 2075, O. 3. The Prophetess, or the history of Dioclesian. An opera. By Thomas Betterton. London, 1759.

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