The Annals of Indian Administration, Volumen 1


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Página 490 - General in Council has declared that it will never cease to do so. He now repeats that declaration, and he emphatically proclaims that the Government of India entertains no desire to interfere with their religion or caste, and that nothing has been or will be done by the Government to affect the free exercise of the observances of religion or caste by every class of the people. The Government of India has never deceived its subjects.
Página 206 - ARITHMETIC AND ALGEBRA. The ordinary rules of Arithmetic. Vulgar and Decimal Fractions. Extraction of the Square Root. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division of Algebraical Quantities.
Página 220 - MB examination. They shall be conducted by means of printed papers ; but the examiners shall not be precluded from putting vivd voce questions upon the written answers of the candidates when they appear to require explanation.
Página 220 - No candidate shall be admitted to this examination unless he have produced certificates to the following effect : — 1. Of having taken the degree of Bachelor of Medicine in this University, or a degree in Medicine or in Surgery at a University the degrees granted by which are recognised by the Senate of this University (a).
Página 247 - Under the Ryotwari system every registered holder of land is recognised as its proprietor, and pays direct to Government. He is at liberty to sub-let his property or to transfer it by gift, sale, or mortgage.
Página 472 - ... who were not ringleaders or actively concerned in murder and violence. Many are in the rebels' ranks because they could not get away ; many certainly thought we were tricking them out of their caste ; and this opinion is held, however unwisely, by the mass of the population, and even by some of the more intelligent classes. Never was delusion more wide or deep. Many of the best soldiers in the army...
Página 490 - The Government of India has never deceived its subjects, therefore the Governor General in Council now calls upon them to refuse their belief to seditious lies. This notice is addressed to those who hitherto, by habitual loyalty and orderly conduct, have shown their attachment to the Government, and a well-founded faith in its protection and justice. The Governor-General in Council enjoins all such persons to pause before they listen to false guides and traitors, who would lead them into danger and...
Página 472 - Soldiers engaged in the late disturbances, who are desirous of going to their own homes, and who give up their arms at the nearest government civil or military post, and retire quietly, shall be permitted to do so unmolested. " Many faithful soldiers have been driven into resistance to government only because they were in the ranks and could not escape from them, and because they really thought their feelings of religion and honour injured by the measures of government. This feeling was wholly a...
Página 441 - ... satisfying the local authorities, acting under the usual control in the Revenue department, of their possessing sufficient means and capital to undertake an extended cultivation and manufacture of tea.
Página 210 - Hydrochloric or Muriatic acid. Alkalies, Earths, Oxides generally. Salts. Their nature generally ; Sulphates, Nitrates, Carbonates. Metals generally. Iron, Copper, Lead, Tin, Zinc, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Mercury. Powers of Matter. Aggregation, crystallization, chemical affinity, definite equivalents.

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