A System of Geography, Popular and Scientific, Or a Physical, Political, and Statistical Account of the World and Its Various Divisions, Volumen 3

A. Fullarton and Company, 1832
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Página 197 - They lived unknown, Till Persecution dragg'd them into fame, And chased them up to Heaven. Their ashes flew — No marble tells us whither. With their names No bard embalms and sanctifies his song : And history, so warm on meaner themes, Is cold on this.
Página 444 - Bornou troops remained quite steady, without noise or confusion ; and a few horsemen, who were moving about in front giving directions, were the only persons out of the ranks. On the Arabs...
Página 295 - And I will set the Egyptians against the Egyptians: And they shall fight every one against his brother, and every one against his neighbour; City against city, and kingdom against kingdom.
Página 452 - Soudan, and the women the best spinners. The common imports are Goora nuts, brought from the borders of Ashantee ; and coarse calico and woollen cloth, in small quantities, with brass and pewter dishes, and some few spices from Nyffee. The Arabs, from Tripoli and Ghadamis, bring unwrought silk, otto of roses, spices, and beads : slaves are both exported and imported.
Página 76 - In others, the pleasing vicissitudes of gently-rising hills and bending vales, fertile in com, waving with wood, and interspersed with meadows, offer the most delightful landscapes of rural opulence and beauty. Some tracts abound with prospects of the more romantic kind — lofty mountains, craggy rocks, deep, narrow dells, and tumbling torrents ; nor are there wanting, as a contrast to so many agreeable scenes, the gloomy features of black, barren moors and uncultivated heaths.
Página 103 - ... injurious to the health. But as it approaches the metropolis it becomes loaded with a quantity of filth, which renders it disgusting to the senses, and improper to be employed in the preparation of food.
Página 354 - It appeared to me like entering a city of giants, who, after a long conflict, were all destroyed, leaving the ruins of their various temples as the only proofs of their former existence.
Página 460 - Bello; that one of the white men was a tall man with long hair; that they fought for three days before they were all killed ; that the people in the neighbourhood were very much alarmed, and great numbers fled to Nyffe and other countries, thinking that the Fellatas were certainly coming among them.
Página 517 - ... rests quietly on the plain. At this time the whole dreary desert is transformed into one continued garden of flowers. The colonist, with his herds and his flocks, leaves the Snowy Mountains, and, descending into the plain, there finds a plentiful and wholesome supply of food for the animals ; while troops of the tall ostrich and the wandering antelope, driven also from the heights, share the repast, and enliven the scene. But how soon is the country again deprived of all its glory ! It scarcely...
Página 295 - The austere life of the Essenians, their fasts and excommunications, the community of goods, the love of celibacy, their zeal for martyrdom, and the warmth though not the purity of their faith, already offered a very lively image of the primitive discipline.

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